Chapter 77 – Simple, Brutal Stab

Good God, Stop!
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Seeing that Lin Xiao killed Zhang Fengyu first, temporarily taking the lead, Yan Lingjiang jumped up from the chair in surprise, his face full of disbelief: “Is this for real!?”

Wen Shuqing’s expression was also grave: “It seems that the opponent’s strength is much higher than we expected.”

Yan Lingjiang stuttered: “But Lin Xiao always used to be…”

Wen Shuqing cut him off with an unchanged expression, “Remember, never judge the future by what happened in the past, otherwise, sooner or later, you will dig your own hole.” His eyes fell on the score in the center of the screen, and he sighed deeply, “I’m afraid this round will be difficult for Vice Captain Zhang.”

Yan Lingjiang’s attention fell on Zhang Fengyu’s frowning brows in the corner of the screen, and there was a slightly complicated but worried look on his face.

Until the start of the match, he had been worried about whether Lin Xiao would be too badly abused. But the situation at this moment had taken such a dramatic turn that it made him unable to adjust his mindset for a while.

Who did he want to win? Although Lin Xiao was his childhood buddy, Yan Lingjiang, as a member of the Scattered Clouds team, of course didn’t let himself be carried away by such personal emotions. Whether it was emotional or rational, he naturally hoped that his team would win.

As for the situation where Zhang Fengyu would lose? He hadn’t even thought about it!

This situation that Yan Lingjiang did not think of has also never been conceived in the minds of many fans of the Scattered Clouds.

Could Zhang Fengyu, the Vice Captain who has caused many professional players to suffer, be beaten by a mere rookie?

How was this possible?!

It was because of this reluctance to face the possible situation that the cheers and shouts covered the stage in waves. If the soundproofing effect of the battle room wouldn’t be world-class indeed, I am afraid that it would be carried directly to the ears of the players.

Perhaps he could sense the fans’ enthusiasm, as after the resurrection, Zhang Fengyu was obviously more cautious than before. After the two met again, he took Lin Xiao’s life first, bringing the overall score to 1:1.

In the eyes of the onlookers, the characters operated by the two men opened the attack mode almost at the same time after meeting in the middle of the map. However, Adorable Ghost‘s blood bar already put him at a disadvantage, and going up against the full-blooded black mage was not a good scene. So much so that under the overwhelming network of skills, it was only natural that he would eventually die.

However, only Lin Xiao could truly appreciate the subtlety of this battle from the inside.

This player, Zhang Fengyu, was kinda scary.

Looking at the dimmed screen, Lin Xiao narrowed his eyes and smiled with interest.

During the match just now, it looked like both sides were concentrating their firepower in a fierce battle, but in fact, every subtle operation taken out and analyzed could be used as exemplary teaching material for the third-tier players.

All along, Lin Xiao thought his detail handling was already quite exquisite. But only after he came into direct contact with Zhang Fengyu did he realize that this man’s degree of control over every micro-detail could be described as excruciatingly precise.

During the battle just now, it looked like the two sides were exchanging blows, but in fact, Zhang Fengyu was always at the limit of releasing his abilities.

This kind of passive feeling of being mastered by someone’s rhythm was very bad. Due to a few deviations in the opponent’s positioning, he was forced to change the released skills, and as a direct result, the cooldown time was out of order. In just a few minutes of fighting, he had made him lose at least three skills.

What an uncomfortable fighting style.

Lin Xiao took a deep breath and manipulated Adorable Ghost from the resurrection point, but instead of going straight to the previous battle location, he began to move tactically.

“Why, weren’t you going to come in a fair and square manner?” Zhang Fengyu was not usually a talkative person, or in other words, he was hardly seen saying anything on the map chat, but today, maybe because Lin Xiao provoked him before, he actually opened the conversation first.

“Vice Captain Zhang is too powerful to be faced head-on!” Lin Xiao answered very naturally.

Such a shameless response, the complete opposite of the speech he gave so brilliantly and openly at the start of the game, set off an explosion of boos in the venue.

This time, not only the fans of the Scattered Clouds team but also some of the die-hard fans of the Black Rose could not help but join in.

Zhang Fengyu did not react to this shameless affirmation. After all, this was the professional league; there was no place here for the grudges from the usual games. If you really want to fight for your good reputation, you can’t do that while trying to impress with fake abilities.

Because he was very clear about his own path, he calmly accepted Lin Xiao’s brazenness from before.

