Chapter 38 – Feng Huan snickered, “I found you more beautiful than many other young ladies. You are indeed worthy of being the son of the descended immortal.”

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Zhuang Zhong awkwardly said, “I do not know how to ride a horse.”

Although Zhuang Zhong was not knowledgeable about horses, he could determine that the two tall and mighty horses were of exceptional grade and could be considered to be the Ferrari among all horses. However, to people without a “driver’s license” like him, the horse would only be for show no matter how great it was.

It was also fortunate that the use of carriages was common, or he would have been laughed at for not being able to ride one. With horse-riding being a necessary skill among the men of the upper society, Zhuang Zhong then thought that Feng Huan would look down on him.

However, Feng Huan paused before getting off his horse and said instead, “That was my oversight.”

Zhuang Zhong stared at him wide-eyed, completely not expecting such words from him.

Ignoring his astonishment, Feng Huan continued, “If we cannot ride on the horses, there would be no use going to that place.”

“What place is it?”

“A new hunting ground on the outskirts of the capital. I initially wanted to ride a horse and hunt with you. Roasting our catch there on the spot would also give it a unique flavor. However, since you cannot ride one, we can only give up on the idea.”

Thinking about it, Zhuang Zhong found it to be a great idea, but he could only reply regretfully, “In the past, I rarely saw a horse, so don’t even mention riding one. I just hope that there will be a chance in the future.”

In DaYou, there were not many horses, making them very precious. Even many officials rode donkeys, so commoners were out of the equation.

“You are now the son of Marquis WenYuan, so if you cannot ride a horse, you will undoubtedly be laughed at. Since we know each other, I can find some free time to teach you.”

Hearing that, Zhuang Zhong hastily refused, “How can I bother Your Highness with such trivial things? I will think of something.” He was not that shameless to ask Prince Si to teach him to ride a horse. Besides, although they have grown familiar with each other now, he would feel pressured by Feng Huan. If he did not learn well, it would just be very embarrassing. Moreover, if others knew about this, it might cause another big uproar too.

Feng Huan coldly harrumphed, “There is no one else in this capital that is better than me in terms of riding skill.”

Zhuang Zhong smiled and responded, “It is exactly because you ride too well that I, a person who knows nothing, would be too unworthy to be taught by you.”

To such words, Feng Huan did not object and only said, “It is precisely because you do not know anything that makes you a good candidate to teach.”

At this moment, Zhuang Zhong did not understand Feng Huan’s insistence on teaching him to ride horses personally. Although they were on familiar terms now, it was an inconceivable idea due to Feng Huan’s identity. However, if Zhuang Zhong continued to refuse ignorantly, this bad-tempered Prince would probably scold him for failing to appreciate his kindness. So, cupping his hands together, he said, “Then, I will have to trouble you. I hope that when that time comes, you can forgive my ignorance in horse riding.”

Because it was already fairly late, the both of them eventually agreed on meeting up again in the future without a definite date for lessons. After all, Feng Huan was not an idling prince. Although he was now in charge of the Central Judicial Office, he would still often leave the capital to do other things.

In the end, despite the fact that they could not go to the hunting grounds, they still fulfilled the agreement to drink together. However, just by entering the private room of the River View Pavilion, the environment could be observed to be entirely different from the small tavern that Zhuang Zhong liked to frequent. To put it simply, it was “very expensive”!

If Zhuang Zhong had not earned some money from the case of the missing silvers, he would not have dared to come to such a place. Besides, despite Feng Huan’s wealth, Zhuang Zhong did not have the habit of relying on others. So, even if he could not pay the larger share, he would still prefer to share the bill in some way or another.

While pouring liquor for Feng Huan, Zhuang Zhong asked, “Your Highness, would the Xu Sheng case affect Official DaWei?” Although Official DaWei had been dismissed from his post, he was still free to live, and the money he had earned as an official was enough to make him an affluent man. As Zhuang Zhong was small-minded, he could not stand seeing such a person living well.

Feng Huan laughed in response. “Bodhisattva is merciful, so why are you so fixated on leaving no mercy?”

Zhuang Zhong replied righteously, “It is not that I wanted to leave no mercy, but it is the wheel of heavenly principles that everyone has to be constantly responsible for their actions. If Official DaWei made mistakes due to his incompetencies, he should be punished, as he was the one who chose to take on the job, and I would not have been so insistent on going against him either. However, for his own selfish desire, he actually does not care about the truth and disregards human lives. If he were not punished, it would not only be unfair to those who were wronged but also set a very bad precedent. While he becomes a horrible example, it will also cause others to follow in his steps easily too. So, only by punishing such a person can we make others responsible for handling such cases more careful.”

