Chapter 63 – A Top Korean Player At The All-Star Level

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The proposal of the team members to petition collectively has already been put forward, but in such a tense situation, it was not so easy to get an account above the second level of the Korean ladder. Except for a few old players who had played in the Korean circle before, Xiao Li, Zou Qiguan, and Lin Xiao could only wait for the club to help them set up an account.

This time it could almost be called a general mobilization of the national players. No matter what rank, or even whether they have played the ladder before, regardless, they all had to go to the Korean ladder to show their determination to defeat the opponents. As a result, the Korean server was overcrowded several days in a row, and it took at least half an hour to queue up to log in. But that didn’t dampen the determination of the people to show their real color to those who were making a fuss in online.

As a result, the national forums, which were very lively before, seemed a little deserted in the next few days.

When Lin Xiao saw Sunken Boat at Twilight national account in his friend list, he froze for a moment and immediately expressed his sympathy: “Old Yan, what’s going on, the whole country sounded general mobilization and went to the Korean ladder to support you, why did you come back to the national server by yourself? It’s not nice!”

After a while, Yan Duzhou replied, “I’m tired.”

Such a reply was really beyond Lin Xiao’s expectations. As far as he could remember, a man like Old Yan, who always goes all out in everything he does, never seemed to have uttered the word “tired.” No matter what he did, he will always do his best, and no matter how difficult it was to achieve a goal, he will try everything to achieve it in his own way.

But now, hearing the word “tired” uttered by the other man, Lin Xiao knew very well that he wasn’t just referring at the Korean incident that had attracted much attention but also included many other things.

After a moment of silence, he replied, “Take a break if you’re tired.”

Yan Duozhou: “Now is not the time to rest.”

Lin Xiao said helplessly: “Old Yan, I think you have been standing at the top for a long time and are used to taking all responsibility upon yourself. In any case, after all, you are only a professional player. China’s e-sports will not collapse completely because of you taking a break.”

Yan Duzhou: “I know, so I’m waiting for you.”

Looking at the words on the screen, Lin Xiao paused with his hand on the keyboard, shook his head smiling, and replied very frankly: “Old Yan, I feel a lot of pressure when you say this.”

Yan Duzhou: “All this pressure should have been yours in the first place.”

Shit! Just a moment ago, he felt that old reliable man was a good-natured dude with good roots, righteously fighting for the sake of the country’s name at the forefront of the e-sports league battles. But in just a minute, the responsibility was pushed away completely, it shouldn’t be like this!

Lin Xiao threatened: “If you’re like this, I won’t go to the Korean league to help you!”

Yan Duzhou quickly grasped the point: “The Black Rose team is also going to the Korean league for training?”

Lin Xiao also understood the meaning of the words: “Surely your Apocalypse team is also going?”

Yan Duzhou: “You’re welcome.”

Lin Xiao: “…”

Although he didn’t know what Old Yan has been through all these years, why did it seem that his mind had more misconstructions?

After Yan Duzhou went offline, Lin Xiao casually browsed the website, and as expected, almost all the pages were still occupied by those provocative posts.

As two days passed, the battle could be said to be raging because of the influx of all kinds of high-level players into the Korean service.

Players of many domestic teams put on the national uniform, and professional teams like Apocalypse and Black Rose even formed a team to climb the ladder. However, the professional players in South Korea were naturally not to be outdone. Coupled with the innate advantages of having local accounts, it was inevitable to have an advance on the ladder, which made the fight against them have some twists and turns.

Because of this, the Korean trolls clamoring in the forums became more complacent and rampant, and their remarks became even more ugly. They were only short of naming names and belittling their ancestors for eighteen generations. However, this not only did not diminish the enthusiasm of the people but also inspired the motivation to rise up and fight.

Although there were also some rational and objective voices on South Korean websites, according to the inertia of netizens in any country, this kind of uninteresting content was usually ignored. Therefore, the translated posts that were picked up on the internal forums were mostly the aggressive ones.

As he watched the melee between the various parties, Lin Xiao felt a little emotional: “This fight really won’t stop! I wonder what those peace-loving people like Devin think of the current situation. Must be a headache for them too…”

In the Apocalypse team training hall, Yan Duzhou did not turn off the computer after logging out. At this time, the Messenger chatbox was opened on the desktop, and the dim light on the screen made the avatar id appear very clear.

It was his best friend’s nickname, Devin.

Anyone who paid some attention to Korean e-sports should know who this person was.

Choo Sung-hoon, the former captain of South Korea’s ACE team, led Korean e-sports to win the first international league trophy as a milestone. In a way, his influence on Korean e-sports may be more influential than that of Yan Duzhou on Chinese e-sports. Going back even further, it could be said that it was as significant as Lin Xiao winning the world championship trophy, not to mention that he achieved a second consecutive victory for Korea.

