Chapter 2

21st floor, Block 3, Yuan Qiao Apartment. The door of a self-contained apartment was not completely closed, the scent of pheromones kept flowing out from the house.

After a sound of click, the door was then locked from the inside, blocking the sound in the room and the smell of pheromones from gushing outside.

Jiang Chenming looked at Mo Lingqiu who had his face all reddened and was gasping for breath hastily in his arms. The thin lens of the spectacles that had cold reflection were now covered with a layer of fog.

After returning to the home that Mo Lingqiu was familiar with, he vented out and released the overwhelming pheromones that were suppressed all along. The vast house was then filled with the sweet and cloying aroma of milk. He could feel that his body was losing out strength, if Jiang Chenming was not supporting him, he would have collapsed onto the floor.

Jiang Chenming could feel the excessive temperature from the person in his arms and he could feel a sense of danger supporting him vainly.

If this continued, both of them would not be able to walk out of this house in a short time, things would definitely turn wild.

When Jiang Chenming was still resisting against his instinct, he was suddenly pushed away by the person in his arms.

Mo Lingqiu almost used his whole body’s energy to push away the alpha that was in the same room as him and was currently dangerous to him. Nobody held him so he stumbled and collapsed onto the floor.

Jiang Chenming’s heart pounded, as he wanted to hold him, he saw Mo Lingqiu slowly standing up by holding onto the wall, he then walked towards his room step by step.

When the door was almost closed by him, Mo Lingqiu turned his head and threw the words in an airy tone, “Don’t come in.”

Jiang Chenming was dazed, he stared at the door that was closed tightly and did not know whether he should cry or laugh. After Jiang Chenming recovered from the panic, the thick and sweet aroma of the milk penetrated into his nose, his body then reacted towards it honestly.

He rubbed his hair irritably and entered the toilet without hesitating.

A thud was heard and it made Mo Lingqiu who was still dizzy and sitting on the floor panting heavily to gain his senses back.

He did not have energy to move after he entered his room. The inhibitor that he normally used was just in the drawer by the bed, but he did not even have the strength to raise his hand up.

Thanks to that loud thud of the door closing, he only regained the strength to take the inhibitor.

He took out the inhibitor that was still unopened with his shivering hands. The opening of the glass bottle that could be easily opened was not the case for Mo Lingqiu now.

After trying four or five times, the top was finally opened. Mo Lingqiu immediately poured the inhibitor into his mouth.

As the cold liquid slid through his throat, his body’s heat slowly calmed down. The pheromones that were unable to be controlled and were leaking also stabilized slowly. Mo Lingqiu breathed a sigh of relief, he then leant against the headboard and closed his eyes as he was too tired.

Mo Lingqiu did not know how long it had been until he was awakened by rapid knocks on the door. The person outside was as if he did not know how to give up, he patted on the door as he called “Teacher Mo”.

Mo Lingqiu used both of his hands to support him by the bed, he stood up laboriously and looked at himself in the cheval mirror.

His sport attire was loosely hitched on his body, unknown sources of dust were rubbed all over. The hair on his forehead was slightly wet because of the heat from the rut earlier. His whole person was in a mess, he did not look like his usual self.

The person outside was still knocking the door, and he could feel that the strength was getting larger and his calls were getting hastier.

Mo Lingqiu adjusted his clothes slightly to make himself look better. He then walked over and opened the door that was locked by him from the inside.

Jiang Chenming was standing outside and had the posture of wanting to break into the room. However, the door was suddenly opened. He nearly lost his mind by the pheromones’  sweet smell of milk that was gushing out from the room. He could only take a few steps back reflectively.

Mo Lingqiu opened his mouth faintly, “What is the problem?”

These words made Jiang Chenming speechless.

What is the problem? 

After he released his desires, his footsteps were halted by the smell of pheromones in the room when he just walked out of the washroom.

In order to prevent himself from being affected by Mo Lingqiu’s pheromones, he quickly opened the windows in the house that could be opened for ventilation. After finally calming down, he only realized that the living room was in a mess. Lots of embellishments dropped onto the floor, the two pots of narcissus that was placed by Mo Lingqiu’s room were knocked over, water was spilled all over the floor.

He had listened well in biology class about gender classification. He knew how suffering it was for an omega who was in a heat if there was no reliable alpha accompanying. Although he was really worried about Mo Lingqiu’s condition, he remembered what he said before entering his room. Mo Lingqiu also had the position of a teacher, he did not dare to rush into the room without thinking much.

The only thing he could do was to clean the living room that was in chaos.

However, after he finished cleaning with much effort, the smell of pheromones in the room almost dissipated and the person in the room still did not have any movement.

Since it was a heat, it was weird if there was no movement.

Various kinds of chaotic scenes filled Jiang Chenming’s mind suddenly, he became even more worried and could not resist knocking the door. As no response was given, he became even more panicked.

When he wanted to break into the room. Mo Lingqiu opened the door.

