Chapter 80 – Is This A Joke?

Good God, Stop!
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Watching the players from both sides go to their lounges for the final adjustment and rest before the team match, Xu Qingli and Xiao Wu once again conducted a complete analysis of the small team match at the commentary table. Only when hearing their commentaries did the audience realize that such a short game contained so many mysteries, and they couldn’t help but sigh.

“It has to be said that the Black Rose team has reversed the sluggish situation at the beginning of the preseason, directly entering the playoffs. I’ve been wondering about whether they would mess up the team’s lineup because they used too many rookies at once. Now, it seems these worries were unfounded, and they have indeed integrated well.” Xu Qingli said.

“Speaking of which, I have a lot of expectations for the team game as well.” Xiao Wu smiled, noticed the movement at the referee’s table, and said, “Oh, time flies by so fast. The break is over, and the teams’ race is about to begin. So, let’s take a look at the two lineups.”

At the same time, the director moved the camera from the commentators’ table to the scene of the competition. After taking a bird’s-eye view of the entire venue, the image suddenly changed, showing the list of players for the team competition.

“Hey, this is…” Xiao Wu couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw the list of the Black Rose team.

Black Rose team is indeed quite interesting this time.” Xu Qingli obviously understood her thoughts and interjected with a smile.

The two commentators’ meaningful banter sparked a lot of discussion in the audience after seeing the lineup displayed by the Black Rose team.

Black Rose team: You Jing, Lin Xiao, Xu Yiming, Xu Yichen, Xiao Li.

As veterans of the team competition, Shen Changyu and Liu Zeshen did not play, while Xiao Li, who had only played a handful of individual matches, had a place in the team lineup.

As a good solo expert, Xiao Li was even known as the Lone Expert in online games, which was enough to prove his skills. However, there were obvious differences between team competition and individual competition.

If the individual competition was based on one’s own strength, then team competition meant tacit cooperation and team awareness between the members, which could be difficult to achieve for some. Why did the Black Rose team choose to assign Xiao Li to play? After all, at this moment, he couldn’t serve as a trump card as he needed to accumulate more experience in the team competition.

In other words, there was no doubt about Xiao Li’s personal strength, but he still needed to grow.

This was a truth very well understood not only by the professional commentators but also by many of the spectators.

“Except for You Jing, who is a priest, the other four players in the Black Rose team are all highly offensive characters. What could their intention be?” Xiao Wu couldn’t understand at all.

“I suppose they want to apply a strong attack strategy.” Xu Qingli got the grasp of it first.

“But, can Xiao Li really keep up the pace? You have to know that if a strong attack tactic is not implemented properly, it’s easy to mess up and it’s very likely that you’ll be the first to lose players.” Xiao Wu said.

“That depends on how the Black Rose team handles the details.” Xu Qingli laughed.

Would Xiao Li’s participation in the team competition be the Black Rose team’s ace or a losing move? This will probably become the most watched side of this game. After all, compared to this unexpected lineup arrangement, the Scattered Clouds‘ list of players appeared to be as steady and reliable as ever.

Team Liuyun: Wen Shuqing, Zhang Fengyu, Yan Lingjiang, Tao Yaofei, Cen Yuanqian.

After shaking hands and saluting each other on the stage, the players went into the battle rooms.

“I say, do you want me to coordinate this game while you rest?” After Lin Xiao finished checking the equipment, he turned around and asked You Jing.

You Jing said: “Whatever.”

Xu Yiming glanced at them in boredom and said, “Isn’t it just some commands? It’s the same for any of you.”

Lin Xiao cleared his throat: “Then I won’t hold back.”

Xiao Li complained: “When have you ever held back?”

Lin Xiao looked at him: “It doesn’t matter whether I have or haven’t held back, but you need to fight well, Boss Xiao. Now everyone on and off the stage is eagerly watching your performance!”

Xiao Li was speechless, and the look on his face suddenly became more serious: “Absolutely!”

Of course, he was also aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and even he was surprised when he was asked to play in this match. But thinking about it, now that he decided to become a professional player, of course he couldn’t just play for fun. He liked this battlefield and enjoyed this passionate feeling. Now that he had the team’s trust, he must not let his teammates down!

Lin Xiao smiled and patted his shoulder: “Ah, that’s the right look!”

Xiao Li: “…”

Joking aside, the game was about to start.

The map-banning process was over, and the last thing left was Lost Desert City.

