Chapter 51

Characters List

Le Han – Main Character

  • Gua Gua Gu – In-game main character’s name
  • Daji / Enchanting Imperial Concubine – In-game alternate character’s name

Qi Xun – Male Lead

  • Mu Yi Cheng Zhou / Mu God – In-game main character
  • Zhan Ge – In-game trumpet’s name
  • Spark’s singer

Zhou Yao – Qi Xun’s best friend

  • Meng Bu Meng – In-game main character’s name
  • Spark’s member

Luo Yan – Zhou Yao’s husband

  • Lu Jiao (Emperor of Qi) – In-game main character’s name
  • Spark’s drummer

Qin Yuyuan (Princess Qin) – Qi Xun’s pursuer

  • Axue – In-game main character’s name

Zhang Yang (Prince Tang) – Le Han’s pursuer

Qiao Rui – Le Han’s roommate and friend

  • Spark’s bassist

He Yiming – Le Han’s previous crush and senior student

Zhao Yifei – Le Han’s high school classmate and friend

Yu Manman – Le Han’s high school classmate and He Yiming’s ex-girlfriend

Xu Jingsen – Le Han’s high school classmate

An Ke – Yu Manman’s friend

Yao Lingyu – Le Han’s high school classmate

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Qi Xun escorted Le Han back to the bar.

To be precise, Qi Xun almost carried him.

He took him to a room in the back, where some sundries, clothes hanging on a few stools, and drinking glasses lay around. It was the place where Qi Xun and the others rested.

On the way, Qi Xun sent Luo Yan to meet Zhou Yao in front of the stage. Qiao Rui had been asking what had happened, and when he found out, he was so upset that he wanted to beat someone.

At the door of the lounge, he said, “Brother Qi, you must make the workers pay special attention to these people. You can’t let them in again!”

“I know, I’ll tell them.” This time, Qi Xun’s answer was straightforward.

Qiao Rui paused and then said, “Those three men didn’t seem to have an invitation at all! I’ve just heard they gave some money to the doorman.”

Qi Xun: “I’ll solve it.”

Qiao Rui: “And—”

Qi Xun let Le Han enter the lounge and then turned to face Qiao Rui.

Qiao Rui stopped, stared at Qi Xun, and said, “I still have something to say.”

Qi Xun said ruthlessly, “You go with Luo Yan. I have something to say to Le Han.”

Qiao Rui exploded. “Le Han is my roommate. Why are you—”

Before he finished speaking, the door slammed shut in front of him, and Qiao Rui heard the sound of the lock. He was so angry that he wanted to kick the door.

And inside the lounge.

Qi Xun turned around.

Le Han stood there and looked at him silently.

The injuries on his face had become red and swollen, his chin and lips were stained with blood, and his dirty and torn clothes made him look quite embarrassed.

After looking at Qi Xun for a while, Le Han noticed his own state. He turned sideways as if hiding and raised his hand to wipe his mouth.

Qi Xun stepped forward, opened the cabinet door on one side, took out a medicine box from within, and then walked to Le Han’s side and pressed him on a chair.

He opened the medicine box and took out an iodophor cotton swab. He removed the wrapping paper and broke the swab head on one side, allowing the iodophor to run down the plastic tube and soak the swab on the other end.

When Qi Xun held the object under the light, Le Han noticed that Qi Xun’s fingers were very slender. He thought that a mere simple action looked very pleasing, and his gaze fell on Qi Xun’s hand in a daze.

Holding the cotton swab, Qi Xun knelt in front of Le Han and reached out to touch his face.

Le Han recovered from his daze and tried to grab the cotton swab as he whispered, “I’ll do it myself—”

“Don’t move,” Qi Xun said and bypassed Le Han’s hand.

He carefully supported Le Han’s face with one hand and used the other to gently disinfect Le Han with the cotton swab.

“I’ll give you a simple treatment first, then we’ll go to the hospital,” he said.

“Oh,” Le Han dazedly responded but he soon thought of something. He frowned and said, “You haven’t been on stage yet!”

Qi Xun said firmly, “It’s okay. I’ll explain to the fans and deal with the matter later.”

“I’m fine here. It’s not a big problem,” Le Han said awkwardly.

