Chapter 16

Content Warning: This chapter may contain depictions of violence, sex, offensive language and has been marked NSFW

Liang Xiao supported Ye Ji’an by the shoulder and looked at him silently. This persisted for more than two minutes.

“Does your statement still hold true, even now?” he asked.

Ye Ji’an had been gulping nervously for a long time. His pinky was still hooked on Liang Xiao’s belt.

“Why wouldn’t my words be true?” He retorted, yanking Liang Xiao towards himself.

“Will you still say the same a minute from now?” Liang Xiao asked as he once again embraced Ye Ji’an. In doing so, his scorching gaze moved away from Ye Ji’an’s body.

Liang Xiao did not exert any force behind his arms. They slowly wrapped around Ye Ji’an’s waist with utmost gentleness. Ye Ji’an was obviously already in the other’s arms, yet he could still feel the other’s reluctance to part.

“You’re waiting for me to regret my words?”


“I…I won’t regret it.”

Ye Ji’an finally let go of the belt in his hands and placed his arm on Liang Xiao’s shoulder, wanting to make the embrace feel more solid.

“I did drink a little, but I… can definitely take responsibility for what I’ve said.”

“After all, I’ve already fallen for you…” Ye Ji’an continued, feeling both elated and wronged.

Liang Xiao was silent for a while before he let out a chuckle beside Ye Ji’an’s ear.

“Then what does Senior want me to do now? Shall I bring you to the restroom?”

“Yes, and you have to give me a kiss too!” Ye Ji’an sulked.

His words shocked even himself. Ye Ji’an felt that his thick skin had been ground thin by this embarrassing statement—but so what? He didn’t even feel concerned about their suits, which had been left unattended at the bar counter.

As expected, Liang Xiao was someone who did things efficiently and someone who would go above and beyond. He kissed Ye Ji’an, who was still nestled in his arms, fulfilling both of Ye Ji’an’s demands in one go by leading him out of the bar.

Ye Ji’an took a step back, and then another. He couldn’t see anything behind him and had no choice but to cede his strength and sense of direction to Liang Xiao. Surprisingly, this did not bring Ye Ji’an any uneasiness.

Although he might’ve attracted a large amount of attention, he miraculously did not bump into anyone. The lights dangled above his head, blinking through a myriad of colours. The smoke from the bar made their surroundings stuffy.

Ye Ji’an decided to close his eyes altogether. His world narrowed down to their breaths and that point of contact between their lips.

Frankly speaking, he’d seldom received kisses like these—not even two years ago, when he had still been attached.

Ye Ji’an had been brought up in a strict environment, having been taught since a young age that he should marry, have children and perform his filial duties as per the norm.

Somewhere down the line, his ex-girlfriend, donning a sheet mask on her face, would grow furious with him for coming home too late after hours of overtime.

She would throw their blankets onto the ground and spend the whole night having a heart-to-heart with him, bringing up the topics of marriage, children and filial piety.

This led Ye Ji’an to believe that that was all sex amounted to; it was a series of actions with a set of well-defined rules and a clear goal in mind. He could understand with a single glance what was expected of him. Sex, to Ye Ji’an, was no different from a one-time mortgage payment.

Naturally, no one had ever taught him how to respond to a kiss simply because he wanted to.

Adding on to his inexperience, Ye Ji’an had not kissed anyone in a considerably long time and found his pitiful, clumsy kissing techniques inadequate. Putting in double the effort, he injected even more enthusiasm into the kiss, hoping that it could make up for his lack of skill.

Ye Ji’an gradually became more breathless and had no choice but to part from Liang Xiao. Catching a quick breath, he sealed his lips over the other’s once more without a second of delay.

Liang Xiao, on the other hand, was much calmer. He level-headedly responded to Ye Ji’an’s frantic kisses, guiding him into a steadier rhythm, and even multitasked by stroking fingers down Ye Ji’an’s spine and nuzzling him once every so often.

A bright corridor separated the bathroom and the bar. A cold wind swept through.

Cigarette butts, having been squashed flat underneath people’s feet, littered the entrance. There wasn’t a single soul inside.

The wall and floor tiles were made up of different shades of grey, and the strong scent of air freshener permeated the area in front of the mirror.

