Chapter 24 – Can he succeed in chasing his wife in the crematorium?

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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Chapter 1 - The little prince was smashed by a book Chapter 2 - Little Prince: It’s Yue Zhan Chapter 3 - He May Have Auditory Hallucinations Chapter 4 - Yue zhan: want me Chapter 5 - The little prince is… very cute Chapter 6 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 7 - Very skilled technician! Chapter 8 - Of course you have to win! Chapter 9 - Damn Yue Zhan, he actually rebelled! Chapter 10 - Give birth to a nest of fish cubs? Chapter 11 - Little Price: Damn, I was actually moved Chapter 12 - Commander Yue and the little prince are a good match? Chapter 13 - The little prince can't do it Chapter 14 - Yue Zhan: It's uneven Chapter 15 - Yue Zhan: I like to stand. Chapter 16 - Another target of seduction? Chapter 17 - Help the little prince catch fish~ Chapter 18 - Yue Zhan is a good man! Chapter 19 - I’m worthy of being the son of the plane! Chapter 20 - Yue Zhan: Then I can only ask His Highness to marry me Chapter 21 - The little prince doesn't even distinguish between men and women? Chapter 22 - Yue Zhan: Is the little prince a mermaid? Chapter 23.1 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 23.2 - His Mermaid Highness Chapter 24 - Can he succeed in chasing his wife in the crematorium? Chapter 25.1 - Yue Zhan: Your Highness, are you feeling hot? Chapter 25.2 Chapter 26.1 - Little Prince: What? Can I still get pregnant? Chapter 26.2 Chapter 27.1 - Yue Zhan: Give him a little crab Chapter 27.2 Chapter 28.1 Chapter 28.2 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 30.2 Chapter 31.1 Chapter 31.2 Chapter 32.1 Chapter 32.2 Chapter 33.1 Chapter 33.2 Chapter 34.1 Chapter 34.2 Chapter 35 Chapter 36 Chapter 37.1 Chapter 37.2 Chapter 38.1 Chapter 38.2 Chapter 39.1 Chapter 39.2 Chapter 40 Chapter 41 Chapter 42 Chapter 43 Chapter 44 Chapter 45 Chapter 46 Chapter 47 Chapter 48 Chapter 49


Yue Zhan closed the door gently, and his feet were like stepping on cotton, floating towards the bed step by step.

He stretched out his hand and lightly touched the little prince’s cheek but soon took it back, as if electrocuted, afraid of startling the other party.

Yi Nuo felt the coldness, suddenly grabbed Yue Zhan’s retreating hand, pressed it against his cheek, and sighed.

Yue Zhan felt that the sound was like a small electric current, which infiltrated into his heart and brought a crisp feeling.

His fingertips trembled, and after a long time, he calmed his mind and said in a low voice, “Your Highness?”

Yi Nuo opened his hazy eyes and found that it was Yue Zhan, but he didn’t feel afraid.

Perhaps because ‘Yue Zhan’ in the book always knew that he was a mermaid, he subconsciously accepted that there would be this result. Or maybe he was just confused by the heat and wanted to get close to the coolness.

Therefore, when he felt that Yue Zhan’s hand wasn’t cold enough, he grabbed the other party’s clothes and rubbed his face on them.

Yue Zhan’s breathing stagnated, and just when he was about to ask if he needed water, the room’s door was suddenly knocked open. Yi Nuo was startled, and his ear fins, hair color and fish tail quickly changed back.

Seeing him turn back into a little prince, Yue Zhan was shocked beyond measure.

But then, someone rushed in, the holographic camera kept shooting, and someone even turned on the holographic live broadcast. The room was noisy in an instant, and countless voices were scrambling to ask—

“Your Highness Yi Nuo, would you please… Hey, Major General Yue?”

“Major General Yue, why are you in His Highness’s room?”

“Are you and His Highness in love?”

“His Highness Yi Nuo, does the royal family intend to marry the Yue family?”

“A happy event is coming?”


Yue Zhan’s face turned dark in an instant. He quickly wrapped the little prince tightly with a quilt, pressed him into his arms to protect his face, and turned his head to say coldly, “Get out!”

The reporters were stunned and almost turned away and left on the spot. But after all, they were specially arranged, so they gritted their teeth and dared to continue to ask.

Fortunately, the guards arrived in time and drove everyone out.

However, many people still watched the live broadcast, and there was a lot of discussion.

[My God, what was that live broadcast just now? Who was Major General Yue with?]

[I recognized the face of the little prince at a glance. It’s still so beautiful, woo woo woo]

[The little prince is very good looking, I’m so prprpr1It means that a certain character is so cute that saliva is drooling out.]

[What? Major General Yue and the little prince are a pair? Did I really guess right?]