Jiang Chenming was stunned, a faint fragrance could be smelled as the sweet aroma of milk had dissipated. He then said, “I was a bit worried about you. Teacher Mo, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Mo Lingqiu only spoke a little usually and his tone was too indifferent, so many people would say that he lacked human touch. But this did not stop him from having many followers.

However, Jiang Chenming realized from that simple conversation that the Teacher Mo that was always mentioned was indeed hard to get along with.

Actually, what Jiang Chenming did not know was, when Mo Lingqiu said the words “I’m fine”, his heart was pounding nervously.

He was scared that Jiang Chenming would ask questions like “Why do you pretend to be an alpha”, he was even scared that he would leak his true gender out. By that time, his work might face huge changes and obstacles due to the government’s restrictive protection measures for omegas.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Chenming did not ask anything, he maintained a certain distance from him and said, “Teacher Mo, please rest well then. I’ll go home first. This is my phone number, if you have any problems, remember to call me.”

As Jiang Chenming said, he handed a small note that had been written earlier to Mo Lingqiu.

Mo Lingqiu looked at the note and hesitated, he then accepted it and thanked him.

Jiang Chenming smiled politely, he turned and walked towards the door. When he almost reached the door, he suddenly remembered the two pots of narcissus that were knocked over. He turned his body again, “Teacher, um… the narcissuses by your room were knocked over. I used a bowl to place them inside, they are on the table.”

As he looked towards the direction where Jiang Chenming’s finger was pointing, two plants were placed in a large soup bowl on the coffee table, there were even cobblestones that were originally used as decorations around it.

“… Thanks.” Mo Lingqiu thanked as he walked towards the coffee table.

However, he overestimated his recovery capability, it was only half an hour since he went into heat, his legs were still truly weak. Mo Lingqiu’s whole body collapsed before he was able to hold onto a wall.

Unexpectedly, he did not fall onto the floor clumsily, instead, he fell into a soft embrace.

Jiang Chenming was tall, he strode over and easily held onto Mo Lingqiu, but he was shocked by his action. Mo Lingqiu looked strict and serious, how come he seemed a bit careless?

“Teacher, please be careful.”

Mo Lingqiu was embarrassed as he was reminded by a student who was younger than him by a number of years that even he was unsure of. He held onto Jiang Chenming’s arm vainly to borrow some strength to stand well. To hide his awkwardness, he coughed lightly and released Jiang Chenming’s arm, “I’m fine now, you can leave.”

“Teacher, you’re hungry right? Let me make something for you to eat, please rest for a while.” Jiang Chenming decided on his own and helped Mo Lingqiu to sit on the sofa. When he almost reached the kitchen’s door, he turned his head and said, “I’ll use the equipment in the kitchen carefully, please don’t be worried, teacher.”

Mo Lingqiu went into heat in front of his students and now he was taken care of by him, he did not do such an embarrassing thing before in his whole life, he did not even know how to answer him, he could only stay silent.

Whereas Jiang Chenming was quick, he used the ingredients in the fridge and made a nutrient-dense dinner.

Omegas would use up a lot of energy due to heat, so getting hungry was an extremely normal reaction. However, it was hard for Mo Lingqiu to move his chopsticks in front of the sumptuous dinner.

“Try it?” Jiang Chenming urged proactively.

Mo Lingqiu looked at Jiang Chenming’s empty hands, there was not even a bowl in front of him, it was obvious that the meal he made was purely for him. He felt even bad, “I… I’ll go get a bowl and a pair of chopsticks for you.”

Mo Lingqiu was planning to stand up as he said the words. Jiang Chenming quickly halted him, “This is made for you, teacher. I’m not hungry.”

Mo Lingqiu did not move the chopsticks, he only looked at the dishes on the table. After a moment of silence, Jiang Chenming admitted defeat and went to the kitchen to get another set of cutlery in a good mood. Mo Lingqiu then only moved his chopsticks.

Jiang Chenming’s cooking skill was excellent, this was what Mo Lingqiu thought after tasting a bite.

Both of them ate really silently. Other than Jiang Chenming asking Mo Lingqiu how the taste was from time to time, Mo Lingqiu had not opened his mouth proactively before. But his chewing did not stop, it seemed that he was really hungry.

When they almost finished eating, Mo Lingqiu bit on chopsticks. After a moment, he thanked solemnly and reminded him, “I’ve caused trouble for you today, if you have any problems in your Chinese courses, you can come and look for me. But please don’t……”

“I won’t say it out, Teacher Mo, please don’t worry.” Jiang Chenming smiled, “But teacher, do you not know me?”

Mo Lingqiu, who had an impression of Jiang Chenming’s appearance but he did not know what his name was, went into silence.

Jiang Chenming knew that he had guessed it right, he smiled as he made a self-introduction, “I’ll make a self-introduction, Jiang Chenming, postgraduate sophomore student of the PE Department. Teacher Mo, it’s nice to meet you.”


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