Liang Xiao stopped the kiss and held Ye Ji’an’s chin to take in the other’s appearance. He soon picked out a cubicle.

Ye Ji’an was slumped over his body, panting. His head was towards Liang Xiao and a hint of reluctance could be seen in his expression.

Ye Ji’an found Liang Xiao too detached when it came to stopping their kissing. He seemed to be the only one affected; Liang Xiao looked so put together that it was as if he could attend a company meeting right this moment.

“Let’s use this one,” Ye Ji’an pointed to the innermost room.

Liang Xiao grabbed his wrist and led him in, half embracing him and half dragging him along. The door slammed shut with a loud bang, and Ye Ji’an was abruptly pressed up against the wall.

His hands were securely restrained beside his ears and he was met with a forceful kiss.

Liang Xiao’s current expression was much fiercer than the one he had outside. The confused Ye Ji’an finally understood: Liang Xiao would only show his innermost desires when they had privacy.

“Senior, oh Senior.” Liang Xiao softly called out to him.

He brought his hips close to Ye Ji’an’s and placed his knees between his legs. His tongue gently prodded at Ye Ji’an’s palate, gums and the base of his tongue. Ye Ji’an could feel tiny pricks once in a while; it was as if the other was a small animal trying to show its affections, unable to fully control the edges of its teeth.

Ye Ji’an could only respond to Liang Xiao with low, approving hums. His Adam’s apple moved up and down as he swallowed the excess moisture.

The wet and slightly ticklish feeling seemed to have been stretched out; Ye Ji’an could still feel that unique sensation after Liang Xiao’s lips separated from his.

It was as if every single cell of his body was savouring their kiss. With the last thread of his rationality, Ye Ji’an stretched out a trembling hand and bolted the door to the cubicle.

Liang Xiao had his own rhythm. He’d start with a small bite at Ye Ji’an’s cupid’s bow before peppering kisses down the line of Ye Ji’an’s jaw. The sounds of kissing were both clandestine and precious to Ye Ji’an.

After a while, Ye Ji’an finally managed to get a word out.

“I don’t think my body… is particularly… sensitive,” Ye Ji’an started, feeling the need to warn Liang Xiao in advance. His arms were hooked securely around the other’s neck, betraying the fear that he’d be pushed away.

“It’s just… I might not get aroused easily.”

“Has it been a long time for you?”

Ye Ji’an was taken aback. Liang Xiao’s kisses had actually moved to his eyelashes.

Ye Ji’an shuddered and closed his eyes obediently, “It has.”

“How about by yourself?”

“…I didn’t do that either. I thought… I found it boring.”

Due to their proximity and height difference, Ye Ji’an could clearly feel a hard bulge pressing against his lower abdomen and groin.

On the other hand, his member was still as flaccid as ever, limp and unobtrusive in his trousers. It was as if there was nothing connecting it to the throbbing in his head.

Ye Ji’an often felt as if he had rusted, as if there were layers of rust encasing him, forming a thick and tight cocoon that he could safely hide in.

Yet this had its own drawbacks—when an occasion where Ye Ji’an wanted to break out of that cocoon arrived, he’d face the risk of being unable to escape his shell.

Liang Xiao, despite hearing all this, did not seem to be in a hurry at all. He gently lapped at the edges of Ye Ji’an’s eyes before gently brushing his lips across Ye Ji’an’s eyelids.

His lips opened and closed. “Don’t worry, Senior. I can help you regain your sensitivity.”

Liang Xiao seemed incredibly confident.

“There’s no need to undress. I can make you feel good like this.”

“It… It already feels great…,” Ye Ji’an said, referring to his mouth and the areas where he’d been kissed.

He shifted his hips slightly, trying to increase the friction on his lower body. He wanted to bring himself closer to that edge; he wanted to show a more enticing appearance, and he wanted Liang Xiao to see that version of him.

Unfortunately, Liang Xiao suppressed his twisting and turning and resumed the kiss from where he’d left off.

He started at Ye Ji’an’s forehead. This was not an erogenous region, but Ye Ji’an could not help but shudder at the sensation. Liang Xiao’s fingers left five points of warmth on his skin, wrapping around the back of his neck and forming a barrier between his skin and the cold wall.

