Chapter 9 – First-Born Son

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Zhuang Jun howled and cried, jolting Yin YueHan back as she quickly pacified him. He had looked so pitiful with his tears, mucus, and saliva all flowing out. Despite Yin YueHan coaxing him for a long time, it was futile. It was only when Zhuang SuNing fished out a round candy from her pocket that Zhuang Jun finally smiled.

Marquis WenYuan only frowned slightly as Wei YuHua said, “I am afraid that Jun’er has become weary of staying here. Concubine Yin, you should bring the children back.”

At this critical juncture, how could Yin YueHan be willing to leave? Unable to hide her anxiety, she said, “Marquis, what about Su’er and Jun’er?”

GuoZi Xue was not an ordinary official school. Only those who were the descendants of the capital officials with seven grades or above can enter. In total, there were less than 70 people, and all of them entered the career of an official with the help of their parents after their studies. Additionally, all the teachers in the school were mingshi1“名士” (mingshi) refers to a person with a literary reputation.. For those who entered this school, their future career would not be too bad and it was also a good opportunity to form connections.

Entering GuoZi Xue was not easy. This was especially so in recent years where the number of students accepted had been reduced. Now, the total number of students was less than 30, where even the descendants of a first-grade official may not be able to enter. If Marquis WenYuan gave this opportunity to Zhuang Zhong, it would be very difficult for Zhuang Su and Zhuang Jun to enter. Yin YueHan had always thought that this opportunity was for her two sons – even if only one entered, it was already considered pretty good. How could she have known that upon entering the household, the boy would snatch the things belonging to her sons. It was impossible for Yin YueHan to not be upset about this.

Marquis WenYuan took up his teacup and blew onto it gently. “Su’er and Jun’er just have to be taught well. Furthermore, they could take the examinations and enter GuoZi Xue. If they could pass and become the number one scholar, their future will be brighter.”

Although DaYou did not place as much emphasis on jinshi2“进士” (jinshi) refers to a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations. as much as that of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, they were beginning to lean towards it. The senior scholars had a deep discrimination towards those of enyin origin. Although there was no clear stipulation, it could be seen that since the country’s establishment, most of the senior officials were jinshi.

Shihe3“释褐” (shihe) refers to those who had passed the third degree of the national civil-service examination and remove commoners’ dress. scholar was the top student in the GuoZi Xue who was awarded the official position without taking the imperial examination. His reputation was also higher than that of the imperial examination number one scholar. Essentially, DaYou’s GuoZi Xue does not restrict intake by one’s family status – one could enter by passing the exams. The college implemented the “three divisions method”4The original text used “三舍法”. The students are categorized in 3 sections where the amount of students in the section decreases as one gets higher. It was also said that the education received in the school could be used to substitute the imperial examinations., where the students’ status was divided into three categories – the outer, inner, and the upper-division. Those who have just been admitted to GuoZi Xue are students in the outer-division, and could be promoted to internal students if they passed their examinations with excellent results. Additionally, internal students with outstanding performance could be promoted to the upper-division. There were also frequent examinations in the school, and those who underperform will be expelled.

Yin YueHan clenched her fists and almost broke her nails. It was easy for him to say!

Now, the GuoZi Xue was under the control of Prince Si Zhao. Although they did not emphasize on one’s family status in the past, the quota accepted was, in reality, controlled by senior officials. As a result, it was not too difficult to enter GuoZi Xue, as long as they just take the examination they could practically walk in. However, ever since the emperor sent Prince Si Zhao to manage the college, the intake of those from humble backgrounds was far more than the children of high officials during these two years! At present, who knows how many poor children were striving to enter the GuoZi Zue, as the teachers in the college could be compared with other official schools or private schools. This way, the competition was even greater. If one was not outstanding, there was simply no way to get into the GuoZi Xue, let alone be the shihe scholar.

Yin YueHan suppressed the anger in her heart and hugged Zhuang Su and Zhuang Jun. With tearful eyes, she looked so sad, yet beautiful, “Marquis…”

Marquis WenYuan put down the teacup heavily and interrupted, “As my son, he should not be a waste hiding behind their predecessors. If he wants to have a future, he has to fight for his own future. If from young he chooses the easy way, he will not be anyone successful in the future. Had it not been for the fact that Zhuang Zhong could not take part in the imperial examination, had been wandering outside in his early years, and is well-read but is disorganized and needs to be taught, I would not have used my merits to let him, a person without an official post, enter GuoZi Xue. Zhuang Zhong, you should listen carefully. I can let you in, but I would not care about you after that.”

Zhuang Zhong gave Marquis WenYuan a sincere bow. No matter what the other party had planned, it was not easy to give him such an opportunity. After all, exploitations and human feelings were the same; the lesser, the better. After that, Zhuang Zhong then realized why the marquis had straightforwardly given this opportunity to him. It turned out that the emperor had planned to abolish GuoZi Xue, and he was part of the last group of students. Simply put, Zhuang Su and Zhuang Jun would not even have such an opportunity due to time! As a close minister of the emperor, Marquis WenYuan had already been informed of this long ago.

