Chapter 22 – Yue Zhan: Is the little prince a mermaid?

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
36 Chapters


The girl obviously noticed Yi Nuo, looked at him for a moment, and suddenly hooked her finger at him with a smile.

Yi Nuo subconsciously raised his feet, but Yue Zhan quickly grabbed his wrist and frowned, “Your Highness?”

Yi Nuo paused and looked at the girl and then at Yue Zhan. Inexplicably, he felt the smell of gunpowder.

The girl didn’t speak. Seeing that he didn’t come, she raised her eyebrows at him, turned, and left. But the moment she turned around, amorous feelings were revealed in her eyes.

Unfortunately, Yi Nuo and Yue Zhan weren’t swayed.

However, Yi Nuo was once again attracted by the birthmark. Seeing her leave, Yi Nuo hurriedly broke away from Yue Zhan’s hand and ran after her.

Yue Zhan: “…”

Yue Zhan raised his empty hand and looked at it. His heart was suddenly a little blocked and didn’t follow.

When Yi Nuo arrived at the corner of a building, the girl finally stopped, turned, and smiled mysteriously at him, “Your Highness, why are you chasing me?”

Her voice was low and hoarse, not as sweet as expected.

Yi Nuo didn’t notice it. All his attention was at the end of the girl’s eye. He hesitated and asked, “I take the liberty to ask, is the star at the end of your eye… a birthmark?”

The other party was momentarily stunned. Then the girl approached him, leaned over, chuckled, and bewitchingly said, “Your Highness, won’t you know if you touch it?”

Only then did Yi Nuo find that the other party was taller than him. Because of this, he firmly believed that this person was likely to be the future Prime Minister of the Empire. At this time, he must be disguised as a woman.

Although he was from the Federation, the book also said that the Prime Minister was a spy trained by the Federation. He was sent to the Empire as soon as he became an adult, but who would’ve thought he would become the Prime Minister of the Empire five years later and then returned to the Federation.

The Empire’s top officials thought it was embarrassing and didn’t mention it again.

But later, the person got tired of staying in the Federation, so he changed his identity and ran back to the Empire. Then the bastard became the Prime Minister of the Empire again, and he almost rolled in the sheets with the little emperor…

“What’s your name?” Yi Nuo suddenly asked.

The other party didn’t expect him to be so direct. He couldn’t help lowering his head and laughing. Then he leaned closer and whispered softly to Yi Nuo’s ear, “Zhang Yu.”

Yi Nuo: “!!!”

The name of the future Prime Minister of the Empire was Zhang Yu! This guy is so daring, don’t even change the name?

Zhang Yu obviously didn’t know what he was thinking. He quietly grabbed Yi Nuo’s hand, touched the corner of his eye, and said, “Your Highness, do you really don’t want to touch it yourself?”

His voice was getting lower and lower, with a sense of bewitchment. Holding Yi Nuo’s hand, he slowly moved it down to his chest, seducing him, “Or, His Highness and touch other places is he wants.”

Yi Nuo admitted that he was stunned by the future Prime Minister, but he quickly calmed down and said provocatively,” Do you think I dare not?”

It’s just silicone; why wouldn’t he dare pinch it?

Yi Nuo pinched it and looked at him provocatively.

Zhang Yu was obviously surprised. Not by Yi Nuo’s actions, but… it was strange that the other party wasn’t confused by his voice.

After provoking him, Yi Nuo followed his example and mysteriously whispered to his ear, “I know your identity, Prime Minister.”

Zhang Yu couldn’t help looking up, his eyes full of surprise.

Just as he thought about taking the little prince away for interrogation, Yue Zhan finally appeared. He dragged Yi Nuo to his side with a cold face and then asked dangerously, “What are you doing?”

Yi Nuo thought of what he had just done. For some reason, he didn’t feel embarrassed in front of Zhang Yu, but in front of Yue Zhan… his ears inexplicably turned red.