Liang Xiao gently stroked Ye Ji’an’s skin with the pads of his fingers. Ye Ji’an wondered if Liang Xiao had gotten sidetracked.

“Is Senior sensitive here?” Liang Xiao asked.

“I… I don’t know…”Ye Ji’an kept his head bowed, seemingly in fear. He wanted to bury his face in Liang Xiao’s neck and hide away.

“Mm, I’ve noticed this before.”

Liang Xiao’s voice contained a hint of laughter. He shifted his lips from the tip of Ye Ji’an’s brows to the crook of his neck.

Liang Xiao’s browbone pressed up against Ye Ji’an’s chin, hesitating a little. In the end, he did not make any rough movements; instead, he moved further up to the soft lobe of Ye Ji’an’s ear.

“And this place, here.”

Ye Ji’an’s earlobe was bitten and a wet tongue traced over the cuff of his ear. Soon, he felt the tip of Liang Xiao’s tongue on the inner flesh of his ears.

Ye Ji’an was stunned. That… that’s a place you can lick? I can’t believe that anyone would be willing to lick such a place. And it’s Liang Xiao who is doing so—proud, arrogant Liang Xiao.

Ye Ji’an could feel a deep yearning—though this was different from the yearning that would arise from an erogenous area being touched. At this moment, he was left with only the urge to sob while his breathing turned harsher.

Ye Ji’an’s ear felt so hot. It seemed almost ready to melt. Soft lips and hard teeth stimulated the flesh and the contradictory sensations gave Ye Ji’an waves of pleasure. It felt as if he’d tripped and fallen, only to face-plant into a cloud.

The hand at the back of his neck was still stroking. Liang Xiao’s other hand moved towards Ye Ji’an’s chest, pinching lightly through his dress shirt and thermal wear.

The sensation, though prickly, did not bring Ye Ji’an any pain. Something hardened beneath his clothes; Ye Ji’an thought that the feeling was rather similar to that of goosebumps being raised.

Ye Ji’an could not make sense of what was happening. All he knew was heat. The cloud was warm and he could feel his confusion bubbling out like water vapour evaporating under strong heat. Extending a shaking wrist, Ye Ji’an tried to unbutton his clothes.

Was this what being sensitive felt like?

All Ye Ji’an knew was that his body was going numb.

Liang Xiao took advantage of the situation and bit at his Adam’s apple. “I’m so tempted to leave a mark. Senior belongs solely to me.”

Ye Ji’an undid his shirt and hugged Liang Xiao to his chest, which was rising and falling with his rough breaths. “Go ahead.”

“I don’t want to.”

Liang Xiao shook his head, the ends of his hair tickling Ye Ji’an’s chin. In a muffled, low tone, he said, “It’ll take a week to disappear. We still have to work.”

Ye Ji’an was dazed for a moment before bursting into laughter. Liang Xiao’s touches felt increasingly confident and at ease as if he had years of experience in touching Ye Ji’an. His kisses also became increasingly self-assured. Even his movement of undoing his belt seemed natural without a trace of awkwardness.

If a human heart could be measured by how hard or soft it was, Ye Ji’an thought that the one thumping away in his chest would be akin to a milk ice cream cone that had been left out for half an hour. He held that ice cream cone in a tight grasp—yet it was gradually melting away and losing its original shape in the heat of the summer evening.

“I still have something to ask you… mmm…”’ Ye Ji’an did not manage to swallow down his moans. Steadying his voice, he opened his hazy eyes slightly.

“When two men make love,” Ye Ji’an started, more embarrassed than he thought he’d be at saying the words. “One has to top and one has to bottom, right?”’

“I’ve only topped before.” Liang Xiao’s eyelashes brushed against his collarbone.

Ye Ji’an thought to himself: As expected. Though I did make mentally prepare myself for this.

“Stand up, let’s get up first.” Ye Ji’an pushed at the shoulder pressed against his ribs.

Liang Xiao was dazed for a while but remained bent over in his original position. He tilted his head up to look at Ye Ji’an. “But I’ll go along with whatever Senior wants.”

Why do you look so nervous? You even look a little… scared. Ye Ji’an could not wrap his head around Liang Xiao’s behaviour.