The marquis’ words were so strict that Yin YueHan, who had originally wanted to ask for some benefits, did not dare to make any additional sound. The marquis was not as gentle and warm as he seemed. No matter how much he doted on her or her children, it would not be easy to change his mind after a decision had been made. After all, Zhuang Su and Zhuang Jun were still young. Once they were able to enter the school, the marquis might help the two children enter GuoZi Xue too. Yin YueHan became momentarily excited before calming down, as her petty nigglings were quickly knocked down.

Wei YuHua held a handkerchief and wiped the corners of her mouth to cover up her smile. She had felt that retrieving Zhuang Zhong back was an excellent choice.

“For Zhuang Zhong to recognize his ancestors is a big event. Although he is not yet included in the family register, we cannot be careless. Three days from now, we will hold a banquet for his return, so Madam, you should send the invitations to families that we are on friendly terms with tomorrow. This is just to let others know that I have such a son, so there is no need for it to be too extravagant, only a get-together with a few familiar friends. By the way, do not forget to send an invitation to General Lu too.”

“Understood, but what should I mention in the invite?”

At this moment, all of them had their ears raised with their hearts hanging in the air. Originally, they had thought that Marquis WenYuan did not think highly of Zhuang Zhong, since they did not even hold a welcoming banquet yesterday. Now, it seemed that this was not the case. The purpose of this banquet was to announce Zhuang Zhong’s status to the world, and there was a huge significance on whether he was addressed as the adopted son or the legitimate eldest son.

The room was so quiet that even the youngest, Zhuang Jun, was aware of the change in the atmosphere. He gazed at the marquis with big eyes while sucking his fingers. Both the wetnurse and Yin YueHan had no intention to correct him and only waited for Marquis WenYuan’s answer.

Unexpectedly, the marquis looked towards Zhuang Zhong. “What do you think we should do?”

As Zhuang Zhong did not expect himself to be asked such a question, he was stunned. “Just do it according to what is true.”

The marquis chuckled. “You are such a cunning fellow who does not let things slip easily.”

Zhuang Zhong lowered his head and did not speak. He did not understand the marquis’ intention.

Marquis WenYuan then said, “YuHua had worked so hard to find Lu’s son for me, so how can I let her down? Record Zhuang Zhong under Lu’s name. He will become my legitimate eldest son as soon as he is recorded into the family register.”

This sentence caused both Wei YuHua and Yin YueHan to turn pale with fear. Between both of them, one had something to hide while the other was resentful.

For a son, more specifically, the eldest son of Marquis WenYuan to suddenly appear had set off huge waves in the capital. With the marquis’ main wife childless, and only two sons and one daughter from Concubine Yin (the biological sister of imperial concubine Yin Xian), many had thought that the household would fall to the son of Concubine Yin. However, it did not seem to necessarily be the case. This was undoubtedly a heavy blow to the Yin family’s influence. With such coincidental timing, some people could not help but wonder. With the officials beginning to fear the Yin family, did Marquis WenYuan purposely do this so as to avoid any trouble coming his way?

Due to the second prince, the Yin family had risen like a ship in tide5The original saying is “水涨船高” which literally means a ship rising with the tide; a person’s social rise that benefits those related to him.. With the crown prince’s body not getting better and a lack of male offspring, it had caused many people’s hearts to waver. Had it not been due to the second prince being really young, someone would have advised the emperor to reappoint the crown prince. Nonetheless, many had already begun to incline towards the Yin family, so as to leave a backroad for themselves. No matter how one sees it, the crown prince did not look like he would live long and may potentially die earlier than the officials themselves.

Originally, the Yin family was only a royal merchant. Although they were rich, they had lacked power. Now, with both wealth and power, they had recruited others to form a faction. Currently, besides Prince Si Zhao, no one in the capital dared to refute the Yin family. As tall trees catch the wind6 The original saying “树大招风” literally means a tall tree that catches the wind; a person in a high position is liable to be attacked. and the marquis being a close minister to the emperor, one could only wonder if he had heard something that caused him to do so.

However, there were some who thought that such an opinion was groundless. It was impossible for Marquis WenYuan to foretell the future and deliberately leave a son more than ten years ago to solve the current predicament.

No matter the reason, people were generally full of curiosity about Zhuang Zhong, as it was unexpected for the famous descended immortal in the capital to have a son with such a coarse original wife. Such a buzz had been very attractive to many.

As soon as Lu Feng got the news, he went straight to the household of Marquis WenYuan. Before the gatekeeper could report his visit, he had already barged in with an uproar.

“Where is my nephew?”

The marquis was not at home. When Wei YuHua heard that he was coming, she immediately got a headache and directly ordered someone to call for Zhuang Zhong. As it was improper for women to receive male guests, it was not considered rude to not appear.

