Chapter 20 – Yue Zhan: Then I can only ask His Highness to marry me

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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The information provided by Xie Qingran was very accurate. The mercenaries sent by Alan quickly found Zong Ming’s mother and sister where he said they would be. The recording of Zong Qingxu’s order to kill Zong Ming was helpful to persuade the mother and sister to leave with them.

When Yi Nuo learned that Alan had rescued Zong Ming’s mother and sister so quickly, he couldn’t but call him and say, “Cousin, you have made great contributions this time!”

Alan was a little embarrassed and whispered, “Actually, the credit doesn’t all go to me. Grandpa knew that I was helping you and lent me some people.”

“Grandpa?” Yi Nuo was surprised.

Yi Nuo remembered that since the death of his mother and uncle, his grandfather, the Duke of Delan, rarely cared about external affairs.

“Grandpa is very happy. He said that His Highness… has finally grown up.” Alan continued to whisper.

Yi Nuo: “???” I was originally a grown-up. I’ve been an adult for several months.

“Grandpa is pleased and relieved. He said that His Highness finally has ambitions and wants to do things. As long as you have this mindset, the Delan family will help you with all its strength.” Alan tried his best to keep his voice down, but he still couldn’t hide his excitement.

Since the death of his aunt, Queen Delan, the Delan family had been silent for too long and declined a lot. If his cousin gets that position, then… the Delan family will definitely rise again in his hands!

Yi Nuo: “Er…”

Can he say that this is just the confidence given by the protagonist’s halo?

“By the way, Your Highness, I heard that you have a good relationship with Yue Zhan now? It’s a good thing to win him over, but there’s no need to get yourself involved. His Highness must remember that if you are together, you can only let him marry into your family and not the other way round. Once a prince gets married away, it’s very difficult for him to ascend the throne.” Alan said worriedly.

“Er…” Yi Nuo was speechless for a while, his face full of black lines, “What are you thinking? It’s impossible for me to marry him even if I die, okay?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard Yue Zhan behind him say, “Who can’t His Highness marry?”

Yi Nuo: “!”

[Shit! Is he a cat? Why does he make no sound when he walks?]

If Yi Nuo were a mermaid now, the tip of his tail would straighten in shock.

Yue Zhan was a bit amused, thinking: The little prince is more like a cat; cats love fish. It’s a pity there’s no cat in the Chinese zodiac.

“Cough.” Yi Nuo quickly returned to his senses. To not be embarrassed, he simply pretended not to hear him and said, “Well… Zong Ming’s mother and sister have been rescued. Let’s try asking Zong Ming again?”

Yue Zhan couldn’t help smiling and said, “Okay.”

Yi Nuo breathed a sigh of relief, thinking to himself: I’ve fooled him.

But as soon as he finished thinking, Yue Zhan suddenly approached.

Yi Nuo was startled, like a frightened bird in a cage, alert a nervous.

Yi Nuo’s appearance was reflected in Yue Zhan’s ink-colored pupils, and with an unclear tone, Yue Zhan asked in his ear, “His Highness wants to get married?”

Yi Nuo: “???”

[Am I crazy, or are you crazy? Who am I marrying? No, why do I have to marry? Can’t I afford to marry someone? No, the point is, what does this have to do with you?]

Yue Zhan didn’t speak and raised his hands to help Yi Nuo straighten his collar.

However, when his fingertips accidentally touched the fair and slender neck of the young man, his eyes darkened. A moment later, he suddenly said earnestly, “His Highness is still young. Don’t worry about getting married.”

Yi Nuo shrunk, feeling a little itchy, and then looked at Yue Zhan with confusion. He didn’t understand why he suddenly cared about whether the little prince was getting married or not.

Seeing his confused little face, Yue Zhan was inexplicably angry and couldn’t help pinching his soft earlobe. While gritting his teeth, he thought: the little prince usually YY’s me. But when thinking about getting married, he completely forgot about me. The little guy doesn’t dare accept the honor.

However, the depressing thing was that the little prince just thought about it, and he really didn’t have to be responsible. Not to mention, the little prince was still a patient with delusional disorder.

Thinking of this, Yue Zhan was even more depressed.

No, why should he be depressed about such a thing? He was lost in thought.

Yi Nuo was dazed for a moment. After returning to his senses, he suddenly became a little angry.

He felt that Yue Zhan was becoming more and more presumptuous. After hitting him on the head, he actually pinched his ear. Does he really think he is a soft persimmon and can be bullied casually?

No, this kind of thing can’t be ignored. He must retaliate this time.

So, while Yue Zhan was depressed and distracted, Yi Nuo stood on his tiptoes and stretched out his hand to pinch him. But because of a guilty heart and moving his hands too quickly, he actually pulled Yue Zhan’s ear.

Yue Zhan: “…”

He raised his hand and touched his ear, then turned his head and looked at someone with a guilty conscience.

Yi Nuo quietly put his hands behind his back, but on second thought, he said to himself: What am I guilty of? It was him who moved first.

So, Yi Nuo straightened his back and stopped hiding his hands. He said confidently, “You pinched me first.”