Zhang Yu was a little surprised by his reaction. Then he looked at Yue Zhan, and as if he had understood something, he couldn’t help provoking and said, “What were His Highness and I doing, Major General Yue didn’t see it? It’s a pity that you came too early, otherwise…”

Zhang Yu’s words made Yue Zhan’s face turn colder. Yi Nuo hurriedly stuck his head out from behind him and interrupted, “I just pinched the silicone. Don’t talk nonsense, be careful to be castrated.”

Zhang Yu: “…”

Yue Zhan: “…”

This time, the faces of the two people turned black.


After returning to the federal delegation side, Zhang Yu walked into his room with a sullen face, tore off the fake chest, threw it away, and sneered while sitting at the table.

A small octopus climbed out of the nearby fish tank and helped him knead his shoulders with his tentacles. Seeing that his face was better, he carefully asked, “Sir, are things not going well?”

“Not going well?” Zhang Yu sneered and said, “Not going well? It’s terrible! I don’t know where the boy got the news, but he knew I was the Federal Prime Minister.”

The little octopus was shocked and said, “Then he doesn’t know you’re actually the Prime Minister of the Sea Country, right?”

Zhang Yu: “…”

“If you speak louder, maybe everyone in Blue Star will know right away.”

“Oh.” The little octopus quickly shut up and continued to squeeze his shoulders.

After massaging him for a while, the little octopus saw Zhang Yu calm down and said, “Sir, you must be patient. After many years of forbearance, our Sea Country survivors finally know where the egg is. From the Star Theft organization, from the Empire to the Federation, and then back to the Empire. This time we’re going to the Imperial Palace, we must steal the egg…”

“Presumptuous.” Zhang Yu suddenly interrupted him and frowned, “What egg? That’s my fiancée, Her Royal Highness, the little princess of the Sea Country, the future queen, be respectful.”

Little octopus: “…yes.” The little highness is just an egg. How do you know it must be a woman?

Zhang Yu: “Anyway, the egg is the most important thing on this trip… cough, the little highness is the most important, everything else is secondary. Let the national teacher and the Mei En family solve the matter themselves.”

After hearing his words, the little octopus said cautiously, “But the national teacher agreed to the request of the Mei En family to steal that… cough, steal the little highness. They have decided to give medicine to the little imperial prince at tomorrow’s banquet…”

“Then let them find someone else. The other party already knows my identity. Don’t you think my vest will be completely removed if I get along with him?”

Little octopus: “…”


On the other side, Yi Nuo followed behind Yue Zhan with a guilty heart and went back to his room together.

[Strange, why should I feel guilty?]

Yue Zhan paused for a moment, and after entering the room, he took out a decompression ball and threw it to Yi Nuo.

Yi Nuo caught it casually, looked confused, and asked, “Why are you giving me this?”

“Doesn’t His Highness like to pinch things? Continue to pinch.” Yue Zhan said expressionlessly.

Yi Nuo: “…”

[Yue Zhan looks down on me too much. Am I a casual person?]

“I really didn’t do anything.” Yi Nuo tried to explain while holding the ball. “He’s a man, and his chest is fake. I pinched him deliberately to provoke him. He’s actually a spy sent by the Empire to the Federation. He’s also the Federal Prime Minister…”

[Hey, this little ball is quite comfortable to pinch.]

Yue Zhan rubbed the center of his eyebrows, feeling that the little prince was already incoherent and logically confused. He was tired and said, “Your Highness, don’t say any more. This is the end of the matter. She was sent as a gift from the Federation to His Majesty. You’d better not contact her again.”

When Yi Nuo saw that Yue Zhan didn’t believe him, he couldn’t help being disappointed, but then he thought—

[Hmph! Why should I explain to him? I’m the dignified son of the plane. Why should I do things that will be ignored by others?]

With such an arrogant self consolation, the little depression in Yi Nuo’s heart finally dissipated. Then he turned around and went back to his room.

Yue Zhan looked at Yi Nuo’s leaving back and sighed.

After closing the door, he called Yue Ge directly and said, “The condition of the little prince is getting worse and worse. The eighth-grader syndrome is aggravating, and the persecution delusion is also aggravating…”

Then Yue Zhan gave a brief account of what had happened recently.

