Chapter 60 – Karaoke Competition

Good God, Stop!
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The victory in this game finally allowed the Black Rose team to enter the playoffs without any risk. Although the fans of the Red Leaf team were a little disappointed, after all, they were already latched in the top eight teams. In general, this result can be said to be a happy one.

When leaving, the Black Roses met the members of the Red Leaf team at the side passage door. In the evening, they planned to go to the KTV to celebrate, and after casually greeting them, Shen Changyu extended the invitation to the girls.

Xu Yun, with a lollipop in her mouth, glared with her round eyes: “Vice Captain Shen, you’re going to karaoke to celebrate the victory, why do you want us to come, to celebrate a complete defeat?”

Lin Xiao glanced at the girls of the Red Leaf team, and when he heard the words, he came over and said with a smile: “Victory and defeat are a common matter in military affairs. Enmities should be resolved rather than kept alive. It’s no use for us, veterans to be so fussy!”

Ding Jie looked at him with great interest and smiled coquettishly: “Actually, there is nothing to do tonight, it would be nice to go to karaoke together. It’s you, Lin Xiao, who was so ruthless during the competition, so shouldn’t you ‘make amends’ in the evening?”

Lin Xiao coughed and said with a straight face, “Absolutely.”

“What, are you going to KTV to talk things out?” A cold voice came suddenly. Even the other members of the Black Rose team, who were secretly gawking at the beautiful women nearby, stopped whispering and subconsciously looked in that direction.

A black headband tied her long hair into two high ponytails that fell to her waist. She wore a simple black dress with black leather boots and her fair skin framed her deep-set eyes.

Chen Anqi’s ethereal eyes just casually swept over, and everyone felt an inexplicable coolness seeping through their bodies.

Ding Jie, who was still teasing Lin Xiao, was a little surprised to see the visitor: “Anqi, why are you here?”

“I had an appointment with Vice Captain Shen and stopped by to see your match.” Before Chen Anqi finished her words, she saw a colorful mass rushing forward and pouncing on her. Feeling the heavy pressure on her body, she frowned, “Xu Yun, how many times have I told you that you are the captain and have to act like it.”

Xu Yun still clung to her tightly, with a look of joy on her face, completely oblivious to the increasingly low air pressure of the person in her arms: “Master, how long has it been since you came to see us? I missed you so much! Do you want to go to KTV tonight with them, master? Let’s go, let’s go together!”

Seeing Chen Anqi was about to burst out, Ding Jie pulled Xu Yun back, poked her forehead, and said, “You want to challenge master after playing like this, don’t you feel guilty?”

Xu Yun came to her senses and quieted down.

Seeing that she was finally silent, Ding Jie looked at Chen Anqi with a doting smile on her charming lips and asked: “Is this about what you said last time? So, did you finally decide now?”

“Maybe.” Chen Anqi’s eyes flashed, and she turned to look at Shen Changyu: “So, Vice Captain Shen, what have you arranged?”

Shen Changyu’s arrogance vanished suddenly after receiving such a glare from her: “It’s like this…”

“Let’s go to a cafe to discuss the details.” You Jing interrupted Shen Changyu’s words, fastened his collar buttons, put on the team uniform, walked over to Chen Anqi, and gracefully held out his hand as a gesture of invitation.

Taken aback, Lin Xiao shouted: “Captain You, aren’t you coming to karaoke?”

You Jing paused his steps and looked back at him: “No, but you guys have fun.”

Alas? I thought I could hear this Iceberg Queen sing.

Lin Xiao looked at the backs of the two people walking away and felt slightly disappointed.

Just as he was lost in thought, Ding Jie’s slender fingers grabbed his collar, and forcibly dragged him away, with a charming tone: “Lin Xiao, little brother, why are you in a daze? Let’s go, my sisters are still waiting for you to make amends!”

Lin Xiao staggered back two steps but couldn’t turn around, so he helplessly had to be dragged by her in this way.

As for Ding Jie, it was obvious that she didn’t consider his appearance at all. With one hand she held his collar high and with the other hand, she held Xu Yun’s shoulder to stop her chasing after Chen Anqi.

In the large KTV box, after everyone took their seats, the Red Leaf team took turns ordering the songs one by one, and soon the whole atmosphere almost became a music tour of the women’s group. The melodious music echoed in the small space, intoxicating the heart.

Liu Zeshen poured himself a glass of red wine, took a sip, and smiled, narrowing his eyes: “The most beautiful girls in the entire League should be in the Red Leaf team, right?”

Xiao Li glanced at him silently and thought to himself: “I knew it! Girls, girls, he is really a hooligan!”

Ding Jie had just finished singing a song, and seeing there was no movement among the Black Rose team, she simply called the name directly, “Lin Xiao, your turn.”

“Don’t… ” When Shen Changyu heard this proposal, his face instantly turned ugly, but before he could stop it, Lin Xiao had already been pushed on the stage by a group of girls laughing, and it was too late to hold him back.