Yan Duzhou met Devin at an international league match one time. This top Korean player, who was an all-star in both looks and skill, has already attracted a large and loyal fan base around the globe in his first year of debut because of his extraordinarily humble attitude that didn’t match his ability.

Perhaps because of mutual sympathy, Devin and Lin Xiao’s relationship was particularly good back then. The language barrier did not prevent them from declaring themselves brothers. At that time, during the international league, Yan Duzhou often watched them get along enthusiastically, both with an attitude of, “I don’t know what the other is talking about, but he must be complimenting me for being so cool.”

Yan Duzhou has always had an attitude of respect for this Korean idol-style contestant who wanted to enter the show business without going too far.

This time, the conflict and dispute between the Chinese and Korean e-sports circles, was indeed a bit unpleasant, but as for Yan Duzhou himself, he was not as offended as the large number of fans who were filled with righteous indignation.

In his view, one of the undeniable reasons was that he had not done well enough, thus allowing the other party to make such remarks. Rather than pursue the other party’s offense, it was more in line with his character to find a reason in himself. So he was a little surprised to see that Devin had even logged on to Messenger, which he had not used for years, to apologize to him.

“Jiang Minjun doesn’t represent all Korean players. All our ACE players are very sorry for the disputes caused by netizens with this incident.” Devin expressed his apology in English, while helplessly explaining the difficult position of other Korean e-sports players at the moment, “But because the matter has implicated the Korean’s ladder ranking, the domestic players have to step in to defend their country’s honor, and I hope you will understand.”

No matter how extreme the remarks were, when it came to the issue of national strength, the latter must be the priority. Therefore, Yan Duzhou expressed his understanding: “Don’t worry too much, I understand all these.”

Devin: “When this turmoil passes, our Korean e-sports league will definitely ask Jiang Minjun to give an explanation to the Chinese league.”

Yan Duzhou replied: “Compared to this, I am more concerned about whether you will also participate in this Korean general melee.”

Devin: “Do you want me to join?”

Yan Duzhou: “Of course. See you in Korea.”

In an apartment building far away in Seoul, South Korea, a handsome young man with brown hair looked at this sentence in the chat box on the computer screen and smiled a little, typing with his nimble fingers: “I am looking forward.”

Two days later, Lin Xiao and Xiao Li finally received the Korean account that Li Bochuan got through his channels. These new accounts were currently at the second level. Although it will inevitably take some time to reach the first level, it could be said that it was not bad considering the current tense situation.

After logging in to the Korean server with his new account, Lin Xiao had a headache looking at the dazzling Korean writing on the screen. Fortunately, the general setup of the game was similar and the essential text content could be extracted from memory. As for equipment in storage, it could be recognized by its appearance.

“The map order of the Korean server is different from that of our national server. If you don’t understand Korean, just click on it to see the map details. What you just banned is Lava Purgatory.”

Lin Xiao had just initiated a match on the ladder when he was startled by a sudden voice behind him: “Captain You, when did you come…”

You Jing glanced at him: “It’s been a little too loose the last few days. Today starts a week of extra training, and I’ll be watching you closely.”

Lin Xiao had thought that he’d really gotten over that incident, who knew he was still unforgiving? He said under his breath, “It’s not right to take personal revenge like this, Captain You.”

You Jing: “Two weeks.”

Lin Xiao: “Alright, I have nothing to say!”

You Jing pulled a chair and sat down behind him.

Is this what he meant by watching him closely? Lin Xiao silently looked around the training hall and saw the other team members glancing at each other, but there were always vague gazes drifting in this direction, which made him feel funny.

If you want to gossip but don’t dare to watch openly, I can give you something!

There was a flash in his eyes, and while the game loaded, he turned the computer chair slowly, deliberately leaned over to You Jing, and lowered his voice: “Captain You, about that computer gear, I think we need to talk.”

Such a posture seemed a little ambiguous, and unsurprisingly, a “bang” was heard. Not far away, Xiao Li, who was still sitting upright a moment ago, inexplicably tilted his body until he fell to the ground.

In contrast, You Jing was much calmer. Ignoring such an obvious intentional move, he gave a clear answer: “If you want the equipment back, it’s very simple, get first place on the Korean ladder.”

At this obvious deliberately difficult request, Lin Xiao could only shrug helplessly, “Fine, fine, whatever you say.”

The author has something to say: Regarding the question of why “Korea” is used instead of “Country H” in the article, the author has added an explanation after yesterday’s update, just take a look at it.

Although it may indeed cause some controversy because there will be world-class events in other countries later. At that time, you will see a lot of R, M, A, and F countries. You can imagine that it will really affect the reading experience and the enthusiasm of the atmosphere of the full text…

I will continue to emphasize that there are bound to be good and bad players from every country, including ours, so please be rational and don’t take it personally! The plot is required, the content is figurative, and there is absolutely no personal hatred for a certain country. Swear to God!

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