Chapter 36

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“Hurry up, your Brother Jiang is here!”

On the food street next to University A, a restaurant was bustling with the noise from a group of grown-up boys. Dispersed through the group were the beautiful Omega boyfriends and girlfriends of some of the group members. 

The arrival of Jiang Chenming and Mo Lingqiu made the bustling atmosphere in the restaurant even more lively—especially the arrival of Mo Lingqiu. Because it was his first time participating in a group activity organised by the students, the atmosphere reached a small climax. 

“Sit here! These seats are specially reserved for you.” A guy who had a good relationship with Jiang Chenming beckoned, pointing to the two empty seats beside him.

“Thanks.” Jiang Chenming high-fived him in greeting, pulled out a chair, and sat down with Mo Lingqiu. “Teacher Mo, this is my roommate from when I lived in the dorm, the youngest in our dorm. We all call him Lao Si.1Old Four as he’s the youngest in the dorm

“Teacher Mo, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Lao Si wasn’t tall; he was a Beta and had a relatively delicate look.

“Hi Teacher Mo.” There was an Omega girl sitting next to Lao Si—his girlfriend.

There were quite a lot of BO paired couples. Because not everyone could meet their fated Alpha, they would choose someone they liked, and who suited them the most in that moment, rather than wait. 

“Hey guys.” After going with Jiang Chenming to the hospital, Mo Lingqiu had gone home and put on a pair of gold-framed glasses, adding a touch of nobility to his whole image.

“We live in an Alpha dorm. Lao Si moved in later than us, but we have a good relationship. We’re both on the basketball team and we play 1-on-1 a lot.” Jiang Chenming was sincere with his friends, and his relationship with Lao Si was indeed as good as he said, “Teacher Mo, even though he looks small, he’s very skilled at dribbling. I can’t compete with him.”

“What do you mean I’m small? Tell ye clearly2 Tell me clearly, ye is just like ‘lao zi’, making himself superior.” Lao Si hit Jiang Chenming with his elbow, very dissatisfied.

“It’s true that he’s quite small.” Lao Si’s girlfriend covered her mouth and laughed, not giving him face at all.

Everyone around erupted into laughter when they heard her. 

Jiang Chenming stopped joking around and lifted a cup to toast Lao Si. “Come on, let’s have a toast.” 

“It’s okay, I forgive you,” Lao Si said, happily clinking their glasses together.

“Teacher Mo, eat more,” Jiang Chenming said, giving him two pieces of black pepper ribs.

“Thanks.” Mo Lingqiu was indeed hungry, but, since he was eating out, he was very careful about his behaviour.

Jiang Chenming knew his personality, so he kept using his long hands to his advantage and helped pick up some of the delicious meals on the table. 

Everyone there, including the people sitting at Mo Lingqiu’s table, had all been on the basketball team for a long time, and were fairly established, so they were very familiar with each other. 

“Teacher Mo, does Jiang Chenming usually talk a lot?” asked the captain of the team, who was sitting directly across from Mo Lingqiu. 

Mo Lingqiu glanced at Jiang Chenming beside him and replied, “Not really.”

The captain laughed. “He talks a lot with us. He must have been restraining himself in front of you. Maybe he’s afraid that you’ll kick him away.”

“Lowly Brother Jiang acting cute online?” someone in the group joked, playfully. They all burst into laughter. 

Jiang Chenming was helpless; he shook his head as he laughed, taking what they said as a compliment.

Mo Lingqiu thought in his heart, Honestly, Jiang Chenming really talks a lot, but he hasn’t reached the level of being a chatterbox, so it’s still okay. 

“Teacher Mo, how did you two meet?”

Everyone’s curiosity was aroused after the question was thrown out. When the University’s campus forum had begun to buzz with their story, Jiang Chenming and Mo Lingqiu had already been together for a long time in front of everyone. They were already very familiar, so not many people asked how the two of them would know each other. 

Now that it was brought up, everyone wanted to know the answer.

Jiang Chenming, however, had no intention of saying it straight out. “Fate.”

“…Is it too miraculous to describe?” Someone asked without realising.

“You could say that.” Jiang Chenming smiled at Mo Lingqiu and gave him another chicken leg.

Mo Lingqiu nodded, like he was in agreement, and then continued eating.

The rest of the table kept asking questions about their relationship, but they couldn’t get any answers. Getting words out of the two of them was too difficult, and they were all a little devastated. 

After a while, the group changed their approach and started to toast Jiang Chenming, trying to get him drunk so they could set him up for their conversation.

His face didn’t even change colour after drinking seven or eight glasses of wine. The table was so lively that the people from other tables came over to toast. In an instant, the scene turned into everyone toasting and flattering each other. 

Later, a lot of people got so drunk that they dared to speak everything in their mind. 

“Teacher Mo! I’m telling you—fuck—how come that brat Jiang Chenming got the advantage! I’m not convinced!”

“Get lost! If I knew that Teacher Mo was an Omega, would you get your turn?”

“What are you fighting for here? Look at yourselves: you don’t have the looks or the body. If there was a choice, it would be me! 

“Teacher Mo, why not kick Jiang Chenming away and consider an OO relationship?”

There were people who were even boldly fighting Mo Lingqiu for Jiang Chenming. Some were even crying, looking especially pitiful. They boldly opened their mics. 

“Wuwuwu, Laozi’s first love was robbed just like that, and I can’t even try to compete.”

“Betas are miserable. We don’t even have human rights!”

“Brother Jiang clearly said that he doesn’t like Omegas. How come he got taken away by an Omega?”

