Chapter 69 – Are You Really Going To Retire?

Good God, Stop!
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In the center of the computer screen, the fierce battle that was still going on a moment before suddenly stopped.

In the light of the black mage‘s staff, the intensive skills intertwined suddenly stopped, leaving only the ghost priest standing motionless with only a quarter of his health left, which was particularly abrupt compared with the tense scene just now.

Song Lan held the cup and watched the whole game behind Yan Duzhou’s computer with excitement, so when he encountered such a sudden stillness, he couldn’t regain his senses. As he looked at the ghost priest who stood there like a stone statue for a long time, there was a flash of light over his body, and the word ‘Victory’ appeared on the screen, leaving him speechless: “No way, he went offline?”

In the Zone, with the exception of 3V3 and 5V5 team matches, if an individual match was disconnected for more than five minutes, it would be considered a forfeit.

That was obviously the case with this ghost priest, right now.

After exiting the battle map, Yan Duozhou looked at his ranking, which had gone up one more place, but he didn’t show any joy.

He did not choose to continue entering the queue but directly exited the game and shut down the computer.

Seeing Yan Duzhou stand up and walk out, Song Lan also followed behind him, feeling a little emotional: “Captain Yan, it’s been a long time since I saw such a powerful ghost priest! That LovelyGhost, is he really a national player like they say?”

Yan Duzhou responded, “Yes.”

“Why, Captain Yan, do you know him?” Song Lan smelled something else from this answer and became more curious, “Who the hell is this guy? He seems quite powerful, is it possible to bring him into our team?”

Yan Duzhou didn’t even think about it: “He won’t come.”

“Alright then.” Song Lan had only been asking casually and wasn’t too disappointed with this answer. Instead, he smiled, “Anyway, no matter what, he’s not as good as you, Captain Yan, and you are not inferior to him. Although he went offline for some reason, according to the situation, with such a big difference in health and blood bar, he was destined to lose anyway.”

Yan Duzhou, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped.

Not paying attention, Song Lan almost bumped into him and immediately scrambled to stabilize the teacup, shouting: “Yo, Captain Yan, be careful!”

Yan Duzhou stared at him for a while, ignoring his yelling: “Have you forgotten what I taught you before?”

“I haven’t forgotten!” Under such gaze, Song Lan’s expression gradually became serious: “Captain Yan, I was wrong! I shouldn’t underestimate the enemy or take it for granted!”

Only then did Yan Duzhou look away in satisfaction, and recalling the scenes of the battle from now, he stated slowly: “Always remember, facing anyone and any battle, as long as it is not over, you’re not allowed to slack. Especially when facing strong and respectable opponents.”

Song Lan nodded earnestly: “I’ll remember.”

“You’ll be the captain of the Apocalypse team in the future. It’s time to learn to bear some things on your own.” After saying this, Yan Duzhou walked to the end of the corridor step by step, and after turning a corner, his figure couldn’t be seen anymore. He never looked back from the beginning to the end.

Song Lan stood there blankly because of the impact of the last sentence and even forgot to catch up with that man.

A few days ago, he had also heard people talking about a conversation between Captain Yan and Manager Fu. It was said to have considered retirement, but he did not take such rumors to heart. That’s because he knew too well the captain who single-handedly promoted him and how important e-sports were to him. It was precisely because he understood him that, even though he knew Yan Duzhou had already passed the age of retirement, he still believed that the “King of Hell,” who could scare anyone, would never give up the team and the e-sports.

However, those words made Song Lan very confused, and he didn’t know what to think now.

So, is Captain Yan really going to retire this time?…

The Korean leaderboard posted on the forums was updated in real-time, and with the end of the current game, when everyone realized that Yan Duozhou’s BlackBoat had climbed to fifth place, they erupted in joy.

However, it was soon discovered that LovelyGhost, who has been on the rise, lost one place at the same time.

Did he really start to decline after entering the top 10?

Some people were suspicious and went to check the battle records. If you don’t check, you don’t know. If you check, you will be surprised. Upon seeing the black mage‘s opponent’s ID in the matchup list, the followers’ comments immediately piled up exponentially.

LovelyGhost vs. BlackBoat… isn’t this like a family fight?

However, considering the results of this game, did it also mean that LovelyGhost, despite how insane his previous record was, will inevitably be crushed when he faces China’s #1 man, Yan Duozhou?

