Chapter 6

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Qi Xun smiled but didn’t say anything; this guy was just doing his own work. An astonishing idea flashed through his mind, but before he could confirm it, the door of the side room was pushed open, and a loud voice interrupted his thinking.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!”

A figure came in. Qi Xun and the man beside him looked at him, and both of them were stunned.

The man that came in was wearing a simple military uniform and had a beautiful face. His bright red hair was tied behind his head with a hairband, and his hair fluttered with his footsteps. He was just like a handsome boy full of vitality.

Qi Xun and the man beside him: “Who are you?”

The man staggered and almost fell down on the spot. With wide eyes, he came to them and patted the table, “Me, ah. I just changed my image a little, and you don’t recognize me??? I am Meng Bu Meng!”

Qi Xun and the man beside him: “???”

The corners of Qi Xun’s mouth twitched, and the man beside him stood up, dumbfounded, walked around the handsome red-haired man, and started to make complaints about it. “You call this a ‘little image change’? Except for the red hair, where do you still look like your original appearance!”

Everyone knew that Meng Bu Meng was a skinny and shriveled, dark-skinned, sallow-toothed, and little-eyed man!

In the beginning, everyone was willing to concede defeat to the excessive ugliness of the virtual avatar created by Meng Bu Meng. They thought that their imagination was not so rich; even if they wanted to be so ugly, they wouldn’t know which parameters to adjust.

Everyone who met Meng Bu Meng had to be in a trance for a while before they could recover. After all, it was unprecedented to encounter such an ugly avatar in the world of online games today.

Unexpectedly, when everyone had finally accepted this setting, this guy suddenly changed and came dressed up as delicate as a flower?

Qi Xun picked up the teacup, took a sip of tea, and after a pause he said, “… It seems you had a good time last night.”

What did this mean? All the men present were adult men, and they all knew what happened last night. It was impossible to not understand.

Zhou Yao’s face turned red. Suddenly, he stopped slapping the table and his voice was no longer loud. He lowered his head and twiddled his two thumbs in circles.

Hearing this, the eyes of the man complaining immediately turned ambiguous, and his tone became obscene. His voice was like a pimp’s in a brothel, “Hey, hey. Oh my god. So that’s what it is, it seems that you really like that Lu Jiao, ah! Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, Meng Bu Meng will one day become Meng Meng Meng because of the Emperor of Qi—”

Zhou Yao was embarrassed. He stretched out his arm and waved it, exclaiming in a low voice, “Nonsense!”

The slap made the man fall to the ground with a ‘plop,’ his eyes flashed with a golden light, and his expression was dumbfounded!

Qi Xun almost didn’t manage to swallow his mouthful of tea, and he coughed.

When Zhou Yao finished beating others, he sat down next to Qi Xun with a shy face and muttered, “I just think it’s weird to be called ‘Meng Meng’ by him with that face…”

Qi Xun glanced at him and said, “Anyway, it’s not you who is disgusting.”

Zhou Yao said righteously, “That won’t do. I can’t stand even just thinking about that image, ah!”

Qi Xun was also amazed. He thought that this man was still struggling when he called him last night, but for the sake of Lu Jiao he began to deceive himself so quickly. When this guy had just found out yesterday that he was pitted by his sister in the ‘Tie the knot’ game area, he still looked like he would rather die than surrender. After a while, he came to tell him that his heart value was high enough to make people panic. It could be seen that this man’s principles were not firm. It took less than a minute for him to be twisted into a mosquito coil.

Overall, that person is still capable.

Thinking of this, Qi Xun looked at Zhou Yao’s expression.

… It seemed that Zhou Yao still didn’t know the real identity of Lu Jiao.

But it didn’t seem to be something that he should explain.

The man on the ground got up, rubbed his face, and complained, “Damn! You are only trying to defend yourself; this is just the beginning! Mu God, I think we need to be prepared to stay away from this man! He’s going to become more and more terrifying!”

Zhou Yao felt that this man had a sinister mind. He was a single dog, so he was about to push him out. He immediately said, “Don’t just talk about me. You think Mu Yi Cheng Zhou is—”

Speaking of this, Zhou Yao suddenly remembered that Qi Xun had married someone with his trumpet. Although he seemed to be in a good mood after listening to Qi Xun’s voice and tone yesterday, in the end, it was due to his trouble that Qi Xun had married someone else. Generally speaking, he was still at fault. As a result, he quickly approached and asked for instructions in a low voice, “Brother Qi, can we talk about this matter?”

Qi Xun thought about it and said, “Don’t talk about it yet.”

Although they are all brothers, and in principle there is nothing to hide, once the news gets out, it will inevitably spread far. Even if the Princess of Qin knew that he had married someone else with his trumpet, she would not stop pursuing him. However, Gua Gua and his trumpet may have to face various situations and be exploited. Qi Xun had just tasted a little bit of cuteness and didn’t want to be disturbed.

“Okay.” Zhou Yao regretted that he could not bring his brother into the same camp with him.

After listening to Zhou Yao’s half of the story, the other man kept asking, “What’s the matter? What’s the matter?? How can you just say half of it, what happened to Mu God?”

“Nothing, nothing.” Zhou Yao dismissed it casually. His thoughts turned and he looked at Qi Xun’s expression carefully. Zhou Yao saw that Qi Xun’s face was calm, but it didn’t feel the same as usual. Suddenly, he felt as if something was really wrong, oh?

Could it be that last night…

As he was feeling suspicious, Qi Xun suddenly raised his eyes, looked at him, and slightly cocked his eyebrows.

The two had been brothers for so many years. They could rely on a single look to communicate even inside the game. Zhou Yao was surprised, and then he mentally shook his fist in his heart.

Damn, they were worthy of being good brothers. Even falling in love was this synchronized!

