Chapter 37 – To Die For Love

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Wu DeSheng was taken to the court hall by the Yamen runners. Xu Sheng, who was kneeling on the ground, saw him, and his initially vacant eyes burst with hatred. Unexpectedly, the heavy shackles could not restrain his weak body, and he directly pounced onto Wu DeSheng.

“It was you! You killed ShuYi! Why must you treat her this way when both of you have no relations whatsoever?! You bastard, I had even treated you as a friend!”

Here, the Yamen runners’ actions were slightly too slow, and Xu Sheng managed to wound his shackles around Wu DeSheng’s neck and tugged, causing the other person’s face to turn red.


With a slam of the wooden gavel, the whole court instantly became silent.

Feng Huan admonished furiously, “How bold! This is the court hall. How could there be such unbridled behaviors? Quickly separate them!”

Hearing the command, the Yamen runners hurriedly split up the two people tearing at each other. Although Xu Sheng had spared no effort in venting his anger, he still could not go against the strong Yamen runners and took the opportunity to give Wu DeSheng a hard kick. Meanwhile, Wu DeSheng, who initially looked fresh and bright, became disordered due to the sudden scuffle.

“Do not talk nonsense. When have I done such a ruthless thing?”

Xu Sheng, who was being restrained by the Yamen runners, was like a beast in the cage. Without a care towards anything, he only held anger and hatred in his eyes. “You dare quibble! I had treated you like a brother, but you actually did such a thing! If you did not kill ShuYi, how could your jade pendant be in her room?!”

Something that was too quick to catch flashed through Wu DeSheng’s eyes, and he immediately said in alarm, “Is this the reason for catching me? My lord, I am being wronged! In all honesty, this lowly one had nothing to do with Zhao ShuYi death, and my jade pendant had accidentally been dropped in her bedroom…”

With eyes full of bitterness, Xu Sheng gnawed his teeth. “It is indeed you!”

Wu DeSheng sighed, “My jade pendant had been lost a long time ago, and I had never thought it would be in ShuYi’s bedroom.”

Xu Sheng rebuked furiously, “If you are not the murderer, how can the jade pendant be in ShuYi’s bedroom for no reason at all? Are you trying to frame ShuYi as a thief? Even if you pay out of your own pocket to give her this jade pendant, she would have no interest in it. Don’t even mention buying, she would not even steal it!”

“Of course, it is not what ShuYi did, but…” With a sorry face, Wu DeSheng hesitated before saying ambiguously, “I have been together with ShuYi for only one or two months less than Brother Xu.”

Hearing that, Xu Sheng directly flung his shackles towards Wu DeSheng, striking a red mark on the other person’s face instantly. “You bastard! You dare humiliate ShuYi like this! I am going to kill you! Kill you!”

As the Yamen runners could not stop Xu Sheng, who had gone mad, Wu DeSheng also no longer observed the proper order in court and stopped kneeling to dodge. “What are you so agitated about? Zhao ShuYi can sleep with you but not with me? After all, didn’t you say that she was a naturally amorous woman? As someone who dared to have illicit affairs without leaving her bedroom, she was a woman who did not uphold principles. We can play casually with her but should not bring her home.”

Xu Sheng became even more agitated. “You bastard, I will kill you! Kill you! How dare you say such things about her!”

Like this, the court hall momentarily became rowdy before Feng Huan slammed the wooden gravel down again, and the Yamen runners managed to pull them apart. At this point in time, Wu DeSheng was a wreck without a clean spot on his clothes. Besides his disheveled hair and bearing red marks everywhere, his entire face was also swollen.

Feng Huan unhurriedly said, “Xu Sheng! You dare to cause a ruckus in the court hall again. This official will punish you with 30 hits with the board!” However, even after such a commotion, Feng Huan did not investigate further. Instead of resolving the case, he appeared as if he was just here to enjoy the play.

Wu DeSheng was extremely speechless, and in his heart, he clearly knew that Feng Huan was being intentional. Otherwise, with so many Yamen runners here, how could Xu Sheng have caused such a ruckus? Before this, he had heard that Prince Si Zhao was known to act with no regard to the rules, and now he was personally experiencing it. After all, if it were any other officials, they would not have allowed such a situation to happen in the court hall, as it would significantly affect their authority as an official. However, why would Prince Si Zhao treat him this way when they had no relations at all? Unless…

The more Wu DeSheng thought, the more terrified he became. However, all of this was not obvious on the face as he lamented, “My lord, I am being wronged. That Zhao ShuYi can be chummy with Xu Sheng, so why can’t I? It was just that I did not visit her as often as Xu Sheng, so no one knew. A few days before Zhao ShuYi was killed, I visited her, and it must have been then that I dropped my jade pendant.”

