Chapter 6.1 – A Great Threat

T/N: The original idiom from goes like this: 洪水猛兽

The literal translation to this idiom is supposed to be “fierce floods and savage beasts”. This idiom is also used to describe a great threat or a hidden danger.

Huaqing Palace, Imperial Consort Chen’s chamber.

Liang Zhen advanced up the flight of steps, but before entering through the gate, an imperial guard who had been ordered to stay behind reported to him in a whisper: “A few days prior, madam kept demanding for a leave. Her wordings…… are somewhat indecent, but during the past two days, she seems to have stopped herself on the contrary. Yet she still appeared to be in a daze, and would giggle for a moment then weep in the next……”

A glimpse of sarcasm flashes through Liang Zhen’s gaze as he pushes open the gate and enters.

Imperial Consort Chen is ludicrously huddle up on the floor with her hair dishevelled as not a meager her stunning and alluring elegance from the previous day was seen. Liang Zhen apathetically observed and thought back to the words she has spoken back in the day when she insist on entering the palace as his gaze chilled further “The members of my family all claim that I had a similar appearance as my second uncle, so his majesty may also take an interest in me even if I am a female ba”.

Imperial Consort Chen slowly lift her head after hearing the commotion and made eye contact with Liang Zhen’s gaze which lacked any warmth. After a slight pause, she raised the corners of her lip and coldly sneered: “How long is Zhaowang planning to place me under a house arrest? Why is it that I am not even allow to attend the funeral session after the death his majesty?”

“After the demise of the emperor, madam has been grief-stricken and thus unable to get out of bed to keep vigil beside the bier,” Liang Zhen’s tone is fridge, and after a pause, he once again continued, “Madam has lost interest in anything else in life because you’ve been single-mindedly commemorating the emperor, so why don’t you go accompany him if that’s the case.”

Imperial Consort Chen was flabbergasted, her body trembled all over as she reacted in a fury of grief: “You are intending to get rid of me, you are actually intending to put me to death…… how exactly did that Zhu Yunxuan lead you astray?! For his sake, you pretended to act on an imperial order to stripped away the throne which belong to Qiong’er, and now you even want us dead! We clearly had a deal previously, since you and I are both surnamed Liang, is it not satisfying enough to be a regency?! So why would you commit such an act that will put yourself at a disadvantage?!”

Liang Zhen denied: “Madam is mistaken, you are the only one who has to be dead. Since the ninth prince is still minor, he doesn’t understand much. You are the one who imbedded poison into the emperor’s incense which caused him to be bedridden with a lingering disease. Do you still need me to continue?”

Imperial Consort Chen’s teeth shuddered as she fixedly glared at Liang Zhen: “You’re aware of it all along, yet you still tolerate it, you……”

“How is it that I am able to be aware of it?” Liang Zhen unceremoniously interrupted her, and coldly reminded: “Madam should stop sprouting nonsense, since you are already aware that you are a part of the Liang clan, so in order to prevent the clan from undergoing a complete annihilation because of you, then you should obediently embark onto your journey to hell.”

Imperial Consort Chen’s eyes are crimson. She just hate the fact that she doesn’t have the ability to pounce over and torn apart Liang Zhen as she start giggling once again due to anger: “For the sake of Liang clan? Hahaha, you basically don’t care about Liang clan at all, you won’t even bat an eyelid even if the Liang clan was annihilated. Why didn’t you simply publicise this matter in front of crowd in order to further justify the new emperor, Zhu Yunxuan? You essentially didn’t do it for the sake of Liang clan! You merely intends to have everyone under the heaven to suspect that Zhu Yunxuan used underhanded methods for the sake of ascending to the throne, so he would have no choice but to rely on you! The reason that you’ve kept Qiong’er is merely for the purpose of reminding him! I’ve thought of how invulnerable the relationship between you and him is, since you are so desperate to help him out yet are so wary of him at the same time, isn’t that interesting of you?! If my Qiong’er claim the throne, won’t it be nice to having the heaven in your grasp?

Liang Zhen smirked contemptuously: “You aren’t slow-witted, yet you are still wrong about it. If I indeed wish to obtain authority, there’s nothing wrong with me claiming the territory ruled over by the Zhu clan, right? This position was reserved for me by the emperor in the first place, and your son is merely a puppet left for me by him. You’re aware of it by heart yet you are still dreaming about your fantasy of being an empress dowager without hesitation. I originally can allow you to do as you wish, but it’s just so happens that you are out of luck. Rather then gaining control over the imperial court, certain people and matters caught my attention instead, so I naturally follow my own will.”

“You lunatic!”

A single sentence of “follow my own will” was the whole reason that he stirred up this entire controversy. Imperial Consort Chen cursed in a frenzy, it’s unknown as to who exactly is the actual psycho between her and Liang Zhen.

Liang Zhen frigidly glared at her: “As a person who was about to face an imminent death, you should stay quiet in order to reserve some energy for later. You are the one who gave birth to Zhu Yunqiong after all, so he could be left alive if you were the one to die. But if you are persistent on dragging him down to hell with you, I won’t mind sending off both of you.”

Imperial Consort Chen limply closed her eyes in agony.

Ganlin Palace.

The ceremony of enthronement will be conducted after three days, the ministry of rites is currently reporting the proceedings and matters regarding the ceremony to Zhu Yunxuan who stood there silently and listened without furthering commenting. Liang Zhen stood to the side in attendance after entering and didn’t interrupt them as he also listened along with interest. Those few ministers of rites were uneased, since they were extra cautious towards Liang Zhen compared to Zhu Yunxuan, whilst even their words are spoken tentatively.

After listening mid-way through, Liang Zhen suddenly spoke up and questioned: “The chief minister is the one who is responsible for presenting forth the imperial decree during the enthronement ceremony of the emperors in our past dynasties and submit the new emperor. But now that Zhang Nianling has already been executed due to committing treason, how are you planning to deal with this part?”

Scholar Yan, the director of the board of rites responded dutifully: “I’ve tentatively decided to allow Elder Liu to act on his behalf regarding this matter, but whether it’s feasible or not, is for your highness to decide.

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