[No, it’s evident that it was a sneak shot. It must have been designed.]

[Who can plot against Major General Yue and the little prince?]

[Maybe it’s the Zong family…]

[The Zong family is already over, okay?]

[Upstairs, what do you know? A centipede dies but never falls down2It means that it’s not easy for a powerful individual or institution to collapse.. Perhaps some fish slipped through the net.]

[I think it’s more likely to be a certain lord in the Third Galaxy than a missed fish. Have you forgotten? In the last article about the Zong family, it was clearly written that the Zong family and a certain planet lord colluded with the Federation. The Zong family has collapsed, but a certain lord hasn’t.]

[It makes sense!]

[Am I the only one who thinks Major General Yue is capable of protecting his wife? It’s very sue!]

Seeing this development, Mei En was so angry that he called his confidant and gave him a lesson.

“Look at what you have done! I asked you to design the little prince and the woman from the Federation. Why did it become Yue Zhan and the little prince? What if unmarried men are photographed together? Can this ruin his reputation? Are you stupid?”

The confidant was scolded bloody, and it took a long time before he could explain, “That’s what I intended, but the woman from the Federation didn’t cooperate.”

“Then, can’t you find a married man or woman? It can at least corrupt the little prince’s reputation. Why did you use Yue Zhan? Are you their CP fan? Do you want to match them?” Mei En was so angry that he spoke incoherently.

The confidant was very wronged and said, “I found a married woman, but who knew that the eldest prince would intervene. He sent the little prince to a different room, and then Yue Zhan entered the room first. Our people didn’t catch up…”

“All right, all right, you don’t have to explain any more.” Mei En was so angry that his chest hurt. He pointed to the door and said, “Get out. I don’t want to see you now.”

The confidant really wanted to leave, but he knew that if he did, the lord might get even angrier, so he bit the bullet and continued to ask, “Then… what should I do next?”

“What else can you do?” Mei En said sinisterly, “If the little prince insists on investigating further, we will have no choice but to keep his mouth shut.”

In the State Guest House, after the people were kicked out, Yi Nuo couldn’t control it and became a mermaid again.

Yue Zhan took him into his arms and smelled a faint sweet fragrance.

Yue Zhan didn’t think about it, but gently coaxed the little prince, “Your Highness, hold on for a while. Change back first, and I’ll take you back to the base.”

Yi Nuo’s beautiful eyebrows were wrinkled tightly. After trying to change back for a while, he became so hot that it was impossible to do so.

Yi Nuo couldn’t help crying as he muttered, “I’m so hot, Yue Zhan, save, save me…”

Yue Zhan was so distressed that his heart almost shrank into a ball. He couldn’t care much for the moment and simply wrapped the little prince tightly from head to tail with a thin quilt, “Your Highness, hold on for a moment. I’ll take you out.”

After speaking, Yue Zhan picked up the little mermaid wrapped as a dumpling and hurried out.

The corridor had been cleared by the guards. The eldest prince was stopped behind the guards, craned his neck and shouted, “What’s going on? Presumptuous, how dare you stop me! My brother is still waiting for me to take someone to save him.”

Yue Zhan looked up and saw two shy young boys and girls behind the eldest prince, his eyes couldn’t help but turn cold.

“Maintain the order. No one is allowed to follow.” Yue Zhan ordered without looking at the eldest prince. He took the fish dumpling in his arms and left directly through the special passage.

The speed of the suspended car was very fast, but even so, it took half an hour to arrive at the base.

Yi Nuo was about to be burned into confusion. He hung on Yue Zhan’s body, groaning uncomfortably.

Yue Zhan was more uncomfortable than him. Reason and instinct were constantly fighting in his mind.

He wasn’t indifferent. He could still sit still with the person he liked in his arms, because…

As long as he thought of the ‘Yue Zhan’ in the little prince’s fantasy, he felt he couldn’t be such a beast. He didn’t want to take advantage of the situation and really become the person that the little prince is afraid of.

He didn’t know if it was an illusion, but the sweet smell in the air seemed to be getting stronger and stronger. He was also feeling… a little hot.

Yue Zhan barely managed to maintain his reason. After the car arrived at the base, he quickly wrapped the little prince again and hurried back to his residence.

But after taking him back?

He couldn’t let the doctor see him, and he didn’t dare to give the little prince an injection to relieve the drug. After all, it was for humans, not for mermaids.

He could only let the little prince soak in water first, but he didn’t dare use cold water.

This was a test for people. Yue Zhan had never suffered unprecedented torture in his life. While admonishing himself to keep calm, he quickly opened his personal terminal and searched on the internet ‘what should I do if a mermaid ingested aphrodisiac’, at the same time, he strongly urged Yi Nuo to calm down.