Immersed in the heat of the moment, Ye Ji’an became more direct. “Hey, get up. Stand up straight.”

Liang Xiao obediently followed his orders. Amused, Ye Ji’an laughed, stroked the other’s cheek, and squatted down.

However, he soon found it too unstable for what he had in mind. Without any further hesitation, Ye Ji’an switched to a kneel with his knees spread apart, touching the tips of Liang Xiao’s leather shoes. His own shoes were already creased and his current position caused the heels of his shoes to dig into his buttocks a couple of times.

“I don’t have any practice, so it may not feel very good,” Ye Ji’an said, undoing Liang Xiao’s belt and pulling at the chain.

“But there’s this saying: practice makes perfect,” he continued, looking up at Liang Xiao with a red face and cheeky smile.

Liang Xiao didn’t say a word. His back was to the light and it was impossible to see his expression under the shadows. His only response to Ye Ji’an’s actions was to lower his hand, lightly touching the corner of Ye Ji’an’s eye.

That hand was shaking.

Why are you shaking? I’m the one who should be shaking, Ye Ji’an thought to himself. I’ll make a fool of myself the moment I take you into my mouth.

Ye Ji’an wasn’t even confident in giving himself pleasure, much less giving another. But Ye Ji’an knew that he had to take this step; Liang Xiao worried that he’d regret his decision, and so he had to prove to him that he would not.

The opportunity in front of him was perfect. It would be impossible to find a better one in the future.

Having sorted out his thoughts, Ye Ji’an no longer hesitated. He reached out and pulled Liang Xiao’s trousers down together with his boxers. Liang Xiao’s member was considerably large and sprung out the moment it was free of its constraints, poking him in the face.

Ye Ji’an gulped. All the simulations he had run in his mind could not be compared to the thrill of personal, first-hand experience. Seeing Liang Xiao’s member up close, Ye Ji’an realized that the other’s skin was truly pale.

The length in front of him was as pale as the rest of Liang Xiao, though it was currently tinged with red. It did not look cute at all; its veins seemed to give off a ferocious air.

Ye Ji’an could smell the faint fragrance of soap and the slight musk of Liang Xiao’s body. It was not unpleasant; instead, it served as a sharp reminder that the hard length in front of him was a man’s and that he was with a man.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Ji’an grasped Liang Xiao’s cock around the base and opened his mouth, wrapping his lips around its head. Liang Xiao’s finger, still touching the skin near his eye, abruptly froze.

Ye Ji’an could feel how heavy and hard Liang Xiao was in his mouth. It was even a little painful on his tongue; though his breathing thankfully remained unobstructed. Ye Ji’an’s confidence in himself increased sharply, and he swallowed a little deeper.

Liang Xiao’s cock was now halfway in. Ye Ji’an’s lips had just touched the hand he had around the base of Liang Xiao’s member, and the tip of his nose had not touched any curly hair yet.

However, Ye Ji’an’s mouth was already bulging.

The large member seemed to have forced all the air out of his mouth. Ye Ji’an hollowed his cheeks and felt a strange suction. He’d never had such a big lollipop or popsicle before, and he did not know what to do with it.

Ye Ji’an tried to bob his head but quickly found himself unable to perform the most important movements. His teeth were about to peek out, and his lips and tongue had no inkling of how they could bring pleasure.

Ye Ji’an had watched an instructional video the previous week, which had featured a very professional-looking woman. She was blindfolded and facing a bright red dildo standing on a table.

Back then, he had also hidden in the company’s toilet to watch the video, locking his screen from time to time when he needed to calm down. He’d even taken notes on a memo pad, feeling very confident in himself after all that research. Unfortunately, his mind now drew a blank when he tried to recall what he’d learnt.

Ye Ji’an’s mouth remained stuck. He tried to lick the head of Liang Xiao’s cock in a circling motion, but it was of no use; his mouth was stuffed too full. He couldn’t make any movements. However, he was also reluctant to release the cock in his mouth.

Ye Ji’an came to a conclusion. Liang Xiao’s member was too large. The props used in the instructional videos were not accurate representations of the real thing.

He couldn’t help but feel a little dejected. His trousers, which were no longer being cinched by his belt, were about to fall right off and his breathing had become even rougher.

