Chapter 3 – He May Have Auditory Hallucinations

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Chapter 1 - The little prince was smashed by a book Chapter 2 - Little Prince: It’s Yue Zhan Chapter 3 - He May Have Auditory Hallucinations Chapter 4 - Yue zhan: want me Chapter 5 - The little prince is… very cute Chapter 6 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 7 - Very skilled technician! Chapter 8 - Of course you have to win! Chapter 9 - Damn Yue Zhan, he actually rebelled! Chapter 10 - Give birth to a nest of fish cubs? Chapter 11 - Little Price: Damn, I was actually moved Chapter 12 - Commander Yue and the little prince are a good match? Chapter 13 - The little prince can't do it Chapter 14 - Yue Zhan: It's uneven Chapter 15 - Yue Zhan: I like to stand. Chapter 16 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 17 - Help the little prince catch fish~ Chapter 18 - Yue Zhan is a good man! Chapter 19 - I’m worthy of being the son of the plane! Chapter 20 - Yue Zhan: Then I can only ask His Highness to marry me Chapter 21 - The little prince doesn't even distinguish between men and women? Chapter 22 - Yue Zhan: Is the little prince a mermaid? Chapter 23.1 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 23.2 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 24 - Can he succeed in chasing his wife in the crematorium? Chapter 25.1 - Yue Zhan: Your Highness, are you feeling hot? Chapter 25.2 Chapter 26.1 - Little Prince: What? Can I still get pregnant? Chapter 26.2 Chapter 27.1 - Yue Zhan: Give him a little crab Chapter 27.2 Chapter 28.1 Chapter 28.2 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 30.2 Chapter 31.1 Chapter 31.2 Chapter 32.1 Chapter 32.2 Chapter 33.1

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Although Yue Zhan said that reinforcements would arrive soon, it would take time regardless of how fast they were.

After Yi Nuo’s group fought and ran for more than two hours, they still couldn’t hold on. There were numerous enemy ships, and their firepower was extremely fierce. The delegation was forced to land on an abandoned mining star and start a mecha battle with the enemy forces.

Yi Nuo had been weak since he was a child and couldn’t drive mechas. When the two sides were fighting in space, he could still sit on the warship. But when they fought on the ground, he could only be embarrassed.

However, no matter how weak he was, he didn’t want to drag the team down. Although he couldn’t use mechas, he could still control small, low-altitude battleships.

The only problem was that such battleships weren’t equipped with any high-level ammunition nor enter outer space. It was more like a fighter jet from the past. It couldn’t match mechas, so there was almost no chance of winning.

Yi Nuo drove the small battleship through the gunfire, trying his best to hide.

The battle lasted for nearly an hour, but the reinforcements had yet to arrive.

Yi Nuo felt that he was dying. He suddenly remembered that he hadn’t soaked in water for three days and hadn’t eaten fish for two days.

Mermaids would die if they were unable to soak in the water for a long time. If they didn’t eat fish, it was difficult to control their fish addiction. They could lose their sense of reasoning because of hunger and end up chewing on their own fishtails.

After Yi Nuo became a mermaid, he also developed these bad habits.

The gunfire made the mining star’s surface rise to high temperatures, and the protective cover of his small warship was broken by stray bullets. Yi Nuo’s small battleship was swept by the heatwave, which made his skin dry and painful.

Yi Nuo thought that if he didn’t soak in water soon, he might turn into a grilled fish. Why hasn’t Yue Zhan arrived yet? He wasn’t fooling them, was he?

Just as they were running out of ammunition and fuel, the imperial army’s fleet finally appeared above the mining star. At this moment, Yi Nuo seemed to see Yue Zhan glow.

As many people said, Yue Zhan fought and won fast, and he liked to catch the enemy by surprise the most. Although this was a rescue, the result was no exception and the enemy ship was soon annihilated.

Yi Nuo finally breathed a sigh of relief and leaned weakly against the driver’s seat of the small battleship.

Through the crack of the protective cover, he saw the tall and straight young general step down from the warship. He first asked Luo Yanjie about the situation, patrolled the battlefield, quickly determined the target, and walked towards the small warship.

The sunset in the sky was like blood. Yue Zhan walked through the flames of war and gunpowder… The scene was so familiar that it reminded Yi Nuo of his dream not long ago.

Yue Zhan walked quickly and arrived in front of the small battleship in two minutes.

He knocked on the warship and didn’t speak.

Yi Nuo opened the broken protective cover, tilted his head, and looked at him with a strange look in his eyes.

But in Yue Zhan’s eyes, the young man leaned on the seat weakly, his hair was slightly disheveled, and his whole figure resembled an eggplant beaten by frost, wilting.

Yue Zhan was a little surprised. He remembered that not long ago, the little highness had calmly and boldly dealt with Mr. Huo.

Back then, the little prince was dazzling, like a beautiful, expensive and fierce cat. But at this time, the little guy was more like a kitten who had been bullied.

It seemed that the rumors were true. The little highness wasn’t in good health and couldn’t stand the toss and turn of the battlefield. But despite Yi Nuo’s poor health, he was able to persist long enough on the battlefield for reinforcements to arrive. In terms of willpower, he was very powerful. 

