Chapter 13 – The little prince can’t do it

He’s Pregnant with the Major General’s Fish Cub [Interstellar]
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With Yue Zhan’s support, Hu Yichen’s admission to the Imperial College soon became a certainty.

Yue Zhan not only wrote a letter of recommendation in the name of the base commander, proving that Hu Yichen was a rare and malleable talent, but he also helped to maintain Hu Yichen’s position in the technical department.

Yue Zhan said that if Hu Yichen was still willing to, he could return to the base at any time after finishing his studies.

The purpose of this was that if the little prince returned to the Imperial Star and saw Hu Yichen again and began to have false delusions, Yue Zhan could ask Hu Yichen to return to the base under ‘special employment’ to ensure that they won’t have time to meet.

Hu Yichen couldn’t have guessed Yue Zhan’s real intention at all and still thanked Commander Yue in his heart.

Yi Nuo didn’t expect Yue Zhan to get involved in this matter, so he couldn’t help but worry: what does he mean? Is he also aiming at Hu Yichen and intends to snatch someone from me? Also, what if Hu Yichen is grateful to the wrong person?

No, no, no, his work couldn’t be in vain.

So, while Hu Yichen wasn’t paying attention, Yi Nuo secretly said to Hu Yichen, “Let me tell you, in fact… Yue Zhan isn’t a good person.”

Hu Yichen: “?”

Because it was the first time Yi Nuo spoke ill of others behind their backs, he felt a little guilty.

But thinking of his fate in the book, he still gritted his teeth and continued, “For example… he looks serious and abstinent on the surface, but he is actually a beast in private. He is a man with two faces. Therefore, don’t trust him easily.”

Hu Yichen: “???” So, Your Highness, how do you know that Commander Yue is a beast in private? Are you and Commander Yue…

Hu Yichen was stunned, feeling as if he had discovered a great secret.

Yi Nuo thought that Hu Yichen was shocked by the ‘shamelessness’ of Yue Zhan, so he hit the iron while it was hot, “It’s difficult for us good people to get along with bad people. So if I can’t deal with Yue Zhan in the future, you must help me, not him.”

After bad mouthing Yue Zhan, Yi Nuo felt that he was also quite shameless, but he quickly thought innocently: I’m not wrong, the Yue Zhan in the book is really like this. I’m just taking precautions.

Well, yes, that was it.

Yue Zhan was talking with other high-level officials of the base outside. When he was done, he especially went to call Yi Nuo to eat.

“What fish would you like to eat for lunch, Your Highness?” Yue Zhan asked in a low voice when he opened the venue’s door.

Yi Nuo had just finished talking badly about Yue Zhan. Seeing him, Yi Nuo felt a little guilty and wanted to hide.

But when he heard the words ‘eat fish’, he didn’t care about hiding anymore. He immediately walked over and said reservedly, “Then… pick what the chef is good at and make some first. It’s best to have bighead carp, and…”

Yue Zhan curled up the corners of his lips and subconsciously wrote down in his heart the little prince’s favorite foods.

Looking at the little prince who happily left with Major General Yue, Hu Yichen was confused for a second.

Didn’t the little prince just say that Major General Yue was a bad person? But he still left with him…

Could it be that this was the legendary… love? Single dogs can’t understand.


At lunch, Yue Zhan told Yi Nuo about the Emperor’s appointment and asked, “Your Highness, what are your plans?”

Yi Nuo was stunned for a moment. Unexpectedly, the Emperor actually gave him real power this time. He could make important decisions and not be just a mascot or facade.

This was the first time. Yi Nuo thought he was a transparent person in his father’s eyes.

“What about you? Aren’t you also in charge of the investigation team?” After Yi Nuo returned to his senses, he didn’t answer the question.

Yue Zhan shook his head and said, “It’s estimated that my appointment in the investigation team will be withdrawn soon.”

“What?” Yi Nuo was stunned.

Yue Zhan smiled at him and said, “There are times when His Majesty can’t do what he wants.”