Zhang Fengyu didn’t respond, but it didn’t mean he didn’t take it into consideration. Since he saw this sentence, he has begun to pay more attention to his back. In just a few seconds, several possible hiding spots for the opponent’s ambush have been estimated.

Where could he come from? Just as Zhang Fengyu was thinking about it, a sporadic spark suddenly fell from the sky, and the moment it landed at his feet, it blazed the surroundings.

He cartwheeled to avoid the subsequent damage, and the burning effect on his body took away a small amount of his blood. However, after this offensive, Adorable Ghost‘s position had also been exposed.

It’s just that the perspective of being watched from above felt a little creepy.

In the end, even if battle maps remained unchanged for many years in the hands of professional players, not everyone knew all the details. As insignificant as they seemed, they weren’t actually that insignificant. However, for Lin Xiao to start climbing trees with his character after a small disagreement was quite unusual in the professional league’s regular matches.

Adorable Ghost was hanging on the tree trunk right in front of Mad Fish, and with his red cloak swaying in the wind, at first glance, it really looked like a fiery will-o’-the-wisp floating in the cemetery.

He obviously didn’t want to give Mad Fish much of a chance to react, and after the first skill, the others had begun to come flying down on him in close succession.

From this place, the distance between the two was actually not that close. Zhang Fengyu easily manipulated Mad Fish to avoid most of the attacks, and at the same time, he changed positions, gradually approaching Adorable Ghost.

Lin Xiao originally thought that he would force the opponent to back off, but he suddenly saw that not only he did not retreat, but he was actually advancing. After a moment of surprise, he already understood Zhang Fengyu’s intention.

At this point, it looked like he had the advantage of the high ground, but Mad Fish actually had the advantage of moving on the ground instead. After all, Adorable Ghost‘s movements depended on whether the tree trunk was firm or not. And it was the only tree in the area. Even if he wanted to run, there was no place to provide him with more moving space, which made his current situation even worse. He was like a living target with nowhere to run.

But could he possibly dig his own hole?

Lin Xiao raised his eyebrows and glanced at a stump directly below him. At the moment when Mad Fish‘s staff lit up and an ice spell was about to fall, he jumped and operated Adorable Ghost to fly straight down from the towering tree as if it had grown wings.

Many people did not pay attention to how he climbed up, but at the time of climbing down, the series of movements could be described as coherent and natural as the flow of water. The downward momentum also increased his forward speed. Although the collision caused by the fall knocked away nearly two lines of his health, in a flash, he was already directly in front of the Mad Fish.

Even though Zhang Fengyu’s thinking was so meticulous, he never anticipated that the opponent would use this kind of self-harm as a driving force for acceleration. Before he had time to react, he saw the glowing red figure rush into the Mad Fish‘s field of vision.

What happened next? Chanting and casting spells and repeating the previous skill melee?

Nope, none of that!

In front of tens of millions of live and webcast viewers, Adorable Ghost once again did something that no one expected—while rushing head-on toward Mad Fish, he directly raised his staff and began to stab him simply and brutally.

Xu Qingli: “…”

Xiao Wu: “…”

Not only was the audience completely silent, but even the two official commentators at the commentary table didn’t know what to say for a while.

It would be fine if one of the two characters on the field was a melee type. However, these two were both pure magical types! What the hell was this, to play an official ranged profession as a melee class like this?! This shit is a professional league, not a rookie elementary school gameplay!

However, Lin Xiao manipulated Adorable Ghost, swinging the staff in his hand without any psychological pressure.

Anyway, the opponent’s vitality was now lower than his. If he wanted to level the ground, he was going for a kill and didn’t have to worry about skills operation and variables. Why couldn’t it be simpler? It’s better for you, better for me, and better for everyone!

The current situation showed Mad Fish starting Ghost Walk in an attempt to distance himself and Adorable Ghost following closely behind; Mad Fish taking a leap to escape, and Adorable Ghost also following like a shadow.

In the rhythm of the two staffs stabbing and poking, one figure finally fell down. However, up until the word “Victory” flashed on the big screen, the audience was still silent.

—How should I put it, it’s definitely an image that shouldn’t be ridiculed, but why is there a strange sense of familiarity?

At this moment, in front of the computer screen, a certain super-popular anchor, Little Monkey Master, watched this scene that he will never forget and wiped away his bitter tears.

He felt satisfied as he held the famous video that had been downloaded and accessed by tens of millions of people. After all, people were just as open to stabbing each other even on the pro league stage, so why couldn’t that be accepted for the past?

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Keep it simple, stabbing people is simpler. ^_^~

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