Chapter 10

Mo Lingiu had a dream, he was like a fish that had been thrown into hot water and was rolling and struggling. When he was on the verge of losing consciousness, someone pulled him out and placed him into cool water.

Mo Lingiu slowly lifted up his heavy eyelids, the sunlight was blinding, he raised up his arm and placed it on his eyes.

Jiang Chenming who just pushed open the door noticed his movements, he quickly walked towards the bed and asked caringly, “Teacher Mo, you’re awake?”

Mo Lingqiu initially wanted to answer him, but he did not have the ability to do so. He opened his mouth and closed it up again.

Jiang Chenming supported his waist and helped him up, “Your heat just passed, you may feel a little uncomfortable, drink some water.”

The glass that was filled with warm water was handed to his mouth, Mo Lingqiu thanked him with an airy tone and pursed his mouth to drink the water in small gulps.

When he finished drinking the half glass of water, he finally felt that his throat that was as if on fire became better, “What time is it now?”

“7th, 3 in the afternoon.” Jiang Chenming took the glass from him and put it on the table beside the bed.

Mo Lingqiu bit his lips and did not reply. He went into heat last night and it went over in only one day. However, normally without the help of medication, it would last at least seven days, so he felt something was wrong. When he thought of this, he moved his legs but still didn’t feel anything weird.

Jiang Chenming saw Mo Lingqiu was thinking deeply as he was sitting on the bed, he felt like he should say something.

Mo Lingqiu did not notice Jiang Chenming acting weirdly, he was trying to recall what happened last night, but he could only vaguely remember that it was Jiang Chenming who carried him onto the bed. However he did not have any memory of what Jiang Chenming did, is the side-effect of the heat so strong?

“You… helped me yesterday, right?” Mo Lingqiu could not think of anything, so he decided to ask another person involved.

Jiang Chenming heard his question, he coughed lightly, “I… didn’t do much as well.”

When he saw Jiang Chenming, who was usually fluent with his words, stammered this time, he knew something must have happened, “No matter what you did, thank you.”

Jiang Chenming had already prepared to be interrogated coldly by the ‘Demonic Teacher’ Mo Lingqiu, but he didn’t think that he would thank him. The words that he had prepared well were stuck there. Lastly, he swallowed everything he wanted to say and changed them into “I’ll go and make some food for you.”

Mo Lingqiu looked at him leaving, he sat on the bed and did not know what he should do. He could only lean on the headboard and rest for a while more. He also tried to recall what happened last night in the meantime.

When his mind was turning blurry and was going to doze off again, some scenes flowed into his mind, recalling the memories of last night. His face that did not have any expression normally reddened.

His sleepiness vanished completely. Mo Lingqiu hesitated for a while, he then got down from the bed, put on his shoes and dragged his weak footsteps to the mirror.

His pyjamas had buttons that could be done to the top. He faced the mirror and unbuttoned them one by one, he then pulled the collar and faced his back towards the mirror,  the skin around his gland was red.

This could not be done by himself. When he saw the marks personally, his memory became clearer.

“T…Teacher Mo.” When Jiang Chenming brought the porridge that he just made into the room, he saw Mo Lingqiu standing in front of the mirror, expressionless.

Mo Lingqiu did not say anything, he pulled the collars up and buttoned them again. He then walked towards the table.

Jiang Chenming brought the porridge to him, “It’s a bit hot.”

“Thank you.” When Mo Lingqiu saw the hot steaming porridge, he felt hungry, it had been a day and a night since he ate.

“You’re welcome.” Jiang Chenming didn’t dare to breathe loudly, although he believed he didn’t do anything wrong yesterday.

Mo Lingqiu slowly stirred the hot porridge with the spoon, he said gradually, “You didn’t mark me yesterday.”

Jiang Chenming smiled awkwardly, “En, I didn’t get your permission yet, so……”

Jiang Chenming only dared to leave some marks near his gland yesterday, his aim was to use his own pheromones to calm Mo Lingqiu down. Although it was not as effective as marking, it still proved it useful from his condition today.

As an omega, although Mo Lingqiu has been taking the long-term inhibitors and wasn’t that familiar with going into heat, it didn’t mean that he didn’t understand it well. When omega went into heat, the alphas surrounding the omega would be affected and gone into heat as well. If they did not want to be controlled by the heat, they would either need to take in inhibitors or mark omegas.

“You took in the inhibitors?” Mo Lingqiu could only think of that possibility.

“… No.” Jiang Chenming did not have the time to look for his inhibitors when he went into heat as he was affected by Mo Lingqiu, he could only pounce towards his gland.

It was no joke to be affected by the 100% compatibility rate, Jiang Chenming felt that he was going crazy at that moment.

“Does leaving marks surrounding the gland work as well?” Mo Lingqiu could not comprehend it, he raised his hands and touched the nape where his gland was at. It felt ticklish and numb, there was nothing weird about it. But when he found out what happened last night, he felt hot.

Jiang Chenming nodded his head, “It may be something to do with my attribute.”

Jiang Chenming is a high-grade alpha, his pheromone is innately more superior than normal alphas. This also means his pheromone is able to comfort omegas better.

Although the muscles surrounding the gland are not as sensitive as the gland that it could accept alpha’s pheromones, and it could not be marked temporarily for three months after being bitten, when an alpha injects into it, it can still comfort the omega. The effect will change depending on the compatibility rate of the alpha and omega, so for Jiang Chenming and Mo Lingqiu, it worked quite well.

“En.” Mo Lingqiu understood and nodded his head, he then slowly finished the porridge in front of him.

Jiang Chenming saw that he was finishing, he asked, “Do you still want more? I cooked a lot.”

“En.” Mo Lingqiu felt hungry and tired, the chain reaction of the heat was really obvious.

Jiang Chenming quickly went out to get another bowl for him, when he turned his body, Mo Lingqiu had already come out of the room. He opened the fridge and took out the pickled carrots.

“Sit.” Mo Lingqiu placed the pickled carrots on the table and pointed to the empty seat opposite him.

“I’m so sorry for yesterday, I think I bit a little too hard.” Mo Lingqiu lowered his head, his ears turning red.

Jiang Chenming who scooped a spoon of porridge had his hand frozen in the air, after a while, he smiled, “It’s okay, it will be better soon.”

Mo Lingqiu secretly glanced at Jiang Chenming’s shoulder which was shown outside of his sleeveless shirt, he quickly took back his sight. That mark was bitten by him, even a scab had formed on it.


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