When Lu Feng saw Zhuang Zhong, he exploded. “Fuck, it could be anyone, but why do you have to inherit the looks of that womanish man!”

Despite such words, his eyes were red, and the excitement he felt in his heart could also be seen on his face.

Seeing Lu Feng, Zhuang Zhong was also excited. Is this not how YuanJue would have looked around ten years later? YuanJue was just not as rough, but more simple and foolish.

Zhuang Zhong respectfully greeted Lu Feng, “Greetings, General Lu!”

Lu Feng directly scolded him. “Boy, you not only picked up the looks of the unfaithful man, but also his fickleness. How can you not even recognize your own uncle!”

Zhuang Zhong hastily explained, “No, it is just that…”

Lu Feng waved his hand. “Nevermind, you have never seen me before, so how would it possible for you to get familiar with me so quickly? I am just relieved to see that you are still alive. I am your uncle, so if you are bullied in the future, you can come to me. Do not be like your mother who would not say a word even when she was wronged.”

Speaking of his sister, Lu Feng’s face became gloomy. In the Lu family, Lu LiuZhi had grown up spoiled, so she had never expected to be harmed by others. She just had to be obstinate, reporting only what was good while concealing what was unpleasant with her family. This, coupled with the natural calamity at that time, had made the situation complicated. As a result, she had ended up dying so miserably.

Lu Feng’s concern and heartache made Zhuang Zhong feel guilty, but with so many people from the marquis household around them, it was not a good time to talk about things. Even if everyone knew that he was a fake now, such words still could not be said from his mouth.

It was only recently that Zhuang Zhong learned that YuanJue had an uncle. With YuanJue being unclear about his birth, he had only given him a small amount of information. If this person truly loved his sister and nephew as much as he acted, he could get more help and find the real murderer as soon as possible! It was just that at this moment, he could not reveal anything because everyone was suspicious. Importantly, as a spy, he could not be swayed by emotions at the beginning; otherwise, it will be easy to be misled and go astray. After pondering for a while, Zhuang Zhong finally decided to hide it first and only reveal the truth when the time was right.

Zhuang Zhong smiled. “It will be good if Uncle does not find me annoying in the future.”

Lu Feng grinned, showing a row of white teeth. He patted Zhuang Zhong’s shoulder with his hand. His strength was not small, but Zhuang Zhong managed to withstand it, even making Lu Feng stunned. Lu Feng had initially thought that with such a delicate appearance, Zhuang Zhong would be too frail to even stand a gust of wind. However, it was unexpected that his physique was not too bad, and Lu Feng’s heart was even more satisfied.

“You truly belong to our Lu family.”

Zhuang Zhong straightened his back with a brilliant smile. Forensic medicine also involved heavy physical work, so it would be very troublesome if the body is not durable enough. After all, one had to turn over the corpse, cut through the hard skull, etc. Besides, his father was in the police force. With the determination to enter as a policeman too, Zhuang Zhong had practiced martial arts since he was a child. Later on, with his father dying in the struggle with gangsters, his weak mother had broken down. As it had taken a long time for her to recover, Zhuang Zhong had not dared to agitate his mother anymore and did not take the police examinations. Instead, he turned to forensic medicine where he was able to uphold justice while being in a much safer position than a policeman.

Despite having shrunk quite a lot, Zhuang Zhong’s foundation was still there. Not giving up his daily training from before and having to draw water every day, etc., he was quite healthy and strong despite looking weak. However, he could not be compared to those who practiced martial arts in this world. After all, he was only an amateur and did not spend a lot of effort practicing every day.

“With you returning, what is the plan?”

Zhuang Zhong proceeded to mention that he was going to study in GuoZi Xue. Lu Feng then snorted coldly. “He still has some conscience. If he truly treats you sincerely, I will not bother him with past matters anymore. However, if he dares to treat you unfairly, heng——I will make him regret coming into this world!”

Saying that, Lu Feng’s eyes were bursting with viciousness as fierce as a wolf. Zhuang Zhong had no doubt that Marquis WenYuan would be torn apart if such a day ever arose.

  • 1
    “名士” (mingshi) refers to a person with a literary reputation.
  • 2
    “进士” (jinshi) refers to a successful candidate in the highest imperial examinations.
  • 3
    “释褐” (shihe) refers to those who had passed the third degree of the national civil-service examination and remove commoners’ dress.
  • 4
    The original text used “三舍法”. The students are categorized in 3 sections where the amount of students in the section decreases as one gets higher. It was also said that the education received in the school could be used to substitute the imperial examinations.
  • 5
    The original saying is “水涨船高” which literally means a ship rising with the tide; a person’s social rise that benefits those related to him.
  • 6
    The original saying “树大招风” literally means a tall tree that catches the wind; a person in a high position is liable to be attacked.


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