Saliva dripped out from his filled mouth and onto his chin. Some even flowed down the lines of his neck to wet his uncovered chest.

Looking up, Ye Ji’an saw the shadows under Liang Xiao’s eyes. The other was expressionless, but his hips were making tiny thrusts.

Even in this stiff situation, Liang Xiao’s movements still caused Ye Ji’an to let out a few muffled moans. Sloppy wet noises uncontrollably emanated from his mouth.

It sounded so lewd.

Ye Ji’an’s confidence rose once again.

Closing his eyes, he wrapped both hands around the base of Liang Xiao’s member, ready to show off his skills. However, before he could do anything, the other had dragged him up to a standing position with a hand on the back of his shirt collar.

Ye Ji’an felt as if his teeth had grazed something. Before he could ask what was going on, he was turned around and savagely pressed up against the wall.

His face was plastered to the cold tiles and his back felt cold as well. His trousers, which were barely in place, were finally removed together with his underwear. They pooled at his feet.


The sound of Liang Xiao’s rough breathing came from right behind Ye Ji’an’s ear. Like the roaring of the tides, it came in waves, crashing into his shore.

Liang Xiao’s hands explored further and moved towards the crevice between Ye Ji’an’s legs, bringing with them the heat of friction. It was as if they would enter the space between the two globes of flesh at any moment.

“That was really painful just now,” Liang Xiao remarked.

A thin layer of sweat broke out across Ye Ji’an’s body. The back of his shirt was already damp and his tattoos peeked out from beneath the translucent fabric. The muscles in Ye Ji’an’s legs tensed. Liang Xiao’s ministrations caused him to pant incessantly.

“I’m… I’m sor…”

Before Ye Ji’an could complete his apology, his mouth was blocked by yet a kiss. Liang Xiao’s fingers finally touched that small opening. Beneath the pads of his fingers, he could feel the dry furl of skin, trembling slightly under his fingers.

Liang Xiao did not make any other movements.

“I do not want to hurt Senior, especially not in a toilet cubicle,” he said, hooking an arm around Ye Ji’an’s lower abdomen to make him raise his butt.

Ye Ji’an obediently closed his eyes. Liang Xiao didn’t want to hurt him? To be frank, it was all right even if it hurt.

Ye Ji’an put all his focus into anticipating the other’s entry into his body, planning to accept it, even if it came with tearing pain. He’d already planned to bite his lips and muffle any shouts of pain.

However, none of this happened. All Ye Ji’an felt was a thrust between his legs.

Liang Xiao’s member was inserted between his legs and slid back and forth between his perineum and the crevice of his buttocks. It would even rub against his hanging length once in a while.

Ye Ji’an was shocked. Lowering his head, he saw their members rubbing against each other, as well as a pair of bare legs that were being violated.

Their current actions were more embarrassing than actual penetration!

Much to Ye Ji’an’s exasperation, Liang Xiao grabbed his cock without a single warning. The contours of his fingers were well-defined and beautiful. Such beautiful fingers were currently rubbing the tip of his member.

Liang Xiao’s index finger was drawing circles around the tip, while his pinky stroked up and down the length. Compared to those fingers, Ye Ji’an thought that his cock was incredibly ugly.

Ye Ji’an felt his temples throb violently and he let out a moan. His previous half-flaccid state vanished in an instant; his length had hardened at a speed much faster than when he pleasured himself.

His reaction was ridiculously intense. Ye Ji’an even felt that he’d returned to his student days, where he’d been full of energy.

His moans entered the ears of Liang Xiao and his hard length was held by the other. Perhaps it was due to him using his mouth on Liang Xiao earlier; Liang Xiao only rutted a few more times before hurriedly increasing the speed of his thrusts.

“Senior, please clamp your legs tight.” The reminder was spoken in a voice that sounded like sandpaper that had basked under the warmth of the sun. It was incredibly enticing.

“Help me feel even better.”

Ye Ji’an followed Liang Xiao’s directions and clamped his legs together with his knees touching. There was no gap between his legs, save for that small circular gap which Liang Xiao had carved out with his cock.

The tender skin on Ye Ji’an’s inner thighs rarely saw light and rarely had any friction and was already burning from all the thrusting.

