Chapter 81 – He Needs To Be Stronger

Good God, Stop!
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The vanguard of the Scattered Clouds team was the first to plunge into the intricate spell formations and inevitably slowed down. On the other hand, the rest of the Black Rose team continued their sprint forward.

In the sound of gunfire, Xiao Li’s Laughing Sky had already entangled Zhang Fengyu’s black mage Mad Fish. As for Xu Yiming and Xu Yichen, their target was shifted to Tao Yaofei’s Beautiful Heart.

The priest. It’s the priest again! Somehow, everyone had a bad feeling. After tasting the sweet victory in the small team game, the Black Rose team’s goal was actually set on the priest once again!

But what about the Scattered Clouds‘ strategy?

No sooner than the match began, the two sides were already fighting each other without relenting. The action reached the climax in one fell swoop, turning the battle into a race of being the first to kill the priest.

On one side, although Tao Yaofei was a little messed up under the indiscriminate bombardment of the twins’ gunmen, she was professional enough to regain her rhythm and move around efficiently. On the other hand, while Zhang Fengyu was still being harassed by Xiao Li, Yan Lingjiang had completed the detour and plunged into the battle, joining Wen Shuqing and Cen Yuanqian to encircle both Dazzling View and Adorable Ghost. At first glance, the situation looked extremely tense.

However, such a tense situation was handled by Lin Xiao very simply and easily. After Wild Goose‘s surprise attack was blocked, a new formation spell hovered from the landing point, perfectly enveloping Dollar Conversion. This caused him to lose his vision after stumbling into the Void Wave and rendered him unable to perform any further close-range maneuvers.

The moment the ability was released, the shadow swordsman Qing Qing Zijin took the opportunity to cut in straight from the front, interrupting Adorable Ghost‘s plan to further suppress Dollar Conversion and interfering with his spell casting.

Streaming Light Sword Slash!

Qing Qing Zijin‘s sword rose up like a shadow, swung with a blue light, and as it struck, blood bloomed on Adorable Ghost‘s body.

Direct hit! Without any hesitation, Wen Shuqing followed up with a tight set of combos straight toward Adorable Ghost. But just when the third skill was about to strike, he suddenly saw bloody thorns rising up from the soles of his feet and wrapping around his feet, locking him firmly in place.

This predictive ability… Wen Shuqing frowned. Although the offensive was stalled only for a moment, Adorable Ghost‘s health and blood volume had been raised to their maximum again, and now he seemed much more energetic than before.

The priest. Dazzling View.

Seeing this strong support behind the opponent, Wen Shuqing felt a headache. When the confinement time was over, he did not continue to entangle with Adorable Ghost but rushed straight toward You Jing who was not far behind. At the same time, Dollar Conversion, who had regained his sight, invoked Buddha’s name and flew toward Dazzling View together with the Wild Goose controlled by Yan Lingjiang.

Lin Xiao took everything in, and the moment he gained a firm foothold, he had already begun the next wave of chanting.

One second later, an overwhelming array of spells rose from the ground, one after another. While the formation surrounded Dazzling View, it also enveloped the three attackers completely.

Weakness. Slowing. Blinding. Silence.

Debuffs with different effects appeared on the screen in the Scattered Clouds team’s corner. Such a perfect connection between successive waves, almost seamlessly, filled people with awe regarding the amazing hand speed and precise operation. Of course, there were also those who had an urge to curse.

Qing Qing Zijin‘s offensive did not slow down this time. Even in the darkness, he still relied on his keen sense of direction to move toward the Dazzling View‘s position. However, when he broke through the barrier, he found there was no opposing priest in front of him, and he just stepped into another spell formation again.

The moment he didn’t spot the Dazzling View‘s figure, Wen Shuqing had already sprouted a bad feeling. Prior to this, he had never imagined that the most powerful offensive trio of the current Scattered Clouds team would actually be suppressed to this extent by a mere ghost priest. They thought they had attached enough importance to this rookie who had consistently performed brilliantly in competitions. However, he only now realized that their so-called attention was far from enough.

Was You Jing the winner of this game? No, I’m afraid Lin Xiao is the one!

In the situation at hand, rather than two people holding the three of them back, it was actually Lin Xiao who handled a one-to-three situation.

Meanwhile, Tao Yaofei was already beginning to waver under the weight of the twins’ pincer attack and had asked for help several times on the voice channel, which undoubtedly made the situation even more tense.

As for Zhang Fengyu, caught in Xiao Li’s close entanglement, he could only ensure that he would not be killed, and he was obviously in no position to help someone else. So, at this point, a dilemma ensued, should they continue to pursue Dazzling View, or help their own healer?

