Chapter 79 – The Most Basic Routine

Good God, Stop!
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“The Black Rose team is preparing for a rescue operation…” In such a tense situation, commentator Xu Qingli’s voice sounded a little strained. “However, will the Scattered Clouds team now give up the opportunity to kill You Jing in order to save Cen Yuanqian? Isn’t it too late for that?”

“It’s still not decisive enough…” Xiao Wu also sighed in a low voice. Her eyes were always on every detail on the big screen as she didn’t want to miss the slightest change in the situation.

In the end, because of Tao Yaofei’s timely support, Cen Yuanqian was finally able to get out of his predicament.

Although Wen Shuqing was the only disabled player in the league, no one has ever questioned his ability. In terms of his current personal level in the league, same as for Yan Duzhou, everyone was convinced of his personal strength without a doubt. However, although this mild-mannered captain had an extremely meticulous strategic mind, he also developed a too-soft personality due to his prolonged sickness. He often happened to show some indecisiveness in the game.

Take the current situation for example. He finally got a kill opportunity, but because of his hesitation to take risks, the Black Rose team snatched back that opportunity.

But, who could say that Wen Shuqing’s decision was wrong? No one could take such judgments for granted. After all, with Tao Yaofei’s timely support, Cen Yuanqian was able to escape from Chen Anqi’s hands. Although this situation reverted the two sides to the original situation, it also ensured that the Scattered Clouds team was not put at a disadvantage by losing a member.

The spirit of adventure was important, but Wen Shuqing, who has always been striving for stability, chose the most secure and proper way to deal with a difficult opponent on the battlefield.

“This is the end of another exchange of fire between the two teams, and it seems that both sides are not leaving each other the opportunity to control the situation.” Xu Qingli did not judge Wen Shuqing’s strategic command style, just commented on the general confrontation. “With Team Scattered Clouds being so cautious and not taking any risks, Team Black Rose will have a huge headache.”

Xiao Wu noticed the changes in the battle situation: “But headaches aside, they were clearly not prepared to call it quits, and Liu Zeshen, who had been pinned behind a moment before, had caught up in time to join the fray. The current situation is the exact opposite of what it was before.”

Xu Qingli frowned, ”Now it’s turned into Liu Zeshen’s Choose A Tree, and You Jing’s Dazzling View outflanking Wen Shuqing’s shadow swordsman. This situation doesn’t look too good! Qing Qing Zijin seems to be preparing to force a breakthrough, but can he do it? Oh, that looks a little difficult.”

At this moment in the arena, in addition to the commentators’ words, there was also a lot of chatter, and quite a number of Scattered Clouds‘ fans held their breath anxiously as they watched the sudden changes in the situation.

Wen Shuqing’s previous decision seemed to have solved Cen Yuanqian’s predicament in time, but at the same time, because of the Black Rose‘s persistent counterattack, it felt more like shooting himself in the foot. If it was just Liu Zeshen, he might still have a chance to escape, but You Jing’s assistance made the situation much more difficult.

However, Wen Shuqing’s expression was calm at this moment. After briefly explaining a few words on the voice chat, his eyes looking at the screen became sharper, and the shadow swordsman surrounded by the opponents suddenly became offensive.

Although Tao Yaofei hesitated in her heart, she still followed his command to pursue Chen Anqi with Cen Yuanqian instead of going back to support him. She has been inseparable from Wen Shuqing since she joined the league, and she has never questioned the decisions of this man. She simply believed in him.

Instead of retreating in the face of Choose A Tree‘s attack, Qing Qing Zijin turned around and began to attack frontally.

In the dazzling light of the sword, the shadow swordsman‘s figure flashed unpredictably. Faced with the powerful attack of Wen Shuqing who was extremely good at using tricky positions combined with the agility of the profession itself, Liu Zeshen’s paladin looked particularly slow and dull in comparison.

However, Liu Zeshen was mentally prepared for the fight with Wen Shuqing. Instead of being irritated by the failing skills, he concentrated even more, and with the help of You Jing, the skills were better connected. He became very cunning.

Although it was obviously impossible for Qing Qing Zijin to kill Liu Zeshen in one shot while being attacked from the flanks by the two opponents, he used enough power to ensure that his own health and blood slipped away at a very slow pace, and to the astonishment of the crowd, accomplished the impressive feat of delaying two men at once.

Keeping in check one or two opponents was something that could only be done by the league’s top players, and although You Jing was a healer, there was no denying Wen Shuqing’s amazing operation. On the other hand, facing such a fierce offensive, You Jing was able to completely ensure that Choose A Tree‘s health and blood didn’t fluctuate significantly from the beginning to the end. The one known as a god-level healer once again showed everyone his extraordinary ability.

