Chapter 7.2

Chapter 7.2

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When Shen Chang sat down, You Jing gave him a gentle pat on the shoulder, maybe out of regret or comfort, but there was no other reaction.

After Shen Chang’s defeat, the current score for both sides stood at 1:1, and the players for the third individual match came on the court accompanied by cheers. However, after the start of the game, Team Liuyun used the head start given in the previous match to win the next game, and were finally in the lead with a score of 1:2.

The rules for the individual match stated that players who had already participated were not allowed to play again in team matches.

And so, Black Rose team chose to send the twins, Xu Yichen and Xu Yiming to cooperate with Liu Zeshen who operated the knight Greener Pastures. Together, they’d form a more aggressive combination of attacks while Liuyun’s team had the magic swordsman Yan Lingjiang’s Yan never leaves a trace 1Yan here means wild geese and when used together with the other characters gives the idiom ‘Geese leave no trace’ He replaces the Yan with his Yan to mean he attacks without leaving a trace. Hence it now reads Yan never leaves a trace. as the main force, along with a shadow swordsman and a healer, creating a stable formation.

The fact that the Black Rose didn’t send out a certain healer made everyone puzzled. Being the top Cleric operator in the entire league, You Jing’s talent could not be questioned. Although the game was lost in the end, the trio’s dazzling skills and effort made their fans satisfied.

Everyone’s attention was now on the final 5v5 team battle. Especially since the current score was 1:4, it wasn’t too late to make a complete comeback which was the difference between the final victory and defeat. 

At this time, the employee who kept trying to sneak peeks at the match finally couldn’t help himself and stopped pretending to work. He came over with an angry expression. “Black Rose team is a bit weak this year. It’s only the beginning of the spring competition and they’re about to lose this round too!”

Lin Xiao’s fingers shook his cigarette lazily and responded without thinking, “We won’t lose.”

As if responding to Lin Xiao’s careless comment, under You Jing’s tactical command and Shen Chang’s finely tuned data analysing skills, Liuyun team’s pincer attack2Pincer attack – The pincer movement, is a tactic in which forces attack both flanks (sides) of an enemy formation at the same time. ended in failure.

After the formation broke completely, the slain members were unable to get back to their team’s original rhythm after respawning and were chased by the Black Rose team members; each one defeated was another drop of blood. They successfully got 5 kills, getting the crucial 5 points needed to win the game.

The game ended with Team Black Rose vs. Team Liuyun scoring 6:4 respectively.

The young man stared at the end scene in amazement, and looked at Lin Xiao blankly. “Brother, how did you know Black Rose would win?”

Lin Xiao glanced at him and let out a faint “Oh”. “Well, although both sides were trying to change their own style and find their own rhythm, Shen Chang is after all an unparalleled support player when it comes to team competitions. As long as the Liuyun team continuously creates new strategies, they won’t have enough time to familiarise themselves with them. Remember, our team’s You Jing specialises in catching such loopholes, right?” He took a pause then glanced at the screen with a slight smile. “As for the previous games losses, wasn’t Black Rose used to this by now?”

Although the young man didn’t understand a word of what was said, he felt as if he’d just listened to something very profound and became stunned. 

The boss walked out from the backroom with an ugly expression. “Why don’t you replace this old computer? It’s so damn outdated! The hard drive that it needs is so old that it’s out of stock. You would have to order it elsewhere. I made a call just now and it will take two or three days at most to arrive.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter anyways, I’ll come back in two days.” As a poor person with absolutely no funds to purchase a computer, of course Lin Xiao would not mind this arrangement. 

He glanced back at the laptop screen and it showed the two teams shaking hands at the end of the match. The face values of these players were so high, they caused all the women at the venue to scream uncontrollably.

Recalling the match, Lin Xiao frowned lightly. For pro players like You Jing, there were several mistakes made that shouldn’t have happened.

The scene switched and showed You Jing picking up his backpack with his right hand, as his eyes flashed imperceptibly.

If my memory is correct, this person should be left-handed.

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