The employee pass around Ye Ji’an’s neck shook helplessly together with his body. Ye Ji’an clung to the wall for dear life. Turning around, he cast a watery gaze toward the person behind.

The edges of Liang Xiao’s eyes were tinged with red. Ye Ji’an begged for a kiss and Liang Xiao immediately acquiesced, causing Ye Ji’an to let out contented hums.

“It feels so good,” Between their breaths, Ye Ji’an softly mumbled, “You.. touch me too.”

Ye Ji’an smiled. With utmost tenderness, he kissed the sweat off Ye Ji’an’s face. Yet the appendage that was thrusting between his legs did not have a single shred of that gentleness.

All of a sudden, without any warning, noises sounded from the outside. They had company—and it wasn’t just one single person.

The people drunkenly rambled on. Ye Ji’an did not have the energy to discern the contents of their conversations. All he could hear was the deep bass reverberating in the distance—though that was far softer than the violent thumping of his heart.

Ye Ji’an was a little afraid. The fresh scent that had permeated the room earlier had long given way to the musky scent of sweat, saliva and all kinds of fluids. The humid air smelled of lust and desire—or at least it did so to Ye Ji’an.

Therefore, this was not something he wanted anyone to smell. He did not want anyone to discover what they were doing.

On the other hand, Liang Xiao seemed to have no intention of stopping. He simply slowed down a little to avoid the loud noise of skin slapping against skin.

Not wanting anyone to hear Ye Ji’an’s moans and cries, he placed a hand over his mouth. Unexpectedly, a wet sensation came from his palm—Ye Ji’an was gently licking at his hand, the same way he had his cock.

Ye Ji’an’s actions were clumsy yet filled with enthusiasm and sincerity. Wet sounds and panting escaped Ye Ji’an’s lips, as pure and innocent as the thighs that Liang Xiao was thrusting into and Ye Ji’an’s watery, hazy eyes.

Liang Xiao felt as if he was going mad. He reached out, turned Ye Ji’an’s face and ferociously kissed the other, wanting to swallow down all the sounds that he made.

None of them had expected that Ye Ji’an would come instantly at the first touch of their tongues. The thick white liquid spurted over Liang Xiao’s hands and flowed down his buttocks, dripping onto the ground.

Ye Ji’an could no longer keep his eyes open. Trembling, he knitted his brows. The edges of his eyes were reddened and his entire face was covered in a red blush.

Ye Ji’an’s body was twitching as well. His tailbone and legs were clamped tightly together, giving Liang Xiao an intense sensation. At the same time, this position made Ye Ji’an look incredibly fragile.

Liang Xiao pressed forward and kissed Ye Ji’an, wrapping him up in his embrace. Ye Ji’an felt greatly at ease. His fingers, sapped of strength, slid down the surface of the wall.

A mess of noises sounded out—the door had been opened again. Silence soon settled over the room. They had regained their privacy.

“I’ll… I’ll let you touch it too.” Ye Ji’an felt a surge of warmth in his heart and reached down for his cock, which was hanging limply after his orgasm, wanting to rub it against the thick length that was thrusting his way.

However, Ye Ji’an, despite having brought their cocks together, could not get a firm grip. Liang Xiao’s thrusts were too fast to keep up with—it was as if his waist did not know the meaning of tiredness.

Liang Xiao’s mouth shifted slightly and he exhaled right against the back of Ye Ji’an’s neck, causing Ye Ji’an to helplessly shudder. Liang Xiao’s vigorous length was covered in a mixture of their fluids, which were smeared on Ye Ji’an’s thighs and the crevice between his buttocks with every movement.

By the time Liang Xiao’s control snapped and he came between Ye Ji’an’s legs with a low groan of his name and a bite at his nape, Ye Ji’an felt as if his entire body was covered in dampness.

Liang Xiao did not make any large movements after he finished. He kept his arms around Ye Ji’an, hugging him from the back with his cheek pressed up against the back of his head. He rocked them slowly.

Ye Ji’an’s breathing slowly evened out. Only then did he discover the strange sensation at the back of his neck. The pain from the ring of tooth marks had not yet faded, but there was also an indescribable pleasure that felt like tiny zaps of electricity that were slowly spreading out.

