Chapter 26

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Mo Lingqiu slept for the whole morning. When he dizzily opened his eyes, he noticed that Jiang Chenming was sitting by the bed looking at his phone. His fingers quickly tapped on the screen. Mo Lingqiu wondered who he was talking to. 

“I…” Mo Lingqiu started. He realized that the nasality of his voice was strong and sniffed once. He had the flu. 

Jiang Chenming immediately averted his gaze from where he was sending messages on his phone toward Mo Lingqiu when he heard his voice. “Teacher, you’re awake? Do you feel better?” 

Mo Lingqiu shook his head. The flu symptoms were still serious. It had only been a morning. His nose was on fire and it was even difficult to just breathe.

Jiang Chenming placed his palm on his forehead to check the temperature. Luckily he didn’t have a fever. “Teacher Mo, I’ll go make medicine for you.” 

Mo Lingqiu pursed his lips before moodily answering ‘en’. He had been getting sick at a high frequency recently. Was it because he was slacking off from exercising? 

Jiang Chenming carried warm medicine and a dozen pills into the room. “Dr. Fan prescribed this medicine after I asked him to.” 

“…Thank you.” Mo Lingqiu said with an airy tone. 

“Drink it later when it’s still hot.” Jiang Chenming placed the hot bowl onto the bedside table. “Teacher Mo, our Mala Hotpot plans tonight may need to be cancelled.” 

Mo Lingqiu’s expression was initially cold. When he heard what Jiang Chenming said, his hands in the blanket tightly clutched the cloth. 

Jiang Chenming noticed that he had suddenly become unhappy and quickly tried to mollify him. “When you feel better, we’ll go out and eat authentic Mala Hotpot.” 

Mo Lingqiu deliberated for a minute. He loosened his grip, took the bowl of medicine from the table, and then finished drinking it in one gulp. 

“Teacher, you’ve been getting sick often recently. I’m a bit worried, so I used your phone to contact Doctor Bao Wen.” Jiang Chenming said seriously, “Doctor Bao Wen said it might be side effects from the unstable pheromones you had a while ago.”

“En.” Mo Lingqiu nodded. He wasn’t surprised at the news. He more or less knew that there would be side effects like that.

“Dr. Bao Wen said that you shouldn’t be worried. Just exercise like usual.” Jiang Chenming conveyed the message clearly. 

“En.” Mo Lingqiu indeed planned to return to his daily routine after he recovered from the flu. He would go for a jog every night. If he continued to slack off, his body would get old quicker than it was meant to.

Jiang Chenming then continued, “I’ll go with you from now on. Let’s go jogging.” 

“Before that… I don’t jog on the school campus.” Mo Lingqiu initially wanted to confess that the place he usually jogged was the place they had met each other for the first time, but he ended up changing his words. 

“No problem. I can go with you.” 

“Okay.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t object. It was fine if he wanted to come with him. Since he would even have someone accompanying him while jogging, he would also avoid facing awkward situations like their first meeting.

Because Mo Lingqiu was sick, he could only eat light and bland meals. Jiang Chenming made a vegetable soup and fried some potato strips, trying to make them as light as possible.

After the meal, Mo Lingqiu fell back asleep, until Han Ying and Mo Songcheng came back near nightfall. 

“Hey, Xiao Jiang, you guys haven’t eaten yet?” Han Ying looked at the clock. It was already 7 pm. 

Jiang Chenming, carrying a bowl of porridge from the kitchen, touched his head. “En. Teacher Mo got the flu.” 

“Aiyo, why did he get sick? Wasn’t he okay this morning?” Han Yin’s expression changed. She pushed open the guest room door and saw Mo Lingqiu sleeping curled up in the blanket. She was scared that she would wake him up, so she quietly closed the door and returned to the living room. 

Jiang Chenming informed her about his condition. “Teacher Mo is feeling much better. He doesn’t have a fever, so don’t be too worried.”