Yi Nuo instantly understood that someone above didn’t want to let Yue Zhan investigate and would try to block it.

As for him, it seemed that he was just a decoration with little ability, and those who had done something wrong didn’t need to worry.

Yue Zhan guessed right. After the Emperor’s letter of appointment was issued, the forces behind the Zong family acted quickly. The parliament directly refused to pass the Emperor’s order on the grounds that ‘Yue Zhan was involved in the case and shouldn’t participate in the investigation.’

It was said that the Emperor was very angry, but in the end, he had no choice but to revoke Yue Zhan’s identity as the head of the investigation team and give Yi Nuo full authority.

As soon as the news came out, from ministers to ordinary people, there was little surprise as it was expected.

[Major General Yue’s authority was withdrawn. It seems that the Emperor softened at the beginning of this game.]

[When did His Majesty Scott act tough?]

[Please, another compromise? Why does the Emperor always compromise with these big noble families and financial groups? The Zong family almost caused a catastrophe this time. If it wasn’t because Major General Yue turned the tide, we might have been subjugated now.]

[The subjugation of the country is impossible, but the Eighth Galaxy definitely would have been conquered!]

[If you want me to say, there’s no need to set up an investigation team for this kind of thing. Wouldn’t it be better to directly arrest Zong Qingxy for trial?]

[Zong Qingxu attended a charity dinner yesterday, he didn’t look affected at all.]

[OMG, the patriarch of the Zong family hasn’t been arrested yet?]

[Isn’t the Emperor too useless? A soft bone!]

[No, why do you all think he compromised? Didn’t he let the little prince investigate?]

The discussion seemed to stop for a second, but then—

[As we all know, the members of the royal family are all soft bones!]

[As we all know, the little prince is just a substitute.]

[As we all know, the little prince is just the mascot of the investigation team]

[As we all know, the little prince can’t do it!]

[Can’t do it +1]


[The little prince is being hacked too much. Is it the First Prince’s navy again?]

[It’s really not a navy. I’m also a fan of the little prince’s looks, but as we all know, the little prince is only 18 years old. Normal people are still going to school at this age. What can he find out? Is he going to imitate the adults?]

[That’s right, the little prince doesn’t have any experience or ability in this area at all. If Yue Zhan is in charge of the investigation team, he might bring down the Zong family, but if it’s the little prince… I don’t think so.]

[In fact, the little prince is also very unlucky. He was pushed out to take the blame. The Emperor just let him come forward to give the people an explanation in name and prove that the matter was indeed investigated. If the investigation is unsuccessful, let the little prince be scolded.]

Yi Nuo also saw the discussion on the internet, but he was very unconvinced after reading it.

What did they mean that he can’t do it, that he’s incompetent, that he’s just a facade, and is doomed to be scolded?

Yi Nuo wanted to show this group of people what it meant to pretend to be a pig to eat a tiger and make a fortune in silence. He would let them know what it meant to amaze the world with a single move.


Alan soon called Yi Nuo and said, “Fortunately, you let me keep an eye on the Zong family before. You really came prepared in advance.”

“Did you find something?” Yi Nuo asked immediately.

“I found some clues.” Alan said, “The Zong family has been recently contacting outsiders more frequently than usual, especially after Zong Ming was arrested. But I checked and found that this phenomenon didn’t start recently, but half a year ago…”

“Half a year ago?” Yi Nuo quickly grasped the keywords.

“Yes, normally business transactions are not so frequent.” Alan affirmed and then added, “By the way, I also found some clues about your last attack; it may be related to the first prince.”

“Big brother?” Yi Nuo was surprised, then shook his head and said, “It’s unlikely.”

It wasn’t that he was kind-hearted and didn’t think badly about people, but Yi Nuo’s eldest brother was actually… very stupid and had little courage. He wasn’t brave enough to do such a thing.

Yi Nuo believed that the first prince bought a navy to scold him on the Internet. After all, his eldest brother did something like scolding the royal family with an alternate account. As a result, when the netizens picked out that it was the eldest prince himself, he argued that his account was stolen by the navy.