“Indeed,” Ye Ji’an dazedly smiled. “My neck is pretty sensitive.”

Liang Xiao hugged him even tighter. “Does Senior feel good?”

“Mm,” Ye Ji’an tilted his head, nudging at Liang Xiao’s hair with his ear. “It’s just that… it’s really lewd… I’ll probably recall this every time I use the washroom in the future.”

Having said this, another fit of laughter burst out of Ye Ji’an.

“To be honest, I was really nervous earlier,” Liang Xiao chuckled as well. His words had a slightly nasal tone that made him sound like a sleepy child. “What should I do if I can’t make Senior feel good?”

“What should I do if I scared Senior away?”

“Hey, have a little confidence in me, won’t you?” Ye Ji’an pinched the back of Liang Xiao’s hand, slowly rolling his torso in tandem with Liang Xiao’s slow rocking as if they were entangled in dance.

“Hey, we met such a long time ago, and we’re now together,” Ye Ji’an struggled to phrase his words logically. “It’s like what your father said. We’re fated. You should place a little more confidence in this.”

“Yeah, Senior, I know.” Liang Xiao’s voice abruptly turned clear, bringing to Ye Ji’an’s mind the imagery of a crystalline sky filled with fluttering kites.

“You are destined to be loved by me,” he said.

Ye Ji’an did not have a strong impression of what followed. Liang Xiao had probably wiped him clean, helped him into his clothes, and guided him out of the bathroom and into the car before driving him home.

The next day, he woke up on Liang Xiao’s bed. His head still ached from his hangover. Subconsciously, he patted the sheets beside him. The person who had been embracing him was nowhere to be found, but he had been scrubbed clean. The fragrance of body wash still clung to his skin.

One look at his phone told Ye Ji’an that it was already past ten in the morning. There was a butter-yellow note stuck to the phone’s screen.

Liang Xiao’s penmanship was standard and the ink did not seem fully dried.

I’ve gone down to buy breakfast. Senior, you’re in charge of opening the windows and getting some fresh air in.

Ye Ji’an laughed, unable to help himself. The thick Southern accent of the owner of the breakfast restaurant downstairs and Liang Xiao’s slow and standard Mandarin came to mind. Just imagining Liang Xiao’s confused expression was enough to make him laugh.

Only after Ye Ji’an emerged from the quilt did he realize that he was completely naked. He had nothing with him—not even a pair of underwear. Thinking about the things that had happened last night, Ye Ji’an wanted to laugh even more.

There were few things that could both induce a headache and make him smile sincerely. The only other thing he could think of that fulfilled these conditions was the year-end bonus.

Ye Ji’an grabbed a pair of boxer briefs from the drawer and put them on, not knowing who they belonged to. He then retrieved a thick red velvet shirt, which he knew for a fact belonged to Liang Xiao.

It was long enough to cover his butt.

Ye Ji’an firmly believed that Liang Xiao, after returning from the freezing cold outside, would love to see him dressed in his clothes. As for his lower body… a pair of underwear was more than enough. Ye Ji’an decided against wearing anything else for the time being.

He combed his hair in front of the mirror, satisfied with his appearance save for those dark circles under his eyes.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Ye Ji’an left the bedroom, prepared to give Liang Xiao a big hug. His down jacket would definitely be freezing to the touch, so they could hug another time after Liang Xiao removed it.

However, what greeted Ye Ji’an after he took a step out the bedroom door was not Liang Xiao, but rather a throaty female voice and a gust of chilly wind. Ye Ji’an felt as if he’d been struck by lightning.

“Young Master, it’s almost New Year’s Eve. I’ve come to help you clean up the place!”

Ye Ji’an felt his mind go blank. He stood stiffly at the door of the bedroom.

Two pairs of eyes stared confusedly at each other.

The voice belonged to a chubby middle-aged woman in her fifties. She was wearing a bright red coat and high boots. Dropping everything she had in her hand, she screamed, “Oh, you’re that… Director Ye!”

Ye Ji’an was terrified. All he wanted to do was scurry back to the bedroom and put on a pair of pants.

However, before he could do so, he saw the lady running toward him.

“Oh my god, I’ve wanted to meet you for such a long time, and now I’ve finally seen you in the flesh!”


I like danmei and I especially like shizuns

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