“You are talking nonsense!” Xu Sheng burst out with violence, but this time he was restrained.

“There is a reason why speaking too loudly is not allowed in the court hall.” Although Feng Huan’s voice was tranquil and emotionless, it managed to calm Xu Sheng down.

As Xu Sheng’s beautiful memories with Zhao ShuYi flashed by his eyes, it was as if his heart was cut with a knife, and he choked out while sobbing, “My lord, ShuYi is not like how Wu DeSheng described her. She is gentle, generous, understanding, and abides by the principles of a proper woman. She would never have any entanglements with him.”

Wu DeSheng sneered and retorted, “My lord, if Zhao ShuYi was such a virtuous person, how could she engage in a secretive affair with Xu Sheng for such a long time? Everyone knows that only marriage is the proper way, and she was not a servant. So how can she abide by the principles of a proper woman by sneaking around at night? Xu Sheng loves her, and this coupled with his pride has made him reluctant to believe that Zhao ShuYi had other lovers.”

“Bullshit!” Xu Sheng spitted, and the saliva directly landed on Wu DeSheng’s face. Living in prison for half a year, Xu Sheng was already in an extremely filthy state. Notwithstanding being unable to wash his face and bathe, he also could not brush his teeth, so the smell almost made Wu DeSheng faint.

Wu DeSheng was angered. “Xu Sheng! Do not even think of taking this opportunity to bite me. After all, you personally mentioned before that without her beauty and being able to receive some money, you would not have cared to associate with such a woman. What? Is it because you have been cheated on that you have become unwilling to admit everything?!”

Xu Sheng’s eyes reddened. “When have I spoken such words?! I respect and love her. I even wanted to marry and stay with her forever. It was just that I had not gone far in life yet and had no face to propose marriage, so we had a secretive affair. I will not allow you to slander and tarnish her beauty! It is you, you, who killed her. Now that she has died, you still dare to insult her!”

Wu DeSheng sniffed. Ignoring him, he only said to Feng Huan, “My lord, Xu Sheng said such a statement more than once before. If you do not believe it, you can check. At that time, I heard him say that Zhao ShuYi was easy to hook up with, so I went to try and did not expect that it would be true. However, even then, I am not like Xu Sheng, who plays around and still takes her money.”

As Xu Sheng’s whole body trembled, Wu DeSheng continued, “Xu Sheng, you dare to swear that you did not say those words before?”

Xu Sheng closed his eyes painfully. When he opened them, he fixed his gaze on Wu DeSheng, who felt nervous and shifted his sight. Xu Sheng then suddenly slapped both sides of his face with his own hands. “ShuYi, I am a beast! It is me who harmed you, it is me! I am truly worse than pigs and dogs!”

As consecutive loud, crisp sounds rang out, Xu Sheng’s face soon turned red and swollen.

While Wu DeSheng smiled coldly internally, he faced Feng Huan with profound respect and humility. “My lord, Xu Sheng has confessed that this matter is really irrelevant to this lowly one.”

Feng Huan asked in a leisurely manner, “Wu DeSheng, do you know Wang Gui?”

Wu DeSheng had a face of confusion. “Wang Gui? I do not know. Who is this person?”

“Wang Gui is a night watchman who goes through the Zhao family street on a regular basis. He was killed and hanged from the beam of his house two days ago to make others believe that he had committed suicide.”

Wu DeSheng was surprised and immediately understood why Feng Huan mentioned this person. “My lord, I am being wronged! This lowly one does not know the man, and his death has nothing to do with me.”

Feng Huan coldly hummed. “There is no wall in the world that can block the wind! Do you really think that you can sleep comfortably after killing someone? Initially, I thought that you would confess truthfully after seeing the jade pendant. Now, it seems that without seeing the coffin, you will not cry. It is an additional charge to adamantly refuse to admit to one’s guilt!”

Accompanied with the slam of the wooden gravel, it really made one feel terrified.

Wu DeSheng’s heart became a little flustered. “This lowly-lowly one was really wronged.”

“This prince will ensure that you will be convinced!” Feng Huan slammed the gravel and called for Zhuang Zhong.