But how could it be easy to calm down? Yi Nuo usually had a firm will, but he had never suffered any hardships. At this moment, he couldn’t bear the torture anymore, so he forgot his previous vows, hugged Yue Zan’s arm and sobbed.

Yi Nuo was so confused that he couldn’t think rationally. He just knew that when this happened in the book, everything would be all right as long as Yue Zhan helped him.

But now Yue Zhan didn’t help him. Yi Nuo couldn’t help it anymore, he turned back into a human and hummed in a crying voice, “You… woo, do you… really, really can’t do it? What about the perpetual motion machine, it’s just bragging and boasting…”

The sweet fragrance in the air became stronger. Yue Zhan’s brain was dizzy, and hearing this, he couldn’t continue to bear it.

“Your Highness, you asked for it.” Yue Zhan’s tone suddenly became fierce, and he gritted his teeth.

After speaking, he grabbed the little prince’s chin and kissed him fiercely.

Then everything went out of control.

The little prince cried hard and got to experience the plot described in the book.

In the State Guest House, after Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo left, the guards quickly finished clearing the scene.

The eldest prince was very unhappy and complained, “Yue Zhan doesn’t take me seriously. I’m the eldest prince, okay? Also, where did he take my brother?”

Zhang Yu, who went out in electronic handcuffs, heard his sentence and couldn’t help smiling, “Where else can he take it, of course…”

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly smelled a faint, almost imperceptible sweet fragrance in the air.

Zhang Yu’s face changed instantly, and he hurried to the room where Yue Zhan and Yi Nuo had just left.

The guard behind him grabbed him and said, “Miss Zhang, Major General Yue said you can’t walk around at will. Please forgive me.”

The corners of Zhang Yu’s mouth twitched and asked, “Which of your eyes sees that I’m a woman?”

Guard: “…” Both of my eyes can see it.

The eldest prince looked at him and said, “Are you Miss Zhang Yu from the federal delegation? Miss Zhang, although your chest is a little flat, you can’t… ow!”

Before he finished speaking, he was kicked two meters away by Zhang Yu. The eldest prince immediately grinned in pain and shouted angrily, “Someone, arrest him for me.”

Zhang Yu approached slowly, and with a bewitching voice, he said word by word, “Your Highness, I want to go to room 207 to have a look. Do you think it’s okay?”

The eldest prince’s eyes suddenly became dull, obviously being controlled. But his face was blocked by Zhang Yu, and no one noticed.

“Then… Let’s take a look. I also want to have a look.” He spoke slowly, in the same tone as usual, but without the anger just now.

The guard only thought he was confused by Zhang Yu’s beauty and didn’t find it abnormal. He soon let them go.

Zhang Yu walked into the room and sniffed twice. Then he walked to the bed and leaned over to smell it carefully.

“Is this the bed where the little prince was lying just now?” Zhang Yu’s eyes flickered, hiding some indescribable and unidentified emotion.

The guard nodded.

When Zhang Yu saw this, his face suddenly changed. He was surprised, happy, stunned, annoyed, and angry…

Anyway, it was a wonderful sight.

The guard didn’t know the reason for his change and just thought he was weird.

Only Zhang Yu knew that the light sweet fragrance left in the room was a unique aroma emitted by the mermaid during the estrus period. The smell will not only make the mermaid become confused, but it will also seduce others.

In fact, it was evident that he had found the future king of the Sea Country. It turned out that their little highness had already broken his shell.

Zhang Yu was pleasantly surprised for a while, and then he scolded inwardly—

Scott, that old bastard, has such a deep scheming. He put a fake egg in the palace and pretended to hatch it for 23 years. Could it be that he wanted to fool the remnants of the Sea Country?

Humph, stupid!

It turned out that the little prince was their little highness. No wonder he felt the little prince was inexplicably amiable, and his eyebrows were somewhat familiar.

Fortunately, he came in person and saw through Scott’s scheme. Otherwise, they still wouldn’t be able to find their little highness.

Speaking of it, their little highness was really lively, lovely and witty. It seemed that he inherited the cleverness of the sea princess and wasn’t like the idiot Scott at all.

Recalling the scene when he first saw Yi Nuo, Zhang Yu’s lips couldn’t help showing a smile. He just felt that the little prince of the Sea Country was good everywhere. When he mentioned Yi Nuo before, he used to call him ‘that boy.’

Unfortunately, their little highness was a man. Forget it, he liked men too. In the Sea Country, the prime minister must be matched with the sea king.

However, Zhang Yu’s smile faded a little when he thought he could only recognize His Highness because of the sweet fragrance remaining in the room.