“Having a nosebleed is okay?” Qi Xun squeezed the tip of Le Han’s nose. “Don’t say anything. You have to go to the hospital. If you don’t go, I’ll worry.”

The last words of Qi Xun made Le Han grab his pants nervously.

Although the two had recognized each other without any communication just now, it happened too suddenly… After the matter subsided and only the two of them were left, Le Han didn’t know what to do.

He didn’t expect that Zhan Ge would be Qi Xun. How could it be Qi Xun…

Qi Xun noticed Le Han’s panic and his expression became gentler.

When the cotton swab rubbed the corner of his mouth, Le Han hissed in pain.

Qi Xun hurriedly leaned over and blew air at the corner of his mouth.

Le Han’s eyes widened, and he froze in place.

The distance between them was meager. Qi Xun’s almost flawless face was magnified in front of Le Han. Qi Xun had a pleasant scent on his body. Le Han felt it shouldn’t be perfume nor the smell of his clothes.The scent was special, gentle, and pleasant. When Le Han smelled it, he couldn’t help relaxing.

Le Han’s palms were sweaty, and electricity seemed to flow down his spine. He bent down involuntarily.

While blowing lightly, Qi Xun carefully wiped the wound with the cotton swab and then met Le Han’s eyes.

The young man’s eyes were bright and moist, with a little bit of redness.

For a moment, the room was silent.

Qi Xun’s eyes moved down and fell on Le Han’s lips.

Le Han felt his gaze, his throat tightened, and he bit his lip subconsciously.

Qi Xun looked at his lips for a long time, and Le Han only felt that his face was burning. Finally, he almost begged for mercy and said in a low voice, “…I just had a nosebleed!”

Don’t kiss me just like this, ah!

The corners of his mouth were swollen, very ugly!

Qi Xun burst out laughing.

Le Han said, “…What are you laughing at?

Qi Xun said with a smile, “How come you are so cute, ah.”

Le Han: “…”

He looked at Qi Xun angrily.

Qi Xun looked at Le Han with a smile and said, “Le Han, I’m Zhan Ge.”

Le Han paused.

Qi Xun restrained his smile a little and slowly said, “Actually, I discovered it the day we ate hot pot. When you sent the photo, I recognized myself at a glance.”

Le Han was taken aback and said in surprise, “So early?!”

But on second thought, it was a picture of Qi Xun. How could Qi Xun not recognize himself!

Le Han blushed immediately and said in embarrassment, “…Why didn’t you tell me back then, ah!”

Qi Xun begged for mercy, “Because you disliked me at the time, how could I dare to tell you that I was Zhan Ge, ah? Moreover, the more I got to know you, the more I liked you, ah.”

“You—” Le Han’s face was so red that it looked as if it was about to bleed.

‘The more I got to know you, the more I liked you…’ What… such words were too foul!

Qi Xun knew that this moment was special. Le Han had just suffered many ups and downs. Because of this, Le Han’s spiritual defenses were relatively weak, so it was easier to break into his heart. Qi Xun coughed lightly and said shamelessly, “Moreover, I really wanted to make sure that the moment we met was romantic. You should’ve heard the song, right? I wrote it especially for you. I worked on it for a long time. I really hoped you could know I was Zhan Ge when you listened to it.”

“That song… Was it good?” Qi Xun asked with a smile.

Le Han looked around, blushed, and nodded silently.

Qi Xun’s heart was about to melt. “It’s good if you think it’s good.”

Le Han twisted his fingers nervously and didn’t speak.

Qi Xun grabbed his hand.

Le Han shivered a little.

Qi Xun asked in a whisper, “…Then between the two of us?”

Le Han could hear the sound of his heart beating.

He opened his mouth and wanted to answer, but he was too ashamed to say something, so he closed his mouth again. Qi Xun looked at him, waiting for him to speak, which made Le Han even more nervous, and he was short of breath.

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

Le Han breathed a sigh of relief.

Qi Xun gave him a meaningful look and went to open the door. It was a staff member who came to ask if Qi Xun would perform later.

Le Han swallowed and calmed down his nervous mood. After listening to Qi Xun saying that he wouldn’t perform, he hurriedly walked over and said, “You’d better go sing. I, I can go to the hospital by myself.”

“No,” Qi Xun said firmly, “I will accompany you to the hospital.”

