Chapter 23

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The two of them arrived at the mall in the city centre. The products available here were high-level, so the prices would naturally be higher. 

Jiang Chenming had bought a pair of sports shoes from a specialty store here before, so he knew the quality of the things that were being sold. 

“Just buy a bag that can be used daily. I’ll only use it to hold my clothes, or something.” Jiang Chenming rarely took his bag with him when he went out, but he always used it during training since he needed to have clean clothes on hand so that he could change easily. 

“En,” Mo Lingqiu quietly answered. He was still thinking about the bag that Jiang Chenming had thrown into the rubbish bin. 

Jiang Chenming wrapped his arms around him, bringing him into the shop that he regularly went to. 

Jiang Chenming was not a picky person, but he also had good taste. He took a fancy to two bags and couldn’t decide which one to get. He turned his head and asked, “Teacher Mo, which one do you think is better?” 

“The black one, I guess. It’s not easy for it to get dirty.” Mo Lingqiu chose the one on the left. 

“Okay.” Jiang Chenming hung the other one back and took the black one to the cashier. 

Mo Lingqiu stood in a daze at the same spot. Then, he followed Jiang Chenming out of the mall after he paid for the bag. 

They both returned to the car. The pheromones that didn’t belong to the two of them had already completely dispersed. Jiang Chenming moved his things into the new bag, in a surprisingly good mood. 

Mo Lingqiu drove the car back onto the road. His stiff expression relaxed when he saw Jiang Chenming smile. 

When they reached Bao Wen’s clinic, he was sitting on the office chair playing video games. Curses rang out as he became more and more animated. He didn’t look like a person in his forties. 

“Wait a moment, ya!” Bao Wen heard their footsteps, but he was too immersed in the game to lift his head. 

Mo Lingqiu just sat on a chair next to him. Jiang Chenming followed him and sat down. Neither of them said anything. Bao Wen’s match only finished after they had waited for half an hour. 

“Come, come, come. You guys are finally here.” 

“Is he going to do the check-up alone?” Mo Lingqiu asked Bao Wen. 

“If you don’t think it’s troublesome and wanna undergo a check-up as well, then that’s fine, too.” Bao Wen initially thought that because Mo Lingqiu had already come for his check-up the month before that there wouldn’t be much of a change. Not much would have been affected. However, the closer he got to Mo Linqiu, the more he felt something was off. “You’re marked?” 

“…Yes.” Mo Lingqiu thought, Is the fact that I got marked so surprising? 

“When…” Bao Wen’s intention to not carry out a check-up for Mo Lingqiu completely vanished. 

“The day before yesterday.” 

“It’s only a temporary mark. Why don’t we both have a check-up?” Jiang Chenming was still worried about Mo Lingqiu’s body. If it wouldn’t waste too much time, he thought that it was better for them both to do it. 

Bao Wen aggressively nodded his head. “Of course, there’s an essential difference between being marked and not being marked, no matter if it’s temporary or not.” 

When he finished speaking, Bao Wen brought them both to carry out a blood test. The detailed report on the condition of the pheromones would only be out after three days, but they could still take a look at the compatibility and stability of the pheromones. 

After half an hour, Bao Wen took the printed out results of the examination and walked back to them. 

“The results are better than I imagined.” Bao Wen smiled. It seemed that the results weren’t really that bad. “Although your heat isn’t yet regular, the concentration of your pheromones has already dropped from your previous irregular fluctuation condition.” 

“En.” Mo Lingqiu flipped through the printed report. The curve was indeed lower than before. 

“Well, the marking was still useful. You guys should interact like that more.” Bao Wen stopped and looked at Jiang Chenming. “Your pheromones are normal. There’s not much of a difference from last time.” 

“Okay.” Instead of his own results, Jiang Chenming cared more about Mo Lingqiu’s results, since he was the one with a more serious condition.  

“Oh, yeah, neither of you should interact with people of other genders for now, especially if they would purposely release pheromones to induce heat,” Bao Wen reminded them. “Particularly you, Jiang Chenming. If you interact with other omegas and they leave their pheromones on you, Lingqiu will be uncomfortable. He won’t say it, but he definitely won’t feel good in his heart.” 

Mo Lingqiu frowned. He wasn’t quite satisfied with what Bao Wen had said at the end. He also felt embarrassed, like his secret had been exposed. “I won’t.” 

Bao Wen ignored him and said, “Anyways, take note of it. Don’t let others get a hold on you.” 

Jiang Chenming promised, “I won’t. I don’t like other people.” 

That meant he liked Mo Lingqiu. Mo Lingqiu was wise, so, of course, he heard what he had meant. He turned his head, not wanting to pay attention to either of them anymore, especially Bao Wen who treated teasing him as a source of joy. 

Bao Wen’s sight circled between the two of them. After a while, he hooked an arm around Mo Lingqiu’s neck and warned him, “Lingqiu, it seems that your parents are coming back soon.” 


Mo Lingqiu immediately turned his head back. “When?” 

“They didn’t say the exact date. They only said that they’re coming back soon and that they have something to talk to you about.” Bao Wen saw Mo Lingqiu frown and quickly explained, “I didn’t tell your parents about what happened recently, so don’t worry.” 

“…Thank you.” Mo Lingqiu breathed out a sigh of relief. If his parents knew about Jiang Chenming, they might instantly ask Mo Lingqiu to bring him home. 

“It’s okay.” Bao Wen waved his hands and laughed. “I’ll send the check-up results to you in three days through the mail so that you guys don’t need to come back here.” 

“Sure.” Bao Wen’s clinic was indeed a bit too far. Although they had a car, it was still troublesome to drive back and forth. 

