Chapter 4 – Yue zhan: want me

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Of course, Yi Nuo wouldn’t eat canned herring. Just kidding, canned herrings were comparable to biological and chemical weapons. Once opened, wouldn’t all the people in the warship faint because of the stink?

Even if he didn’t mind it, he still had to be considerate towards the others. He didn’t have to follow Yue Zhan’s ignorance.

He directly gave the canned food to the service soldier and asked, “Does anyone on your ship like to eat this kind of food?”

Did Yue Zhan like it? It really wouldn’t turn into something like ‘eat alone and make the whole ship faint,’ right?

“No, no.” The service soldier quickly shook his head and said, “This was something forced by the higher ups. In fact, we didn’t want to buy it either.”

“Oh.” Yi Nuo nodded and understood something in an instant.

It seemed that Yue Zhan’s life wasn’t easy. The war was already so difficult, and his neck was still choked by logistics.

However, it was no wonder that something like that happened. In the Empire, military and weapons supplies, such as mechas, were monopolized by a few large suppliers. Most of these suppliers were planet lords or nobles of the Imperial Capital. In most cases, the emperor had no power over them.

Yi Nuo’s grandfather, the Duke of Delan, was also one of the suppliers. But after the death of Yi Nuo’s mother, Queen Delan, the Delan family gradually declined and lost its status.

After understanding the situation on the front line, Yi Nuo also understood why the service soldier was embarrassed.

“Well…is it fine to ask for a small amount of water?” He quickly changed his words and thought about soaking the tip of his tail at least.

“Can the food also be canned fish that isn’t herring?”

“Of course.” The service soldier didn’t find the request difficult this time. He enthusiastically told him that there was no water shortage on the warship, but also that there wasn’t any fresh fish.

Yue Zhan glanced at them from a distance, turned to the adjutant next to him, and ordered, “Arrange a lounge with a bathtub for His Royal Highness.”

The adjutant was immediately embarrassed and reminded in a low voice, “Sir, only your room has a bathtub.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

The delicate and distinguished guests were hard to entertain. Yue Zhan didn’t really know why they came to the front line.

Two minutes later, with a cold face, he moved his few belongings next door and said to the adjutant, “Let His Highness rest in my room.”

Therefore, after Yi Nuo entered the lounge, he found that the conditions on the warship weren’t as bad as he thought. At least this room had a bathtub and a 24-hour water supply.

Yi Nuo didn’t think much about it as he was in dire need of water. He immediately filled the bathtub with water and comfortably soaked in it.

Of course, before soaking in it, he checked the bathroom to confirm that there wasn’t any monitoring equipment. It wasn’t that he doubted anyone, but it was a cautious habit he had formed after becoming a mermaid. He would even check his own bathroom every time before taking a bath.

The bathtub in the room wasn’t big. After Yi Nuo buried his body in the water, his well-proportioned and slender legs soon turned into a blue fishtail.

Yi Nuo’s fishtail was very beautiful. It was blue like the sea, but the tip of the tail gradually changed into nebula purple. The scales were shiny, and the thin scales on the sides of Yi Nuo’s belly were also sparkling, like a piece of white jade.

In addition to his legs, Yi Nuo’s appearance also transformed. The short blond hair turned into a blue-ish purple, so did his eyes. His ears had transformed even more, turning into two translucent blue ear fins, like the wings of a butterfly.

There were also transparent webs between his fingers, sharp nails, and pointed teeth…

Yi Nuo had long been used to this. Looking at his blue fishtail, he even had impulsive thoughts like ‘this must be delicious, I want to cut my own leg.’

Damn! He must have been too hungry and suffered fish addiction for too long… that must be why he came up with such animalistic thoughts.

Fortunately, when the service soldier came to deliver the canned fish, the knock on the door woke him up in time.


After eating the canned fish, Yi Nuo went back into the bathtub.

He felt that he was alive again and could finally calm down and think about what was going on with the small dark cloud above his head.

Yue Zhan seemed to be able to see the small cloud, but before that, only he could see it. Moreover, why did it attack Yue Zhan?

Was it because he was hostile to Yue Zhan at that time? Or did he subconsciously release the attack?

