Chapter 37.2 – If He Breaks The Rules, Just Kick Him Out

Good God, Stop!
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Listening to Liao Yuan’s detailed presentation of the recent situation in the training camp, Shen Changyu looked a little absent-minded. You Jing’s reaction just now made him somewhat uneasy. Why would he suddenly go for a walk? He had the inexplicable feeling that this man must have been to the training camp. But if this was indeed the case, what about Lin Xiao? Have they already met?

Thinking of this, Shen Changyu couldn’t help but interrupt Liao Yuan’s report, “Manager Liao, where did you and Captain You go for a walk?”

Being asked so suddenly, Liao Yuan felt a chill and his back was covered in a cold sweat.

You Jing’s attitude made it clear that he didn’t want to reveal that he went to the new players’ training camp. However, Shen Changyu now looked very doubtful, so he inevitably felt a little awkward being caught in the middle. Finally, he cleared his throat and said in an extremely smooth manner, “Vice Captain Shen, it’s like this, I just went for a walk around the training camp with Captain You.”

Sure enough, he went to training camp!

Before the words were finished, Shen Changyu had already stood up and hurried out of the training room with the mobile phone, ignoring the puzzled faces of the others.

Lin Xiao wasn’t surprised when he received the call from Shen Changyu, he just raised his eyebrows slightly at his description and said with a smile, “Stray cat? It seems that your Captain You is still very wary of me!”

Standing at the end of the empty corridor and hearing such a careless tone, Shen Changyu was silent for a moment: “So Captain You already met you, yet he didn’t kick you out right away?”

Lin Xiao recalled everything that happened today, shook his head, and said, “Well, you can’t say that. He was really going to kick me out, but luckily I ran fast and my hand speed was good when I grabbed the documents.”

Shen Changyu was at a loss: “What documents did you grab? What does this have to do with hand speed?”

Lin Xiao cleared his throat and changed the subject: “Anyway, don’t worry, at least for now I should be able to stay. Spending a month in camp, I can observe closely to see if there are any talented candidates, and then we will be brought into the team together.”

Shen Changyu finally breathed a sigh of relief, and his mind turned back to the team’s matters: “The team has indeed considered promoting a few more newcomers recently. With you keeping an eye on the training camp, of course, I feel more at ease.”

Lin Xiao said: “I’ve carefully analyzed the current team configuration, and according to the situation, once Xiao Li and I fill in, that would solve the problem in the individual competition. However, the line-up of the competition team is still somewhat lacking, and the long-range support mode is too easy to target. It is best to find an opportunity to deploy another breakout type, similar to an assassin.”

Shen Changyu frowned: “According to the current situation in the training camp, there are no outstanding players of this type.”

Lin Xiao smiled: “If there is no such thing in the training camp, we’ll find it in other places. I have such a candidate now, the rest is up to you.”

Shen Changyu was puzzled: “Are we going to transfer from somewhere else? But there are still several months before the transfer period, right?”

Lin Xiao leaned comfortably on the bed and said slowly: “Remember I told you, who did you see on the game day?”

Shen Changyu’s words froze for a moment, then he smiled slightly and said: “Captain Lin… you don’t mean to find Chen Anqi to make a comeback, do you?”

Lin Xiao raised his eyebrows and corrected, “How can such an insignificant character like me have such abilities? Of course, I won’t be looking for her. You will, Vice Captain Shen.”

At these words, there was only a strange silence on the other end of the phone.

After quite some time, Shen Changyu seemed to have recovered, but his tone still quivered slightly. “I’ll go back… let’s get in touch and see.”

Lin Xiao smiled and said, “Thank you for your hard work, Vice Captain Shen.”

After that, they talked casually about some things that happened during the day today. Shen Changyu originally intended to take part in the reorganization, but Lin Xiao objected. After all, team spirit could not be achieved in a day or two. From Liu Jinxuan’s attitude after the conflict, it was obvious that those two people were only a small part of the team, and he was going to meet the rest in the next few days.

Finally, after Lin Xiao thought about it, he drew his conclusion: “In the next few days, I will look more carefully and try to bring in a priest when the time comes.”

Shen Changyu heard the meaning behind his plan, and after a moment of silence, he replied: “I understand.”

After finishing the call with Shen Changyu, Lin Xiao lay lazily on the bed, narrowed his eyes slightly, and touched his shoulder, thinking about what had happened during the day. To be honest, You Jing was really interesting, he was so handsome, but he always had that look, like an iceberg that kept a distance from strangers. Sometimes, he really wanted to see what the iceberg would look like when it cracked.

And most importantly, he was still his fan!

What if he took the opportunity to have Shen Changyu get an autograph and bring it to him? Bored, Lin Xiao browsed his mobile phone and saw that besides the previously added Shen Changyu, there was another avatar online.

Since he added You Jing as a friend, they have never spoken again. His eyebrows raised slowly as a thought suddenly came to his mind.

Sending an aggrieved emoji, he wrote: “Sister, please comfort this suffering baby.”

In another dormitory, looking at the ghost head icon floating on the screen, You Jing’s bright eyes sunk slightly, but in the end, he tapped on it. He silently looked for a while at the text sent by the other party and finally replied, “What is it?”

A triumphant smile flashed across Lin Xiao’s face, and he replied very quickly while holding the phone in his arms: “I saw Captain You today and realized the previous misunderstanding went too far. I almost got kicked out.”

You Jing replied, “Oh.”

Lin Xiao choked when he saw this cold response, sighed in his heart, and felt he had to give more support to their relationship. This Lin Xiao had definitely overdone it in the past, or else how could a man like You Jing be so affected by it…

Thinking of this, he typed another sentence, “Would you laugh at me if I said my goal is the World League trophy?”

Such a remark in the current circumstances of e-sports inevitably seemed a little shallow, but You Jing answered flatly: “No.”

Lin Xiao said: “However, the championship is a matter of the future. The first step I need to take now is to get the approval of Captain You, otherwise, I won’t even have the chance to try!”

You Jing said: “If you really have such determination, just use your own strength to reach the standards of the Black Rose team.”

Lin Xiao grinned: “Thank you for your encouragement, I will definitely do it! When I become an official player, I will treat you to dinner! ^_^~”

You Jing: “We’ll talk then.”

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