Chapter 6.2

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“The device won’t turn on, it may be a hardware issue. You wait here for a bit, while I take it in for a closer look.” The computer shop owner dropped this sentence before asking someone to carry the computer inside.

Lin Xiao turned around looking a bit bored, before his gaze finally locked onto an empty chair. He was about to walk over when someone made a sudden outburst, “Well, this will be a really good show!” Looking in the direction where the voice came from, he saw a laptop placed on a table and around it, several people gathered. Between the gaps, a familiar scene could be seen on the screen.

Only then did it occur to him that this was the season for the domestic league spring tournament.  

The logos for both teams were very eye-catching on the screen. Coincidentally, today’s match was Black Rose vs Liuyun. Lin Xiao stood watching for a while before slowly walking over with his hands in his pockets.

At that moment, playing live in the second round of a 1v1 match were Shen Chang of  Black Rose team, operating the summoner, Season Rain vs the dark mage, Crazy Fish operated by Liuyun’s team, Zhang Fengyu. Since both sides were the vice captains of their respective teams, this duel naturally ignited the fighting spirit between both parties, causing the atmosphere within the audience to become dazzled.  

Not only were the spectators at the venue crying, but even the onlookers in the computer shop were very excited. Because there were fans of both teams present, it gave rise to fierce discussion and if there was a disagreement, both sides would fly into rage.

Lin Xiao looked at the scene of madmen in front of him and found it a bit funny. He removed the cigarette from his mouth as he took a deep breath, while narrowing his eyes when they fell on the person in the center of the screen.

Xu Qingyu, captain of the Aotian team.

As a member of the league, although he wasn’t as talented as other players, he always worked hard and was considered a mid tier level character within the gaming circle. Lin Xiao always admired this positive captain. Despite the fact that the esports industry in those times were at the very beginning and could be regarded as declining at one point, his presence in the league was very inspiring and encouraging.

But he just didn’t expect that after five years, Xu Qingyu would actually choose to retire.

Thinking about it, he would have been 22 years old back then, and now he was already 27. He could now be thought of as a senior amongst esports players. For the sake of future development, this was indeed a wise choice. Besides, sports commentary was not some random job that just anyone could take on casually. Xu Qingyu had prior knowledge of the combat style and strategies of various teams, so in a sense, this was most suitable for him.

Lin Xiao sighed as he seemed to recall that the man owed him five hundred yuan.

Suddenly, a wave of cheering sounded out, frightening Lin Xiao from his thoughts. His cigarette trembled slightly, causing the ash to fall on his trousers.

Glancing up, it turned out that the players from both sides had walked unto the stage in the order in which they were introduced. He couldn’t help but wipe his sweat silently. He normally watched games like these with his past teammates but never from the perspective of crazy onlookers. Now that he experienced it… these fans were really… um… enthusiastic!

The sudden outburst obviously caught the attention of the people working in the backroom and an angry roar from the boss came out, “What are you doing here if you’re not working? Noisy! Believe it or not, I will fire you!”

It was as if someone pressed a mute button in the shop because the entire place went silent for a while, with only the commentator’s voice on the laptop in the background.

Lin Xiao looked around at these people as if watching a drama, pulled himself a chair and sat lazily in front of a computer.

Shen Chang and Zhang Fengyu could be considered old enemies if one should trace back to the past. They were both well known for stable characters and rigorous fighting styles. They also joined the league around the same period and they just so happened to both be the vice captains for their respective teams. This obviously caused the two to always be placed together for comparison.

Both were no strangers to Lin Xiao.

When Lin Xiao was the captain of the Black Rose team, Shen Chang was only an unknown substitute player back then, during which Zhang Fengyu had already shone in the professional league and was quite popular.

As time went by, Black Rose team made several replacements one after another. In the second season however, to everyone’s surprise, the two-seasoned championship team captain, Lin Xiao, suddenly pushed Shen Chang to the vice captain position. At the time, Shen Chang was just an unknown rookie. When everyone was questioning his decision, Lin Xiao simply faced the camera and gave a small smile. “Vice captain Shen is a rare prodigy, and as for the reason I made this decision, I will soon give a satisfactory answer.”

This sentence was regarded as an official response at the time. But after the defeat of the Black Rose team in the third season, this caused more dissatisfaction amongst fans.

However, in the fourth season, Lin Xiao ultimately led the Black Rose team to the podium of the GDL world championship, raised the championship trophy high in the air with Shen Chang, which was his satisfactory answer to the decision made that year. In spite of everything, when it ended, Lin Xiao aka ‘Old Ghost’, who could be considered a legend back then, died in a car accident on his way home.

Thinking of this, Lin Xiao couldn’t help feeling it was a pity. At that time, he had promised the vice captain three more victories together.

Although Black Rose still existed as a mighty team, they appeared to have fallen slightly. The only thing that came as a surprise to Lin Xiao was that even after five years of his absence, Shen Chang, who was the deputy then, still held that position now. The captain’s position was held by the brilliant new generation star, You Jing, operator of the Cleric ‘Dazzling View’.

Prior to his rebirth, he had never heard of this character.

The players on both sides had now been introduced. The image on the screen switched and paused momentarily on a figure, and though it was just a few seconds, it was enough time for the atmosphere to become overwhelmed with screams and this momentum was used to commence the entire event.

Lin Xiao frowned as his ears ached due to the noise, his eyes fell on the silhouette wearing the black rose uniform.


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