Chapter 44

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Yue Zhan subconsciously took the little prince into his arms. He didn’t say anything, but he couldn’t help tightening his arms.

Yi Nuo rubbed against his chest and whispered, “I will definitely not leave you and go to the Sea Country alone. If there is a day when I really need to go, we must go together.”

Yue Zhan raised his hand and gently pressed it on Yi Nuo’s head. Yue Zhan’s eyes were gentle and tender, like ice and snow melting into spring water.

“Good.” His voice was hoarse and quiet, but his tone was firm, “If His Highness wants to go, one day, I will take His Highness there.”

“Hmm.” Yi Nuo nestled in his arms with peace of mind, completely believing that he had this strength.

However, neither of them realized that flags cannot be set up casually.

The next day, Xie Qingran called to inquire about the specific situation of the case at the Desolate Star Base.

This case will be tried in the interstellar court soon. After Xie Qingran became a member of the Senate, he happened to be responsible for sorting out materials in this regard.

The two made an appointment to meet at a guild hall. Yue Zhan had a meeting at the military headquarters, so he couldn’t accompany him. To be cautious, he asked a few guards to accompany Yi Nuo for protection.

Yi Nuo himself had guards. Seeing that he had to bring so many people with him, he frowned subconsciously.

Yue Zhan coaxed him, saying, “Zhang Yu hasn’t been caught yet. It’s safer to bring more people.”

Considering that he was still pregnant with the little fish treasure, Yi Nuo nodded in agreement.

After meeting in the guild hall, Yi Nuo handed the prepared materials to Xie Qingran, frowned, and said, “I have already given most of these materials to the parliament, haven’t you got them?”

Xie Qingran opened them and looked at them, then shook his head and said, “I only got half of it. They said the other half was accidentally lost.”

“Can this be lost too?” Yi Nuo frowned and reminded him, “I’m afraid someone is working with the forces behind the Desolate Star Base.”

Xie Qingran nodded and said, “I think so too. Fortunately, His Highness has a backup.”

Yi Nuo waved his hand and said, “It’s nothing. The evidence was obtained by people from the Third Army. The original version is with the Third Army. You can get as many copies as you want. By the way, I will also give you Huo Xite’s contact information. He is a witness and will testify in court at that time, he must know more secrets.”

Xie Qingran’s eyes lit up, and he hurriedly said, “Thank you, Your Highness.”

“It’s nothing. If you can dig out the forces behind them, you are actually helping me.” Yi Nuo pointed out.

After saying this, he directly contacted Huo Xite and introduced Xie Qingran to him.

The three had the same goal and soon began to talk.

When Huo Xite was escorted to the Desolate Star Base, he was blindfolded. He could count the crimes committed in the Desolate Star Base, but he still had no clue about the forces behind it.

However, according to his memory, some of the supplies transported to the Desolate Star base had the “ECO” logo printed on them. If the logo was visible, the base would destroy it immediately.

“ECO? Economic organization?” Xie Qingran asked subconsciously.

Huo Xite shook his head, saying he didn’t understand.

Yi Nuo felt that he had seen it somewhere, and suddenly said, “Wait a minute, I’ll call grandpa to ask about it.”

After speaking, he got up and went to a separate compartment.

The old duke received the call, and after listening to him, he suddenly fell silent and didn’t speak for a long time.

Yi Nuo felt a little strange, and subconsciously asked, “What’s wrong, grandpa?”

The old duke’s voice was a bit heavy, and he asked, “Why did His Highness suddenly ask this? Did you remember something?”

Yi Nuo looked a little confused, did he forget anything?

“It’s not that I don’t want to tell His Highness, but…it’s related to a memory lost by His Highness. I’m afraid to say it. In case His Highness remembers that incident… and is frightened again.” The old duke hesitated, “At that time you were still young, less than ten years old, and your mental state wasn’t very good after being frightened. We had to ask a psychiatrist to intervene to make you forget, and gradually get better.”

What’s going on?

Yi Nuo became even more curious, and said, “That’s even more reason for you to tell me. I was young at the time, but now that I’ve grown up, my ability to bear things must have become stronger.”

The old duke still shook his head when he heard this, and said, “No, I can’t tell you unless Yue Zhan is next to you.”

Yi Nuo was helpless. Yue Zhan was in a meeting, how could he bother him?

He had no choice but to tell the old duke his real purpose, and said, “I won’t be safe if I don’t destroy the forces behind the Desolate Star Base.”

