Chapter 25

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It was midnight. Mo Lingqiu wiped his hair as he walked into the room. Jiang Chenming had already bathed, and was sitting by the bed, looking at his phone. 

When he saw Mo Lingqiu come in, he quickly stood up. “Teacher Mo, I’ll help you blow dry your hair.” 

Before Mo Lingqiu could react, Jiang Chenming grabbed him and sat him on the chair. 

Buzz. The sound of the dryer filled the room. Mo Linqiu became sleepy, his eyes drifting half-shut. 

Jiang Chenming became restless as his fingers passed through Mo Lingqiu’s soft hair. His black hair was soft and shiny; it was no wonder that he needed to blow dry his hair, or even apply some wax to it, before going out. 

While Jiang Chenming was thinking that, he suddenly remembered that tonight was the first night since they had met each other that they would sleep together without the influence of a heat. 

Jiang Chenming, who was always confident, felt a bit nervous. He coughed softly under the sound of the blow dryer before returning his focus to drying Mo Lingqiu’s hair. 

Mo Lingqiu abruptly opened his eyes. He stared at the gap under the door; there was a shadow moving side to side before it finally stopped at a standstill in front of the door. 

He sighed. Just like usual, his mother wasn’t even trying to cover up the fact that she was ‘eavesdropping’. 

Jiang Chenming combed Mo Lingqiu’s hair, which wasn’t too long nor too short, and felt that it was almost dry. He switched off the blow dryer and placed it to the side. Before he could speak, someone knocked on the door. 

Mo Lingqiu looked at Jiang Chenming, who had frozen in place. As he walked towards the door to open it, he explained, “It’s my mum.” 

Outside the room, Han Ying was carrying a plate of nicely cut fruits in her left hand, fixing her long hair that was hanging down loose. “May I enter?” 

“We’re going to sleep.” Mo Lingqiu didn’t give in to his mother.

Han Ying pursed her lips and stuffed the whole plate of fruits into his hand. “Boring.” 

Mo Lingqiu was only relieved after he had closed and locked the door and saw the lights in the living room switch off before she returned to her own room. 

“Auntie came to give us fruits?” Jiang Chenming came to help him. 

“En,” Mo Linqiu said, placing the fruits on the table like he was helping his mother save face. If Jiang Chenming knew that his mother had come to eavesdrop under the pretence of sending them fruits, he wondered how he would have reacted. 

“Teacher Mo, take this.” Jiang Chenming poked a toothpick into a pear and handed it to Mo Lingqiu. 

The pear was really sweet. Mo Lingqiu unwittingly finished it. The rest was eaten by Jiang Chenming. 

The two of them came out of the room one after the other, one going to wash the bowl while the other went to brush his teeth. Mo Lingqiu, who was second to brush his teeth, locked the door from the inside when he returned to his room. 

Jiang Chenming was confused by his actions, but he didn’t ask anything. 

They faced their backs to each other. No matter what they were thinking, it was already so late that they quickly fell into their dreams. 

Jiang Chenming woke up at 5 the next morning. When he had intensive training a few years back, he always woke up early in the morning. Although woke up a bit later those days, he would occasionally get up early, especially when sound could be heard from the living room. 

Jiang Chenming remembered that Mo Lingqiu’s parents were still there. He slightly fixed his hair, so he wouldn’t seem sloppy, before he opened the door. 

“Good morning, Auntie.” Jiang Chenming saw Han Ying cleaning the room with a vacuum cleaner. 

“Aiyo, Xiao Jiang, you’re up so early.” When Han Ying saw that it was Jiang Chenming, she was quite shocked. “Where’s Lingqiu?” 

“Teacher is still sleeping. He usually wakes up around 7 or 8.” Jiang Chenming informed her about Mo Lingqiu’s schedule as if he was used to it. 

Han Ying’s heart moved, but she didn’t show it on her face. “Wait for a while, ya. Auntie will make breakfast for you after I’m done cleaning this.” 

“That’s very kind of you, but let me do it,” Jiang Chenming said as he walked towards the kitchen. “Please sit down and rest when you’re done.” 

Since Jiang Chenming had taken up the job of making breakfast, he was embarrassed to wash his face and brush his teeth. He just simply wiped his face with the water in the kitchen, washed his hands, and started making breakfast. 

Both he and Mo Lingqiu ate authentic Chinese breakfast almost every morning. Although the dishes weren’t sophisticated, he could make them hearty if he had enough time. This morning, he still made the Chinese breakfast that he was confident about. He even fried a golden-yellow half boiled egg with it. 

When Han Ying finished cleaning the living room, she saw that Jiang Chenming was already placing the breakfast on the table. There were noodles, some vegetable toppings, and eggs and sausages that were fried until they were aromatic. 