“Then, I’ll contact you after that.”


After they returned from Bao Wen’s clinic, Mo Lingqiu kept thinking about his parents coming back. He still had Jiang Chenming’s temporary mark, and it would stay for a month. If his parents came back soon, he definitely wouldn’t be able to find an explanation. 

But, to be frank, the more a person dreaded something, the more likely it was to happen. 

Mo Lingqiu received the report the next day. He went to the supermarket with Jiang Chenming to buy some vegetables since they planned to eat Mala hotpot that night. 

“Is that enough?” Jiang Chenming originally wanted to buy more meat. 

“If it’s not enough for you, then you can add noodles in?” Mo Lingqiu had a normal appetite, but Jiang Chenming could eat more since much of his energy had been spent during his daytime training. 

“That’s fine, too.” When Jiang Chenming thought about it, he wasn’t worried anymore about the amount not being enough. 

Mo Lingqiu opened the door of his house with his key and immediately met the gaze of his mother who was sitting on the sofa. 

Jiang Chenming had also noticed her. He stood there, stunned. 

“…Mum.” Mo Lingqiu called out, after standing in silence for a while. 

Mo Lingqiu’s mother was already in her fifties, but she looked like she was in her early thirties. She had a mature, feminine look. 

“You’re back? And this is…?” Mo Lingqiu’s mother squinted, tentatively examining Jiang Chenming. 

“My… my student.” Mo Lingqiu was so nervous that he said the wrong thing. He and Jiang Chenming didn’t have a direct teacher-student relationship. They weren’t even in the same department, and PE Department students wouldn’t attend Chinese classes. 

“Hi. I’m Mo Lingqiu’s mother, Han Ying,” she greeted with a faint smile. “Come in quickly.” 

“Hi, Auntie. I’m Jiang Chenming.” Jiang Chenming politely greeted her and quickly bowed. He couldn’t even manage a full smile. 

He and Mo Lingqiu changed their shoes and entered the house, one after the other. They were more nervous than they would be if they were going to other people’s houses as guests. Especially Mo Lingqiu. The bite that Jiang Chenming had left during his marking hadn’t yet disappeared, and the pheromones he had left on Mo Lingqiu’s body were still very strong. 

They both nervously walked into the living room. Mo Lingqiu hesitated for a long moment before taking the vegetables from Jiang Chenming’s hands and placing them against the entrance wall on the floor. 

“How are you feeling these days? We asked Bao Wen, but he didn’t tell us anything.” Han Ying’s expression became much gentler than it was when they had first come into the house since she was also an omega. But, even with the powerful aura, she still kept her edge.  


“Are you still taking your inhibitors?” While Han Ying was talking, she glanced at Jiang Chenming. 

“…No, I kept them all in the bedside drawer.” Mo Lingqiu knew he couldn’t hide it anymore and chose to speak honestly. 

“En, it’s great that you stopped taking them, since they’re still inhibitors.” Han Ying nodded with satisfaction. “Xiao Jiang…” 

Han Ying planned to talk to Jiang Chenming first, but Mo Lingqiu’s father, Mo Songcheng, poked his head out from the kitchen. “Lingqiu’s back?” 

“He’s back.” Han Ying loudly answered. 

“…Hmm? There’s a guest? It seems that I’ll need to cook more dishes.” Mo Songcheng took a glance at Jiang Chenming as if he wasn’t surprised at his presence. 

Since Jiang Chenming was an alpha, and his senses were more sensitive, he could intuitively feel that Mo Lingqiu’s parents were a high grade alpha and omega pair. Moreover, weren’t Mo Lingqiu’s parents pheromone researchers? They must have already roughly guessed what had happened between him and Mo Lingqiu. 

Jiang Chenming didn’t explain anything. He obediently greeted, “Hi, Uncle. I’m Jiang Chenming, Teacher Mo’s student.” 

“Do you like to eat spicy food? Our whole family really likes that. I’m making Mala fish.” 

“Yes, I’m not picky. Thank you,” Jiang Chenming answered thoughtfully. 

Mo Songcheng looked satisfied. A bright smile hung on his face as he entered the kitchen. 

Jiang Chenming was anxious in his heart. Nervousness could be seen on his face, too. Meanwhile, Mo Lingqiu was expressionless, even with the monstrous waves in his heart. He knew his parents too well. They probably wouldn’t be able to avoid a ‘strict interrogation’ at the dinner table later. 

As the alpha who had already marked Mo Lingqiu, Jiang Chenming could feel his emotions through the pheromones. However, he dared not hold his hand to comfort him. He could only slightly lean towards Mo Lingqiu, using his pheromones to try to comfort the restlessness in his heart. 

Han Ying noticed Jiang Chenming’s movement with only one look. With a smile hanging by the edge of her lips, she gave them an out. “Why did you guys buy so many vegetables? What did you plan to eat?” 

“…Mala Hotpot,” Mo Lingqiu answered, looking at the floor of dishes.

“I would have asked your dad not to cook if I’d known earlier.” Han Ying looked regretful. She wanted to eat hotpot as well. “What about tomorrow?”  

“…Okay.” Mo Lingqiu couldn’t have said no. 

Han Ying beamed. “That’s great. Tomorrow your dad will go out for business. I’ll stay here and eat with you guys.” 

“En.” Other than nodding, Mo Lingqiu didn’t know how to react. 

Jiang Chenming was standing beside him the whole time and didn’t say anything. He took care of Mo Lingqiu’s emotions while he observed Han Ying’s attitude, until Han Ying said something that stunned him. 

“Xiao Jiang, why don’t you ask Lingqiu to sleep in your room tonight? His dad and I want to stay here for a night.” 


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