Faced with this choice, Wen Shuqing immediately apprehended the situation and made the decision to retreat: “Support the healer!”

The team showed excellent execution skills. Almost as soon as the words were spoken, everyone’s momentum suddenly changed. They immediately abandoned the pursuit and rushed to another fighting situation.

But although they retreated decisively, Lin Xiao was not happy.

You wanted to bully the healer but retreated when you realized you couldn’t? Dream on! It’s easy to come, but you can’t leave as you please!

When Wild Goose followed the order and turned around, before he could even take a few steps forward, he crashed into a sea of spell formations rising from the ground again. Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted loudly in the channel: “Shit! You’re cheating!”

Wen Shuqing was silent because he had already seen the kill message displayed on the big screen.

After nearly ten minutes of the same routine of killing and healing, the three powerful attacks were firmly blocked within a short distance of Dazzling View. In the end, the two gunners of the Black Rose team were the first to team up and achieve the kill.

Could there be something wrong with the Scattered Clouds team’s strategy?

I’m afraid no one could say such a thing.

After all, You Jing’s Dazzling View didn’t have any offensive characters beside him, only one assistant, Adorable Ghost, who was usually in a supporting position in team competitions. At first glance, these two combined appeared very soft and easy to squash. Without witnessing this game with their own eyes, who would have believed that they could completely contain the powerful attacks of those three while having no offensive ability at all?

As for Xiao Li, who gave him a chance when it came to team fighting in the first place? In fact, he didn’t participate in any team battles from start to finish, just stubbornly clinging to Zhang Fengyu’s black mage. It can be said to have brought the essence of individual competition to the extreme in team competition.

But to say that he was not important? Anyone who has watched the game clearly knows that although the three characters played by Wen Shuqing, Yan Lingjiang, and Cen Yuanqian are all powerful offensive roles, they are also a melee type that it’s hard to control. It was precisely because of Zhang Fengyu’s absence that Lin Xiao could show off his skills in a gorgeous performance and toy with his opponents.

Xiao Li and Lin Xiao, two rookie players who have only emerged this season, once again disrupted the Scattered Clouds team.

Although in the end, Wen Shuqing, with the cooperation of Yan Lingjiang, killed the two gunners, after Laughing Sky gave up on pestering Mad Fish and reunited with the team, the Black Rose still had their healer, which was a big advantage.

“The first game of the playoffs has reached this point, and the outcome has been decided.” Xu Qingli announced the results to everyone in a calm voice, and the next fifteen minutes were nothing but wrapping up a grand battle. In the end, the overall score on the big screen showed 5:3.

In fact, the winner had already been decided as early as 8 minutes ago. However, Yan Lingjiang, maybe because he was angry or something, but when he only had one-third of his blood left, and only Lin Xiao and You Jing remained, he simply started playing hide and seek with them on the map, and he didn’t show up to fight head-on. In addition, Lin Xiao’s Adorable Ghost‘s attacking ability in this game was really low. It was not easy to catch him, and it took a lot of time until he finally died.

“It’s finally over. It seems that Yan Lingjiang is really full of resentment towards the Black Rose team.” Xiao Wu said half-jokingly as she looked at the victory emblem that appeared on the big screen.

“In any case, congrats to the Black Rose team for their first playoff win.” Xu Qingli expressed his sincere congratulations: “I think this result is enough to satisfy all the fans who support the Black Rose.”

As the words ended, thunderous applause erupted from the venue.

It was much quieter in the battle room as you couldn’t hear the cheering outside.

After You Jing took off his earmuffs, he found that Lin Xiao’s headphones were hanging around his neck, and he was leaning on the chair motionless, staring at the screen, so he asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Lin Xiao rubbed the tip of his nose a little tiredly, feeling a bit of soreness in his hands. With a pensive look on his face, he said, “I was just thinking that there are a lot of training courses that I need to catch up on quickly.

At first, it wasn’t much of a feeling, but from the time of sweeping off through the Korean league until the current game, after encountering masters one after another, the feeling of being overwhelmed gradually increased.

This was the discomfort caused by this body. Although he has been using various tactics to cover it up, it was not a long-term solution after all. The future situation will only become more and more serious. With his current situation, whether it was operational acumen or physical endurance, he was falling behind.

If you don’t advance against the current, you’ll fall back.

He needed to be stronger.

He even needed to surpass himself from the past.

However, it really wasn’t an easy task! Lin Xiao sighed quietly, looked sideways at You Jing, and said with a smile: “Captain You, I wonder if you would mind taking some time to train with me?”

You Jing glanced at him: “Details.”

Lin Xiao smiled, “Well, you’ll know when the time comes.”

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: What should I do? I feel so weak! 〒▽〒

Everyone: Get out!

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