The age of the mermaid was calculated from the time it broke the shell. Mermaids become adults at the age of 18, and they will enter the estrus period in the second year of adulthood.

But as far as he knew, the little prince of the empire had only reached adulthood a few months ago. He entered the estrus period probably because of the medicine arranged by that old tortoise, the national teacher.

He knew that the old turtle wanted to rescue the fake egg in the palace, so he cooperated with the Federation and the Mei En family. In the end… he conspired against his own people.

The most important thing is that it was also cheaper for Yue Zhan.

At the thought of this, Zhan Yu was so angry that he had a stomachache.

Their fragrant and soft little mermaid prince was taken advantage of by a human beast before recognizing his ancestors and returning to his homeland. But it was the people from the Sea Country who created this disaster.

Zhang Yu was very depressed. After being escorted back to the residence of the federal delegation by the guards, he immediately closed the door and released his anger by teaching the people who designed this a lesson.

When he was done, he still felt angry, so he sent a message to his men to beat up the national teacher.

After venting, he opened the door and called the guard to ask, “Didn’t we live in the base before? Why are we staying in the State Guest House now?”

The guard replied flatly, “Commander Yue said that it’s not the base’s task to receive you. Since the Eldest Prince is here, you will be entertained by him, and there’s no need to go back to the base.”

Zhang Yu: “…” Damn it!

“What should I do, my lord?” After he returned to his room, the little octopus in the fish tank climbed out and said anxiously, “Why don’t I go down the toilet into the sewer and sneak into the base to see if I can rescue the little highness?”

The little octopus already knew the truth.

When Zhang Yu heard the words ‘going down the toilet,’ he felt disgusted and said sternly, “If you dare to go down the toilet, don’t appear in front of me for a year.”

The little octopus wilted in an instant.

Zhang Yu added, “Besides, do you think Yue Zhan won’t have any security measures in the waterway? I’m afraid you will turn into a roasted octopus before making it to the base.”

The little octopus was so frightened that he almost fell back into the fish tank and stammered, “Then, what should I do? I can’t ignore the little highness, can I?”

Zhang Yu sneered and said, “Don’t worry. Yue Zhan will come and beg me, unless he…”

Mermaids were the royal family of the Sea Country. Except for the current sea king, every other king will have at least three legal spouses. The reason was that the estrus period of the mermaid lasted for seven days and seven nights.

This was something that couldn’t be handled by just one person. He didn’t believe that Yue Zhan could hold up!

Yue Zhan knew that he was a remnant of the Sea Country. When he couldn’t take it any longer, he would naturally come to him for advice and ask him how to solve the little prince’s problem.


Humph, he will let the other party know that he is also the fiancé of the little prince! The future sea king cannot belong to only one person.

In the room, Yi Nuo was already tired and fell asleep.

Yue Zhan kissed the back of his hand, feeling a little distressed and a little regretful.

He originally wanted to carry the little prince back to the bed, but after Yi Nuo fell asleep, he changed back to a mermaid and seemed to prefer soaking in water.

He thought about it, and finally gave up the idea.

After the chaos, Yue Zhan finally regained his composure and could think rationally again.

He thought the little prince should be reborn; otherwise, he couldn’t explain why the other party could predict many things.

As for the delusional disorder, there should be some.

He guessed that this might have something to do with the little prince being imprisoned by him in the previous life.

But what kind of terrible experience would it take to make the little prince’s thoughts so confused even if he was reborn?

Yue Zhan didn’t understand. How could the self in the previous life, or the Yue Zhan in the parallel world, have the heart to do those things? He had only heard the inner thoughts of the little prince a few times, and he already felt that he had gone too far.

He stared at the little prince’s sleeping face, feeling content and uneasy in his heart.

The little prince was controlled by medicine just now. Will he regret it when he wakes up? Will he be afraid of him?

At this time, Yue Ge’s call interrupted his thoughts.

Yue Zhan got up in a hurry, closed the bathroom’s door gently, walked outside and asked in a low voice, “What’s the matter?”

Yue Ge had nothing to say, but was concerned about his psychological condition.

Yue Zhan didn’t plan to say anything, but after being enlightened by his big brother, he subconsciously asked for advice, “If, I mean if, you have deeply hurt your wife…”

“Wait, I don’t have a wife.” Yue Ge’s tone was bitter.

Yue Zhan: “…”

“I mean if,” Yue Zhan gritted his teeth.

Yue Ge: “Okay, you go on.”

Yue Zhan: “…that is, I mean, do you think it’s possible to succeed in chasing your wife in the crematorium?”

Yue Ge: “???”

  • 1
    It means that a certain character is so cute that saliva is drooling out.
  • 2
    It means that it’s not easy for a powerful individual or institution to collapse.


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