Chapter 76 – Our Motto Is: Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give In!

Good God, Stop!
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Taking on Zhang Fengyu in the individual tournament was indeed a bit out of Lin Xiao’s expectations, but in a way, it was not that surprising.

Back then, he was a novice player with a bright perspective, and judging by the battle videos of the past few years, he had made great progress in his fighting style and operational precision. Nowadays, being one of the players who were a headache for all the major teams, Lin Xiao was also interested in practical battle situations.

In the process of checking the equipment, Lin Xiao touched the keyboard with his fingers, having an extraordinarily comfortable feeling, and felt very happy.

The feeling of getting a new device is almost like flying high!

The map left after the process of banning was Horror Tomb.

After the two parties selected and confirmed the equipment from the storage, they loaded the map interface.

Zhang Fengyu operated the black mage Mad Fish, and the moment the loading was completed, he began to move across the map. He was not moving as fast as other players, but when you looked at the map from the overall view, you could find that every step he made was placed at a predetermined point, and there was an ineffable subtlety to his overall route.

As a professional player who became famous quite early, Zhang Fengyu has played a vital role in the Scattered Clouds team ever since he came to the fore. In the e-sports league, he has gradually attracted the attention of more teams over the years.

What was more interesting was that, although both Zhang Fengyu and Yan Duzhou were black mage professionals, no one has ever compared them. It wasn’t because he wasn’t qualified enough, but because the two’s operating style was completely different.

If Yan Duzhou has always been known for his fierce offensive style, then Zhang Fengyu belonged to the rigorous school of orderly advance and retreat. His unpredictable rhythm of offense and defense could make anyone feel overwhelmed. Because of this, in the polls, the level of irritability provoked by Zhang Fengyu surpassed that of Yan Duzhou and remained high.

Horror Tomb wasn’t the most complex of all the maps, but it was full of unknowns that could be used as surprise elements.

“Vice Captain Zhang, there’s no point in beating around the bush, why don’t we have a proper duel? ^_^~” Lin Xiao greeted first on the map channel.

“It’s a good proposal.” Zhang Fengyu replied politely, but he continued the same.

“If you agree with the proposal, you should comply. Wild Goose likes honest men like me, and you will be disliked if you are insincere.” Lin Xiao said.

“Oh, thanks for the reminder.” Zhang Fengyu replied, and the look in his eyes became even more alert to the changes around him while moving.

He cared more about another meaning than the teasing implied in his words.

From the content of the conversation, it sounded like he had fully grasped his whereabouts?

Compared to Zhang Fengyu’s calmness, Yan Lingjiang couldn’t calm down, especially after he felt all eyes suddenly turn in his direction from the players’ bench. But since too many people’s attention was strangely shifted to him, he had to swallow back the foul words that came to his lips. He could only stare at the figure on the big screen with resentment and curse in his heart: “Damn it, Lin Xiao, don’t you run away after the match today! Let’s see how I will settle old and new scores with you!”

“Don’t get distracted, focus on the match.” Seeing that he was absent-minded, Wen Shuqing had to remind him.

“Yes, Captain Wen!” Yan Lingjiang was startled, and he hurriedly collected himself. After looking up, he couldn’t help shouting, “When did this kid go around the back!”

At this moment, the hearts of many viewers were already in their throats. The Scattered Clouds fans were naturally worried that their Vice Captain would be overshadowed, while the Black Rose fans had the spirit of looking forward to a good show.

Just now, during the conversation, the two combatants were simultaneously moving. When everyone came back to their senses, Adorable Ghost unknowingly followed behind Mad Fish. How the itinerary followed such a pattern was indeed a bit confusing.

The Scattered Clouds fans felt really annoyed. They had seen shameless people, but not like that. What kind of proper duel was this? It’s just hiding and ambushing after standing behind someone’s back! That’s a good example of how grand words can be deceptive.

In the face of such a sneak attack from Lin Xiao, Zhang Fengyu’s response was extraordinarily methodical. After flinging an Ice Barrier in front of him to counteract the next wave of attacks, Mad Fish first chanted a few skills to counterattack before taking a few light steps backward.

This distance was just 0.1 yards out of the ghost priest‘s casting range, and except for a small strip of blood lost after blocking a few skills, he did not suffer any additional damage. Meanwhile, the blood bar of Adorable Ghost after the sneak attack was almost the same because the black mage‘s two small techniques did not have much effect.

Such a countermeasure could be regarded as a model textbook for the black mage, and a series of warm applause erupted at the scene.

Zhang Fengyu did not relax, as he had discovered that the ghost priest had disappeared from the previous coordinates the moment the skill ended, and he successfully avoided detection again.

