Chapter 37

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 “I feel a little dizzy.” On their way to the parking lot, Jiang Chenming rubbed his own forehead as if he hadn’t yet recovered from the restaurant’s lively atmosphere.

There weren’t many people on the street that late at night. Mo Lingqiu noticed that Jiang Chenming seemed really dizzy and leaned slightly towards him, intending to lend him a shoulder to lean on.

Jiang Chenming obediently leaned over, but he also grabbed Mo Lingqiu’s hand and interlocked their fingers. “Luckily you didn’t drink too much.”

Mo Lingqiu actually had a high alcohol tolerance, but he didn’t like to drink. Compared to white wine, he was more fond of the red. 

“That group of brats really just want to screw me up.” Jiang Chenming thought back to the chaos of the dinner table while they were playing Truth Or Dare. Although he and Mo Lingqiu were lucky to escape playing the role of the “unlucky guy”, they still inevitably drank a lot of wine.

“It means you’re popular.” Mo Linqiu thought, If you weren’t popular with people, even if there was big gossip, people would probably only choose to discuss it in private; they wouldn’t directly ask or openly joke with you. 

When Jiang Chenming heard the word “popular”, his expression became tense and, as if suddenly remembering something, he seriously said, “Teacher Mo, you’re very charming.” 

Hearing this, Mo Lingqiu was confused. He didn’t know why he was suddenly being mentioned.

“I’ll count for you: Hu Zi, Brother Xiao, Qiao Qiao…” Jiang Chenming named them off one by one, counting on his fingers. He turned and looked at Mo Lingqiu when his ten fingers had all been used up. “How many people on our basketball team are interested in you, huh?” 

Mo Lingqiu blinked. Even though his expression was cold, there was a trace of relaxation. The person in front of him wasn’t jealous because of the nonsense that everyone at the table had said, right? Besides, he didn’t know any of the people that Jiang Chenming was talking about. 

“Teacher Mo, why aren’t you saying anything?” By virtue of the wine he’d drunk, Jiang Chenming was demonstrating his pestering skills. 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t know what to say, so he pursed his lips without answering.

Jiang Chenming moved forward and whispered in Mo Lingqiu’s ear, “Teacher Mo, you are mine.”

 Before Mo Lingqiu could react, his left ear was bitten. Jiang Chenming didn’t show a shred of mercy.

“…Hss.” Mo Lingqiu took in a breath of cold air, twisted his head, and looked at the guy who frequently bit his ear. “Then should we count up the number of people who like you?” 

Jiang Chenming, who had been “vicious” the second before, was suddenly speechless. After a light cough, he cheekily said, “I only have you in my eyes, Teacher Mo. It’s not like you don’t know that.” 

“I…” Mo Lingqiu wanted to say “I have no one else in my eyes”, but since it was a really mushy line that wasn’t in line with his personality, he swallowed back the words before they could come out.

“’I’ what? Finish the sentence or I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” Jiang Chenming stopped his footsteps and looked at Mo Lingqiu with a really serious expression.

 Mo Lingqiu gently pushed him, but Jiang Chenming didn’t budge. He lowered his head and muttered, “Six of one and half a dozen of the other.” 1 This means that he also felt the same.

“Teacher Mo, you teach Chinese. This isn’t an accurate use of words.” Jiang Chenming scratched Mo Lingqiu’s palm, teasing him with delight.

Mo Lingqiu glanced at him and quickly walked forward.

Jiang Chenming jumped and chased after him. “Teacher Mo, can you wait for your boyfriend? I can’t walk fast with a crippled leg.”

Although Mo Lingqiu didn’t turn around, he did slow down his pace.

After Jiang Chenming caught up, he stopped fooling around. He grabbed Mo Lingqiu’s hand with a smile and led him to the car.

When they got into the car, the car keys were inserted and then immediately pulled out; Mo Lingqiu suddenly remembered that they had been drinking, so he couldn’t drive. He thought about calling a chauffeur. 

Jiang Chenming reached out to stop him. “I’ll have my driver come here.”

“No need.” Mo Lingqiu always felt that it was too inhumane to call the dedicated driver of Jiang Chenming’s family in the middle of the night. “I’ll call a chauffeur.”

As he spoke, he was already finishing booking the chauffeur on his phone. 

Jiang Chenming explained, “Our family has two drivers who work shifts during the day and night. I’m not treating them harshly, and they’re well paid.”

“En.” No matter how much Mo Lingqiu wanted to keep a poker face, he almost ended up laughing out loud because of Jiang Chenming.

While he had been walking on the road, Jiang Chenming hadn’t felt uncomfortable, because he could still feel the breeze. However, after sitting down in the car, his head started feeling painful; the after-effects of the alcohol had set in. 

Mo Lingqiu booked the chauffeur and put down his cell phone. He saw Jiang Chenming leaning against the back of his seat with his head tilted, not as energetic as before. 

“Headache?” Mo Lingqiu asked.

“A little,” Jiang Chenming admitted honestly.

“Don’t drink so much next time,” Mo Lingqiu said. He leaned forward and rummaged through the glove compartment for the hand warmer. He charged it for a while after plugging the charger in, and then handed it to Jiang Chenming. “You’ll feel better if you hold it.”

“Okay.” Jiang Chenming obediently took it. He placed the hand warmer on his temple and rubbed it around from time to time. He definitely started feeling slightly better. 

It wasn’t long before the chauffeur arrived. Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming sat in the back seat one after the other, giving up the passenger seat.

They were actually near the school, not far from Mo Linqiu’s house, but, because it was so late at night, Mo Linqiu was only able to secure a chauffeur after racking up the price; it cost a great deal of money.

