Chapter 65 – The Right Position For A Punch In The Face.

Good God, Stop!
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“Are you C?” When the interface loaded, this sentence suddenly popped up in the map chat channel.

Lin Xiao was a little surprised.

He really didn’t expect the black mage with an unreadable Korean ID to greet him. After all, they never met before, so there was no need to chat.

Seeing the opponent’s question in English and understanding his meaning, he didn’t expect him to guess his nationality. He also responded politely: “Yes, I am. Are you?”

Jiang Minjun was satisfied with Lin Xiao’s frank admission, but when he saw the latter sentence, he almost spat blood. What the fuck did he mean with ‘are you!’ If he was Chinese, did he still need to speak English??

He answered angrily: “.i’lbeatyoutillyoucan’ tstandup.”1I left the wording as it was in the raws, considering Jiang Minjun was talking in some kind of code

There was a threat between the lines, but this time, there was no response from the other side.

Lin Xiao glanced at the English letters in the dialog box, and calmly operated the priest ghost to move.

If this happened to other people, most of them would definitely be pretty angry at this extremely arrogant sentence, but Lin Xiao was not. After all, foreign languages were always a weakness for him.

In other words — he didn’t understand a thing.

However, this kind of distant attitude gave people a slight feeling of being disdained.

The lack of a reply caused Jiang Minjun’s anger to explode instantly, and he wished he could catch the ghost priest immediately, throw a whole set of skill combos at his face, and take him down directly.

The remaining shred of rationality reminded Jiang Minjun that he was on a live broadcast, so he still kept a gentlemanly smile in front of the camera. When his eyes fell on the opponent’s ID, he suddenly thought that he could immediately catch a Chinese who appeared from nowhere and slap his face in front of tens of thousands of Korean viewers. With this, he felt refreshed and no longer cared about the other party’s contemptuous attitude.

Those Chinese players who were looking to be humiliated actually stormed the Korean league, jumping up and down because of his words. They simply don’t know what they’re doing.

Everyone knew how strong Korean e-sports was nowadays, and the strength of those Chinese players could not even compare.

Today, he will show them the gap between the two sides.

Thinking of this, Jiang Minjun sneered and operated the black mage to walk intently around the map.

Soon, they both spotted each other.

Lin Xiao did not fight as unconventionally as before. He could tell his opponent was a master just by his movements, so he followed the black mage taking detours.

The map was a wild forest, and the vision was a bit obstructed because of too much vegetation.

During Lin Xiao’s long walk, Jiang Minjun finally couldn’t hold back under the attention of all the people. Just as the shadow of the ghost priest passed by, a set of wind spells blurred his face.

Lin Xiao had been waiting for him to make the first move, so when he saw his attacking skills set, he immediately activated Ghost Sprint, accelerated, and perfectly avoided all the damage with a few flexible movements.

Taking advantage of the skill cooling gap, he used acceleration to close the distance between them. After unleashing a Void Burn on the black mage, as his blood bar slowly decreased, he summoned a large shower of flames to fall from the sky, hitting the entire rainforest.

Jiang Minjun hardly hesitated, and before the fire rain burned the whole ground, he used a leaping step to flash out of the range of this mass damage skill, avoiding all subsequent damage.

“Oh, good insight.” Lin Xiao muttered without breaking the operation, and in a blink of an eye, another ghost fire spread from the staff, and the landing point happened to be where the black mage‘s leaping step was, forcing the opponent to immediately start the Ghost Sprint to avoid the next round of attack.

Lin Xiao smiled as he saw that the opponent had completely given way in two moves, and the ghost priest turned around and buried himself in the lush forest.

Compared with his calmness, Jiang Minjun’s whole face was completely dark.

Although he has just started to rise in the professional e-sports competition this year, being the hottest rookie king in South Korea right now, he really hadn’t felt this kind of feeling of being completely overwhelmed for a long time.

It felt like someone was holding a knife to his neck, forcing his every step of the operation, and there was always an uncomfortable feeling that his next move was completely under control.

And not just that.

Being in the spotlight, Jiang Minjun could clearly feel that the gaze of the audience looking at him had changed a little.

He noticed the confused and stiff expressions, and it was enough to give him an uncomfortable feeling, making his initially pale face flush.

He gritted his teeth fiercely, locked onto the ghost priest‘s position, and held his breath. The moment he caught a tiny loophole of the opponent, his hand speed exploded in an instant, and he launched a fierce offensive.

