Chapter 7.1

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This silhouette wasn’t unfamiliar to Lin Xiao. It wasn’t because he was impressed with the youth that year, but because he was in the previous host’s most paranoid memory even after rebirth. This person’s entire autobiography was already branded into his mind and could be recalled from memory without doing any additional internet research. 

From a certain perspective, it could be said that without this person, the current ‘Lin Xiao’ would not exist.

Just viewing from beyond the screen at this time, there was a kind of hidden emotion that came from the previous soul’s memory.

 Lin Xiao couldn’t understand how the original owner thought of this person as gentle and considerate. He was portrayed so bright and charming just like a living Virgin Mary. Lin Xiao decided to view this person seriously and objectively and sure enough, beauty was truly in the eyes of the beholder. At the very least, the aura that this person gave off could hardly be considered warm.

The man in question at that moment just sat there motionless, only allowing his slender white fingertips to tap the table casually. He wore the same black uniform as his teammates next to him, the white undershirt beneath was a little out of place, revealing half his collarbone. His side profile enhanced the sharp lines of his face that connected to a pair of delicate shoulder blades. His long peach coloured eyes slightly narrowed, clearly carried a look of impatience.

In the stadium not far behind, a multitude of LED cards were held up high by some enthusiastic fans, the fonts gleamed—

<The Queen of Kings 1Queen-This is You Jing’s nickname in the league. Fans call him Queen You, Queen Jing, Queen of Jings, Queen of Kings etc.will dominate rivers and lakes for generations to come!>,

 <My husband Jing, I will always support you!>, 

<BlackRose, with my husband here our team is invincible!>, 

<Queen, I want to give you a monkey!> 2‘I want to give you a monkey’- It literally means what it says. The persons wants to give birth to a monkey for the other party, however it is often used by fans to express love to their idols.

…He felt that there was something wrong with this particular sign.

The commentator followed up with some snarky comments in response to the ‘queen’ fans, meanwhile the camera switched back to the game as it officially began.

In previous years’ matches, both Shen Chang and Zhang Fengu had their fair share of victories between each other. On the list for <Most Troublesome People to Play Against>, after votes were tallied, they were both far ahead and secured spots in the top five.

The reason both were selected was undoubtedly because of their similar ‘data analytic’ combat style. As long as a player had a duel with either of them, even with little or no experience, one could glean their fighting style and before long, come to a painful realisation.

Although both were data analysers, they had their own unique style.

Zhang Fengyu, who was currently the most educated player in the league, had an IQ so high, it was enough to shock anyone. It didn’t matter the type of equipment an opponent chose to play; after a few blows and collisions, he could make a precise judgement of the enemy’s artifact value provided it didn’t exceed the 1.5 mark, and in turn calculate the damage output to two decimal places. This was ‘bit accuracy’3Bit accuracy- This is calculating and giving answers in decimals place. The more decimal places the more accurate the data. .

 The real horror was that after playing a single round, he could completely memorize the numerical data of his opponent’s equipment. In other words, no matter who was playing against him, all equipment matching strategies were only applicable once. This caused teams to avoid fighting solo with him in order to guard their various tactics.

 Shen Chang, on the other hand, focused more on the control and calculation of the micro-operations of both sides. He could usually give a detailed play by play of matches, while noting each map’s advantages as well as infer an opponent’s change of rhythm in a battle based on terrain while calculating both sides’ control frequencies which he then manipulated to secure more kills.

From a certain perspective he was more suitable to be teammates with than Zhang Fengyu.

As soon as both parties appeared, the atmosphere became more lively as if mountains and seas that represented the fans of both teams were roaring at each other causing the scene to become chaotic.

According to previous practice matches, Shen Chang and Zhang Fengyu were players who liked to test each other out, they would advance with some small-scale collisions first. Unexpectedly, both characters began fighting without saying a single word the moment they met, both wanting to have the upper hand. Seeing this the audience became stunned. The cheers went silent for a moment before exploding several times higher than earlier, as if trying to capsize the entire roof.

“I really didn’t expect that the vice captains of both sides would be really fired up today!” Chen Xiaoyan, the new commentator said, a little stunned.

“Nowadays there are numerous rookies playing in the league with several new teams constantly joining. It seems that the old members of each team are under a lot of pressure. The vice captains of both teams are using the stage to subconsciously transform their respective teams. This won’t be an issue. It’s actually quite easy.” Xu Qingli in the commentary section was not surprised by this and continued to report objectively. 

Lin Xiao looked at both players attacking each other on the screen, his eyes narrowed as his gaze fell on Shen Chang, whose expression was serious. Based on results in recent years Black Rose had become even more difficult to beat. Nonetheless, Xu Qingli was right about one point. Both players were doing what they could to change their respective teams, but would they really be transformed? 

Seeing that the summoner Season Rain finally collapsed under repeated assaults, he murmured quietly. “He is still a bit too anxious.”

The words [VICTORY] and [DEFEAT]popped up in the center of the screen for each side. Both screens were deliberately shown to the audience one after the other which caused a lot of joy and tears from the fans for their respective teams. When the two players shook hands courteously, they said a few words to each other; unfortunately the cameras were too far away to record what they had said. Afterwards, both men returned to their team’s benches. 

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