This map was familiar to both players and spectators present. Compared to other more complex terrains, this map was not suitable for detours. However, because it was surrounded by the ruins of an ancient city with rows upon rows of streets and alleys, it had a lot of cover and obstacles, so it wasn’t suitable for frontal attacks either.

Overall, the Lost Desert City map was accommodating enough to allow for many complex and varied strategic maneuvers.

After the map was loaded, members of both teams refreshed and appeared at the resurrection points. Without any hesitation, they started actively moving at the first opportunity.

This time, the two teams tacitly did not choose the same direction of travel; the Black Rose appeared in the bazaar of the northern city, while the Scattered Clouds slowed down their steps in the ruins of the southern city. There was no sign of the other team during their respective marches, and it was clear that both sides were aware of the differences in the direction.

However, compared to the Scattered Clouds team’s choice of slowing down the tempo, the Black Rose team made a sudden 90-degree turn and marched toward the south at a rapid pace.

Xu Qingli noticed the different coping strategies chosen by the teams and said with interest: “From the current situation, it seems the Black Rose team is much more active. It’s just that this general search strategy doesn’t really resemble You Jing’s style. Did they change the command for this match?”

Xiao Wu was stunned when she heard this: “Change of command? Who could it be?”

When the words fell, the director cooperated very well and switched the camera to the battle room of the Black Rose team. It could be seen in the footage that You Jing calmly performed skillful operations and did not seem to have spoken from the beginning to the end. Instead, next to him, Lin Xiao smiled and said a few words from time to time, and the others occasionally responded.

Sure enough, there has been a change of command, and moreover, it went to a rookie who has just emerged this season?!

After discovering this, not only the audience on the scene, but also those watching the live broadcast in front of the computer, and even the two anchors who had experienced many storms at the commentary table, were speechless. Not only inexperienced new players were used in the team competition, but now they were even letting a rookie direct the team? Could it be that the Black Rose team didn’t take the game seriously?

Compared to the storm outside, Lin Xiao obviously didn’t know that he had accidentally stimulated everyone’s hearts again and was currently assigning tasks without any restraint: “Boss Xiao, you rush over later. The Xu brothers, you just catch whoever is at the back of the Scattered Clouds team and beat them.”

His instructions seemed extremely simple and unpolished.

Beat whoever is at the back?

That sounds pretty random…

Just as he said this, due to the Black Rose team’s aggressive advancement, the Scattered Clouds team appeared in the field of vision.

Bang bang bang——!

There were several crisp gunshots as if they were afraid that the other party hadn’t realized they were already approaching. Xu Yichen’s One Shot to the Head and Xu Yiming’s Cry for Blood were in position at the same time, and they began to shoot unscrupulously.

Scattered Clouds stabilized their formation immediately, and Zhang Fengyu’s black mage Mad Fish deployed a wind barrier to block subsequent damage. Wild Goose, on the other hand, disappeared straight out of sight with a flash. Through the global view, it could be seen that he had begun to actively carry out evasive operations. The target was obviously none other than the priest Dazzling View, who was at the rear of the Black Rose team.

A series of follow-up attacks were expected, but the two gun bombers did not refill their ammo again after completing the first wave of strafing, and instead charged straight up. Sprinting even further ahead was Xiao Li’s magical swordsman, Laughing Sky.

“Don’t worry about them, go to their back.” Faced with the Black Rose team’s provocative frontal breakthrough, Wen Shuqing made an exceptionally calm decision. Anyone who played against the Black Rose team knew one thing very well; that is, as long as You Jing’s Dazzling View was still on the field, it would not be easy to kill other offensive characters first.

“Oh, Boss Xiao, you guys are really underestimated!” Seeing the opponent menacingly approaching the back row, Lin Xiao was still in the mood to make some teasing remarks. Although he was smiling, his hands did not stop for a moment.

As the beam of light from his staff became more intense, Adorable Ghost, who had never participated in the battle and stayed close to Dazzling View, built an intricate totem circle around him.

Want to kill the healer? Let’s see if you can get past him first, heh?

As the formations unfolded one after another, Xu Qingli keenly discovered something different: “In this game, Lin Xiao did not play the Ghost Curse that he is good at, but chose the auxiliary line that focuses on protection?”

The Scattered Clouds players on the field naturally noticed such a change, too. However, at this moment, the battle lines between the two sides were completely intertwined. It was already too late to adjust the strategy now.

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