Chapter 78 – Gothic Lolita

Good God, Stop!
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With Lin Xiao’s victory after the end of the individual matches, the Black Rose team took a temporary lead of 2:1 by one point. What followed next was the 3V3 team battle. When the lineups appeared on the big screen, there was a murmur in the audience.

In the small team competition, both sides left their respective captains in the match. After a long time, Wen Shuqing’s shadow swordsman Qing Qing Zijin1 This is the name of a 2020 Chinese drama about a poor but talented scholar. The name itself refers to the scholars’ clothes and the translation might be difficult as well as weird. , and Tao Yaofei’s priest Beautiful Heart, the best partner combination, were back in the game. Of course, it became one of the points of interest at this time. Adding Cen Yuanqian’s warrior monk, Dollar Conversion, resulted in a very aggressive formation.

But one of the Black Rose players in this round’s lineup managed to catch the attention of the entire crowd.

Chen Anqi. The former captain of the Red Leaf team, the only female player who was rated as one of the most vicious assassin operators, was also a professional player with many legends surrounding her. Everyone remembered that two years ago, after losing to the Black Rose team, she chose to retire immediately after the finals. No one expected that she, who had been a platform anchor for such a long time, would make a comeback again. And the reason for her comeback was the Black Rose, the very team that cut off her career!

Excuse me? Anyone who knew anything about the feud between the two sides inevitably went a little crazy at this point.

“I didn’t expect that she really joined the Black Rose team…” Wen Shuqing looked at Chen Anqi, standing up from her seat after drinking some water, feeling a little emotional.

“But is her combat style really suitable for the Black Rose?” When Cen Yuanqian entered the league, Chen Anqi had just announced her retirement. Although they had never come face-to-face, he got to know some of her style by watching her fighting videos. Looking at the list of opponents, he expressed his doubts.

Chen Anqi’s assassin has been known for her tricky and ruthless style since she first emerged in the league, so much so that even after she was promoted as the new Red Leaf team’s captain, she still didn’t change her fighting style.

However, the Scattered Clouds teamed up Cen Yuanqian and Wen Shuqing, clearly showing the rhythm of the attack. Therefore, Liu Zeshen would definitely not play the role of doubling Chen Anqi’s attack but act as a protector. In this way, even if Chen Anqi’s burst damage was terrible, would her attack alone really be enough to disrupt the Scattered Clouds team’s lineup?

“Don’t be careless. The terrible thing about Chen Anqi is not just her explosive attacks.” Wen Shuqing didn’t say it outright but only gave Cen Yuanqian a meaningful look. I’m afraid it’s not that easy to explain in detail what it’s like to play against this female player. One would have to experience it directly to find out.

When he turned his head, he happened to see Tao Yaofei’s pouting expression as if she had eaten a fly, and he couldn’t help laughing: “What’s wrong?”

Tao Yaofei had lost her usual playfulness, her face full of seriousness: “I hate fighting with this woman.”

“Even if you hate it, there’s nothing you can do. This is the game.” Wen Shuqing pursed his lips, and a hint of determination flashed in his usual gentle expression, “Okay, let’s play.”

At the same time, the Black Rose team’s combatants began to enter the arena one after another.

Walking in the front was You Jing. The black uniform made his skin lighter, but the same unchanged expression gave the feeling that he was thousands of miles away. Liu Zeshen was following behind him, his long legs particularly eye-catching. There wasn’t a comparable person in the entire e-sports circle. The last was a figure extraordinarily petite in contrast, who followed with a dissatisfied look, but it was she who attracted the audience’s attention.

All e-sports fans who have paid a little attention to the Red Leaf team were probably familiar with her appearance in red clothes in the past.

However, at this moment, Chen Anqi was wearing the pitch-black uniform of the Black Rose team, but because the uniform was a bit large, her entire face was buried deeply between the towering collar lapels. It made the twin ponytails that were tied high particularly conspicuous. Her whole demeanor brought an indescribably low pressure, and you could only feel a faint chill in your heart.

The crowd sighed. This is the rumored Gothic Loli… Ah, this kind of comeback was simply too awesome!

Lin Xiao sprawled on the players’ bench and drank some water. He raised his eyelashes and lightly poked Shen Changyu next to him: “Why, the new uniform is not ready yet? Your clothes make Chen Anqi look like an opera singer.”

Shen Changyu glanced at him helplessly: “I didn’t expect it either.”

Lin Xiao smiled: “Oh, it’s actually not a big problem, at least she seems to be in a good mood. This game should be a good show to watch.”

“Does she?…” Shen Changyu looked at the close-up shot on the big screen that the director purposely zoomed in, carefully scrutinized the perpetual gloomy face, and couldn’t see any expression that showed a good mood at all.