“Xiao Jiang, you’re skilled at cooking.” Han Ying was impressed by him because she didn’t know how to cook. She was only ‘talented’ at making the kitchen explode. 

“I’m only okay. I live alone most of the time.” Jiang Chenming smiled. 

Han Ying guessed that Jiang Chenming probably came from a wealthy and influential family, judging from his manners and attitude, but since she wasn’t too familiar with him, she didn’t ask. Looking at the table of breakfast, she thought that it would be a total waste if it was only eaten by her and Jiang Chenming, since they wouldn’t be able to finish it. With that in mind, she excitedly rushed back to her room and called Mo Songchen out of his dream. 

Jiang Chenming took advantage of that time to wash his face and brush his teeth. He even went back to the room to take a look at the still sleeping Mo Lingqiu. 

It was already 6:30, yet Mo Lingqiu was still in deep sleep. Because he didn’t wear his glasses while he slept, he looked much more gentle. Maybe it was because he was sleeping warmly, but the half of his face that was exposed looked tender. He didn’t look like a man who was almost thirty years old. 

His face was really deceptive. 

Jiang Chenming was so engrossed in staring at him that he unwittingly bent his body forward to kiss him, but he was met with Mo Lingqiu’s suddenly opened eyes. 

Since he had already taken the first step, Jiang Chenming, not wanting to lose this chance, really dropped a kiss on Mo Lingqiu’s forehead. 

Mo Lingqiu was originally still half-asleep, but he completely woke up because of the kiss. After blinking his eyes and stuffing himself inside the blanket, he asked with a soft tone, “…What time is it?” 

“Six thirty. Since it’s still early, sleep more?” Jiang Chenming noticed that Mo Lingqiu hadn’t asked about the kiss and he felt lucky. 

“…I’m hungry.” Mo Lingqiu said, sitting up. 

Jiang Chenming covered him with the winter coat before they left the guest room together. 

Han Ying and Mo Songchen were sitting at the table eating breakfast. When they saw the two of them coming out of the room, a flash of surprise appeared on their faces. 

Han Ying asked, “Lingqiu is awake?” 

“En, I went inside to get something and accidentally woke Teacher up.” Jiang Chenming quickly made up an excuse. 

Mo Lingqiu snuck a glance at him. Then, he greeted his parents good morning and went into the bathroom to clean himself up. 

In a short time, the four of them were sitting around the table eating breakfast. 

Mo Lingqiu grabbed some noodles as he thought, mind still half-asleep, that he had experienced this same scene before. Something like this had happened once recently. He thought for a while, Isn’t this the same as last night?

“Xiao Jiang, do you have class today?” 

“En. I have training,” Jiang Chenming said, “since I have a competition next week.” 


“It’s a basketball competition. An internal school competition for entertainment purposes,” Jiang Chenming explained. 

“Too bad. We can’t watch it; we’re leaving the day after tomorrow.” 

“There’s still next time. We have different kinds of competitions in our department.” 

“Then we’ll watch you play next time we come back.” Han Ying pointed at Mo Songcheng. “You can even play with my husband and you can learn from each other. He also plays.” 

“Really? Sure, we can do it next time!” 

Mo Lingqiu listened to their non-stop chatter and felt lethargic. He had woken up a bit early, making him feel weak. Even if he was eating his favorite noodles, he still felt dizzy and heavy. 

He endured it as he finished the noodles. Then, he lifted up his head and said, “Dad, Mum, I’m going back to sleep. I’m tired.” 

“Go and sleep. You don’t have anything scheduled today, right?” 

“Not yet.” 

“Then, go.” Han Ying was actually considerate towards her own son. 

“En.” Mo Lingqiu nodded his head. He shakily stood up and returned once more to Jiang Chenming’s room.

Jiang Chenming stared at his figure leaving. It might’ve only been because he had marked Mo Lingqiu, but he felt that there was something wrong with him, and became worried. However, Han Ying and her husband were still there, so he couldn’t ask him yet. 

After breakfast, Jiang Chenming washed the plates. When he returned to the living room, Han Ying and Mo Songcheng had already tidied everything up. 

“We’re leaving in a bit.” Mo Songcheng pointed at himself and Han Ying. “Initially, it was okay for me to go alone, but the other side said that they wanted to meet us and properly have a meal together.”

“I won’t be eating with you guys today after all. Enjoy your hotpot.” Han Ying waved her hands. She held onto Mo Songcheng’s arm and walked out. 

After Jiang Chenming sent them out, he opened the door to the room, full of worry. Mo Lingqiu’s eyes were shut tight. For some reason, his condition seemed different from before. 

When Jiang Chenming sat by the bed, Mo Lingqiu opened his eyes, stretched out his hand, and pulled on the edge of Jiang Chenming’s shirt. Then, his eyes drifted close again. 

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