The netizens rated this incident as one of the top ten jokes of the year. Since then, as long as someone scolds the royal family, some people will have fun by commenting: Won’t it be the first prince’s navy?

Yi Nuo’s eldest brother was stupid, but when it came to hiring a murderer to kill him and suspected collusion with an enemy country, Yi Nuo thought it was unlikely. The other party didn’t have the courage.

This was indeed the case. Alan wasn’t the only one who investigated the attack on the delegation. The Emperor also sent people to check and even called the eldest prince for questioning.

The first prince trembled in front of the Emperor. After returning to his own territory, he broke things and violently said, “Who is so blind to spread the rumor that I harmed Yi Nuo? When did I hurt him? Me harming him?”

The first prince’s subordinate on the side reminded embarrassingly: “You were still commenting on the internet a few days ago. You scolded the little highness for being a child and being unreasonable in the front line base.”

Lan Ken stiffened when he heard the words and defended with a guilty conscience, “Wasn’t I… deceived by the one-sided words of that bastard Zong Ming?”

After speaking, he waved his hand and said, “Forget it. Regardless of this, do you know that the father emperor asked Yi Nuo to be responsible for investigating the Zong family? This is to reuse him.”

“No,” the subordinate shook his head, “Everyone can see that it’s just to deal with public opinion.”

“No.” Lan Ken shook his head and said, “It’s not what you think. This time, Father Emperor is serious and really wants to investigate. But why did he suddenly pay attention to Yi Nuo?”

The subordinate said, “I heard… His Majesty intends to marry His Highness to Yue Zhan.”

“What?” Lan Ken was shocked, “Isn’t that giving Yi Nuo a big backer? Does the father emperor want to pass the throne to Yi Nuo?”

Hearing Lan Ken’s words, the subordinate wiped his sweat and said tremblingly, “Your Highness is thinking too much. His Majesty is still young.”

Lan Ken didn’t seem to hear his words. He shook his head and said, “No, I have to find a way to stop it. It’s better to pull Yue Zhan to my side.”

“Ah?” The subordinate was shocked and murmured subconsciously, “Do you also want to marry Yue Zhan?”

“What are you thinking?” Lan Ken stared at his subordinate speechlessly, kicked him directly, and angrily said, “Don’t I still have a sister? What kind of brain circuitry do you have? How can I have such a stupid subordinate as you?”

The subordinate was miserable and secretly thought that his brain circuitry became abnormal after being with the first prince for a long time.

Besides, the eldest prince’s sister was a person with face blindness and a nympho disease. She kept falling in love and forgetting people one after the other. Yue Zhan would have a problem with his brain if he was willing to get a green hat.

Yi Nuo wouldn’t have thought that there were still people in this world who dared to think about Yue Zhan and not be afraid of being locked in a little dark room.

After hanging up the call with his cousin Alan, Yi Nuo wrote down and straightened out the clues one by one.

While analyzing some clues, Yi Nuo suddenly remembered the book. Ever since he knew it was a book in progress, he would take it out from time to time and check if the author had updated it.

After all, this book and the protagonist’s halo could be considered his golden fingers.

Especially now with the matter of the Zong family, Yi Nuo thought that he should often look through it. What if the author revealed some clues in the latest update?

Yi Nuo was used to reading the book and thinking about his problems while taking a bath. Today, he also filled the bathtub with water as usual, lay down comfortably in it, and took out the book leisurely.

The moment he became a mermaid, Yi Nuo felt a sense of lightness in his body and mind.

It was no wonder that mermaids liked to live in the deep sea, and their clothes were mostly made of light cotton. They roamed in the boundless sea, free and unrestrained.

But Yi Nuo had to wear formal or informal royal costumes every day. The clothes were beautiful, but they were a little too restrictive. And he could only soak in the bath for two or three hours, still curled up in the bathtub.

His conditions couldn’t be compared with the legendary mermaid at all.