Lin Xiao sighed in resignation and patted his shoulder with a serious face: “Vice Captain Shen, you are still a little too inexperienced when it comes to women. It seems that you still need to learn more from me in the future.”

Shen Changyu was speechless: “…You’d better worry about yourself first.”

Lin Xiao shrugged, crossed his legs, and looked at the big screen with a smirk. At this moment, You Jing’s image was brought to the fore, and that ascetic, stunningly beautiful profile instantly caused a burst of frenzied screams from the female fans in the arena.

With the end of the preparatory phase, the excitement of the fans also reached its highest point. The small team match between the Black Rose team and the Scattered Clouds team has officially started!

As the match began, the two sides quickly engaged in two head-on collisions in quick succession right in the center of the map.

Although this was obviously just a mutual test, after the second wave of confrontation, You Jing twitched his mouth in a cold grimace.

The opponent’s intention in this match was obvious, namely, to target him simply and rudely.

Whether it was a 3v3 or a 5v5 team match, taking down the healer first could lead to victory in the game. It was a principle well-known to all players, professional or not. Therefore, what the Scattered Clouds team was doing now was indeed a very common combat strategy.

But, although this kind of strategy was common, applying it against the Black Rose team really highlighted Wen Shuqing’s courage. After all, the priest of the Black Rose team was operated by none other than You Jing, who stood at the pinnacle of his profession.

If You Jing were so easy to kill, then there wouldn’t be so many teams that regarded the Black Rose team as such a headache.

At this moment, You Jing had already seen the opponents’ intentions but said nothing. He just asked in the voice chat, “How confident are you to find a chance to assassinate their warrior monk?”

Chen Anqi operated the assassin character, whose ID was Strange Cat, to walk away from the other two at high speed and replied lightly: “Wen Shuqing is hard to say, but for Cen Yuanqian, it should be very simple. He’ll probably be the first to fall.”

You Jing nodded: “Very well, then I’ll leave it to you.”

The travel speed of Dazzling View and Choose A Tree To Live In noticeably slowed down at this moment, and at the same time, the three silhouettes that had been in pursuit behind them also closed in.

Qing Qing Zijin attacked at the first opportunity and, with a triple slash, managed to land a silence curse on Dazzling View, putting all his skill bars on a short cooldown time. Beautiful Heart put a deceleration on Choose a Tree in a timely manner. While slowing down his support speed, she used her chanting to increase Qing Qing Zijin‘s attack power at this moment.

This kind of perfect tacit cooperation put You Jing into a very passive situation. As he moved his character, he glanced at the location of Chen Anqi’s assassin, Strange Cat, and made a decision.

Disregarding whether Liu Zeshen’s Choose A Tree To Live In was there for support, instead of maneuvering to get out of the encirclement, You Jing advanced even deeper inside.

If he were to play an offensive class character, such a move could be interpreted as forcing a breakthrough, but as a healer who was pivotal for his team, You Jing’s current move was no different from rushing head-on to his own death.

At this moment, Dazzling View was deeply trapped between two opponents, and only Cen Yuanqian’s warrior monk remained to join in. Two types of powerful melee attacks, even You Jing might not be able to handle them.

Everyone held their breath, waiting for the situation to unfold. However, Cen Yuanqian’s warrior monk, Dollar Conversion, seemed to have disappeared out of thin air and did not appear for a long time.

Suddenly, a heart-piercing wailing sounded from the Scattered Clouds‘s voice chat: “Damn it, why is there a prison trap here!”

However, his howling came to an abrupt end as a figure flashed in front of him. He couldn’t think of anything other than holding his breath and tapping the keyboard quickly, trying to resist.

As he was pushed back by Chen Anqi step by step, Cen Yuanqian’s heart was bitter, very bitter!

He didn’t even know where he was going, not to mention that he was walking into traps every two or three steps. He felt as if the coordinates had been set and shouted one, two, three for him to put his foot down on that point!

You know, even if the traps skill bar was full, the assassin could only place a total of ten or so, so why was he stepping on one after another?! This was not a top match in the league, but Minesweeper!

Compared to Cen Yuanqian, who wanted to cry but had no tears, Chen Anqi looked at the remaining traps on the map with a calm expression and said, “There are three more.”


Before the words were finished, Dollar Conversion, under Cen Yuanqian’s operation, had just jumped to increase the distance from Strange Cat, and just as he landed, another sound was heard at his feet. He finally relented and wailed, “Help! Hurry up! I’m being hanged!”

Tao Yaofei had to give up assisting Wen Shuqing in killing You Jing’s Dazzling View and began to move Beautiful Heart at high speeds in the direction of Dollar Conversion to provide support.

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    This is the name of a 2020 Chinese drama about a poor but talented scholar. The name itself refers to the scholars’ clothes and the translation might be difficult as well as weird.

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