Han Ying sighed. “This child already isn’t young and he still needs you to take care of him. It’s really…”

“Everyone has weak moments.” Jiang Chenming only dared to speak acceptably. Since he hadn’t succeeded in chasing Mo Lingqiu, of course he didn’t dare joke around.

“That’s true as well. Then, he’ll be in your care.” 

“We are leaving tomorrow. We really need your help to take care of Lingqiu.” Mo Songcheng was really courteous, acting like a friend rather than an elder. 

“Aren’t you guys going to leave the day after tomorrow?” Jiang Chenming was stunned. 

“We originally bought flight tickets to leave that day, but there’s a really important meeting at the research centre tomorrow night. We can’t be absent, so we can only go back earlier.” Han Ying thought it was a shame that she hadn’t gotten to know about the man chasing her own son.

“When Auntie and Uncle come to my house next time, I’ll definitely serve you guys well.”

“Then we’ll look forward to it.” A smile could be seen on Han Yin’s face. 

Jiang Chenming looked at the porridge in his hand and then took a glance at Han Ying, thinking of an excuse he could give so that he could give the porridge to Mo Lingqiu. It was getting cold.

Han Ying looked at him with meaningful eyes. She pulled Mo Songcheng with her towards the master bedroom. “We’ll go in first. Rest early.” 

“Okay,” Jiang Chenming quickly answered. After they had both disappeared, he walked into the guest room. 

Mo Lingqiu had woken up when Han Ying and the others were talking outside. His nose was still feeling uncomfortable, but the medicine was effective enough. At least he wasn’t as dizzy as before. 

Jiang Chenming carried the porridge to him and fed him one spoon after another. 

Mo Lingqiu was being fed in a daze, his eyes lifeless until Jiang Chenming asked, “When you’ve recovered, which hotpot restaurant do you wanna go to?” 

When Mo Lingqiu heard his question, he almost drooled. He blinked and said, “The old hotpot shop in the city centre that’s really famous?” 

“Okay.” Jiang Chenming realised that he had suddenly become happy, causing his mood to get even better. 

They chatted casually as the small bowl of porridge was finished. Mo Linqiu then got off the bed. He had been on the bed for so long that his legs would get numb if he didn’t stand up and walk around.

They left the room one after the other. Mo Songcheng was sitting in the living room, watching the news, and Han Ying was probably bathing.

Mo Songcheng saw Mo Lingqiu and waved towards him. Mo Lingqiu could only walk towards him and sat down. 

“Are you feeling better?” 


“Your mother and I are leaving tomorrow. Take care of yourself, don’t let Xiao Jiang worry.” 

“I know.” 

“Okay, I won’t say anything more then,” Mo Songcheng said, taking out his phone. “I’ll send you a WeChat account. Add it.” 

“…What?” Mo Lingqiu was stunned. 

“Your mother should have told you? That we’ve arranged a blind date for you.” 

“…Yes, but didn’t I reject it?” Mo Lingqiu didn’t understand why his father mentioned this again. 

“The other side said that he wanted to add your WeChat and talk to you. He probably wants to check with you personally,” Mo Songcheng said. He had already sent the alpha’s WeChat to Mo Lingqiu. “You just add him out of politeness. You don’t need to say much either. If you really don’t like him, just reject him personally.” 

Mo Lingqiu took a glance at the name card sent and didn’t react. 

“Your mother and I rejecting him doesn’t have much effect compared to you rejecting him yourself. He’s also quite a good child, so he won’t force himself on you if he knows that you’re not interested in him. Moreover, you’ll have more options if you have another friend, right?” 

Mo Lingqiu pursed his lips. After a while, he answered ‘en’. “I understand. I’ll add him. I hope you guys won’t interfere with how I’m going to deal with this in the future.” 

“As long as you don’t reject him too bluntly, anything is fine.” 

“Depends on my mood.” I’ll try my best to save his face.


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