Chapter 9.1

Good God, Stop!
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Whether it were 3V3 battles or 5V5 battles, arriving to the 4th tier could be thought of as a major boundary. If before in the lower ranks the opponents encountered were casual noobs or average teams, after reaching the 4th rank one’d likely meet upon official teams or high profiled entertainment anchors. 


Once again, the team entered the queue to be matched with an opponent. After both sides selected their map, they began waiting for the bar to load so they could enter it. 


Lin Xiao finally cancelled the mute option in the voice chat room and as soon as he straightened his headset, he heard a low voice from Red Alert, “Unlucky, I didn’t expect to meet the two of them here. Not good ah…”


Empty Spring sighed and replied helplessly, “I heard that they were busy carrying a girl in 3V3, but I didn’t expect to meet them here. What should we do now? Should we just directly surrender?”


Red Alert snorted. “That’s fart! I’m already so angry, so fuck them! Anyway, no one knows that we are operating the boss’s account at the moment. And that guy who only knows how to pretend to be a master in the group, I’ve long found him displeasing to the eyes. Aren’t they also bringing a rank 8 female to battle? But even if the oil bottle1Oil bottle- someone who is a burden to teammates on our side is in group B, shouldn’t he be a bit stronger? I’ll type and let him know that after lying down for so long, he can move around.”


He was in the voice chat room earlier, and tried calling Lin Xiao countless times and never got a response. So he just assumed he had the room muted. Knowing the other party couldn’t hear what he said, he spoke without reservation. However, as he was about to begin typing on the team channel, he heard a faint voice in his ear, “Oh, indeed.”


Red Alert’s body suddenly shook, causing the earphone cord that was plugged into the computer to pull him forward and squeeze his ears, making him grimace in pain, but he could only let out a laugh at this time. “Ha, ha ha ha, you’re back, baby ghost.” Lin Xiao was actually magnanimous enough not to call him out for talking behind his back. He yawned lazily and responded, “It’s a bit boring lying down all night. I’ll move my muscles a little bit, otherwise I’ll really fall asleep.”


Red Alert became speechless. I was drained both physically and mentally all night, now I really have the urge to beat someone.


From the conversation just now, the opposite team should be an old acquaintance of Black Dawn Guild. Lin Xiao glanced at the battle list– Tomahawk2 Warrior– Broken Sky, Combat warrior– Happy Thoughts and Cleric– Love Affair. Among them, Love Affair should be the eighth-tier girl that was mentioned. If they could bring a rookie cleric to this rank, then the other two should be pros.

After they arrived on the map, all three people were placed at their respective resurrection points.


Red Alert still couldn’t help but say a few words, “Wait, Empty Spring will follow me and I’ll go blast the cleric first. Be careful Baby Ghost. That Broken Sky specializes in killing people for fun. If you see him, remember to run fast!” 


Lin Xiao replied, “I see .” 


The master who watched his teammates get smashed for the entire night finally sounded “normal” and Red Alert felt relieved. He operated his assassin and led the charge.

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    Oil bottle- someone who is a burden to teammates
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