Chapter 17 – The abnormal Shen Changyu

Good God, Stop!
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When Team Two’s main forces hurried over, the rest of the sub-team was still in a state of shock and had no idea how to answer any of the questions they were being asked. It was only when they asked Lin Xiao that they were able to receive a response, but of course, the reply was merely a short and succinct “We sent them packing”, along with a faint, unchanging smile on his face.

By tracing the route back to the island where the Guardian Emissary of Power was located and continuing further onwards, they arrived at the Territory of Power’s stronghold very quickly. At the same time, they received news from Team Five that they had discovered the Territory of Wisdom’s stronghold.

Based on past experience, to preserve the fairness of the guild battles, when the administrators configured the maps of both sides, they would normally make the settings more or less the same. Hence, after familiarizing themselves with the terrain of their own area, they could more or less deduce the corresponding locations of everything in the opponent’s territory.

Ye Chen decisively instructed Team Four to replace Team Two in defending the Territory of Power. At the same time, he directed the three elite teams to assemble at the middle path and get ready to launch a proper attack on the Heaven guild after.

Having had the position of Guild Leader for many years, Ye Chen was extremely familiar with all of the possible formations that could be deployed for the guild battle. “All party leaders, pay attention. Team One will be responsible for pushing forward. Team Two will perform a pincer attack from the islands on the side to surround the enemy. You will first attack the Heaven guild’s Territory of Power, and then move downwards to their Territory of Wisdom. Team Three will make use of the small paths to sneak around to the rear, after which they will obstruct the reinforcements that the Heaven guild will be sending and block off the path that is connected to their revival point. During the course of the battle, you must always take note of the overall progress of  events. Pay attention to the detailed instructions disseminated via the guild channel. If there is a need to change targets, everybody needs to be able to adjust to the new orders immediately.”

Under his command, the leaders of Teams Two and Three did a roll call and confirmed that all of their members were present. After doing so, they followed his arrangements and began to implement them step by step. Immediately, Black Dawn’s forces began to move with great unity. This truly exhibited the strict discipline befitting of a large guild.

Evidently, the Heaven guild members were not as lucky as Black Dawn. They were still not able to find the Territory of Wisdom, and all members were enthusiastically combing through the entire map to search for it. They had merely left a single team on the centre path. By the time this team caught sight of the opponent’s forces, their foes were already too close for them to be able to retreat, and they were very quickly defeated.

Following this, Black Dawn’s troops conquered the Territory of Power as swiftly as lightning. The people from the Heaven guild who had hurriedly gathered together were too messy and uncoordinated. Thus, they were completely suppressed. In less than 5 seconds, the Territory of Power had been occupied by Black Dawn.

[System] Black Dawn has successfully conquered the Territory of Power! The dawn of victory draws near!

[System] Black Dawn has successfully conquered the Territory of Power! The dawn of victory draws near!

[System] Black Dawn has successfully conquered the Territory of Power! The dawn of victory draws near!1Yes, this line was repeated three times in the raws. Important things need to be said three times I guess?

When he saw these three system notifications flash onto his screen, Ye Chen was finally able to secretly heave a sigh and relax a little. The uneasiness that he had felt at the beginning due to facing a completely new map had finally dissipated like smoke. Although a brand new map that no one had experienced before was undoubtedly a double-edged sword, it was also obvious that the opposing guild’s luck had been far worse than theirs. Winning because they were lucky2“Lucky” is in the raws in English. did not make him feel that they did not deserve the win at all. Rather, he was in an even happier mood.

As he saw the situation unfold before him, Shen Changyu sighed softly. He turned and saw the twins’ appearance of being unmatched3Literally gods being able to defeat gods and Buddha being able to defeat Buddha. I think this means something along the lines of being able to face anyone in battle and defeat them. in battle and could not hold back his smile. He said, “Relax a little, both of you. If you are so ‘high’ while playing, the online players might be able to guess your identities, so you should be careful. If that happens, then the headline news will be ‘Professional Players Heartlessly Stomp on Herbivores in the Guild Battle’. Then, how will you explain yourselves to Manager Li?”

