Chapter 26.1 – Little Prince: What? Can I still get pregnant?

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
36 Chapters


Yi Nuo was certainly feeling hot. Even if he dived into the water, his face couldn’t stop reddening, and the small fish in the fish tank didn’t dare approach him.

It must still be the problem with that glass of wine!

Yi Nuo was spitting bubbles underwater, thinking hard—

[Damn, what kind of medicine is that? It has been a day and a half. How come there are still residues?]

No, I don’t think it’s a residue. Otherwise, how could it become stronger after every time I do it with Yue Zhan?

Yi Nuo stayed in the water for a while, but he was soon unable to hold back. Although the water was cold, he was feeling so hot that he lacked oxygen. It wasn’t enough to just spit bubbles, and he had to go to the surface to breathe.

But as soon as he came out of the water, the sweet fragrance in the air instantly became stronger. Both Yi Nuo and Yue Zhan breathed unsteadily and looked at each other silently across the fish tank.

A moment later, Yi Nuo’s willpower was the first to collapse, and he thought—

[Forget it, this isn’t the first time anyway.]

Yi Nuo hesitantly stretched out his hand, and a touch of tenderness flashed across Yue Zhan’s eyes as he raised his arms to easily take Yi Nuo out of the fish tank.

Yi Nuo soon turned back into a human, closed his eyes, buried his face in his neck, and said vaguely, “If I say stop, you have to stop.”

“Okay.” Yue Zhan agreed softly.

At first, he kept his promise, but later, when Yi Nuo couldn’t stand it and wanted to escape, he pinched his waist and dragged him back.

So pearls spread all over the bed again.

When Yi Nuo woke up, he found himself back in the fish tank.

He opened his personal terminal and looked at the time. It was the afternoon of the third day.

Yue Zhan wasn’t there again, making Yi Nuo feel a little wronged for no reason. He felt that the other party was ruthless.

But he soon felt that he shouldn’t think so. He was behaving like a young man secretly in love with a girl, his mood turning from happiness to sorrow and vice versa.

It shouldn’t be. Yi Nuo clenched his fist and told himself that the more ruthless Yue Zhan was, the more he would think of him as a massage tool.

As soon as he finished thinking, Yue Zhan came back with a food container.

Yi Nuo: Huh? He went to get me something to eat.

He quickly waved his fishtail and happily swam to the closest position to the door. Across the glass, he looked eagerly at the food container in Yue Zhan’s hand.

Apart from nutrient solution and porridge, he hasn’t eaten a serious meal for three days. The nutrient solution could indeed be considered a meal. After drinking it, there was basically no hunger.

But he hasn’t eaten fish for three days. If he doesn’t eat fish again, he may suffer from fish abstinence and eat his own fishtail.

As soon as Yue Zhan entered the room, he saw the little mermaid swimming over eagerly, and his mood suddenly brightened.

This kind of feeling was too wonderful. It was like hiding a treasure, secretly raising a little wife at home. The little wife was also cute and sticky. It seemed that he had only him (food) in his eyes. When he saw him (food), he would stick up.

“Your Highness, are you hungry?” With a smile on his eyes, Yue Zhan put down the food container and opened it gently.

Yi Nuo nodded and made two random ‘mhmm’ sounds. His eyes kept staring at Yue Zhan’s movements, thinking—

[Why does he still have the strength to go get food?]

Yue Zhan’s movements stiffened for a second.

When the porridge was brought out, Yi Nuo was disappointed and said, “There’s no fish.”

Yue Zhan was a little helpless and wanted to say that this time it was fish porridge. But before he could speak, he saw the little mermaid in the fish tank staring at the group of clownfish swimming in front of him, then stretched out his claws and caught one of them…

Seeing that the little prince was going to send a living fish to his mouth, Yue Zhan hurriedly put down the porridge, walked over, grabbed the little prince’s wrist, took him out of the water, and snatched the fish.

For this reason, his hand was scratched by the other party’s claws.

“This is alive and raw. Can you eat it directly?” Yue Zhan was inexplicably angry.