There was no need to question such things when the best way to find out answers was to try it for himself.

Yi Nuo turned to the towel on the shelf next to him and gave it a fierce look!

However, the little dark cloud didn’t attack the towel.

Yi Nuo: …It seems that I wasn’t fierce enough.

He rubbed his face, rebrewed his emotions, and then looked at the towel again. This time, he was super fierce!

…Still no response.

Yi Nuo was disappointed and thought to himself: ‘I want to electrocute the towel.’

In the next second, the small dark cloud let out a lightning bolt, which not only broke through the towel but also electrified the plant next to it.

Yi Nuo: “…”

So he just had to think about it directly?

With a guilty conscience, he pulled the tower over, covering the ‘corpse’ of the plant. After thinking about it, he placed 1,000 star coins next to its ‘corpse.’

It wasn’t easy to grow a plant in space, so Yi Nuo didn’t know if 1,000 star coins was enough compensation. Later, when he leaves, he will have to ask the service soldier.

After the small accident, he didn’t dare try it again, so he went back to the bathtub and began to think about business.

Thinking of this premeditated attack, he first sent a message to his cousin, Alan Delan. He wanted him to pay attention to what his eldest brother and third brother were doing recently.

Then, thinking of the real purpose of coming to the front line, he sent another message to Alan. This time he asked him to help him find out which companies provided military supplies and weapons to the front line.

The words of the service soldier just now reminded him that if the war really ended in the disastrous defeat of the Empire, the reason was likely to be—

A command error? Traitors on the inside? Or was there a problem with the weapons?

Although Yi Nuo came to the front line to verify the book’s plot, he was also a man of the empire. Since he knew that the Empire might lose miserably, it was impossible for him to sit still and do nothing, regardless if this ‘defeat’ was only written in an absurd book.

His cousin still hadn’t replied. Yi Nuo guessed that he hadn’t seen his messages yet.

Yi Nuo wasn’t in a hurry though. He took out the strange book from his space bracelet, intending to read it one more time to search for useful clues.

Because it wasn’t the first time he read it, he felt he was now strong enough.

After taking a deep breath and opening the cover—

《I slept with the marshal》

Damn! A sex scene!

It seemed that no matter how many times he read it, he couldn’t bear to look directly at the bloody plot. The worst part was that the book was written in the first person, which doubled the shame.

But to search for valuable information, Yi Nuo decided to read it carefully, not even letting go of any ‘Ah-hah’ scenes.

He took a deep breath and ruthlessly began to read again.

At the same time, Yue Zhan, who was holding a holographic video conference next door, suddenly heard an emotionless ‘inner monologue’.

[I kissed him gently on the cheek…]

Yue Zhan: ?

[Yue Zhan suddenly grabbed my wrist…]

Yue Zhan: ??

[He pushed me down…]

Yue Zhan: ???

He seemed to hear the ‘voice’ of the little prince, Yue Zhan thought blankly.

What was going on?

The soundproofing of the warship rooms wasn’t bad, but the little prince’s voice seemed as close as if he was standing in front of him.

Besides, what messy things was he talking about?

Yue Zhan took a deep breath and soon found that this shouldn’t be the little prince talking, at least…

He looked up at the other attendants of the holographic conference. At least they didn’t seem to hear anything.

Was it the little prince’s inner voice? The little prince seemed to have ‘talked’ without moving his mouth before…

Forget it. It was more important to get down to business. Yue Zhan decided to ignore this shameful ‘magic voice’ that made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

But two minutes later—

[Yue Zhan laughed in a low voice next to my ear and said…]

Yue Zhan squeezed the pen in his hand tightly.

Five minutes later—

[Mm-hmm, ah, ah…]

Blue veins jumped across Yue Zhan’s forehead.

Twenty minutes later—

[Yue Zhan once again…]

Yue Zhan suddenly got up, walked to the next door with a black face, and rang the doorbell.

Yi Nuo was surprised and closed the book with a ‘pa.’ Yi Nuo’s fishtail instantly changed back to a pair of legs, and his appearance returned to normal.