While they were talking, Jiang Chenming observed, wordlessly remembering the people who had ill-intentions towards Mo Lingqiu. He moved his head near Mo Lingqiu’s ear to explain. “Teacher Mo, I never said that I don’t like Omegas.”

“…En.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t really care about the gender issue.

Jiang Chenming giggled and got closer to his face. “I drank too much, I’m feeling a little dizzy.”

Mo Lingqiu looked at him and handed him his own cup of juice. “Wanna drink this?”

“Yes!” Jiang Chenming noticed a suspicious liquid left on the rim of the half cup of juice; this could be considered an indirect kiss. 

After drinking all the juice in one gulp and putting the empty cup back on the table, Jiang Chenming asked Mo Lingqiu, “Teacher Mo, should we go back first?”

Mo Lingqiu twisted his head to look at the group of people who were running wild like demons. He really did want to go back. When he was about to stand up, he was scared by the voice of Lao Si coming from beside Jiang Chenming.

“Don’t go anywhere!” Lao Si’s face was all red from the wine. He shook his hand, signaling to them that they weren’t allowed to leave. “Don’t think that you can leave after filling us with wine!” 

“That’s right!” Some people who had fallen on the table heard the word “leave” and immediately sat up straight, making it clear that they wouldn’t let go of Jiang Chenming and Mo Lingqiu so easily today. 

Lao Si’s girlfriend smiled apologetically. She really couldn’t stop a Lao Si that was acting crazy from the alcohol. 

Jiang Chenming actually didn’t mind; he was just worried that Mo Lingqiu would be uncomfortable because he might not be used to this kind of atmosphere. 

It was true that Mo Lingqiu was a little less accustomed to it, seeing as it was too lively for him, but he didn’t hate it, so he cooperatively sat back down. 

The people lying on the table were pushed awake by the people next to them. They drank some water and began to play truth or dare. 

“We’ll choose whoever the bottle ends up facing, and whoever spun the bottle gets to ask questions or make requests,” Lao Si said, setting the rules. As the host, he chose his girlfriend to spin the bottle. “To be fair, let’s start with my girlfriend. Does everyone agree?” 


“No problem.”

In fact, the purpose of the game was to worm information out of Jiang Chenming. As long as it wasn’t Jiang Chenming spinning the bottle, they were fine with anything. 

Lao Si’s girlfriend spun the bottle under everyone’s eyes that were filled with incomparable eagerness. In the first round, the bottle pointed towards the captain of the basketball team. 

Lao Si’s girlfriend was quite shy, and it was impossible to ask invasive questions. When the captain chose ‘truth’, she only asked about his final exam results from the year before. 

His results weren’t very good, and the numbers were so comical that everyone laughed out loud. 

After that, the bottle was spun according to the sequence. Jiang Chenming and Mo Lingqiu were not picked.

When it was Mo Lingqiu’s turn, everyone held their breath to see which lucky person would be picked by him. Under their eyes, the bottle stopped at Jiang Chenming’s mouth.

Some of the group opened their mouths wide; this was just the typical ‘internal digestion’.

Mo Lingqiu froze for a moment and then asked Jiang Chenming, “What are you going to choose?” 


Mo Lingqiu met everyone’s expectant eyes and then glanced at Jiang Chenming. He casually asked a question that wasn’t sensational in the slightest. “How do you feel right now?” 

“I like you,” Jiang Chenming answered with no hesitation. The entire table froze, including Mo Lingqiu who had directly heard the answer in front of his face. 

A moment later, deafening screams came from the table. Everyone was shocked by Jiang Chenming’s ability to say sweet nothings just like that.

“Ow ow ow! Kiss! Kiss!”

“Kiss! Kiss!”

The group was acting like they had just seized an amazing opportunity, so excited that they almost jumped on the table. 

Jiang Chenming noticed Mo Lingqiu’s gradually blushing face and quickly stepped in to settle the situation. “I didn’t choose Dare, so don’t add to the drama. It’s my turn.”

After speaking, Jiang Chenming stood up and decisively spun the empty bottle. To everyone’s disappointment, the bottle didn’t land on Mo Lingqiu.

As the game continued, the anxiety in everyone’s heart became more and more obvious. Lao Si, as the last one to spin the bottle in the first round, carried the hopes of the whole table.

He rubbed his hands together and reverently made a wish. Then, with a serious face, he spun the bottle. 

Under everyone’s gaze, the bottle slowly stopped and finally aimed straight at Mo Lingqiu.

Jiang Chenming wanted to save the situation, but he was interrupted by a cheer from Lao Si. “Teacher Mo! Truth or Dare, choose one!”

Mo Lingqiu thought twice and chose Truth with a clear head; he knew that if he chose Dare, the table of excited students definitely wouldn’t spare him and Jiang Chenming.

“Good! Truth! How did you and Jiang Chenming meet? You can’t say that it was fate!” Taking Jiang Chenming’s answer as an example, Lao Si didn’t want to hear the word “fate” anymore.

“Destiny.” Mo Lingqiu’s brain turned particularly fast. The word made the table of people speechless.

Jiang Chenming was cackling next to him. “We said it earlier; ‘fate is so marvellous that it can’t be described’. Well, now ‘fate is destined’. You guys just don’t want to believe me.” 

The two of them met each other at such a coincidental point in time. What could it be if not fate? 

  • 1
    Old Four as he’s the youngest in the dorm
  • 2
    Tell me clearly, ye is just like ‘lao zi’, making himself superior


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