Of course, he didn’t say that he was a mermaid, only that he had offended those forces, and the other side would definitely not let him go.

The old duke had also seen the cruel photos of the Desolate Star base circulating on the Internet. He couldn’t help sighing, and said, “In that case, call them over and let’s talk about it together.”

It was impossible to call them over. Huo Xite was also on a holographic call, and he was actually not present.

Yi Nuo went out with the terminal, and said to Xie Qingran and Huo Xite, “My grandfather knows.”

Xie Qingran and Huo Xite looked over, and when they saw the holographic figure of the old duke, they got up together and called out: “Hello, old duke.”

The old duke waved his hand, motioned them to sit down, and said, “It’s normal for you to not know what ECO means, you are all too young, and your families were not involved in this aspect…”

The two listened patiently and soon realized that the old duke was very tactful.

Just as Xie Qingran guessed, ECO was indeed an economic organization in name, but in reality, it was not.

This was an organization that had existed for nearly a thousand years. At first, it was a club organized by several wealthy nobles and lords from different countries and organizations. The only thing they had in common was that they were all extremely rich and powerful, and some of them were even richer than some countries.

“Their initial idea was to dilute the boundaries between countries, make trade freer, and earn money from all over the world. When the club was founded, it grew rapidly, and at one point even threatened the rule of some countries, so it was quickly listed as an illegal organization by these countries.”

“After being besieged and suppressed several times, they gradually kept a low profile but occasionally recruited some powerful members. The Delan family was also recruited in its heyday.”

The three were shocked when they heard the words. This meant that the old duke was also a member of this organization.

The old duke nodded, affirming their guess, and said: “In fact, from the empire to the federation to various star thief organizations, and even some small countries, many are members of it. Some newly rising upstarts will not know about this organization, but all those nobles and lords with four or five hundred years of background have basically joined.”

“However, this is only the periphery. If you want to enter the core, you need to be more powerful. I only came into contact with some core information when the Delan family was at its peak. It was only then that I knew the real purpose of the organization’s existence.”

Speaking of this, the old duke couldn’t help shaking his head, his expression a bit unbearable.

“When the organization was first established, it was not to promote trade but to… raise funds to study mermaids. Those notorious cases of killing mermaids six or seven hundred years ago were committed by them. Therefore, the Sea Country launched a war with the outside world and then disappeared inexplicably. The mermaids also disappeared.”

“However, although mermaids no longer exist, the enthusiasm of the organization for researching mermaids has never subsided. They believe that mermaids can live forever and are extremely powerful. I thought they were abnormal in my early years, so I tried to get out. But I didn’t expect that they would become more and more insane in the past few years, and even carried out that kind of experiment directly in the Deserted Star base…”

After listening to the old duke’s explanation, everyone’s hearts were heavy.

Knowing that Yi Nuo and they wanted to investigate, the old duke didn’t hesitate and gave them all the information he knew and some evidence he collected in the early years.

“It’s a pity that my status in the organization was not high enough at that time, and I didn’t get to know who the senior leaders were. The Keman family also belonged to the organization, but it was destroyed by me and Scott.” The old duke said again.

Yi Nuo had an impression of this name, as it belonged to the nobleman his father wanted to marry at the beginning.

After listening to the situation, Xie Qingran and Huo Xite quickly said goodbye and hung up the call.

After they were all gone, Yi Nuo asked the old duke again, “What is the relationship between this organization and my memory loss?”

The old duke got enraged when he mentioned this, and said angrily, “It’s the same group of lunatics. I don’t know where they heard the rumors and insisted that Queen Delan knew the mermaid princess and wanted to arrest her for questioning, but they also implicated His Highness, so His Highness was also kidnapped. Speaking of which, Yue Zhan saved His Highness that time.”

Yi Nuo looked surprised; he had no impression of the matter.

“At that time, the kidnapper’s ship was about to explode, and it was Yue Zhan who flew his mecha in time to rush in and carry His Highness out. Within a few seconds, the ship exploded. Yue Zhan was flying the mecha and also had to protect you. I heard that he was seriously injured, and his mental strength was severely damaged…”

Yi Nuo was startled. He seemed…to have dreamed of such a picture.

Was it because of this incident that Yue Zhan couldn’t fly mechas? Didn’t he suffer such a serious blow just when he graduated from military school and was in high spirits? But he also became an excellent commander after that…

Yi Nuo sniffed and suddenly felt a lump in his throat.

The old duke noticed his abnormality and asked in surprise, “What’s the matter?”