Lin Xiao was not at all pretentious, ordered the tracks two or three times, took the microphone, said “Hello” twice, and followed with a smile, “Allow me.”

Amid the loud applause around him, Shen Changyu silently covered his ears.

With the beginning of the track, the accompaniment music of “The Itch” began to pour out from the speaker, the prelude ended, and the main song entered: “She~is a swipe of the setting sun~Thinking~thinking~who knows how to appreciate~~~he~has a blue cloud window~just wait~just wait~someone will share~share with her~~~”

Liu Zeshen’s hand trembled, and he inadvertently almost dropped the wine glass from his hand, but fortunately, he recovered in time to grip it back.

However, just when he raised his head, Xiao Li, who had just taken a sip of beer, sprayed it on his face with a “poof.”

Zou Qiguan choked half to death with the mung bean cake he had just swallowed. Xu Yichen managed to hand him a water glass, then was pushed down on the sofa by Xu Yiming, who was already laughing madly.

As for the Red Leaf team members, they were completely petrified.

“I knew it…” Shen Changyu held his forehead helplessly.

If Lin Xiao’s e-sports talent was a maximum of 10 points, his musical talent could be said to be completely on the negative scale.

Originally there was a bit of luck, and there was hope that maybe now he could be a little more reliable, however, the actual situation has finally been proven: —There was no growth or progress at all!

If other people’s singing was sentimental, then his singing was simply murderous!

However, Lin Xiao did not notice the emotions of the others who were collapsing around him, completely immersed in his own world of music, and unable to extricate himself. At the climax, he took a deep breath and pulled the mic closer: “Come~ah~~happy~ah~~anyway, there are~~a lot of time~~~~~come~~love~ah~~anyway, there are~~a lot of stupidity~~~~~come~ah~~~”

“Help!” Xu Yun finally couldn’t take it anymore and rushed to the sound system with lightning speed, reached out, and pulled out the microphone plug.

The only sound left in the KTV was the background music, which fell on everyone’s ears like the sound of nature after a catastrophe.

Lin Xiao looked blankly at his unplugged microphone, and shrugged helplessly: “If you don’t like this song, you could just tell me, I know other ones, like ….”

“No need!!!” Xiao Li didn’t let him finish and interrupted him before he had an idea for the next song, then suggested, “Everyone is tired after singing for so long, let’s play a game! How about Truth or Dare!”

“Yes, yes! Anything is better than that!” Xu Yiming raised both feet and hands in favor.

Xu Yun, who had successfully stopped the ‘magical’ voice, returned to the sofa exhausted and began to stuff her mouth with food, breathlessly saying: “You guys play, I just want to be quiet.”

Lin Xiao put down the microphone and watched the others busy preparing the game props. He sat down with Shen Changyu and poured himself a glass of beer. Glancing at his lifeless expression, he patted him comfortingly on the shoulder and said: “Vice Captain Shen, as always, you still don’t know how to appreciate art.”

Shen Changyu’s mouth twitched faintly and he turned around without saying a word.

In fact, Lin Xiao played the game Truth or Dare five years ago, and up until now, there was not much innovation. But before the game started, Liu Zeshen, who was in charge of writing the challenges, mysteriously said that one of the cards had a ‘surprise’ in it.

As the game began, one by one they proceeded clockwise down the line, some people choosing the truth and others, the dare. Almost all of them were innocuous topics, and small risks, like drinking wine or imitating animal calls.

When it was Lin Xiao’s turn, he pondered for a moment and chose the dare so as not to be asked about sensitive topics. He randomly took out a note from the pile and, seeing the contents on it, was stunned – please kiss one of the teammates on the mouth and take a photo as a souvenir (complete it in three days).

Kissing on the mouth, taking pictures, so many compromises linked together, and must it be a teammate? Excuse me, the Black Rose team seems to be all male players now!

Was this the ‘surprise’ Liu Zeshen just mentioned? Lin Xiao’s face turned black, and he silently cast his eyes on Xiao Li, causing him to desperate scream, and cover his mouth: “Don’t even think about it!”

Then he turned his head to look at Shen Changyu.

Shen Changyu coughed twice: “This… is really not a good idea.”

Lin Xiao let out a long sigh and asked helplessly, “What happens if I can’t get it done?”

Xu Yiming patted him on the shoulder, smiled, and said: “It’s easy; if you don’t finish, just treat us to a buffet at a French restaurant one day!”

A buffet at a French restaurant? That’s expensive!

Especially for him, who has not yet received his salary, and was still in a state of extreme poverty…

Lin Xiao didn’t want to bother with this anymore and basically came up with his own idea – it was impossible to obtain the kiss mentioned above, so he could only try to find a chance to take a secret photo. In the end, everything was to save money, save money in order to buy equipment!

The author has something to say: Lin Xiao: Come on~ have fun~ anyway~ a lot of time~ (gag) eh~~~~!

After a while.

You Jing: Have you had enough?

Lin Xiao: Ahem …. enough.

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