Zhuang Zhong entered with a plate and lightly bowed. He then said, “From the deceased Wang Gui’s body, I found some clothing fiber under his nails. In other words, it can be determined to be the threads that got stuck under the nails after being pulled off from clothes, etc. So, it can be inferred that when Wang Gui was being smothered to death, he had flailed around and grasped the murderer blindly. Just now, when the Yamen runners went to search Wu DeSheng’s house, they also found similar clothing and signs of fabric being snagged.”

Despite being seized with terror, Wu DeSheng tried his best to calm himself. “The clothes of this lowly one are made of the most common materials, and it is normal not to pay attention and cause an occasional tear in my clothes. So, all of this cannot determine that it is me! This lowly one is being wronged. Pleading for this official to make a fair judgment.”

Zhuang Zhong deeply gazed at Wu DeSheng and said, “Not only that, between the nails of the deceased, I also found some solidified blood and skin. As the time of the crime was only around ten hours ago, the scratches on the killer should not have yet healed.”

At this moment, Feng Huan shouted an order, “Take off Wu DeSheng’s clothes.”

Hearing that, two of the Yamen runners immediately surrounded Wu DeSheng, intending to strip off his clothes on the spot. In regards to this scene, not to mention Wu DeSheng, Zhuang Zhong was also struck dumb with astonishment, as there was really a lack of personal rights. With such brutal methods, it really made one bristle with anger, and if it had been the present times, it would have made headlines.

Even then, Wu DeSheng was not entirely stripped. The Yamen runners began by pushing Wu DeSheng’s sleeves up, revealing a few marks tinged an unappetizing green and purple. They were also shallow, and if it had been a few days later, the marks would have faded.

Zhuang Zhong stepped forward and examined them. He then concluded, “The marks were caused by nails, and looking at the degree it has healed, it should have been caused within these two days.”

Hearing that, Wu DeSheng sat paralyzed on the ground while Feng Huan called forth several witnesses who could prove that he and Wang Gui had been conversing together secretly before. On the day of Wang Gui’s death specifically, a beggar had even seen the both of them talking before Wang Gui was handed something by Wu DeSheng. Because the meeting locations were also far from their houses, without Zhuang Zhong’s portraits and Feng Huan ordering people to examine everywhere, the witnesses would not have been found.

Not only that, the Yamen runners also found Zhao ShuYi’s jewelry in Wu DeSheng’s house. Because the items had been hidden very well, it had taken some effort to uncover them.

So, with such solid evidence, Wu DeSheng could no longer deny and confessed.

It turned out that the reason why Xu Sheng and Zhao ShuYi’s secret affair was made known to everyone was not only because they were caught sneaking around. It was also because every time Xu Sheng drank too much, he was unable to control his mouth from flaunting their relationship to others. After all, besides being young and beautiful, Zhao ShuYi’s family was wealthy. When she knew that Xu Sheng desired to participate in the exams for an official rank but was held back due to his family’s lack of money, she had often given money to him.

In actuality, though, Xu Sheng’s heart was no longer fixed on the imperial examinations. Deeply aware that to pass was to accomplish an impossible feat, such words were spoken only to make Zhao ShuYi think highly of him. So, when she first gave him money, Xu Sheng was unwilling to accept. It was only when she gave the reasoning that he would be able to provide her with a better life in the future after passing the examinations that he accepted. At the start, he would feel guilty about spending the money recklessly, but he soon found himself not minding it and even took the initiative to ask for some later on.

This then became a capital that Xu Sheng could flaunt about. He was obviously living off a woman, but Xu Sheng thought that it was his charm. Moreover, Zhao ShuYi was not only young and beautiful but also intelligent and capable, making others overlook such brazen actions from him.

In addition, as Wu DeSheng and Xu Sheng were good friends, they frequently drank together. With similar family backgrounds, they were also often short of money and had to make careful calculations for everything despite not having to worry about basic necessities like food. However, ever since Xu Sheng became friendly with Zhao ShuYi, he had become more generous, and this caused Wu DeSheng to become jealous that Xu Sheng was able to gain something without putting in any work. Later on, he also heard that Xu Sheng only stood in front of Zhao ShuYi’s window for her to fall in love with his great appearance, and they got together as easily as the effort one took in blowing away dust.

Wu DeSheng, who felt that he was a man of casual and elegant bearing, then felt envious of such an affair. In his heart, he concluded that Zhao ShuYi was not a proper lady but a dissolute woman who was easy to cajole. So, after managing to pry the secret sign from Xu Sheng, he constructed a scheme.

