Chapter 71 – Those Who Knew The Truth Shed Tears

Good God, Stop!
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In the last round, LovelyGhost was finally taken down. While Devin was relieved, he also felt tremendous pressure on the other hand.

None of the previous games had as much pressure as now.

However, he knew very well that this time, not only fans of e-sports from China and South Korea but also observers from many other countries were watching this game, monitoring the strength of e-sports of the two countries.

The stakes of this duel have reached a higher level that no one can control.

Strictly speaking, Devin was now just an ordinary retired player.

After he left surrounded by such glory, he shouldn’t have to bear this heavy pressure again, but at this moment, it could be said that he was forced to climb the mountain, and there was no other choice for him.

The truth was that, in Devin’s view, this really was a pain in the ass. In fact, he has been trying to catch this mysterious Chinese expert ever since LovelyGhost‘s first game went online. But, no matter what, they were never matched together until such a life-and-death game finally led to the meeting of the two.

I have to say, God’s arrangement is really, too wonderful, wonderful!

Like everything was on purpose!

In the current situation, Devin could only sigh helplessly, but he gradually became serious looking at the screen.

The other players of the ACE team also stopped all their training programs and gathered around the computer, watching the game of the century with bated breath.

Both sides entered the maps’ banning stage.

When he saw that the opponent’s first ban was the Lava Purgatory map, Devin’s eyes flashed with surprise, and he banned Lost Desert City without hesitation. Immediately after, LovelyGhost banned Horror Tomb, and after a moment of hesitation, Devin finally decided to ban the Wild Forest, leaving the Polar Ice Field as the final battle map.

This kind of vast map was obviously suitable for direct and fast combat.

A team member frowned and said: “Coach, this banning method is like he’s targeting you…”

Another person interjected, “Could it be that he did some research on you?”

Devin didn’t answer, his silence a tacit consent to what they said.

Indeed, from the routine of banning the maps, the opponent seemed to be unexpectedly familiar with him. But with his identity, it was no wonder someone had done some research on him, so he didn’t think much of it.

Once the map loaded, the showdown was officially underway amidst everyone’s eager anticipation.

Little Monkey Master made a temporary guest appearance in the live broadcast room to explain his identity. He thought that Lin Xiao would be like in the video he showed him before, dropping a sentence in that astonishing English of his to spice up the atmosphere, but who would have guessed that until after the first wave of skirmishes that ended in a head-on collision between the two, the map chat was still empty, and no one had said half a word.

Faced with such a situation, finding his own interpretation, he felt a little emotional.

Sure enough, going up against the masters was different from those jumping clowns, the pressure was huge, and no one was in the mood to joke!

So, Lin Xiao can’t be distracted because he’s playing against Devin, right?

Well, not really! He just did it because of an old Chinese saying – talk too much, lose much!

Who was Devin, after all? They met in the international tournament that year and regretted not having met earlier. They had some happy conversations in their gibberish language. On the other hand, now he had nothing to communicate with the other party in English, and he needs to consider bigger problems, okay?

By the way, he had to say hello to Old Yan later, and warn him not to betray an old comrade-in-arms! Lin Xiao thought about this, and after a few nimble maneuvers, he took the lead, opening Ghost Sprint and rushing head-on the moment both combatants came into view.

At the first contact, shortly after the start of the game, the spectators still had a vivid memory of the scene of the two testing each other. That time, in order to find out their tactics, they fought in a roundabout and subtle way, so that after a small surge, each lost some blood, and neither of them had the advantage.

But right now, LovelyGhost suddenly evolved from the previous cautious actions to the current aggressive and ruthless style, which caused everyone to need some time to adjust.

However, there was not much time for people to slowly adjust, as after only a flashing of amazing skills, both sides started to chant at the same time, and the battle situation was soon entangled again.

In this bout, although LovelyGhost won the first move due to his prompt decision, he was caught off guard by Devin because of a very small mistake in the sparring, and by the end of the bout, he was put at a disadvantage.

Seeing that the blood gauge had bottomed out, and Devin still had half a bar left, the audience in the live broadcast room held their breath nervously.

Devin put an elemental curse that reduced magic resistance on LovelyGhost, then threw the Ghost Fire in his face.

