Chapter 41.2 – Mentorship Match

Good God, Stop!
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Seeing the attitudes of those two, Liu Zeshen frowned thoughtfully.

The crowd watched in confusion as the two talked in riddles before turning their attention to the screen.

In fact, Lin Xiao never thought that he would have too many encounters with the official members of the Black Rose team so soon. However, the current situation presented such an opportunity, and since it was given to him, he could not let it go to waste. Of course, he won’t play pretentious and refuse them. He might as well give in and find out the bottom line.

After all, fighting is the best way to intuitively sense your opponent’s strength and also to find their weaknesses.

After entering the Tomb of Horror map, both sides approached the resurrection points directly opposed and did not perform any strategic positioning.

Not surprisingly, they collided head-on in the center of the map.

Xu Yiming took the lead in action. With a smart move, he was completely buried in the dark night, but at the same time, he was the first to open fire.

With such evasive movements, only the flame from the shots made his approximate position vaguely discernible.

Tsk, why are you in such a hurry? Lin Xiao shook his head internally. With flexible mouse control, Adorable Ghost nimbly dodged in place at the time of the shooting, without any big movements. However, after the gunfire broke out, the unchanged blood bar was enough to let people know that he had perfectly avoided all the shots.

After this offensive wave, Yiming saw the blood bar intact and did not continue.

On the big screen, everyone could see his rapid movements in the night, and in a blink of an eye, he has completely deviated from the coordinates exposed a moment before.

After this shooting wave, Adorable Ghost unhurriedly started to walk too, changing position.

If one were to pay close attention to the forwarding angle, those who did some research could find that such a position blocked Yiming’s path ahead.

Liu Zeshen saw everything and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes as he suddenly remembered Shen Changyu’s attitude of strongly recommending this person. Giving it more importance in his mind, he started to watch the match more seriously.

Meanwhile, Adorable Ghost fumbled to a certain coordinate point, suddenly stopped there, and did not move.

What’s the matter, is there something wrong with the computer? The crowd was puzzled, but looking at Lin Xiao on the stage, he was watching the screen with concentration, and nothing seemed unusual.

Cry for Blood1This is Xu Yiming char’s name was still moving, but Xu Yiming’s expression was a little more anxious.

Just after completing the strategic detour, when he was supposed to launch a second wave of attacks, he was surprised to find that Adorable Ghost had completely disappeared from his control range.

He had to abandon his previous strategy and started firing randomly to find the ambush location.

The sound of gunfire in the quiet, eerie graveyard was especially unnerving, occasionally sparking a few wisps of soul fire that merged with the gun muzzle.

In an act that seemed to actively expose his position, Xu Yiming actually kept an excellent attitude. The angle of his main field of view was very tricky, and he kept a Z-shaped position at all times so that he could face any unexpected situation from any side and react first.

Lin Xiao had to admit that Xu Yiming was indeed good enough in the field of professional shooters to have a place in the league. However, the current situation was a bit too intense. It could only be said that his strength and talent were quite remarkable, but what a pity that his temper was still too hasty.

In the current situation, if Xu Yiming had been more careful, he might have been able to play a little longer, but he chose to expose himself rashly. Sure enough, he was still too young and underestimated the enemy…

With a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, after Cry for Blood‘s rain of flames, Adorable Ghost suddenly jumped in place behind the nearby bushes.

Spinning the staff in his hand, he immediately began chanting for the ultimate move, Ten Thousand Ghosts Void.

The audience was stunned by his actions.

Was that leap in place just now because he slipped? And at this time, Cry for Blood was still out of range of the ultimate movement. According to his current position, that chanting may be wasted!

However, when everyone was criticizing, Cry for Blood quickly left the large area of flames burning on the ground. Due to the red light emitted during the release of the fire spell, the opponent’s coordinates were located. His feet moved quickly and quietly like a ghost, and the moment he approached, he opened fire toward the position exposed by the Adorable Ghost a moment before.

Witnessing all this, the audience was speechless.

Xu Yiming’s reaction speed was undoubtedly excellent, but the problem was that the area was already empty! What was even worse, the Ten Thousand Ghost Void‘s spell had been completed by this time, and due to his quick approach, Cry for Blood had entered its range.

As the area below his feet was completely covered in darkness, an extremely faint debuff icon appeared on Cry for Blood‘s body, and at the same time, his vision was blocked.

By now, how could Xu Yiming not understand that he was deliberately lured by the opponent? However, he continued to move while cursing in his heart. Even if he lost his sight, Cry for Blood still moved keenly on the field, trying to escape.

At this point, the quality of a professional player was fully displayed.

Even if he was almost completely blinded, Cry for Blood‘s speed was not hindered much. Instead, relying solely on his previous impression of the nearby terrain and only with the help of the small map, he was about to escape the ghost priest‘s range.

However, when a Frost Curse landed at his feet, Cry for Blood was stopped dead in his tracks, and the skills that fell upon him one after another could be described as a frenzied bombardment.

Without even a chance to formally adjust his state, the expert shooter’s blood bar was neatly emptied in just a few seconds.

Not even Xu Yiming could recover from that.

Although ghost priests did not often appear in individual competitions, he had still encountered several ghost priest masters. Even in the professional league, there has never been a situation like this where it could be said that he was completely humiliated without even being able to retaliate.

Just hand speed? No, such a routine requires enough cooling reduction to support it, which will definitely reduce the output damage of all skills. However, the opponent had an almost perfect skill grasp, and there was not the slightest flaw in the control imposed.

Even when the screen completely darkened, Xu Yiming still had an inexplicable sense of terror like never before.

Lin Xiao didn’t pay much attention to the word ‘Victory’ that popped up in front of him. Instead, he moved the mouse a few times and looked at the keyboard on the desk thoughtfully.

——Although the equipment in the training camp was top-notch, in terms of hand feeling, it seemed something was still missing…

Just as he was thinking about this, Xu Yiming stood up, walked toward him with a complicated look, and finally extended his hand reluctantly, saying, “Thank you for your guidance.”

This gesture inevitably caused an uproar in the crowd.

It was true that the winner was decided, but an official player to thank a newcomer for guidance? Shouldn’t it be the other way around!?

Lin Xiao shook his hand casually, “You are also quite good.”

Xu Yiming’s entire face scrunched up in frustration.

No matter how you heard this sentence, it sounded like a senior’s assessment of the younger generation. No matter what, this was a conversation between peers. Who was the senior here?…

Fortunately, he was not a narrow-minded person, so was willing to admit defeat. Now that he had seen that the opponent was indeed stronger than him, of course, he will not bother to save his image. After not finding his words for a while, he said: “Lin Xiao, right? As long as you can join the team in the future, I will recognize you as a teammate.”

Lin Xiao was slightly taken aback when he heard these words and glanced up at Liu Zeshen. Seeing that he had an indifferent expression and didn’t object, he smiled and replied calmly, “Ah, I am very honored.”

Really, you’re not very polite.

“…” Xu Yiming was finally at a loss for words.

The author has something to say: Hold a moment of silence for 3 seconds for Boss Xiao and the entire process of Adorable Ghost successively restoring the inner impressions of teammates…

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