That day, Wu DeSheng deliberately made Xu Sheng drunk before secretly running to Zhao ShuYi’s building and letting out a frog cry, resulting in a white cloth being thrown down. He was pulled up, but Zhao ShuYi, upon seeing a stranger instead of her lover, was afraid and attempted to chase him out hurriedly.

However, Wu DeSheng was unwilling, responding that it made no sense to drive him off since he was already here. He even showed off, wanting to convince her with his elegant bearing. After all, he had deliberately groomed himself before coming, and he could be considered as a charming man. He just never thought that Zhao ShuYi would have no interest in him, only wanting him to leave quickly.

When Zhao ShuYi saw that she could not chase away Wu DeSheng, she took a silver hairpin out of her jewelry box. “It is I who pulled the wrong person up. Take this hairpin and quickly leave.”

At that moment, Wu DeSheng, who was contemplating everything in the long run, hesitated whether or not to offend this beauty further. However, as soon as he glimpsed the glittering jewelry in the box, his greed surfaced, and he became unwilling to leave just like that. He wanted to be like Xiang Yu, tying on the bowstring1“霸王硬上弓” (literally “Xiang Yu tying on the bowstring”) is a Chinese saying. It was born from the idea that Xiang Yu (206–202 BC), a prominent warlord could bend a bow and attach the string with only one hand. Now, usually used as an idiom, it means to do something by force or to force oneself upon another. and make Zhao ShuYi become his. Like this, wouldn’t those items eventually be his?

Meanwhile, Zhao ShuYi, who only wanted to chase him off, was unaware that she had caused the other person’s greed to surface. By the time she realized that something was wrong, she had shouted for help, but everyone was asleep, and her mouth was covered by Wu DeSheng almost instantly, causing no one to know any better about what was happening. With Zhao ShuYi struggling incessantly, Wu DeSheng was worried that they would be discovered by others. So, he covered her tightly with his hand and did not know that he would accidentally smother her to death.

Despite his terrified state of mind then, Wu DeSheng did not forget to swipe all the valuable things in the jewelry box. However, due to his nervousness, he was unaware that his jade pendant had been pulled off by Zhao ShuYi during the struggle.

When he returned home, it was already fairly late. Afraid that Zhao ShuYi’s death investigation would lead back to him, he chased Xu Sheng back to his home that very night. Xu Sheng, who was used to it, did not find it suspicious. After all, after a light nap, he had sobered up enough and went back home instantly.

Eventually, when Xu Sheng was convicted, Wu DeSheng felt relieved. The lack of mention of the stolen jewelry also made him even more delighted. However, he was a cautious person. Besides only taking one out to pawn every time, he ensured that it was in a state that was beyond recognition by others too.

Although a life had been lost and his own “good friend” had been convicted of his crime, Wu DeSheng still found it worthwhile as he appraised the valuable jewelry he obtained.

Nonetheless, as the mantis stalks the cicada, it was unaware of the oriole behind2 “The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind” is the translation of an old Chinese saying “螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后”. It means to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger.. He had just pawned the silver hairpin, but before the money could enter his pocket, he was extorted by Wang Gui.

Wang Gui said that he not only saw Wu DeSheng climbing into Zhao ShuYi’s bedroom that night but also saw him leaving with something in his hand. At that time, Wu DeSheng was in a hurry to find his lost jade pendant. So, when he heard this, he thought that the jade pendant had been picked up by Wang Gui that night and was extremely terrified, giving all the money he had just received to him. With Xu Sheng not executed, Wang Gui felt as if there was a knife on his neck, suppressing him so much that he could not breathe.

As Wang Gui’s appetite grew, the jewelry Wu DeSheng stole from Zhao ShuYi was almost entirely swallowed by him. He was just like a fly, unable to be thrown off. Every time Wu DeSheng wanted to take out jewelry to pawn, he would be discovered by Wang Gui, who would come and make exorbitant demands. This was also why Wu DeSheng was unable to achieve a better life despite pawning the jewelry for about half a year.

Even then, Wu DeSheng was also quite scheming. After dealing with Wang Gui several times, he noticed Wang Gui’s words were quite vague. After several inquiries, he found out that his jade pendant was not in Wang Gui’s hands and harbored resentment in his heart. Initially, he wanted to wait for Xu Sheng to be executed before settling things with Wang Gui. However, Wang Gui suddenly asked for a large amount of money, saying that they would have nothing to do with each other after this. This then gave Wu DeSheng no choice but to commit a crime in advance, plotting to kill Wang Gui.

