Chapter 61 – What Happened In The Room

Good God, Stop!
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That night, everyone stayed together until the wee hours of the morning before dispersing. Lin Xiao was almost asleep after returning to the dormitory.

Because later everyone somehow unanimously refused to let him touch the microphone again, Lin Xiao had nothing to do but drink a lot of wine. So much so that when he was woken up by the alarm clock the next day, he still had a headache from the hangover.

Lin Xiao was ready to turn off the alarm clock and continue to sleep, but when he saw the message he received on his phone, he instantly lost all his sleepiness, washed up, and went out the door with lightning speed.

He almost forgot to go to the hospital for You Jing’s reexamination!

At the Black Soul Club entrance, the morning light fell on You Jing, casting a faint halo over him.

Lin Xiao walked up to him and casually handed him the case file. Feeling the faint smell of alcohol that still enveloped him, You Jing’s eyelashes dropped slightly as he said, “It seems that you had fun with the Red Leaf members last night.”

Lin Xiao was stunned for a moment, then casually replied: “Ah, it was okay.”

You Jing shook the key hanging on his right index finger and asked, “Can you drive?”

Lin Xiao said frankly: “No.”

You Jing glanced at him, reached out, and stopped a taxi by the side of the road: “To the Second City Hospital.”

Lin Xiao looked at his back in silence for a while.

From that expression, no matter how you looked at it, he seemed unhappy, didn’t he? Right now, even if he knew how to drive, he couldn’t, since he didn’t have a driving license for his current identity! Why is he to blame?

As he got into the taxi muttering to himself, he couldn’t help but think that maybe it was time to take his driver’s license test.

You Jing finished all the necessary examinations and handed the report to the attending doctor.

After hearing the conclusion that he had finally improved a lot, Lin Xiao was finally completely relieved.

As for the need to recuperate for a period of time, they shouldn’t worry about it.

There was still a while before the playoffs, which left enough time for it.

When they came out of the hospital, Lin Xiao thought he could go back to the club to get some sleep, but unexpectedly, You Jing asked the driver to drive to the Computer City Shop.

Although he had some complaints, looking at the expressionless profile, he swallowed the words silently. After all, you are beautiful and you can do whatever you want; I am handsome, so I can only do errands.

They arrived at the third floor of the Computer City Shop, and as they walked in silence, suddenly, You Jing looked back at Lin Xiao and asked, “What brand do you usually use?”

Lin Xiao looked around and answered this question belatedly, “What?”

You Jing frowned, “Are you going to play the playoffs with this kind of internet cafe equipment?”

Was he going to give him a set of e-sports gear? Lin Xiao was already saving money just to get a convenient set of equipment, but who would have expected to encounter such a good thing falling into his lap? His eyes lit up at once, while his face was insincerely polite as he said: “How can I let you, captain spend so much money on me!”

You Jing raised his eyebrow slightly and looked at him without saying anything.

Lin Xiao’s tone changed: “I’m used to using the Golden Beetle series of mice, and the Alien Ghost keyboard. I don’t know which one feels right until I try them.”

You Jing looked at the manager and tapped his fingers on the desktop, “Bring out the latest models of both series and let us take a look.”

In the blink of an eye, a total of more than ten top-tier equipment models were spread across the counter.

After connecting the equipment, he tried them one by one, and although there were many models, Lin Xiao did not falter at all.

After a brief examination, he selected the 302G mouse of the Golden Beetle GXIII series and the latest keyboard of the Alien Ghost S6 series 9006A model, totaling 5000 yuan.

Seeing You Jing swiping the card at the checkout without changing expression, Lin Xiao sat beside him holding the devices he had dreamed of, and he couldn’t help expressing his feelings: “Captain You, you are so kind to me…”

You Jing glanced at him: “It’s just an investment for the team.”

Lin Xiao grinned and he boasted with sincerity: “Captain You has a good eye, this is definitely a perfect investment with a 100% return rate.”

“Oh, I hope so.” You Jing responded perfunctorily, thought for a moment after retrieving the card from the manager, and asked, “Should we get a spare set?”

It’s nice to have money! Although Lin Xiao was tempted, he still kept his last conscience: “There is no need…”

Finally, after You Jing bought a set of equipment for himself as well, the two returned to the club.

Lin Xiao did not attract less attention along the way, carrying big and small shopping bags. Back at his dorm, he fell straight onto the bed because he had a terrible hangover headache and fell asleep hugging his new keyboard. However, perhaps because he was too excited, he didn’t sleep much this time. When he opened his eyes, it was just after noon, and he rubbed his belly, feeling a little hungry.

