Chapter 18

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Jiang Chenming put down the empty glass, took his phone, and patted the person beside him. “I’ll leave first.” 

“Ah? You’re leaving so early?” 

“I drank too much. I’m feeling uncomfortable.” Jiang Chenming waved his hand and walked out. 

Mo Lingqiu rarely called him. He was a person who disliked bothering others, so Jiang Chenming instinctively felt that something had happened. 

After pulling himself out from the lively atmosphere of the restaurant, JIang Chenming stood by the roadside and accepted the call. “Hello, Teacher Mo.” 

“Jiang Chenming?” It was not Mo Lingqiu’s voice on the other side of the call. 

“…Who is this?” 

“It’s me, Fan Nian. Where are you now?” Fan Nian sounded anxious. 

“At a restaurant near the school.” 

“Ah, that’s perfect. Come quickly. We’re at the skewer shop in the back alley where you ate last time. In the boss’s house.” Fan Nian reminded him, “Remember to take some inhibitors before you come. Lingqiu has gone into heat.” 

Jiang Chenming’s grip tightened around his phone. He immediately ran towards the skewer shop. 

When he appeared at the skewer shop, drenched in sweat, the boss immediately recognized him. He quickly brought him in from the back door. 

Fan Nian stood at the door looking anxious. When he saw Jiang Chenming, he behaved like he had met his saviour. “Quickly… quickly go and take a look at him! “

“Dr. Fan, you can leave first. Staying here…” Jiang Chenming was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to control himself and that he would release pheromones that might even affect Fan Nian. 

Fan Nian nodded. He knew he couldn’t stay, but he also had a request for Jiang Chenming. “You… you need to take him back.” 

Mo Lingqiu was a prideful person. Whether it was going into heat outside or borrowing other people’s houses, he wouldn’t want either to happen. If he could avoid doing either, he would try his best.

Jiang Chenming solemnly agreed. “I’ll bring him back as soon as possible. Thank you, Dr. Fan.” 

“Then, I’ll leave first. You guys… deal with it.”

The boss smiled towards Jiang Chenming. “Tell me if you need any help.” 

Jiang Chenming thanked him. After the boss left, he pushed open the door and quickly closed it with his backhand. 

He had taken two inhibitor pills on his way over, but the scent of sweet milk that filled the room still made his legs shake and made him dizzy. 

Mo Lingqiu was lying on the sofa. He had gone into heat while eating. The only memory remaining in his consciousness was Fan Nian’s worried expression in the darkness of the room that was empty of any pheromone scent. 

The heat from his body made him unconsciously pull at his sweater. Even some of the buttons on the shirt inside were undone. 

The familiar bitter almond scent that entered the room with Jiang Chenming made Mo Lingqiu open his eyes.

He struggled for a while moving himself from the sofa with his weakened legs before pouncing into Jiang Chenming’s embrace to ask for kisses. 

Jiang Chenming hugged his burning hot body and kissed his forehead to appease him. Meanwhile, he called someone. 

“Drive the car here. Yes, be quick.” 

After three minutes, a black Land Rover appeared, nearly filling up the narrow back alley. 

Jiang Chenming gathered Mo Lingqiu’s leg and lifted him up. He walked towards the door that had already been opened. Then he flitted into the car through the open door, blocking their already mixed pheromones from leaking outside.  

The driver was a beta. He had no reaction to the strong pheromones that filled the car. He drove expressionlessly. The car sped up as he drove out of the alley and he was on the verge of breaking the speed limit. 

“Master, are we going back to Shi Hao?” The driver asked Jiang Chenming after they reached the main road, keeping his eyes away from the backseat.

“Yuan Qiao Apartment.” 

“Okay.” After responding, the driver fell silent. 

Only Mo Lingqiu’s rapid breathing and Jiang Chenming’s words of comfort could be heard in the huge car. 

“Teacher Mo, sit properly.” Mo Lingqiu’s whole body was hanging off of Jiang Chenming. He couldn’t withstand the touch to a point that his nerves could be seen standing up, but he still tried to control himself and be gentle.

Mo Lingqiu glared at him with red eyes, like he was unsatisfied that this person was being so calm in this kind of situation. Since he urgently needed Jiang Chenming’s pheromones to comfort himself, Mo Lingqiu buried his whole face into his neck, trying his best to smell his bitter almond pheromones.

Jiang Chenming half-hugged him and let him sit on his legs. He gently kissed Mo Lingqiu’s blushing cheeks and ears, trying to comfort him. 

With a clean drift, the driver rushed the car into Yuan Qiao Apartments and stopped the car steadily at Block 3. 

Jiang Chenming bid him goodbye and then pushed open the door, carrying Mo Lingqiu into the corridor. 

The black car quickly disappeared in the night. After Jiang Chenming opened the door and carried him in, Mo Lingqiu hustled to kiss him before he could close the door. 

Jiang Chenming’s heart pounded. He used his right hand to forcefully push the door close and then held Mo Lingqiu’s waist, bringing him into his room. 

“Teacher Mo.” Jiang Chenming took a breath and pulled away from Mo Lingqiu’s tight grip.

The last time, he’d left a bunch of bite marks around Mo Lingqiu’s glands using his pheromones in order to calm down his heat. This time, it was almost the same, but Jiang Chenming really couldn’t control himself. 

He didn’t know whether it was Mo Lingqiu hugging him tighter than before, or whether it was because he’d drank alcohol, but he wasn’t able to control himself. 

Jiang Chenming wanted to try his best to communicate calmly with Mo Lingqiu so that he wouldn’t do something irreparable in his condition of lowered rationality.

However, Mo Lingqiu ignored him and tried to hug him again. For the moment, Jiang Chenming’s bitter almond scent was his salvation, but it wasn’t enough. 

Jiang Chenming sighed and released a bit more of his pheromones. He kissed Mo Lingqiu’s lips as he asked, “Teacher Mo, do you know who I am?” 

Mo Lingqiu was panting and his glasses fogged up. The sliver of his eyes that wasn’t blocked by his glasses was red and moist. “Jiang Chenming, you’re too talkative.” 

Jiang Chenming gave a muffled laugh and kissed him again. 

This wasn’t enough for Mo Lingqiu, so he actively tried to capture his kisses. 

Jiang Chenming had no other way. He hugged him while they exchanged a deep kiss. He could only beg with a hoarse voice by his ears, “Teacher Mo, promise me. Promise that you’ll allow me to chase after you, then I’ll mark you.” 

He thought that if Mo Lingqiu didn’t want to have further interaction with him, then he really shouldn’t mark him. He looked at Mo Linqiu in his embrace, fully dependent on him, and the gland right in front of his eyes. He really didn’t want their relationship to just be something temporary. He hoped he would receive a clear answer so that he wouldn’t have to restrain himself. 

It was the third time Mo Lingqiu had gone into heat after meeting Jiang Chenming. Compared to the times before, the feeling was the same, but there was still something different. Like their improving relationship and the fact that Jiang Chenming had asked that question. 

Mo Lingqiu was a person who could quickly calm down and think rationally. Even if he was still in the middle of an uncontrollable heat, he could still consider Jiang Chenming’s question clearly. 

Jiang Chenming waited for a long while. Just when he was going to give up on the marking and had decided to leave some bite marks around Mo Lingqiu’s gland like before, he heard the person in his embrace reply softly. 



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