When Feng Huan saw his serious state, he smiled. “Official DaWei is just a small lackey. It is not difficult to handle such a person.”

Zhuang Zhong likewise understood this too. After all, he was not a hot-headed person who just freshly graduated.

However, he responded, “No matter how you take care of a person, it is still only one. So, it would be better if something could be achieved in the process.”

Feng Huan then suddenly asked, “You like to solve cases?”

Zhuang Zhong was momentarily stunned. “I just cannot stand seeing those who are innocent being wronged while the wicked get away scot-free. Besides, I have some autopsy skills, so I want to do something with them.”

Feng Huan’s eyes drooped down, and he only spoke up after a while, “Would you be able to determine if the death was suicide or murder if there are only bones left?”

When Zhuang Zhong first met Feng Huan, he had heard him ask such a question. For him to raise such a topic again must mean something, so Zhuang Zhong dared not to be negligent. “I can only say it is possible, as I have to see the body to know. Can you tell me what the cause of death is?”

Feng Huan pointed to the area of his heart. “A sharp weapon pierced the heart.”

Zhuang Zhong’s eyebrows knitted together. “If it is not too long after death and the body has not decayed, it can be determined from the wound and the conditions of the scene. However, if only the bones are left, it will make things very difficult. Has the body ever been moved? If it was suicide, a wound to the heart is fatal, and the dead cannot wander too far away so, the weapon must be nearby. If it was a murder, it might not be so.”

As Feng Huan fell silent, Zhuang Zhong continued, “If Your Highness wants to know the truth, it will be better for me to determine after I examine the body.”

Hearing that, Feng Huan looked gloomy and downed a cup of alcohol before asking, “Your face does not look too good just now. What happened?”

Since Feng Huan did not want to explain further, Zhuang Zhong also did not continue to ask. After all, to make Feng Huan falter like this, the deceased must not be anyone ordinary, and it was probably something Zhuang Zhong should not interfere with.

“It is just that I cannot get used to some of the rumors.”

“Is it because of Xu Sheng’s case?”

Zhuang Zhong could not help laughing. “Your Highness really foretells things like a prophet.”

“Those rumors are truly laughable. In the blink of an eye, a loafer had turned into Romeo1Here, the author did not exactly use “Romeo” but a word that means something like a casanova. However, I think given the context of the story, Romeo would be more relatable to all of the readers.. If he did not die, there would have been another Young Lady Zhao, as some ladies are just easy to cajole.”

Zhuang Zhong sighed. “Such naivety is inevitable if they have always been locked at home all day. Luckily, I am not a woman, or it will be too sad. I just do not understand why some men would marry others to be wives. To become a male wife is to land in a similar plight to women where they are unable to gain freedom.”

In the capital, male wives were not uncommon, and once the man married into the household, he would be trapped in the inner courtyards like women. With most being entirely dependent on their partners, only a few of them were able to have their own businesses. From the case files, Zhuang Zhong had also found several tragedies involving them. As most of the DaYou women were used to the idea of polygamous relationships since childhood, they could still accept it despite being displeased with it. However, men were different, so it was easy for disputes to arise after marriage, especially for the wealthier households.

When Feng Huan heard such words, he did not understand why he felt uncomfortable. “That is because as a husband, he will worry that he will not be capable enough and let his wife be snatched away, so he will keep them hidden. If it were me, I would only protect my partner and let the other party do whatever they want. Although the man was married into the household as a male wife, he is still a man. How can he be bound to the inner courtyards? It would be an insult.”

Zhuang Zhong laughed. He had only said it randomly off his head and did not expect Feng Huan to respond like this. “From your words, it seems like you can accept a male wife too? I thought you had been set up with the daughter of the Minister of Rites? If you do not like women, you should not bring trouble to others.”

Homosexuality was nothing. However, to cheat others’ feelings to ensure offsprings or other reasons would be disgusting.

Feng Huan sneered, “You truly have a tender heart for the fairer sex.”

“Even if someone who likes a woman wants to marry a man, I will say the same thing to them.”

“Then what if you like women but do not like the woman you are marrying?”

“This world values the matchmaking set up by parents, so many couples do not even see each other before marriage. Like this, how can we talk about whether one likes another or not?” Zhuang Zhong scrutinized Feng Huan and continued,” Don’t tell me that it was because of marriage that made you this anxious to find me for a drink?”

Feng Huan gave him a sulky glare. “Does this prince seem like the kind to be hung up on romance?”

“It is not humiliating to be perplexed about such things, as it is only human. It is just that you have to consider carefully because marriage is no small matter.” Afraid that Feng Huan’s embarrassment would lead to anger, Zhuang Zhong did not provide any further advice.