The moment the ability burned LovelyGhost, a figure flashed, and the place where he was standing a moment ago was suddenly empty, and the ability landed in the air.

If you looked from Devin’s perspective, you could see that the LovelyGhost who was in front of you a moment ago suddenly disappeared without a trace and evaporated in the air, leaving only an empty cliff.

However, compared to the ignorance of all ACE members, the audience who watched from the main perspective in the live broadcast room saw what happened clearly.

It was precisely because they could see so clearly that everyone’s expressions became stiff and distorted.

In their hearts, an inner voice was roaring: Damn, how can you play like this!

The location where the two had just fought was on a cliffside in the lower left of the Polar Ice Field map, and LovelyGhost had been pushed by Devin to the point of having no way out. However, just as the last deadly skill fell, it so happened that the cooldown of his Leap Step had just ended, and so he took the opportunity to take some distance.

Originally, this kind of impromptu reaction would have come naturally to any expert player, but the key lay in the direction he took while dodging out of the way.

Under everyone’s stunned eyes, LovelyGhost did not move toward any position on the ice peak, but jumped directly off the cliff!

That was why, from Devin’s main vision, he seemed to have mysteriously disappeared into thin air.

Jumping off a cliff was basically committing suicide. However, when you looked for it, there was no corpse!

In Zone, the game settings respected the subtlety of almost all 3D games, so jumping straight off a high cliff would be enough to drain LovelyGhost‘s last remnants of life and blood. However, he jumped, but the system did not announce the death message at all, which caused everyone who knew the truth to burst into tears.

At this moment, LovelyGhost‘s field of vision was filled with crystalline, translucent ice, and since he was so close to the ground, every detail of the ice crystals could be clearly seen. If it weren’t for the fact that we’re in a life-and-death situation, we’d have to marvel at Zone‘s exquisitely detailed art.

But now, no one had the heart to praise the excellent production work because all thoughts were on LovelyGhost‘s current situation.

Who would have thought that the Polar Ice Field map, not far below this cliff actually had a protruding slab that could just accommodate a person’s width? Nope, it was no longer about who could have thought of it, but who the hell could be that bored to discover such a cockamamie detail design!? Could it be possible to jump off cliffs just for fun every now and then?

However, people didn’t have time to ridicule such a novel discovery because now, LovelyGhost not only successfully escaped from the life and death situation with the help of this detail but even began to chant Myriad Ghost Void just like this, face against the ice wall, without looking sideways.

Devin’s current location starting from this cliff happened to be within the spellcasting range of the ghost priest.

Of course, Devin, who didn’t know what was going on, had no idea about the shocking reversal of events that was about to take place.

Spectator A: “…”

Spectator B: “…”

Spectator C: “…”

Spectator N: “…x10086+ID card number.”

At this moment, the live feed in the streaming room was completely overwhelmed by ellipses.

[System] First Blood!

With the news that Devin had been killed, the entire studio was still full of endless ellipses and no one had the slightest thought of cheering and shouting.

The excitement was there, but why couldn’t they express it…

What to say, while it’s true that as a patriotic gaming fan, you should be a little ecstatic about LovelyGhost‘s temporary lead, there’s just no way to get your heart racing about a killing done in such a helpless way!

The crowd was in tears.

The mood at this moment was really too complicated!

As for Lin Xiao, he couldn’t hear the inner turmoil of the audience. After operating the character to look left and right for a while, he climbed up the cliff. Then, he found an ice hole near the cliff and crawled into it like a cat wiggling its butt, disappearing without a trace.

This time, not only the audience but even Little Monkey Master couldn’t enjoy himself completely, his mouth twitched again and again, and finally, he couldn’t resist complaining in front of tens of millions of online viewers, almost choking himself in exasperation.

So, Little Monkey’s inner beef at the moment was like this: “I say, Brother LovelyGhost, this was a life and death top game in the Korean leaderboard! Can we have some master demeanor here, eh?! I can’t even enjoy doing live streaming if you keep this up!!!”

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Impressive, isn’t it? ^_^~

Little Monkey: …Go away! (╯‵ ′)╯︵┴─┴

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