The black mage was the most productive class in the Zone system. Due to the skill switching of the four major factions of ice, fire, wind, and earth, the operator could change the attributes at any time to create an extreme output mode with almost no cooldown. In previous games, Yan Duozhou’s black mage‘s skill of aggressively switching the flow has been highly appreciated by fans in various countries.

Because Jiang Minjun also liked this style of fighting while switching attributes, it was inevitable to be compared with Yan Duzhou once he was noticed by the public. Being a proud and arrogant man, this situation was hard to accept, hence the infamous interview scene.

However, Jiang Minjun was indeed an explosive player with extremely fast hands. Eager to prove himself to the public, he used his skills to forcefully render a magnificent special effects scene worthy of a blockbuster.

Such a fierce offensive was definitely enough to suppress any player on the second rank of the Korean ladder, but what made him feel a bit powerless was – the ghost priest‘s positioning was just too good! It was so good that by the time his attack landed on the selected spot, the opponent had already moved, perfectly avoiding the next offensive wave.

It was precisely because this acute awareness seemed to permeate all his thoughts that Jiang Minjun unknowingly found himself using up all his spells bar after a sudden burst of uncontrollable hand speed.

In a daze, he thought maybe he had an inexplicable misperception—it wasn’t that the opponent was too fast, but that he himself was too slow?

Within seconds, the black mage, who was unable to retreat in time after the attack ended, was completely enveloped in the ghost priest‘s techniques.

Jiang Minjun subconsciously maneuvered his character to dodge after returning to his senses.

The situation of the two sides seemed to be a replica of the previous moment but completely reversed.

However, unlike the previous moment, the black mage couldn’t avoid all the output damage as methodically as the ghost priest.

Each hit was like a heavy slap in Jiang Minjun’s face in front of tens of thousands of spectators, leaving marks all over his face.

[System] First Blood!

When the screen dimmed while recalibrating the revival points, Jiang Minjun held his numbed face and typed another sentence on the map channel: “Who are you? Are you Yan?”

Although the opponent used a ghost priest and not a black mage, except for Yan Duzhou of the Apocalypse team, Jiang Minjun couldn’t think of any player with such a combat style in China.

The most important thing was that if the opponent was really Yan Duzhou, his embarrassment could be a little redeemed.

Lin Xiao understood the meaning of this simple conversation this time, and joked in a good mood: “Noo, he’s old! I am a young man!”

At first glance, this sentence reminded people of Jiang Minjun’s irony in the interview that Yan Duzhou was old, but when a Chinese said it himself, it had a strong sense of sarcasm.

Jiang Minjun gritted his teeth and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’am a Ghost. I just want to give you some color to see see.” Lin Xiao silently praised his soaring English level with great satisfaction, while using his own vocabulary to make a very deterrent threat, “Please remember no zuo no die don’t be try.^_^~”

Jiang Minjun was a little confused by the completely incomprehensible Chinglish.

He understood the first sentence, but it made him even more depressed.

Everybody knows you’re Ghost, okay? I fucking know you’re LovelyGhost! Shit!

Seeing that the other side didn’t respond after receiving his threat, Lin Xiao was just about to take his position, only to hear a lazy voice behind him: “I didn’t know your English was so good.”

Lin Xiao looked back and met You Jing’s narrow eyes that were still a little sleepy, faintly raised his eyebrows and laughed, “Oh, it’s so easy!”

On the other end, Jiang Minjun did not argue with the opponent after reviving at the resurrection point but instead began to angrily search for the annoying ghost priest.

At last, the hated figure was vaguely visible in a patch of bushes.

He approached cautiously, and when he saw the other party standing motionless, his eyes lit up.

The opponent looked like he was disconnected?

When he discovered this, he felt a kind of pleasure in his heart that he could avenge his grievances, but after thinking about it, he almost cried out because of this shameful and humiliating thought of his.

—— When the hell did he, a rising king, have to rely on the opponent’s abandonment to win a game!? It was nothing but a premature funeral!

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Let the horse e on.

Jiang Minjun: …


Lin Xiao: You are the red faow me.

Yan Duzhou: …


Lin Xiao: We are brothers, who and who ah!

Shen Changyu: …


Lin Xiao: First see you, I ** love you.

You Jing: Me too.


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    I left the wording as it was in the raws, considering Jiang Minjun was talking in some kind of code

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