After listening, Yue Ge thought carefully for a moment. Then he suddenly said, “Little brother, don’t you think… you seem to be influenced by your preconceived ideas and are a little obsessed with the situation?”

Yue Zhan frowned and asked, “What do you mean?”

“Do you think the little prince’s delusional disorders trigger when he sees someone? Or when he hears names like Hu Yichen and Xie Qingran?”

“The trigger is obviously not random. The little prince seemed to know of their existence before meeting them. Moreover, some of the situations he imagined were also true…”

The more Yue Zhan listened, the deeper his frown became. He interrupted Yue Ge and said, “Do you think I will become the kind of person imagined by the little prince and imprison him… cough, force him?”

“Of course not.” Yue Ge hurriedly explained, “I mean, you’ve been denying all the fantasies of the little prince because you resist the ‘Yue Zhan’ imagined by the little prince. But have you thought carefully about it? The little prince’s fantasies about Hu Yichen and Xie Qingran are half-truths, not groundless.”

“For example, Hu Yichen is really talented in mecha manufacturing, and he may become a master mecha maker in the future. As for Xie Qingran, the little prince fantasized about him when you were in a bottleneck in the Zong’s family investigation. Xie Qingran is really good at dealing with nobles, which is the same as the little prince’s fantasy…”

Yue Zhan wasn’t stupid. Before, he just followed his thoughts, but being reminded by Yue Ge, he soon found the little prince’s delusional disorder… was really a bit strange.

“But the lady from the Federation was sent to marry…”

“Maybe he’s really a man disguised as a woman.” Yue Ge held his chin and thought seriously, “But it’s really strange. The little prince can’t predict a person’s future, right? Then, isn’t he really the son of the plane? Or is the little prince reborn? So he can predict some things…”

Yue Zhan: “…” Don’t you believe in science?

Forget it. Instead of listening to Yue Ge’s nonsense, he might as well ask the little prince directly. Maybe… if the little prince trusts him, he will tell him.

But unfortunately, Yi Nuo didn’t want to talk to him for the time being. Who made him not listen to his explanation just now.

When Yue Zhan came to Yi Nuo’s room, Yi Nuo was on the bed and rushed the guest out directly, “I’m so sleepy. I’m going to sleep.”

Yue Zhan felt a little lost and had to leave. But when he got up from the bed, his finger touched a hard circular object.

Yue Zhan glanced at it. It was a thin disc the size of a fingernail, and its color was half-transparent and half crystal blue… like a fish scale.

The little prince liked to be clean and tidy. Why were there fish scales on the bed? And more than one piece?

Yue Zhan subconsciously turned to look at the little prince. Yi Nuo was wrapped in a quilt, and his head was like a chicken pecking at rice. Little by little, he had fallen asleep.

Yue Zhan’s gaze moved slightly to the side. The little prince’s feet just emerged from the edge of the thin quilt. His toes were pink, round and lovely, not… a fishtail.

Yue Zhan’s eyes darkened. He stepped forward, leaned over, gently placed the little prince on the center of the bed, and covered him with a quilt.

After getting up, he looked at the thin scale in his hand, squeezed it tightly, and put it in his pocket.

Leaving the little prince’s room, he went directly to the technical department to find someone to analyze it.

The result came out quickly. It was really a fish scale.

Yue Zhan was stunned for a moment, but there was a feeling of anticipation.

The person from the technical department was confused. He didn’t understand why he had to identify two fish scales, but he couldn’t help sighing, “These two scales are so beautiful. I don’t know what kind of fish they belong to.”

Yue Zhan didn’t answer him. He turned around and left in unsteady steps with the scales in his hands.

His mind was full of one thing—

There were fish scales on the little prince’s bed. The little prince’s fantasies are half real. Moreover, when he found the irregular pearls in the little prince’s bathtub last time, the little prince looked nervous…

Small details that he had overlooked resurfaced and different conjectures were generated due to the change of thought.

Yue Zhan rubbed the scales with his fingertips and suddenly an incredible idea emerged—

Could it be that the little prince is really a mermaid?

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