Yi Nuo shook his head and said, “He never told me about it.”

After a pause, he added, “Could it be that I made him unable to fly mechas?”

The old duke was dumbfounded, and after hesitating for a moment, he said, “It shouldn’t be. Yue Zhan had been flying mechas on the front line for a long time, probably for two or three years, and then he was transferred to command.”

But Yi Nuo thought in his heart that the old injury must have not been healed and because he flew the mecha on the front line intensively, his situation became worse and worse until he was finally transferred to the command group.

Yi Nuo’s heart was sour and astringent. After hanging up the call with the old Duke, he couldn’t help wanting to call Yue Zhan, but he was afraid of disturbing the other party’s meeting.

After struggling for a while, he simply got up and planned to go directly to the headquarters of the Space Force and wait.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he left the hall, Yue Zhan called him.

The corners of Yi Nuo’s lips could not help but curl up, and his tone could conceal his joy, “Did you finish the meeting?”

“Yeah.” Yue Zhan nodded, and his voice was very soft, “Are you in a good mood?”

“Guess.” Yi Nuo couldn’t help but want to be greasy1Say something intimate, do some intimate things between lovers. with him.

He suddenly felt that being greasy wasn’t embarrassing at all, but rather sweet.

Yue Zhan chuckled, and asked directly, “What interesting thing happened?”

“I just got to know something that happened a long time ago.” Yi Nuo said, and after thinking for a while, he asked a little nervously: “Did you… after you saved me in that kidnapping case, you can’t fly mechas anymore?”

“How could it be?” Yue Zhan was surprised when he heard this. Afraid of his psychological burden, he hurriedly explained, “It’s not because of that. After that case, I flew mechas on the front line for three years…”

“But it is normal to fly mechas for five years.” Yi Nuo said, “Is it because the injury you got at that time wasn’t healed?”

As soon as Yue Zhan was about to say “No”, he heard the little prince say in a serious tone: “Don’t lie to me.”

Yue Zhan was silent for a moment, and then he admitted softly, “Yes.”

Afraid that the little prince would be burdened in his heart, he quickly explained, “But don’t think too much about it. It’s because I didn’t take care of myself, and after the incident, I insisted on high-intensity flying, which made it worse and worse. In fact, it wasn’t that serious at first…”

But in Yi Nuo’s ears, this was just coaxing him. He felt a little bitter in his heart, and he whispered, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Yue Zhan keenly caught a trace of choking in his voice. He was silent, and suddenly said softly, “Actually, I have found a cure now.”

“What cure?” Yi Nuo asked expectantly with his eyes wide open.

Yue Zhan coughed lightly, and with a hoarse voice, he coaxed, “As long as His Highness… cough, hum more.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

He was stunned for a moment. He didn’t understand what Yue Zhan was talking about. But when he understood, his face immediately flushed red, and he said angrily, “I’m talking to you about something important, please be serious!”

Yue Zhan suppressed a smile and pretended to be innocent, “I’m serious. Your Highness, have you forgotten? Your voice can relieve the headache caused by mental injury…”

“But what does that have to do with calling… on the bed?” Yi Nuo stammered with anger.

He kindly cared about Yue Zhan, but the other party actually had indecent thoughts about him.

In fact, Yue Zhan just wanted to pull him out of his guilt. After the goal was achieved and to prevent him from continuing to be angry, he quickly pretended to have a headache.

Upon hearing this, Yi Nuo quickly forgot to be angry, and asked nervously, “Is the pain severe? Is there a treatment cabin in your office? Oh, yes, the next building is the hospital…”

“Your Highness,” Yue Zhan interrupted him suddenly, and said quietly, “You are my medicine.”

With you by my side, what doctor do I need to see?

Yi Nuo: “…”

Yi Nuo blushed again and glanced at the guards behind him for fear that they might hear him. At last, he said in a low voice, “Then I’ll… hum a song for you?”

“Yeah.” Yue Zhan nodded; his eyes tinged with a triumphant smile.

Yi Nuo soon began humming, it was a military song familiar to everyone in the empire.

Yue Zhan’s heart gradually calmed down. He listened to the gentle humming on the other end of the phone, and suddenly… he wanted to see the little prince.

Yue Zhan simply got up, packed his things, and prepared to leave work.

He was going to pick up the little prince and give him a surprise.

But just as he walked to the levitation car, a strange noise came from the other end of the phone, followed by a guard shouting, “Quick, protect His Highness.”

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    Say something intimate, do some intimate things between lovers.


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