Who knew if it was because Shen Changyu’s “warning” had really scared him, but Xu Yiming’s hand trembled as he heard these words. He had been ready to shoot someone’s head off, but his hand momentarily jerked and his aim went off. This allowed the opposing side’s Priest to quickly heal them up.

He glanced at the kill count at the corner of the screen, grinned and said, “What is there to be afraid of? I’ve only taken 40 kills, and have already held back a lot. Don’t worry! I definitely won’t be discovered by others so easily.”

As he said this, he unconsciously took a look at Xu Yichen’s screen that was beside his. After he had glanced at the other person’s kill count, he momentarily couldn’t resist, swore ‘Fxxk’ loudly, and said, “Oh my god! How could you have snatched 56 kills so silently? You must be cheating! No no, this won’t do, I must kill a few more. Otherwise, I will have lost to a stuffy, silent gourd like you. When we go back, the others will definitely make fun of me endlessly.”

Xu Yichen’s hand operations did not stop. When he heard these words, he merely glanced over at him, made a mild ‘Ah’ sound, and said, “Nobody is that idle.”

“Damn it, you just wait!” Xu Yiming suddenly made some explosive maneuvers. His Gunner immediately activated his Ghost Sprint, dashed straight into the centre of the battlefield, and began to kill indiscriminately without any scruples.

Shen Changyu speechlessly watched as the duo mysteriously engaged in yet another meaningless competition. He could only shake his head helplessly.

As he was getting ready to continue operating his Summoner, he suddenly caught a glimpse of an ID out of the corner of his eyes and abruptly stood up, as if his whole body had suddenly been struck by lightning. Almost immediately, he rushed towards Xu Yiming and grabbed his mouse. Under his maneuvers, the Gunner’s field of vision rotated about extremely quickly. Yet, all he saw was a bunch of eye-catching skill effects that were so dazzling that his vision had been entirely obscured by them.

With the throngs of people participating in such a chaotic battle, the brief silhouette that he saw had been concealed entirely.

Xu Yiming was startled by Shen Changyu’s unusual actions. He saw the other’s stiff and frozen expression and felt that his face had become much paler than usual. Unable to resist, he hesitantly asked, “Vice…Vice Captain Shen…if you don’t want me to kill too much…I, I won’t kill then…you, don’t be agitated…”

Xu Yichen’s attention had also been drawn over by these movements. His eyebrows furrowed slightly, and the rhythm of his hand movements also slowed down as a result.

The hand that Shen Changyu had placed on the mouse gradually tightened its grip, and he was unable to maintain his usual calm and collected demeanour. It was as if some emotions that he had suppressed had come bursting forth, and, almost imperceptibly, his fingertips began to shake slightly. He tried to reign in his emotions, and after what seemed to be half a millenium, he took a deep breath and the tone of his voice seemed to have stabilised somewhat. “Sorry, I must have gotten the wrong person.”

As if he did not feel the gazes of the other two people, he returned to his own desk and sat before his computer.

Under the Summoner’s detailed operations, the attacks suddenly grew more severe. The skills were so numerous that they filled the sky, and they helped to cover up the wild and barely restrained emotions reflected in Shen Changyu’s eyes. It was only after some time that the emotion in his eyes grew more stable and profound, and his lips curled in a bitter, self-mocking smile.

—— Such an ID had obviously been completely sealed away, how could it possibly show up again all of a sudden? In the end, he still had not completely let go of things. It was the emotions that had always been brewing within him that had caused him to have mistakenly perceived something so unrealistic.

In the end, Black Dawn had achieved a flawless victory. After they had completely defeated the Heaven guild, Black Dawn had quickly conquered the Territory of Power. With such a great disparity between them, it could be described as a complete win.

After the guild battle ended, all participating members were teleported out of the map, and the guild channel which had originally been completely silent immediately began bustling with activity. All of them couldn’t wait to discuss about the results of the battle that they had won with one another.

