Chapter 24

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Sleeping together on a bed was something Jiang Chenming wanted, but when it was proposed by Mo Lingqiu’s mother, it sounded strange. 

He opened his mouth and smiled awkwardly. “It’s fine. I can go back to my dorm to rest.” 

Han Ying squinted her eyes again, looking at him with an unsettled expression, like she didn’t expect him to say that. 

“Mum, I’ll send him back to his dorm tonight,” Mo Lingqiu continued, interrupting his mother’s thoughts. 

Han Ying humphed. “No need for that. Stay here tonight. Uncle and Auntie won’t be here for too long, so don’t be too prudish.”

“Okay then.” Jiang Chenming had no other options. There was nothing he could say except for those two words. 

When the four of them sat around the dining table, the atmosphere became even more awkward. 

Although Han Ying was talking to Jiang Chenming the whole time, asking him unimportant questions, Mo Lingqiu instinctively felt that his mother was testing him.

On the other hand, Mo Songcheng tended to Mo Lingqiu while he picked some vegetables for Han Ying. “Is life going well recently?”


“Don’t keep a straight face while communicating with your students. You’re not young anymore. You’ll scare them with your expression.”


“I’ll be going out to deal with some matters tomorrow. Your mother will be staying here to clean your house.” 


Unlike Han Ying and Jiang Chenming who were happily chatting, the father and son’s conversation was normal and dull, which was rather boring to hear. 

Jiang Chenming peeked at Mo Songcheng. He didn’t dare interrupt their talk. He secretly pushed the mala fish that was originally placed in front of him towards Mo Lingqiu; it was one of his favourite dishes. 

“Which department does Xiao Jiang study in? The Chinese Language Department?” Mo Songchen suddenly turned his gaze towards Jiang Chenming. 

Jiang Chenming’s hand trembled in surprise. He nearly couldn’t control it while he was moving the plate. “…I’m a PE Department student.” 

“I thought you were Lingqiu’s direct student.” 

“No.” Jiang Chenming smiled. “My roommate’s girlfriend is taking classes in the Chinese Language Department, so I went there once. The bed slats in my dorm broke, so I moved out.” 

“Your bed slats are broken?” Mo Songcheng was really shocked. 

“En… The beds in our dorm are all wooden loft beds with desks. It might be because I’m too heavy, but two bed slats in the center broke.” Jiang Chenming mocked himself with humour. 

“Then the school should change it for you. That’s very dangerous.” Han Ying also shifted her concentration to him. 

“I’ve applied, but it’s not done yet.” Jiang Chenming smiled as he explained, “Since it’s quite big, the school may not have any spares. It’ll definitely take some time to change it. Other than that, I’m a local student and I initially wanted to stay at my house, but my house is too far, so Teacher Mo let me stay here for a while.” 

“En, it’s more convenient to stay here. Lingqiu’s house is also near to school.” Han Ying nodded. She was satisfied with how polite and talkative Jiang Chenming was.  

“Yes, thanks to Teacher Mo who helped me out just in time,” Jiang Chenming said, smiling. He glanced at Mo Lingqiu who was busy eating beside him. 

Mo Lingqiu heard the conversation between three of them, but he didn’t show much of a reaction. However, he thought in his heart, Jiang Chenming’s fabrication skills are quite impressive; they don’t even doubt him. 

While he was thinking here and there, Han Ying suddenly turned her focus to him. “Lingqiu, you’ll also need to take more care of Xiao Jiang at school, alright?” 

“En.” Mo Lingqiu could only nod. 

After the meal, Jiang Chenming was favoured by Han Ying and Mo Songcheng because of his impressive communication skills. He even carried the plates into the kitchen and proactively washed them. 

Mo Songcheng had some free time, so he took out the laptop he had brought, put on his spectacles, and started reading some papers. Meanwhile, Han Ying pulled Mo Lingqiu into his room. 

“I’ll tidy the room up for a bit. Then you and Father can stay here for the night.” Mo Lingqiu finished speaking and started arranging the blanket on the bed. He even put away the documents on the table that he normally read. 

His room was clean in the first place, so it didn’t cost him too much energy to tidy up. Han Ying watched him as he worked, and called out when he was almost done, “Lingqiu.” 

Mo Lingqiu placed the pillow in his hand on the bed, stood upright, and asked, “What’s wrong?” 

“You and Xiao Jiang…” Han Ying’s expression had become much more serious than during the time when she was eating. 

“He helped me out and I also helped him out.” Mo Lingqiu roughly knew what his mother wanted to ask. 