Yue Zhan quietly averted his gaze and reminded him, “Your Highness, we must hurry back to the front line as soon as possible.”

Yi Nuo understood what he meant, but when he got off the battleship, he staggered due to his loss of strength.

Yue Zhan reached out in time. He wanted to support him, but the little prince unexpectedly fell into his arms.

He subconsciously pressed the little prince’s waist. He wanted to support the other party to stand firm, but the first thought he had was that the waist of the little prince was so thin and soft.

Was this the waist that a boy should have?

Yue Zhan’s brain was blank for a moment, and his hand seemed to have been shocked by electricity. But he returned to normal the next second and even had a military occupational disease1Recognizing the terrain, exploring.. He pinched the prince’s waist and carefully analyzed in his heart: no wonder he was so weak. He should join the army and run at least ten laps on the training field every day.

Yi Nuo was obviously stiff. He didn’t expect that he would fall into Yue Zhan’s arms, nor did he expect that Yue Zhan would ‘take the opportunity’ to pinch… pinch his waist.

It was true that people couldn’t be judged by appearance!

Yi Nuo was stunned and suddenly remembered that the ‘Yue Zhan’ in the book was grim and not a good person. That guy had been interested in ‘him’ for a long time but didn’t say anything and just waited for ‘him’ to take the bait.

Even when ‘he’ pretended to seduce him, the other party pretended not to be moved and watched ‘him’ perform quietly. Later, the bad guy was finally willing to eat the meat that had been delivered to his mouth.

Yi Nuo pushed him away quickly and thought incredulously—

[Did the plot begin, and Yue Zhan thought I was seducing him?]

Yue Zhan: “?”  

He looked at Yi Nuo strangely. If it wasn’t an illusion, he was sure that he heard the little prince speak just now, but he didn’t seem to see the little prince’s mouth move.

Was it ventriloquism? What did ‘seduce’ mean?

And with this look, he suddenly discovered something he hadn’t noticed just now. There was a small dark cloud floating above the little prince’s head.

What was going on?

“You…” Yue Zhan subconsciously raised his hand, not knowing whether he wanted to touch the dark cloud or point at it to tell Yi Nuo about it.

Unexpectedly, Yi Nuo reacted violently. He stepped back abruptly as if he had been frightened, stared at him warily, and asked, “What are you doing?”

Perhaps because of Yi Nuo’s hostility, the small dark cloud above his head suddenly rolled up, and then, a thin bolt of lightning came out of it and struck Yue Zhan.

A sense of numbness instantly spread from Yue Zhan’s fingertips to his scalp. The current wasn’t strong enough to hurt people, but it was definitely uncomfortable.

When Yue Zhan reacted, he found that he had been electrocuted.

Yue Zhan: “…”

Yi Nuo: “…”


Five minutes later, Yue Zhan walked onto the warship with a darkened expression. Yi Nuo followed behind with a guilty conscience, like a little daughter-in-law who had done something wrong. He didn’t mean it. He really didn’t know what was going on with the small dark cloud.

On the warship, someone soon noticed that Commander Yue’s hair seemed to be a bit curly after returning from outside.

But seeing that his face wasn’t good, no one dared to talk about it, and all pretended not to see it.

The servicemen on the warship quickly stepped forward and warmly received Yi Nuo.

He probably wanted to show himself in front of the little prince, patted his chest, and said, “Your Highness, if you need anything, please tell me, and I’ll arrange it for you.”

Yi Nuo really needed something. Just now, he was interrupted by Yue Zhan and almost forgot that he was about to become a dried fish starved to death.

So he wasn’t polite and said to the service soldier, “Please prepare some water for me, enough to soak in the bathtub. Also, prepare some meals with fish. It would be even better if it’s fish soup made from fresh panfish.”

When he became a mermaid, he collected information. Mermaids loved to eat this kind of fish. After eating a meal, he could guarantee that he wouldn’t suffer from fish addiction for three days.

The service soldier was dumbfounded after hearing this. He didn’t expect that the little highness didn’t understand the living conditions of the front line and put forward those requirements… he really couldn’t handle it for the moment.

Just as he scratched his head in embarrassment and didn’t know how to explain to Yi Nuo tactfully, Yue Zhan suddenly walked towards them.

With a guilty conscience, Yi Nuo subconsciously stepped backwards. 

But as he retreated, Yue Zhan continued to move forward. It wasn’t until his back was against the wall that Yue Zhan stopped his footsteps.

Yi Nuo didn’t know what he wanted, but his heart raced faster because of his guilt.

He wanted to bluff and strike first to frighten the other party, but he didn’t expect Yue Zhan to press a can into his chest.

As Yi Nuo was a little confused, he saw the other party bend over and say, “The front line conditions are difficult; Your Highness, please pardon me.”

With that, he left the can, then turned around to leave.

Yi Nuo looked down—

Damn! It’s canned herring!

Well, canned herring was indeed fish.

  • 1
    Recognizing the terrain, exploring.

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