This man’s use of positioning…

He frowned solemnly.

This time Lin Xiao didn’t go far but directly activated the Ghost Sprint, went around in a circle, and in a blink of an eye, returned to the position behind the black mage again.

It seems that the situation has resumed the exact same scenario as earlier.

The audience, who looked at the whole situation from the global perspective, could see this clearly and began to feel a little suspicious.

Is this, like, a repeat of what just happened?

“I say, Vice Captain Zhang, with such a fast reaction speed, you must not have a partner yet, right? ^_^~” While Lin Xiao was speaking, the magic staff in his hand lit up again with his chanting and spell casting.

In this extremely tense atmosphere, the bright smile on the map channel felt so out of context that it became a sore spot for the audience.

Fast reaction time equals no partner? How is this a reasonable conclusion, it will certainly attract the hatred of the professionals! It was known that Zhang Fengyu’s reaction speed wasn’t really regarded as first-class. If he was used as a standard, then all players famous for their hand speed should be asked for how many years were they single?

Of course, that’s not even the point.

The point was that the ability that Adorable Ghost chanted this time was the ghost priest‘s great move, Myriad Ghosts Void.

Currently, Mad Fish was right at the edge of the casting range, and just a slight step forward would be enough to make this great technique fail.

However, just as the Scattered Clouds fans were praying hard for Zhang Fengyu to take a half step forward, Mad Fish indeed took a step, but the direction was not further from Adorable Ghost‘s position, but actually the opposite.

Seeing the shroud spreading in all directions from Mad Fish‘s feet, the Scattered Clouds fans who were watching the battle became agitated.

Having seen everything clearly from start to finish, Xu Qingli’s commentary came with a sigh: “It seems that Lin Xiao didn’t intend to rely on the previous wave of attacks to gain an advantage. He just used it to create an illusion for the current wave of attacks and lure Zhang Fengyu into a trap.”

Xiao Wu still hadn’t recovered after the sudden change in the situation, and she was even more surprised when she heard this: “You mean, Lin Xiao even counted on Zhang Fengyu to take this step backward?”

Xu Qingli smiled with some emotion: “I’m afraid that’s right. In the previous round, Zhang Fengyu showed us almost perfect control of every subtle calculation. However, it was precisely because he was too meticulous in his calculations that he was, in turn, led by the opponent to the conclusion he wanted. Hence the small step he took just now.”

Xiao Wu was stunned: “So, Zhang Fengyu was used because of the precise calculation he is best at?”

Xu Qingli nodded, “There had been some hype that this Lin Xiao player was the replica of Old Ghost from back then, and if what just happened was indeed not a coincidence, not to say how strong he really is, but it must be admitted that he is indeed a top-notch player.”

As the official commentator of the National League, Xu Qingli has faced many different kinds of rookie players since he retired from the field and entered this business, but to get such a high evaluation from his mouth was indeed a very rare thing.

The audience was very familiar with this rigorous official commentator and has always agreed with his views. After listening to his analysis, it did feel that the direct opening of the big move at that time was more of a master style than the kind of beginner-level operation that likes to open with a big move. However, with those inappropriate jokes on the map channel, can you still show respect?

Some supporters of the former Old Ghost were already protesting in the feed, to the effect that their great Captain Lin was such a professional, how can it be compared with this unscrupulous rookie ghost priest? Even if there were indeed some similarities in the combat style, judging from those disgraceful lines, it’s clear that this flirtatious bitch was not at the same level!

Naturally, Lin Xiao couldn’t see these feeds at this moment. Even if he could see, he probably wouldn’t care about them. Back then, because of the club’s financial constraints, he had to work hard to suppress his own nature and create the image of an idol captain with a burst of personality and charm. After so many years, he was still remembered by enthusiastic fans.

Not only did Lin Xiao not expect this, but some old players who were watching the match had indescribable expressions on their faces when they saw these ferocious online warriors.

Speaking of that year, Lin Xiao did not carry alone the idol-image burden in order to create revenue for the club. For example, those professional players who have had close contact with him in private were well aware of his true nature. However, in the overall difficult environment at the time, as professional players, they understood each other’s hardships, so they tacitly did not reveal their true colors. When interviewed by the media, the players of the major teams would always feel choked when they mentioned Old Ghost, but they still had to smile at the camera.

Looking back now, it really was an indescribable time of passion.

In the battle room, having just taken Zhang Fengyu’s first blood with a dazzling bombardment of skills, Lin Xiao raised his head and heavily sneezed several times in quick succession.

He rubbed the tip of his nose: “Heh, who is missing me?”

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