It wasn’t until he stretched and got out of bed that he realized in a daze that he had actually brought You Jing’s equipment back with him.

That man forgot to remind him… After a moment of silence, Lin Xiao got ready to go and return the items to its owner.

Leaving the room with the equipment, he only had to make a turn and found himself in front of You Jing’s room, which was very convenient.

He wanted to knock on the door, but seeing that the door was ajar, he peeked in and was surprised to find that You Jing had once again fallen asleep on the table.

It’s not a good habit to sleep sitting down like this. Lin Xiao muttered to himself, and giving up the idea of knocking on the door, went into the room lightly and put the equipment by the bedside.

Just as he was about to retreat, he inadvertently glanced at the sleeping face and a thought suddenly crossed his mind, making him stop in his tracks.

Stepping closer, his eyes slowly fell on the lips of the man in front of him. After staring for a long time, his heartbeat inexplicably sped up a bit.

You Jing usually had an expressionless face, but the way he was sleeping now made his facial features much softer. The scattered black hair covered his closed eyes, giving him an alluring appearance.

The expression ‘a feast for the eyes,’ flashed in his mind.

He took his mobile phone and crept closer, staring straight at his red lips, then suddenly leaned over and kissed him very gently.

The feeling of his lips was very soft, with a faint but pleasant fragrance.

It tastes good.

Lin Xiao commented silently in his heart, and there was a smile in his eyes.

Meanwhile, his hands did not stop, he did not forget to take out his cell phone, and put it in the right position…

“Click—!” With the sound of the shutter, all the good mood of the previous moment was swept away.

With a bad feeling in his heart, Lin Xiao completely froze in place.

He forgot to mute it!

The moment he hesitated, the eyes that were tightly closed a moment ago slowly opened.

That glassy mist gradually dissipated, and the emotions in his eyes suddenly became stormy. The oncoming oppressive feeling finally brought Lin Xiao back to his senses, and he subconsciously took two steps back, hastily and guiltily.

“What are you doing?” You Jing’s voice was colder than ever.

Before he finished speaking, he suddenly stood up, and when his right hand was on Lin Xiao’s shoulder, he pushed him back violently.

From the force of the ensuing impulse, Lin Xiao only felt that after the world spun with him, You Jing’s arm was firmly locked around his neck, and he was currently pressed against the bed, immobilized.

The choke made him cough a few times, and finally, You Jing eased his strength a little bit, and he breathed a sigh of relief before sincerely expressing his admiration: “Black belt, cough, it’s really amazing!”

The expression in You Jing’s eyes deepened even more.

Lin Xiao was chilled all over by this gaze, but because he was almost completely pressed under You Jing, he could only look directly at him and smile unnaturally: “Ah, Captain You, listen to me. Actually, I just wanted to take a picture for the group…”

You Jing glanced at the clear and distinct photo on the mobile phone screen lying on the ground and pursed his mouth, “Oh, a picture for the group?”

“Yes, for the group, a special photo….” Lin Xiao felt that his waist would break from being pressed like this and immediately explained the matter of the Truth or Dare game with a straight face. In the end, he vowed: “It’s all true! All the guys can testify!”

Listening to this explanation, You Jing looked at him impassively.

In this position, the two were actually quite close to each other, close enough that their breath touched each other’s skin.

Since it seemed to be no further ‘retaliation,’ Lin Xiao restored his smiling face: “Captain You, you have to believe that I if chose you, it’s because I really like you.”

After these words, You Jing finally had a reaction, got up, and directly kicked Lin Xiao out of bed.

Sprawled on his back, with his waist numb, Lin Xiao was just about to say something when he heard You Jing’s low and deep voice from above his head: “Everything I bought today will be returned.”

Never expecting that the good things would turn into such a situation, Lin Xiao’s smile froze, and he looked up incredulously: “Captain You, you don’t seem to be the kind of person who goes back on his word!”

You Jing sat down on the bed with his clothes a little disheveled from the action just now, and with a half smile said in a calm tone, “I don’t mind.”

But I do mind! Lin Xiao stood up abruptly, leaned over, and pressed You Jing’s shoulder, saying in a sincere tone: “Captain You, please don’t give up this investment project on an impulse!”

You Jing’s eyes flashed, and he was about to say something when he heard the door pushed open, and there was a lot of noise: “Captain You, have you heard about the Korean issue? Now the entire e-sports circle has blown up…”

A group of people swarmed in, and as Xu Yiming’s eloquent words came to an abrupt end, all eyes fell on the two disheveled people in the room.

As if they had collectively hit the stop button, they entirely and utterly froze in place.

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