Yi Nuo blinked and seemed to regain his senses, then he said aggrieved, “I didn’t mean it. After I became a mermaid, if I don’t eat fish for a long time, I’ll feel uncomfortable and want to eat when I see a fish. When some mermaids lose their rationality, they will gnaw their own fishtails.”

“You can check information online, academic studies on mermaids also say the same.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

He was stunned, he didn’t know there was such a thing.

No wonder the little prince asked to eat fish when they first met on the front line. At that time, he felt the little prince was squeamish and deliberately gave him a box of canned herring, but he didn’t expect…

Yue Zhan regretted his actions, gently rubbed the little prince’s head, and said, “You should tell me about this kind of thing in the future. You can’t eat raw fish, it’s bad for your stomach.”

Yi Nuo thought—

[That’s right. When you imprisoned me and deliberately didn’t give me fish to eat; after I almost ate my fishtail, you never dare to stop my fish supplies again.]

Yue Zhan: “…”

Did ‘he’ in his previous life completely give up being a man? ‘He’ almost starved the little prince to the point of eating his own fishtail?

But when it came to eating fish, Yi Nuo disagreed and corrected, “Some fish can be eaten raw.”

“Then it has to be cleaned up.” Yue Zhan said, “Okay, bear with it a little longer. I’ll bring you fish, and the porridge is also fish porridge.”

It was a normal conversation, but Yi Nuo couldn’t help blushing when he heard Yue Zhan’s words.

The phrase ‘bear with it a little longer’ was also said by Yue Zhan countless times last night. Ah, why did he think about it? He’s going crazy. If he goes on like this, will he still be able to communicate with Yue Zhan normally in the future?

When Yue Zhan turned around, he couldn’t help smiling.

Considering that the little prince’s hands were inconvenient to use spoons and chopsticks, Yue Zhan took the initiative to feed him without waiting for the other party to mention it this time.

The little prince was also very good, lying on the edge of the fish tank, holding the glass with both hands, and the transparent web between his fingers was almost integrated with the glass.

Because the fish tank was relatively high, Yue Zhan had to lift the food before sending it over. Every time he held the spoon and lifted it, the little prince stretched out his thin white neck and opened his mouth…

Yue Zhan thought that the little prince having only food in his eyes was very cute. He didn’t think it was troublesome. On the contrary, the more he fed him, the more he had a sense of fulfillment.

After feeding the mermaid, Yue Zhan wasn’t idle. He opened the curtains and let Yi Nuo swim to a place close to the window and bask in the sun for a while.

The window’s glass was peephole proof. The outside could only be seen from the inside, and not the inside from the outside.

Yi Nuo contentedly touched his white belly, and swam past with his fishtail, thinking a little bored—

[It’s already the afternoon and only a little sunset can be seen.]

Yue Zhan’s actions of cleaning up the room paused, and he thought to himself that he must not bother His Highness tonight.

However, what should come will still come.

When he smelled the sweet fragrance again, Yi Nuo was desperate.

Yue Zhan frowned and analyzed, “I checked the people from the Federation. The residual liquid in the wine glass is just a common aphrodisiac… cough, medicine, it can’t have this effect. Has His Highness thought of other possibilities?”

Yi Nuo clung to the fish tank, tilted his head, and looked at him, breathing unsteadily, “Do you think… I can still think?”

Yue Zhan looked up, his breathing couldn’t help stagnating, and his eyes darkened, “Your Highness?”

Yi Nuo turned back into a human and stretched out his hand to him in despair.

In short, unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough1It means that the more times people meet or do something, the more familiar they are with it., so be it. Yi Nuo thought with some resignation.

When he woke up in the fish tank again and didn’t see Yue Zhan, Yi Nuo was very calm.

[The shit shovel officer must have gone to get food again.]

He spontaneously assumed the role of being raised. Anyway, the reality was already like this. It was okay to be calm.

Before Yue Zhan came back, he opened his personal terminal and searched the internet for “Why can’t a mermaid change his tail back to human legs.”