After the two people confirmed their thoughts with each other, they both suddenly showed a meaningful smile. The other man was confused, but vaguely, he felt that he was the one who was always being excluded…

The three sat down and had a good discussion about what they were going to do next.

There were still two battles left before they would get the right to establish a country, and they planned to finish this matter within half a month.

There were more than 30 countries in Warring States. Since they rebelled against the State of Qin, many countries that were hostile to Qin had offered olive branches. Of course, they didn’t mind taking over. And now, relying on Zhou Yao’s… personal charm, the State of Qi was also attracted by them. It would be easy to win two more battles; it was just a matter of making an appointment with everyone.

They planned to fight Qin in both battles. Either way, whether it was Qi Xun or the other countries, neither were happy with Qin.

During the discussion, Zhou Yao secretly sent several messages to Qi Xun asking who the ‘Gua Gua Gu’ of his marriage was. He also asked to bring him out to meet him when he had time. Qi Xun just took a look at the messages and did not care about them.

Zhou Yao finally said, “Damn, so precious?!”

Qi Xun curled his lips and didn’t explain much. Not only did he not want to be disturbed by others, he and Gua Gua had just gotten to know each other and they also needed time to adapt to each other. At this time, the most important thing was to maintain their private world for two.

Qi Xun ignored him, and Zhou Yao did not continue to ask, only casting a gaze full of deep meaning.

By the end of the simple meeting, the other man said, “It’s still early, why don’t we—”

Zhou Yao stood up and said, “I have to leave in advance!”

The man: “Damn, he is in such a hurry to find Lu Jiao. That, Mu God, we—”

Qi Xun took a final sip of tea, put down his teacup, and stood up. “I have something to do. I have to leave first.”

When the man recovered, he was left alone in the empty pavilion, “…”

On the outskirts of the Zhao Country, after brushing the forum, Le Han went to harvest vegetables from his farmland. He was plucking radishes from the ground.

This radish was especially strong, and it took Le Han a lot of energy to pull it out. As a result, his whole person fell backwards because of the rebound!

Le Han let out a cry of surprise, a pair of hands reached out from behind to catch him, and his back bumped into a chest.

Le Han looked up and met the man’s smiling eyes. His face turned red immediately, and he said shyly, “You are here…”

Qi Xun helped Le Han stand upright, smiled, and said with a low voice, “Little daredevil.”

Le Han’s heart trembled as he listened— ah, ah, ah, Su Hao’s [1] spoiling tone!

Seeing that his heart rate progress bar popped out again and began to rise, Le Han immediately dropped the radish. After that, he suddenly raised his leg and performed a standing split. His leg was close to his ear, and his hand was bracing his ankle on top of his head! He looked at Qi Xun with bright eyes!

Qi Xun choked, and the heart rate progress bar above his head also began to rise.

He himself felt strange. He saw these cute fancy tricks for a long time last night, yet today he could unexpectedly continue watching the splits and increasing his heart value. How come he never knew that his cute point was so strange?

However, after the baptism from last night, Qi Xun had a strong ability to accept his new side. At this time, he was no longer entangled with how much his heartbeat value had soared. He obeyed his heart and rubbed Le Han’s head with a smile.”… So lovely.”

Le Han: “!”

He blushed and put down his leg, quietly enjoying Qi Xun’s touch.

Seeing a figure not far behind Qi Xun, Le Han was puzzled, “Is that your frog?”

Le Han only had one pet frog, but at this time, a second big frog had appeared in front of his pet frog. However, this frog was much bigger and more extraordinary than his green frog. There were two red and black lines on both sides of the body, golden spots on the back, and the belly was blood red… Why did it feel so poisonous…

Qi Xun said, “I caught this frog when I was farming a dungeon. It can be paired with your frog, and it can also help you look after the house. I want to give it to you.”

Le Han was quite happy— this was the first gift from his boyfriend, so he said happily, “Thank you!”

Qi Xun also followed with a smile.

But in his heart, he was thinking, it seems that Little Cutie really had no interest in his main account?

He had an idea on his way here just now— if Gua Gua knew that he is Mu Yi Cheng Zhou, what would his reaction be?

He felt that Gua Gua must have heard of the name Mu Yi Cheng Zhou.

Qi Xun believed that he deliberately didn’t show his strength when he played as Mu Yi Cheng Zhou. However, it seemed that he unconsciously created a high-powered aura and inexplicably had a lot of fans.

He had never paid attention to this kind of thing before, but he couldn’t help thinking that if Gua Gua was also a fan of Mu Yi Cheng Zhou… if he knew that he was married to Mu Yi Cheng Zhou, would he be excited?

This idea made Qi Xun eager to move. He thought that even though he didn’t want to tell others about his trumpet and marriage in order to avoid him and Gua Gua being disturbed, there’s no problem if Gua Gua knew his main account.

So, seeing Le Han bending down to pick up the white radish he had just thrown on the ground, Qi Xun asked casually, “Gua Gua, aren’t you curious about my main account?”

When Le Han heard this question, he was honest and said, “A lot of people in the game have both main accounts and trumpets. It’s normal.”

And he really just wanted a ‘husband’ to fall in love with. Le Han really didn’t care about other things that have nothing to do with their relationship.

However, he couldn’t say it in such a straightforward manner; otherwise, it would be too damaging to the atmosphere.

But when he had only said half of the words, Qi Xun paused sensitively, didn’t know how he thought about it and asked, “Do you also have a trumpet?”

Le Han froze. He pointed to the last white radish in front of him and said, “Ah, the last one, I’ll go pull it out!”

After he finished speaking, he ran away with a ‘puff, puff, puff.’

Qi Xun, who was left in the same place: “…”

Did he not hear his question, or did he ignore it deliberately?


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