Yue Zhan glanced at the little prince’s fair skin. Subconsciously, he thought that the little prince’s hands were very soft.

Yi Nuo put his hand behind his back with great vigilance.

Yue Zhan withdrew his gaze and said in a low voice, “Your Highness, don’t touch other people’s ears casually in the future.”

“Oh.” Yi Nuo nodded subconsciously, but in the middle of it, he froze, thinking: Why should I listen to him?

“Why?” He deliberately asked.

[You can touch it, but I can’t?]

Yue Zhan suddenly turned around and pushed him back to the wall in a few steps. Then he grabbed his wrist and pressed it against the wall.

Yi Nuo was stunned. When he recovered, he found himself trapped between Yue Zhan and the wall, the cold breath of the other party shrouding him.

“You, what are you doing?” Yi Nuo asked nervously. Words such as ‘blackening’, ‘dark room play’ and ‘fishtail play’ flashed in his mind instantly.

Yue Zhan’s face darkened for a moment and then returned to normal.

He raised his hand, touched the little prince’s soft ear, and said in a low voice, “I don’t know about others, but in my case, only my future spouse can pull my ears. Your Highness, do you understand?”

“I understand, I understand.” Yi Nuo nodded quickly and thought—

[I don’t understand, but I have to say I do. Yue Zhan is too scary right now.]

“Well, we should go see Zong Ming…” Yi Nuo reminded in a low voice, wanting to end this difficult situation as soon as possible.

Yue Zhan’s expression froze, and then he felt helpless.

However, after listening to his heart and doing what he wanted, he seemed to understand why he felt depressed just now.

Unfortunately, the timing wasn’t right, the occasion wasn’t suitable, and the little prince… wasn’t enlightened.

Yue Zhan stepped back, loosened his hand, and said in regret, “Then go look at Zong Ming first.”

Yi Nuo breathed a sigh of relief, hurriedly nodded, and said, “Yes, yes!”


After getting in the suspension car, Yi Nuo recalled the scene just now, and the more he thought about it, the more puzzled he became.

So, thinking about whether he should pull the ears or not, he asked Yue Zhan, who was in the back seat.

“Well, I’m curious. Can’t your mother pull your ears?”

The corners of Yue Zhan’s mouth twitched slightly. He closed his eyes and replied, “No.”

“Oh.” Yi Nuo nodded, thought for a moment, and asked again, “But when you were young and didn’t remember anything, you can’t know if your mother pulled your ears.”

Yue Zhan: “…”

“It didn’t count when I was a child.” He said angrily.

“Oh.” Yi Nuo nodded again, but his expression became more and more apprehensive.

Yue Zhan seemed to be aware of it. He couldn’t help opening his eyes and saying, “His Highness, what else are you curious about? You can ask me.”

“Oh.” Yi Nuo nodded, hesitated for a moment, and finally said, “I pulled your ear just now; what will happen?”

“It’s really troublesome.” After saying this, Yue Zhan smiled and said, “Then I can only ask His Highness to marry me.”

Yi Nuo: “…”

“Just, just pretend I didn’t ask anything.” Yi Nuo turned around hastily, his ears red.

Until the suspension car arrived at the detention center, Yi Nuo didn’t dare to say anything again.

Even when he met Zong Ming, he didn’t speak much and left the questioning process to Yue Zhan.

It wasn’t hard for Zong Ming to be willing to confess with the recording of Zong Qingxu’s assassination and Yue Zhan allowing him to talk to his mother and sister.

The evidence provided by Xie Qingran could verify that the Zong and Mei En families colluded with the Federation. However, it wasn’t enough to prove that the problem with the frontline mecha was deliberately designed by them.

And Zong Ming’s confession just made up for the lack of evidence.

After reading Zong Ming’s written testimony, Yi Nuo and Yue Zhan breathed a sigh of relief but were angry at the same time.

Especially Yue Zhan, thinking that if the little prince hadn’t warned him in time, nearly 100,000 mecha soldiers would be buried on the battlefield. He couldn’t help but want to blow Zong Qingxu into fireworks.

On the other hand, Xie Qingran didn’t stop attacking Zong Qingxu. He was well aware of the truth of beating a drowning dog. Since the release of the recording, he successively exposed the evidence of the Zong family’s tax evasion and the matter of the factory belonging to the branch of the Zong family squeezing workers and killing people.

Xie Qingran didn’t expose his mother’s affairs. This was just the victim information he had compiled before. At first, he wanted to help those people get justice, but later…

Fortunately, he used it this time.

This kind of thing happened in many branches of the Zong family, but it was suppressed before. This time, the problems of each branch were exposed one after another. Many victims’ families also began to accept interviews and complain one after another, completely arousing public outrage.

Zong Ming confessed at this time, which happened to be the last straw to crush the Zong family.

After getting the evidence, before the Emperor issued the arrest order, Yue Zhan arrested Zong Wei, who was still in Blue Star.

Next, they just had to wait for the Emperor to arrest Zong Qingxu in the Imperial Capital.

Unexpectedly, one day later, the news from the Imperial capital was that Zong Qingxu had run away.


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