Chapter 55.1 – Happy Together.

Good God, Stop!
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The reserved hotel was not far from the arena, and as soon as they entered the lobby, they could see the familiar figure of the head coach from a distance, waiting for them.

Before he could open his mouth, Xu Yiming rushed to tell the story in detail from beginning to end with righteous indignation, including how that person had been finally dragged away.

“It’s really too much.” Li Bochuan did not expect such a thing would happen at the press conference while he was away. He frowned and looked at You Jing, “If I remember correctly, Mr. You seem to have some shares in the “E-sports Times.” Do you want to negotiate with them to ban this Kong Yan?”

When he said this, the others listened in amazement, their eyes wide open.

Everyone knew You Jing’s family was well-off, but they never heard him talk about it. But according to Li Bochuan, if he owned shares in the newspaper, his background was not just “well-off” but rather “extremely well!”

Everyone was in a good mood as they couldn’t wait to see Kong’s deflated appearance, but You Jing rejected the proposal without any hesitation: “No, my family doesn’t need to get involved in my affairs.”

Li Bochuan sighed and said: “Alright. After all, it’s not a big deal. It’s better to take action in the name of the club.” With that, he greeted the people standing next to him and said, “Everyone is waiting inside. Don’t stand here, let’s go in.”

For a while, although no one said it, because of the temporary replacement of players, everyone held their breath. It was precisely because they couldn’t afford to screw it up that their hearts were in their throats. The fact that they won the previous round with a score of 10:0 proved that the adjusted lineup had enough room for development. So, they all breathed a sigh of relief and naturally ate and drank happily together.

After entering the private room, Zou Qiguan was very happy to find that Liu Jinxuan was also sitting inside, waiting for them.

Knowing that the head coach who single-handedly decided to bring him out of the boot camp must have watched his performance today, he happily ran to the seat next to him and sat down. While looking at his face apprehensively, he was full of thoughts about whether he did not do well enough and disgraced his coach.

Liu Jinxuan knew what he was thinking at a glance. Looking at his flushed face, his heart felt itchy, and inexplicably, he thought of the teddy back home. He habitually reached out and rubbed his head, praising him: “Today, you played very well.”

Zou Qiguan was overjoyed and had a big smile on his face.

Shen Changyu stood up and, raising his cup, he said: “Everyone has been working hard, training extra during this period, and played very well today, so I hope we can get the same result in the next game against the Red Leaf team! I’d like to propose a toast to all of you.”

Everyone followed suit and stood up, raising their glasses and toasting to each other, and the atmosphere was particularly lively.

Xiao Li, who was originally just an ordinary individual player and followed Lin Xiao into the Black Rose team in a burst of enthusiasm, now suddenly became an official team player. The momentum did not slow down at all, and in such a warm atmosphere, his whole body seemed to be completely on fire.

If he was still in a state of confusion before, this time, he finally felt a sense of responsibility.

So, this was the e-sports spirit!

As he was thinking, a somewhat helpless voice reached his ears: “Ugh, why is the next game with the Red Leaf team? It’s not my style to fight a woman in public…”

Knowing that Liu Zeshen’s worry was completely justified, the people around him burst into sympathetic laughter.

As the only all-female team, the Red Leaf could be said to be the color spot in the league. In fact, the female players were not the issue, the real key lay in the whole team – from the captain to the last member, each of them had her own unique style and beauty.

Indeed, they were beautiful!

Precisely because of this, regardless of the team they were facing and how fierce the battle was, from the arena to the live broadcast room, the atmosphere in the audience was always weird, like, full of pink bubbles. If you looked at the chat stream, the main picture was practically, “XXX I love you,” “XXX you are my goddess,” “XXX I want to marry you,” “How can you kill XXX, are you a man?” and so on…

Although Xiao Li heard something about it, he still rolled his eyes in disgust and muttered in a low voice as he ate: “The last time he fought a woman, he was very aggressive, but now he’s pretending to be upright. How come my cousin likes this kind of pretty boy with a pale face? Next time we meet, I must enlighten her.”

Thinking of this, he sipped a mouthful of soup and inadvertently looked up to see two smiling eyes quietly watching him. His chest suddenly constricted, and he choked, almost spurting the soup in his mouth. Finally, though he managed to restrain himself, he had a coughing fit.

Smiling, Liu Zeshen watched this handsome solitary player’s reaction with great interest and asked humbly, in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “Little Xiao, I wanted to ask you something for a while now.”

Who is little Xiao?! You are little! Xiao Li stopped coughing, but he was very annoyed, as he corrected through gritted teeth: “Ask your question, but please note that my name is Xiao! Li!”

“Oh, okay, Xiao Li.” Liu Zeshen did not dwell on this small detail, and his smile was still very warm. “What I want to ask is, have we met before? Or, have I ever offended you in a way I don’t know about? Why does it feel that, from the beginning, you seem to have something against me?”

It’s not that it ‘seems,’ is that he really doesn’t like this kind of gentle scumbag at all! Xiao Li cursed in his heart but was polite on the surface with the same attitude he had in business meetings and replied with a smile on his face: “There’s no such thing, you’re overthinking.”

Liu Zeshen nodded and said sincerely: “I was thinking that if you mind that I have massacred you at the training, I can actually apologize for that.”

Massacred? The veins on Xiao Li’s forehead twitched, and he made an extra effort to keep the smile on his face: “I told you, there is no such thing!”

Liu Zeshen smiled elegantly: “Oh, that’s great.”

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