When Yi Nuo connected to the front door’s camera, he found that Yue Zhan was the one who rang the bell and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

Just now, he was still reading sex scenes of himself and this other person. In the blink of an eye, the other protagonist came to his door. Yi Nuo had a guilty conscience, although… he felt that Yue Zhan couldn’t know what he was reading.

“What’s the matter?” Yi Nuo made a serious face, trying to look solemn.

However, what Yi Nuo didn’t know was that in Yue Zhan’s heart, his image had been thoroughly ruined long ago.

“Open the door.” Yue Zhan said, expressionless.

As if he was aware of his harsh tone, he quickly repeated, “Your Highness, please open the door.”

Yi Nuo nodded and said, “Please wait a moment,” then turned off the video, put the book back into the space bracelet, and took out a suit of clothes at the same time.

He didn’t open the door until he was well-dressed and his hair was carefully groomed.

Yue Zhan could tell at a glance that he had just taken a bath. Although he was well-dressed and the buttons were tightly buttoned, the wet hair instantly reminded Yue Zhan of the content he had just heard.

The descriptions of the book were very pleasing and imaginative. They would make people involuntarily make up the picture.

“Your Highness.” Yue Zhan said solemnly, “Please don’t think about it.”

Especially, don’t YY1To fantasize, to have sexual fantasies him and don’t be so… explicit.

Yi Nuo was a little puzzled. Don’t think about what? He had been doing something important just now. Was… Yue Zhan comforting him because he was worried he would be frightened by the recent attack?

This was to look down on him. He wasn’t so timid. However, Yue Zhan was being kind.

So, Yi Nuo politely replied, “Thank you for your concern.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

They weren’t on the same wavelength, but he couldn’t be so straightforward, or he would hurt the self-esteem of his Royal Highness.

Fortunately, after he rang the doorbell, the little highness stopped having dirty thoughts.

“Well, I’ll leave first.” Yue Zhan took a deep look at Yi Nuo, hoping that the little highness could maintain… a pure mind.

Yi Nuo was bewildered. After closing the door, he still couldn’t understand Yue Zhan’s escaping behavior.

Since he couldn’t understand, then don’t understand. He didn’t care much and took out the book from the space bracelet to continue reading.

[This time, Yue Zhan will…]

Ten minutes later, the doorbell rang again.

Yi Nuo was a little annoyed after being interrupted twice in a row. Did Yue Zhan know how much courage he had to gather every time he opened the book?

With a gloomy little dark cloud above his head, Yi Nuo opened the door angrily.

Unexpectedly, the person outside the door didn’t look any better.

Yue Zhan rubbed his forehead as if he had a headache.

He didn’t say anything this time. When he saw the door open, he directly pressed Yi Nuo’s shoulder and pushed him inside the room.

When Yi Nuo was pushed back, he couldn’t help looking up at Yue Zhan with an indescribable look in his eyes.

Yi Nuo was only slightly angry until he was pushed back against the wall. He was now about to explode in anger, but before he could, Yue Zhan took a step back and said, “Okay, think about it now.”

Yi Nuo: ?

“Think about what?” Yi Nuo looked puzzled.

Yue Zhan was silent for a moment and said, “How you want me2He means it in a sexual way (because of Yi Nuo’s messy thoughts).”

Yi Nuo was stunned. Such a shameless person actually existed in this world!

Yue Zhan didn’t hear the little prince’s inner voice. He recalled the ‘monologue’ he had heard before and added in a stuffy voice, “Think about… dirty things.”

Yi Nuo: ?!

He was stunned. He couldn’t help it, and curtains of bullets3Click here for an example kept drifting by in his heart—

[Shameless! Vulgar! Shameless!]

[He really has been coveting me for a long time, just like in the book…]

Yue Zhan: “…”

This time he was sure, it was really the little prince’s inner voice.

After retreating back ten meters—

Yue Zhan confirmed again. If the distance was more than ten meters, he wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“Thank you.” Yue Zhan made a polite gesture and helped him close the door.

The barrage of bullets stopped abruptly.

Yi Nuo: “…”

He was unable to make head nor tail of it. Was Yue Zhan sick?

  • 1
    To fantasize, to have sexual fantasies
  • 2
    He means it in a sexual way (because of Yi Nuo’s messy thoughts)
  • 3
    Click here for an example


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