The person outside watched the whole process, and his gaze darted between Le Han and Qi Xun; it was a look full of gossip.

He had known this boss for a long time. Most of the time, he was cold-faced. No matter how good-looking he was, he could only be admired from a distance. He could have never imagined how this cold man turned around and actually took care of a person. Just like what he’d said just now—it almost seemed like he wanted to put the young man in his pocket.

Le Han was embarrassed by the staff’s look. He hid behind Qi Xun, and said in a low voice, “Well, when you finish singing, we can go to the hospital…”

“But…” Qi Xun frowned.

Le Han pushed him. “It’s okay.”

After speaking, he whispered, “…I want to hear you sing.”

When he heard this, Qi Xun paused, and the corners of his lips curled up.

He glanced at the staff member in a good mood and said, “Okay, call me when it’s almost time.”

When Qi Xun stepped onto the stage, there was a burst of cheers in the bar.

It had to be said that although they were all fans of the band, most people had a preference, and Qi Xun was definitely the most popular one.

When Qi Xun came on the stage, he had a smile on his lips and a gentle expression, which made the fans dazed. Hardcore fans knew that Qi Xun was very cold. What happened today? Was Qi Xun in a good mood?

No, no, it should be said that Qi Xun seemed to be in a good mood at the beginning of the fan meeting, now it was as if something great had happened. Qi Xun’s expression was so gentle that he didn’t look like Qi Xun at all!

Qi Xun had led Le Han all the way to the side of the stage in the dark. Now he was sitting against the wall.

He heard two girls screaming softly, “Brother Qi is so handsome!!!”

“What’s going on? He is so gentle today! I can’t stand it anymore!”

“My legs are soft; how can he be so handsome, ah!!”

“I feel like… Brother Qi isn’t in love, is he?”

Ahhh, don’t say that! Whoever is liked by Brother Qi really saved the galaxy in their past life!”

Le Han blushed and then slandered; how could this man be so good? He lied to him, ah

But after thinking about it, Le Han looked at Qi Xun on the stage and was stunned.

The man was sitting on a chair, singing and playing the guitar.

Today, all the songs he sang were gentle.

In the past, Spark occasionally produced this kind of song, and Qi Xun himself could write songs in this style. However, the man had never sung only sweet songs.

Now, it was all love songs, soft and honeyed. The voice was pleasant, and the air seemed to be full of intoxicating sweetness.

At the end of the song, Qi Xun turned his head and looked at the side of the stage.

The two girls standing in front of Le Han had their legs weakened. They helped each other up and said, “Qi, Brother Qi…”

Le Han knew that Qi Xun had looked straight into his eyes.

After singing the last sentence with a smile, he said in a low voice, “…These are all songs written for you.”

At this moment, Le Han covered his chest, and he suddenly understood why the female lead always had to put her hand over her heart.

The process of the fan meeting was firstly the opening of the band, then the individual performance of the four members, and finally four songs of the band. In fact, the total time wasn’t long, so although Qi Xun and the other three were worried about Le Han’s injury, Le Han insisted on Qi Xun staying until the end. After the concert was over, the fans didn’t leave so soon, and Qiao Rui and the others didn’t plan to leave early either. However, Qi Xun had to take Le Han away immediately. Before leaving, Qi Xun noticed that Zhou Yao and Luo Yan seemed to be awkward. He could guess what was going on, but he didn’t have time to ask about the situation in detail, so he made a note to ask later.

In the end, Qi Xun wrapped a windbreaker around Le Han and took him out through the back door.

The bar was very close to Qi Xun’s apartment, so Qi Xun didn’t drive over, and they had to take a taxi.

While standing on the side of the road, Le Han was wrapped in Qi Xun’s coat and hugged by him. His heart was warm.

There was a lot of traffic on the road. After a while, Le Han said something softly.

Qi Xun didn’t hear clearly. He leaned closer to his ear and said in a warm voice, “What did you say?”

Le Han paused and said in a low voice, “I said… you are really a fairy.”

Qi Xun was taken aback and looked at Le Han puzzledly.

Le Han looked at Qi Xun and smiled after letting out a chuckle.

Qi Xun was dazzled by Le Han’s smile and stared at him in a daze.

Le Han thought, ‘fairy, this man must be a fairy!’


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