After driving them into the parking lot, the chauffeur quickly left. Mo Lingqiu and Jiang Chenming went upstairs with the two bags of fruit they had bought after leaving the restaurant.

“You go wash up and sleep.” Mo Lingqiu turned on the light in the living room and put down the things in his hand.

“En,” Jiang Chenming said, but he didn’t go to take a shower. Instead, he followed Mo Lingqiu’s every step. 

Mo Lingqiu looked at him and asked him, helplessly, “Why are you following me?

“I’m not sleepy,” Jiang Chenming said. He pulled Mo Lingqiu into the circle of his arms and kissed him. “Look at the moon with me.”

Mo Lingqiu gazed at the dark sky outside and then looked at Jiang Chenming, who was in a trance. He thought to himself, This guy isn’t drunk, is he?

“There’s no moon. You go take a shower,” Mo Lingqiu said, half pushing him towards the bathroom.

Before he could walk a few more steps, he was easily restrained, pressed against the table, and kissed by Jiang Chenming.

At first, Mo Lingqiu didn’t feel that Jiang Chenming was drunk. He had been quite normal on the way back home, so it was impossible for him to have suddenly gotten wildly drunk. But when his teeth inched closer to the gland on his nape, he felt that something was wrong. 

Raising his hand and pushing Jiang Chenming back, Mo Lingqiu was both looking forward to and yet a little scared of what was about to happen. In a hoarse voice, he said, “…The mark is still there.”

“Let me take a bite.”

Jiang Chenming’s warm breath sprayed on Mo Lingqiu’s back, between his shoulders. It was so hot that his legs lost their strength and he could only lean on the edge of the table to prevent himself from sliding down. 

“Hmm? Okay?” Jiang Chenming unconsciously released some pheromones, his bitter almond scent spreading out.

Towards Alphas, especially Alphas who had marked naturally submissive Omegas, it was easy for Omegas to agree to any demands they made. Once Mo Lingqiu thought of the Alpha in front of him as his favorite person, he couldn’t care about anything else. 

“…Bite then.”

As soon as he heard Mo Lingqiu’s words, Jiang Chenming took a bite.

His teeth bit through the gland. Since he used a huge force, Jiang Chenming could feel the rust-like blood taste, which had mixed with the overflowing scent of sweet milk.

The gland was a special area for Omegas, and it was a bridge to connect with Alphas. After being marked again, Mo Lingqiu’s own sweet milk scent was overshadowed by bitter almond. 

The smell was so strong that Jiang Chenming thought for a moment that Mo Lingqiu had fused with him to become one.

Since he had just been marked, Mo Lingqiu was a bit weak—or, perhaps, his mind was floating. He leaned into Jiang Chenming’s arms with a red face, gasping for air. 

Jiang Chenming gently touched the gland he had bitten. He sniffed the mixed pheromones emanating from the gland, and he was satisfied.


After coming back to his senses, Mo Lingqiu asked, “Can I go take a shower now?”

“…En.” Jiang Chenming smothered his laugh.

Mo Lingqiu’s legs were still a little weak, but he still tried his best to stand up straight. “I’ll go take a shower.”

Jiang Chenming pulled Mo Lingqiu up in one go. “Together.”

His body was suddenly suspended in the air. Mo Lingqiu was startled, especially since Jiang Chenming clearly had a fractured leg. Where in the world did he find the strength to lift up an adult male body?

“Be careful! Your leg!” Mo Lingqiu was a little anxious, but he didn’t dare move.

Jiang Chenming wasn’t weak at all; he put his weight on his right foot and still managed to steadily carry Mo Lingqiu into the bathroom.

They both came out of the bathroom an hour later, Mo Lingqiu’s face red. He leaned on the bed, watching Jiang Chenming busily limping around, boiling hot water and looking for pills. 

Mo Lingqiu thought of what had just transpired in the bathroom and still felt embarrassed. He had almost fainted in the bathroom from the heat. If Jiang Chenming hadn‘t noticed that his face didn’t look right, he might have ended up in the emergency room the same night.

“Why did you suddenly faint from the heat?” Jiang Chenming was really anxious and had become completely sober.


“…You’re blaming me?” Mo Lingqiu weakly looked at him.

Jiang Chenming couldn’t help but shake his head. “Of course not. It’s my fault, my fault. I shouldn’t have pressed onto you and kissed.”

“…Say it properly.” Mo Lingqiu glared at him.

Jiang Chenming pressed the pills to Mo Lingqiu’s mouth. “I guess it’s low blood sugar. Take the medicine.”

Mo Lingqiu would never in his life be willing to admit that he had almost sent himself to the emergency room after kissing Jiang Chenming in the bathroom. It was really embarrassing.

After taking the medicine, sleepiness gradually took hold of his body.

Jiang Chenming climbed onto the bed and took Mo Lingqiu into his arms. “Teacher Mo, I’ve thought it through. After that travel voucher from the basketball tournament is distributed, I’ll book a separate hotel and we’ll both stay there.”

“It’s okay to stay with your teammates.” Maybe Jiang Chenming would prefer to have more people around, since that would be lively.

“Don’t. I’m treating this as our first trip after falling in love. I can’t give other people the chance to be light bulbs.”

 “…Hmm.” Mo Lingqiu slowly closed his eyes.

Jiang Chenming muttered, “Final exams are coming in a few days; I have to go home during winter break. Teacher Mo, you may not see me for a while. Will you miss me?”

The room was silent. The only sound was the steady breathing of the person in his arms. 

Jiang Chenming froze for a moment and then kissed Mo Lingqiu’s forehead. “Teacher Mo, good night.”

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    This means that he also felt the same.


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