“As a little monk, should you not be free from human desires and passions? You seem to have a lot to say about the relationships between males and females.”

“Isn’t that why I returned to secular life already?”

Here, Feng Huan suddenly took off Zhuang Zhong’s hat and commented, “Your hair has grown quite a lot.”

Zhuang Zhong hurriedly snatched his hat back and wore it. Now, with his hair length halfway between short and long, it was at the ugliest state and could not be tied up. However, even then, his hair was very soft, and the hat was suitable for him, making his face look even smaller like a young lady.

Feng Huan snickered, “I found you more beautiful than many other young ladies. You are indeed worthy of being the son of the descended immortal.”

What Zhuang Zhong hated the most was others saying that he looked like a girl. When he was young, he almost became rebellious because of it, but luckily, he grew less delicate after puberty. Nonetheless, even though he was not too feminine, he was also not masculine enough, which became his biggest regret.

Hearing this, Zhuang Zhong then drank his alcohol dispiritedly and no longer paid attention to Feng Huan.

Seeing this, Feng Huan could not help but laugh. “Your temper is not small.”

Ignoring his criticism, Zhuang Zhong then changed the topic and said, “If you do not want to marry the daughter of the Minister of Rites, you should say so earlier. Do not let others down.”

“Who says I do not want to marry?”

In response, Zhuang Zhong pointed his index finger to Feng Huan.

“I just find it uninteresting. However, since you do not want me to marry her, I will cancel it.”


The alcohol Zhuang Zhong drank suddenly sprayed out of his mouth. Fortunately, Feng Huan was fast to dodge, or it would have landed on his face.

Zhuang Zhong grew agitated. “It is you yourself who does not want to marry, so do not blame it on me! If your match knew about this, she would tear me up. Kindly refrain from bringing harm to others.”

Here, Feng Huan burst into laughter which made Zhuang Zhong realize that he was just being teased. Thinking further, even for people like Feng Huan, he could not do as he liked either. The other party was the daughter of the Minister of Rites, and they were an old family with a deep foundation. With many officials coming from their family, Feng Huan and even Emperor Qian Xing could not easily offend them.

Feng Huan embraced Zhuang Zhong’s shoulder, giving off the impression of them being good brothers before saying, “You are a very interesting person.”

Zhuang Zhong cupped his hands together. “Many thanks for your praise.”

Feng Huan suddenly said, “I am very happy.”

Zhuang Zhong’s mouth twisted. “Yes, it is very fun to see me lose face, isn’t it?”

To that, Feng Huan actually replied seriously, “For you to say such words to me is very rare.”

Due to Zhuang Zhong’s habit and temperament, he had unconsciously revealed his true nature despite being aware of Feng Huan’s extraordinary status. For many high-ranking people, they would be eager to be treated with real feelings.

After that, Feng Huan did not say anything further and only picked up his glass. “Drink! We are not leaving until we are drunk today.”

After drinking together this time around, Zhuang Zhong was unable to see Feng Huan until winter. He heard that Feng Huan had left the capital to suppress bandits, and this time, the bandit group was called the XiNan Bandit King, who did a lot of treacherous things. However, because of the complex geography of the place the bandits occupied, the few rounds of troops they sent to eliminate them were all destroyed.

When Zhuang Zhong learned of this, he was very worried. Although he wanted to take a detour and avoid Feng Huan every time he saw him, he still treated him as a friend. It was just due to their difference in status that he dared not develop their friendship deeper. After all, it was not easy to find someone to drink with and Feng Huan, though unpredictable and proud, was still a righteous person.

XiNan was far away from the capital, so the news regarding Feng Huan only arrived occasionally, but even then, it was not good. With the first snow in the capital, Feng Huan was said to have been engulfed among the bandits during the suppression, and his whereabouts became unknown, making it more ominous than propitious. At that time, Emperor Qian Xing was so angry that he immediately dispatched troops to XiNan. However, before the troops could set off, news came regarding Feng Huan – it was no big deal, and he only suffered minor wounds. Emperor Qian Xing then immediately ordered Feng Huan back to the capital and forbade him to fight again.

Despite that, Feng Huan refused to return, causing many ministers in the court to criticize him for being disrespectful. Before the bandits in XiNan could be suppressed, the court was already engaged in a bloodbath.

It was only when the snow fell heavily that Feng Huan finally annihilated the bandits. However, before his triumphant return to the capital, news came from the Minister of Rites that Feng Huan’s fiancée Fang YingYing was terribly ill and had no choice but to cancel her engagement with Feng Huan.

  • 1
    Here, the author did not exactly use “Romeo” but a word that means something like a casanova. However, I think given the context of the story, Romeo would be more relatable to all of the readers.


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