While turning the pages of the book, Yi Nuo thought: when I return to the Imperial Capital, I must put a large fish tank in the room, which can be explained as raising fish, but… as a matter of course, I will also use it myself.

In addition to the fish tank, he would also ask someone to dig a swimming pool.

Yi Nuo sometimes envied those legendary mermaids. Unfortunately, he had no way to contact other mermaids.

As early as 600 years ago, the Sea Kingdom disappeared, and the mermaid family never appeared again. Even the survivors of the Sea Kingdom scattered in the Empire and the Federation believed that their royal family, the mermaid family, had long perished.

Yi Nuo didn’t know why he became a mermaid. After thinking about it, it could only be explained by ‘maybe someone in the Scott royal family married a mermaid 600 years ago’.

Of course, it was also possible that the book’s author wrote it casually. Or could it be to make it special?

After all… he was the protagonist.

Yi Nuo flipped through the book while thinking about it.

Since the ‘Yue Zhan’ in the previous chapter said to let ‘him’ give birth to a nest of cubs, the author went crazy and let ‘Yue Zhan’ work hard every day.

Before, at least 30% of the plot in previous chapters contained relevant information, but now it wasn’t even 10%.

However, after reading it for the first time, the second time, the third time, and the fourth time, Yi Nuo had become calm about these contents. When he read it now, he occasionally was in the mood to make a few comments in his heart.

So, just after Yue Zhan returned to his room after two hours of training, he heard the little prince next door thinking—

[Yue Zhan didn’t last long today. It was only two hours. What about the perpetual motion machine?]

Yue Zhan: “?”

[How can you give birth to a cub in just two hours? Tsk, tsk!]

Yue Zhan: “…”

[Hey, is it really possible to do it for seven days and nights? In fact, it doesn’t make sense to do it for that long. The performance will be affected, and I still can’t give birth to cubs.]

Yue Zhan squeezed the water cup in his hand tightly and expressionlessly held it to his lips after a moment.

[So, you have to drink water to replenish your strength halfway?]

“Cough, cough…” Yue Zhan almost choked.

[Alas, it’s too embarrassing to say that Yue Zhan is like a perpetual motion machine, that’s it?]

Yue Zhan couldn’t bear to continue listening to the thoughts of the little prince and silently moved away from the wall.

After he took a shower, the little prince next door was still reading.

Yue Zhan listened for two minutes and then silently thought: bathroom, dining table, throne, lawn… how many times did they do it? Did the little prince go crazy today?

Ten minutes later, Yue Zhan found that the sex scene had been transferred to the back of a horse, and the content was very detailed and explosive. Yue Zhan didn’t know if the little prince went crazy or not, but he felt that he would if he continued listening.

The description of the sex scenes was delicate and fragrant. It was embarrassing at first, but after listening for a while… which normal man wouldn’t respond?

Yue Zhan felt that he couldn’t let the prince go on like this anymore. It definitely wasn’t for his own sake, but to prevent the little prince from falling deeper into the fantasy.

Yes, that was it.

After thinking about it, Yue Zhan went straight to knock on the next door.

Yi Nuo was soaking in the bathtub, indulging in reading. Hearing the sound, he was busy turning back into a human. At the same time, he put the book back into the space bracelet and stretched out his hand to pull the bath towel.

But he was in a hurry. Before his tail finished turning into legs, he stood up first. As a result, the tip of his tail slipped, Yi Nuo fell back into the bathtub and hit his tailbone, causing him to scream in pain.

The hand of Yue Zhan knocking on the door trembled slightly and subconsciously asked, “Your Highness, what’s the matter with you?”

However, Yi Nuo was unable to speak because of the pain. Not receiving a response, Yue Zhan became anxious.

After asking twice and not getting a response, Yue Zhan hesitated for two seconds and simply entered the door password he set when he used the room…

Then, the door opened.

Yue Zhan was stunned for a moment. The little prince didn’t change the password?

Before he could think about it, he quickly pushed the door in.

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