After Lin Xiao came out of the map, the first thing he did was to send Hello Kitty a friend request. Once he saw a female portrait light up on his friends list, he was satisfied, and he quickly sent over a message. “Sister, your operations are really great. If you are free, let’s run the arena ladder team battle together~ ^_^~”

Hello Kitty replied, “Sure, I’m logging off.”

After an entire night, he had already thoroughly experienced this Priest sister’s lofty attitude that chilled one to the bone. Lin Xiao could be said to be completely immune to such a cold temperament and did not freeze up at all. He even responded with a flying kiss emoticon. He saw the other’s portrait turn dim, and he turned and gleefully began to retrieve the contribution rewards earned from today’s guild battle. He browsed through the guild’s supplies list and began the necessary exchange4It’s not specified if they used a point system where Lin Xiao is trading points for what he wants, or if he is trading some items he got for them instead. Both are possible ways that different games use to give out rewards. I’ve tried to keep it vague so that either scenario works here. for his desired staff.

Ye Chen had arranged for the staff to do some final cleaning of the statistical data. He turned and saw that the others had already turned off their computers and stood. Immediately, he went over to them and politely said, “Captain You, Vice Captain Shen, and the Two Xus, you have all worked hard!”

You Jing said, “Manager You, I will be keeping that Priest account for the time being. Any issues with that?”

Ye Chen was stunned for a moment, then immediately replied, “No problem, it’s fine even if you take all the accounts.”

Xu Yiming curiously asked, “Captain You, what do you want to do with this shabby Priest account?”

You Jing did not reply, but rather looked towards Shen Changyu and said, “Today there was a Ghost Priest in Team Two who I feel is not bad. Have the people from the newcomer’s camp take note of him.”

Ye Chen heard this and his heart grew unsettled. The Ghost Priest in Team Two, could it perhaps be…

At this moment, Shen Changyu had just shut down his computer. He appeared to be somewhat out of sorts as he casually asked, “What’s their name?”

You Jing said, “Adorable Ghost.”

In the split second that this sentence was spoken, Shen Changyu’s body instantaneously stiffened, causing all of the documents that he held in his hands to fall, scattering on the ground with a ‘hua’ sound.

He stood unmoving on the spot, so obviously still that it was strange to the people who looked at him. It was as if they could feel some undercurrents surging up and sweeping them away. Finally, after some time, he regained his senses. It was as if he couldn’t really believe it. He lifted his gaze, with eyes full of chaotic emotions that no one present could read. “You said…Adorable, Ghost?”

You Jing nodded. He looked at Shen Changyu’s expression and unconsciously furrowed his eyebrows slowly. “Is there a problem?”

“No, none…” After Shen Changyu responded, he grew strangely silent. He just stood there without moving. His two hands that no one was able to see slowly clenched tightly into fists. Because of all of the strength he was exerting, they slowly began to shake. After some time, he suddenly sprinted out of the online guild’s office without saying anything else.

The others looked at the documents that were scattered messily on the floor, and then began to look at one another.

Xu Yiming looked at the figure that slowly grew more and more distant and was at a loss for words. With a bewildered expression, he said, “What’s with the vice captain today, what on earth happened…”


Translator’s comments: You can really feel how much of an impact Lin Xiao had on Shen Changyu in life…and in death ;_; Also You Jing loves to speak in such short and curt sentences…I try to keep to that in my translations but it’s difficult sometimes ><

  • 1
    Yes, this line was repeated three times in the raws. Important things need to be said three times I guess?
  • 2
    “Lucky” is in the raws in English.
  • 3
    Literally gods being able to defeat gods and Buddha being able to defeat Buddha. I think this means something along the lines of being able to face anyone in battle and defeat them.
  • 4
    It’s not specified if they used a point system where Lin Xiao is trading points for what he wants, or if he is trading some items he got for them instead. Both are possible ways that different games use to give out rewards. I’ve tried to keep it vague so that either scenario works here.


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