While admiring Yan Duzhou’s strength, the rest of the national players also felt a little disappointed. After all, most of them had hoped that this mysterious expert would top the Korean rankings, but now, the situation was telling them that LovelyGhost may not be as strong as they imagined.

However, such a small fluctuation did not affect the expectations of domestic players too much, after all, the person LovelyGhost lost to, was Yan Duzhou, rather than some Korean player, so in their minds, there was still an uplifting vision.

Even if he can’t reach the top of the Korean leaderboard, maybe LovelyGhost could try to get second or third place? If they can get at least two places in the top three, it will undoubtedly leave two striking marks of slaps on the faces of those noisy Koreans.

Thinking like this, the domestic audience, as well as the players, immediately cheered up again and began to look forward to the upcoming ranking updates.

But what they didn’t know was that this game not only caught the attention of the national players, but also the ACE team in Seoul, South Korea.

Devin was leading the team for a training match today and happened to see Yan Duzhou online in the friends list, so he temporarily changed the training content to the analysis of the individual match.

Originally, he thought Yan Duzhou, currently ranked No. 6 on the leaderboard, would be an excellent analysis material no matter which Korean player he would meet in the high-end game. What he didn’t expect was that, either it was the other party’s luck or his luck was too good, because in this round, he actually met LovelyGhost who was in the limelight recently, so he had the opportunity to examine both of them at the same time.

Although the game only lasted a short time and ended as a farce when LovelyGhost went offline, both sides revealed a world-class matchup in terms of their positioning and the details of handling the situation.

After analyzing the battle for the players and leaving them to their training sessions, Devin turned off the running video and leaned back in his chair to rest his eyes.

Images of the battle replayed through his mind like a movie, and every fine detail seemed to play clearly before his eyes.

The captain of the Apocalypse team, one of the most respected players, Yan Duozhou, even at an age when he should have already retired, still showed enough strength and was full of surprises, as impressive as always.

However, in this game, it was the mysterious expert Lovely Ghost who really attracted his attention.

From the roundabout movement at the start to the precise judgment and exploitation of locations, and then the skillful breakout when the two sides clashed later on, all of these made him superimpose another person in his memory that could no longer appear.

But it was only a similarity.

Judging only after this brief round, his old friend’s operation style was much more precise and ruthless than this LovelyGhost‘s.

Reviewing the ghost priest players from the major professional teams in China one by one, Devin couldn’t remember when such a character had ever appeared.

“He will be a strong enemy for your Korean teams.”

Yan Duzhou’s words were still vivid in his mind, and Devin could not stop a faint smile as he glanced at the ID on the screen with great interest: “Oh, a strong enemy?”

If he thought it was just hype before and didn’t pay much attention to it, at this moment, he did have some expectations for this mysterious expert.

Nothing to do since they happened to be the top players in the ghost priest profession.

He took out his mobile and dialed a number: “Hey, it’s Devin. Help me monitor LovelyGhost‘s online activity. Yes, that’s right, remember to notify me next time he goes online. Ah, yes, I want to play sniper…”

After ending the call, he slowly turned his chair toward the window, the falling sunlight sprinkled on his face, making his smile somewhat sharper: “Lin, it’s been a while since someone as interesting as you showed up.”

“Ah-choo, Ah-choo, Ah-choo–!” Lin Xiao had just returned to the dormitory after extorting Xiao Li for a meal and an afternoon tea, and before entering the door, he was almost knocked over by a series of successive sneezes. He rubbed his nose and looked suspiciously at the person who hadn’t gone far: “Boss Xiao, you didn’t put something in the tea, did you?”

Xiao Li’s mouth twitched, and he raised a foot to kick him.

Lin Xiao flashed into the room quickly and slammed the door, and then he heard a heavy sound, followed by a cry of pain and some faint words: “Ah, Captain You, no, I didn’t damage public property… Yes, I’ll pay! I’ll pay for it!”

After a while, his phone buzzed, and when he opened it, he saw a message from Xiao Li, which was concise and to the point: “You just wait!”

Lin Xiao laughed in a good mood, put his phone on the table, looked up, and let himself fall comfortably on the bed.

The extra training these days is really—really tiring!

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Although I don’t know what he’s talking about, I know he must be saying I’m cool.

Devin: Although I don’t know what he’s talking about, I know he must be saying I’m cool.

Yan Duzhou: …

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