The two masters launched a dazzling battle of skills, fighting over the life of Choose A Tree To Live In. But, as everyone watched in silence, unable to extricate from this rare and exquisite duel, the announcement of a kill came from the other side.

[System] First Blood!

Under the double attack of Cen Yuanqian and Tao Yaofei, Chen Anqi fiercely counterattacked after a proper retreat. In a situation where she was outnumbered by one, she keenly speculated a mistake in her opponent’s positioning. Exploiting a gap between the two due to inattention, she suddenly turned around to attack the priest Beautiful Heart. With a set of exquisite assassination skills, she directly took the head of the other team’s healer in one fell swoop.

The whole audience suddenly went quiet and a little shocked. Who would have thought there would be such a twisted change of plot?

“So, the Black Rose team’s strategy from the beginning was to eliminate the Scattered Clouds‘ healer?” the commentator Xiao Wu said hesitantly after collecting herself.

From the beginning, You Jing participated in the outflanking of the Scattered Clouds‘ captain and faced him head-on when Tao Yaofei broke away from him to support Cen Yuanqian because of Chen Anqi’s intense pressure. If Tao Yaofei had chosen not to leave at that time, what would the situation be like now?

In any case, in the end, Scattered Clouds‘ healer became the first character to fall in this small team match.

Who would have thought that the Black Rose team who seemed to want to take down the ace player Wen Shuqing first, were actually playing the most old-fashioned, basic way of aiming for the healer? However, for the sake of this strategic vision, from the beginning, when You Jing personally took the lead, to Chen Anqi’s tight pressure, and finally to deliberately isolating Tao Yaofei, how many strategies were involved until the end?

After a moment of silence, Xu Qingli couldn’t help but sigh sincerely: “You Jing once again showed us a strategic arrangement as sophisticated as a magic trick. I have to say that judging from the tactical layout of this game, the Black Rose team completely grasped the Scattered Clouds team’s shortcomings.”

After completing the assassination mission, Chen Anqi’s Strange Cat disappeared into the complex surroundings, having only a trace of blood left, and once her blood volume was restored, she reunited with the rest of the team. As Cen Yuanqian’s Dollar Conversion came belatedly, Wen Shuqing’s Qing Qing Zijin was finally outnumbered and fell second under the concentrated attack of the three. After that, Cen Yuanqian stopped struggling and gave up the game.

Like that, the Black Rose team scored two vital points in the small team competition with a complete victory and currently led the overall team competition with a score of 4:1.

“I’m sorry, Captain Wen, I don’t know how I got separated from Yaofei.” When he came out of the battle room, Cen Yuanqian looked at the two figures, one in the wheelchair and one behind, and lowered his head, chagrined.

He couldn’t understand why, in the heat of the moment, he suddenly made such a basic mistake on the field when he was doing such a good job in the training routine. Thinking back to the situation, the moment before they were clearly marching together, how did it mess up all of a sudden? It was really puzzling.

Tao Yaofei also felt regretful in her heart, but seeing him like this, she was actually amused: “Well, this is the first time you have competed with Chen Anqi. This kind of situation is still light and we need to analyze it in depth. We have all experienced more inexplicable things.”

“What does this have to do with Chen Anqi?” Cen Yuanqian looked confused, but the other two turned around at the same time, giving him a meaningful look, and did not answer.

On the other side, as soon as the three members of the Black Rose team returned to their seats, Xu Yiming and the others stood up and applauded them cheerfully.

Only Xiao Li sat on the chair and did not move. Seeing Liu Zeshen sitting down next to him, he raised his eyebrows in disdain: “Shame on you for playing the paladin like a big goofball.”

Liu Zesheng looked at him with a smile: “It’s supposed to be a goofball.”

Choked by his shameless attitude, Xiao Li just snorted.

“Water.” As if she hadn’t heard these two people’s bickering, Chen Anqi uttered a single word expressionlessly. Before she finished speaking, Shen Changyu had already handed her a bottle of newly opened mineral water. Looking up at him, she asked, “Was I good?”

Shen Changyu, who was in the process of handing a bottle to Liu Zeshen next to him, sniffed and subconsciously replied after meeting her eyes, “Awesome.”

Chen Anqi nodded, raised her head, and took a sip.

“Awesome, it was awesome, but so was our Captain You’s command!” Lin Xiao flattered without changing his countenance at Chen Anqi’s disapproving snort, leaned toward You Jing, and asked with a smile, “So, Captain You, have you tired yourself in this round? Can you still do it in the next one?”

You Jing said: “Of course.”

Lin Xiao stretched exaggeratedly, and his smile became more intense: “However, as for the team competition, now it’s up to me.”

A faint smile appeared on You Jing’s face: “Oh, let’s see.”

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