Unfortunately, the mermaid has disappeared for too long. Most of the existent literature on the mermaid on the internet was from 600 years ago and didn’t mention these.

It was said that 600 years ago, there was still a lot of literature on mermaids in the Federation and the Empire, but it was later found that most of the studies were based on the illegal imprisonment of mermaids. As a result, the Sea Country launched a war against the Empire and the Federation and then disappeared inexplicably.

This period of history was disgraceful to the Empire and The Federation. There were large-scale protests among the people. Later, those research documents were sealed.

Unable to find the reason on the Internet, Yi Nuo thought of the book again.

Speaking of it, he hasn’t looked at it for several days. He didn’t know if the author updated it.

Thinking of this, he swam to the surface and took out the strange book from the space bracelet.

Coincidentally, ‘he’ and ‘Yue Zhan’ were also working hard all night… Cough, to be precise, it should be day and night, because ‘Yue Zhan’ has not given up on letting ‘he’ have a baby.

Yi Nuo pouted and thought: why don’t you give birth yourself?

In the interstellar era, it wasn’t impossible for men to have children, but most of them cultivated their children in vitro in an artificial uterus. Of course, there were also some men who deliberately implanted themselves with an artificial uterus to experience the feeling of giving birth to a baby. It was said that the bond between them and the baby would be deeper this way.

Yi Nuo didn’t quite understand. Didn’t it hurt to give birth? Even if there was anesthesia, the injection still hurt, and it’s also tiring to hold their stomach.

In short, he never considered such a thing, and the ‘Yue Zhan’ in the book has never implanted him with an artificial uterus, so it would be strange if he could get pregnant.

Yi Nuo calmly turned the page, read the next chapter, and then—

A bolt from the blue, ‘he’ really got pregnant?!

How was this possible?

Yi Nuo couldn’t believe it. He hurriedly drew the book closer and read it word by word.

[Congratulations, Marshal. The Majesty doest have it.]

[Male mermaids can sometimes conceive…]

Sometimes? What is sometimes?

Yi Nuo looked blankly and thought, can you write clearly? What is the specific situation of ‘sometimes? How can he avoid ‘sometimes’?

Yi Nuo hurriedly flipped through the book again but…

No, the author didn’t update again.

Yi Nuo scratched his head. He couldn’t wait to see the next chapter of this meaty book for the first time.

The book of this author was a pit, was he crazy? It was all right to be idle, but why did he have to arrange a setting for him to have babies? He just didn’t want him to feel better, did he?

Wait, the ‘Yue Zhan’ in the book spent seven days and seven nights before finally getting ‘him’ pregnant. In reality…

Yi Nuo quickly counted with his fingers. After counting, his heart was half cold.

It has been four days. No, he can’t be pregnant, can he?

Yi Nuo was petrified instantly, and the whole fish was bad.

It was unknown how long it took before he finally regained his senses and collapsed thinking—

[Ahhh! I’m not really pregnant with Yue Zhan’s baby, am I?]

Outside the door, Yue Zhan, who was carrying a food container and was about to open the door: ?!

What’s going on? The little prince is pregnant?

Yue Zhan was stunned for a moment, and an unknown joy quietly spread from the bottom of his heart, but it was quickly extinguished by reason.

He thought calmly: Impossible, it’s only been a few days. And… isn’t the little prince a man?

He thought so, but after having this idea, his feet couldn’t help but start floating, even feeling a little regretful that it was impossible.

He calmly opened the door, and the little prince was still collapsing inside the fish tank—

[Yue Zhan knows, he must know! He made him pregnant in his last life. This time he must have deliberately not mentioned it, woo~]

Yue Zhan: “???” Did he make him pregnant in his last life? And still imprisoned him?

Yue Zhan was restless. He knew that he wasn’t a good human being in his last life, but he didn’t expect… that he would be less than a man. Yue Ge was right, if he could succeed in chasing his wife in the crematorium…

It’s over. The more he thought about it, the less hope he had.

  • 1
    It means that the more times people meet or do something, the more familiar they are with it.

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