“If you like him, we won’t comment much on that. But if you don’t really like him, or aren’t interested, then we’ll need to take care of this.” Although Han Ying knew Mo Lingqiu didn’t like to hear those kinds of words, she still cared a lot about her son’s relationships. In her memory, her son was slow to recognize his own feelings. He was even at the point where he still didn’t understand anything about love. 

She was scared that Mo Lingqiu wasn’t interested, or didn’t realize that he was interested, which would cause trouble for Jiang Chenming and waste his own time, since he wasn’t young anymore. 

“Mum, I’m almost thirty.” Mo Lingqiu frowned, not bothering to hide his displeasure. 

“The reason we visited this time is to arrange a blind date for you.” 

Mo Lingqiu’s eyes flew open at Han Ying’s words. “Mum! I…” 

“Listen to me first.” Han Ying sighed. “Blame us for this. We didn’t accompany you when you were young, and making you disciplined at a young age wasn’t good either.” 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t respond. He had a hint of unhappiness in his heart. It had been ten to twenty years. Even if he was sad, even if he was jealous of others who had their parents by their side––it was all in the past. Other than that, his parents were really busy. He had to be considerate. 

“The child we arranged for your blinded date isn’t bad. He’s a high-grade alpha, the son of a researcher in our company. He’s thirty-two this year. A bit older than you,” Han Ying said, opening the man’s picture that was saved on her phone for Mo Lingqiu. Then she pulled up his basic information. “This is his picture and basic information. Doesn’t look bad, right? Also, look at his job and qualifications. They’re all outstanding.” 

Mo Lingqiu took a look. Since before, he thought that as long as alphas made a little effort, they could get anything they wanted. So, now, he wouldn’t even admire any alphas just because they were more outstanding. For that reason, he gave his answer without any hesitation. “No need. I won’t consider it right now.” 

“Are you not considering dating and marriage, or are you not considering him because you have other choices?” Han Yin asked incisively. 

Mo Lingqiu pursed his lips and didn’t answer. 

“What’s wrong? Why are you so unhappy?” Han Ying suddenly smiled. 

“…Mum, I’m always like that.” Mo Lingqiu felt helpless. The person in front of him was his mother; no matter how she forced her question on him, or teased him, as long as she didn’t go overboard, he could only endure it. 

Han Ying nodded. “I know.” 

“So, please help me reject this. I won’t go,” Mo Lingqiu stressed. He was scared that his mother wouldn’t think it through and would force him to go, even if the possibility of that happening was small. 

Han Ying didn’t plan to just let him go. “Then tell me about you and Xiao Jiang. Don’t tell me some dog bit your nape.” 

Because of her humour, Mo Lingqiu’s stiff expression suddenly relaxed. “No.”  

“Then who was it?” Han Ying asked, even though she knew the answer. 

“Isn’t it very obvious?” Mo Lingqiu knew he couldn’t hide the truth in the first place, so he decided to simply tell her. 

“If I remember correctly, you’re not someone who would just let others touch you.” Han Ying sat on the chair, planning to listen to Mo Lingqiu’s explanation. 

However, Mo Lingqiu wasn’t a talkative person, and he didn’t want to tell her that one of the major reasons that this incident happened was because of the long-term inhibitor that they had given him. If he were to attribute it to the inhibitors, his parents would definitely blame themselves. 

“He’s chasing me.” 

“Then you…” Han Ying’s eyes lit up. 

“It’s still okay now,” Mo Lingqiu said honestly. But he wasn’t at the point where he was ready to pour his heart out for him yet. He felt embarrassed just telling the truth, so he avoided Han Ying’s direct gaze. 

Finally. Han Ying was relieved. With a smile hanging on her face, she said, “Then that’s good. Get along well with him. I won’t ask about the compatibility of your pheromones, but it seems that they’ve fused well.” 

Mo Lingqiu didn’t respond out loud, but he criticized her in his heart. If you can actually smell it, then why do you need me to say it out loud? 

Han Ying thought for a moment before patting Mo Lingqiu’s shoulder. “Have a good rest tonight. Don’t mind us being in the next room.” 

Mo Lingqiu’s relaxed eyebrows dipped down again. “You’re not young anymore. Don’t eavesdrop.” 

“This pair of ears is mine, this pair of legs is mine. It’s not my fault for simply walking around and hearing something. You guys should just be quiet at night.” After she finished speaking, Han Ying happily left, leaving Mo Lingqiu behind to speechlessly look at her back. 


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