In the end, with the truth revealed, Xu Sheng was acquitted of his charge and released. However, he did not feel the slightest bit of joy at all, as Wu DeSheng’s words remained vivid in his mind. If he had not spoken so frivolously and carelessly, Zhao ShuYi would not have suffered such a tragic death.

“ShuYi, it is my fault, my fault!” After saying that, Xu Sheng suddenly hit his head on a post. As the Yamen runners were too late to stop him, he died on the spot.

Everyone present was shocked, as they did not expect that Xu Sheng would do such a thing.

The Zhao family, who initially felt resentment towards him, only sighed at the scene. Madam Zhao said in tears, “Was all this worth the trouble?! If the two lovers were happy together, they could have just found a matchmaker. It is not as if we are the Goddess of Heaven who wanted to separate the cowherd and the weaver girl3“牛郎织女” (The Cowherd and the Weaving Girl) is a Chinese folk legend with many variations. Generally, the story tells of the romance between the weaver girl (“织女”) and the cowherd (“牛郎”). As their love was not allowed, they were banished to opposite sides of the heavenly river (symbolizing the Milky Way) by the Goddess of Heaven. However, once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for a single day (in modern times, it is celebrated as the QiXi Festival or the Chinese Valentine’s Day).! As long as there is sincerity, we would never let our daughter be heartbroken. So, why did they have to do this, resulting in such an ending? All of the troubles will end for those who are dead, but what should those who are alive do?!”

Everyone present also felt touched. Although Xu Sheng was unable to control his mouth and his words were frivolous, his final action had displayed his true feelings towards Zhao ShuYi. They were originally a good match, but because of the inappropriateness of the relationship, they had ended up dying tragically, making everyone sigh in pity.

Towards people such as Wu DeSheng, there was disgust too. Apart from his lust towards women, he had harmed someone for money and took two lives. It was extremely cruel.

Meanwhile, the evaluation of Xu Sheng and Zhao ShuYi was of two extremes. The former was praised for being sentimental and righteous. Although his behavior was improper, it was still something that arose from his deep feelings. However, the latter, Zhao ShuYi, was looked down on, as she was expected to know restraint as a woman, which could have prevented such a disaster from happening. In the end, this case involved two deaths and added another offense under Official DaWei, causing a great stir in the capital. If the Zhao family had not left the capital, they would have been condemned by those that regarded traditional moral principles highly for having such a woman in their family.

Despite their departure, passersby who passed by the Zhao’s residence would still point and even spat at it. Whereas Xu Sheng, who was part of the story, had become someone that many women admired. Sighing with deep feelings, many women thought that if they could find such a man who would die for love, their life would become worthwhile. However, the men had different perspectives on it, with some feeling that his action was improper. To even go as far as to die for such a dissolute woman really made him a disgrace. Here, the main point of condemnation was that for a seven-foot male4 Here, being seven feet in modern times is known as being 213cm in height. However, across the different Chinese dynasties, ft as a unit is not always the same. As this was based in the Song dynasty, being 7ft means having a height of around 193.76cm. to die of love was truly ridiculous and laughable to them.

Zhuang Zhong, who had a habit of going for a drink after every resolved case, overheard such discussions in the tavern and found that the alcohol in his cup had turned completely tasteless. Just as he was about to pay and leave, he turned around and saw Feng Huan.

After meeting several times, Zhuang Zhong was no longer surprised. However, Feng Huan who saw that he was about to settle the bill, frowned, “This prince has not begun but you have already finished?”

Zhuang Zhong sighed in response. “Drinking here makes me feel awful, so I want to change location.”

To that, Feng Huan did not ask why and only said, “Follow me.”

Without hesitation, Zhuang Zhong followed. When he reached the door, he saw two tall and big horses. While Feng Huan got up one with just a leap, Zhuang Zhong was instantly dumbfounded.

  • 1
    “霸王硬上弓” (literally “Xiang Yu tying on the bowstring”) is a Chinese saying. It was born from the idea that Xiang Yu (206–202 BC), a prominent warlord could bend a bow and attach the string with only one hand. Now, usually used as an idiom, it means to do something by force or to force oneself upon another.
  • 2
    “The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind” is the translation of an old Chinese saying “螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后”. It means to pursue a narrow gain while neglecting a greater danger.
  • 3
    “牛郎织女” (The Cowherd and the Weaving Girl) is a Chinese folk legend with many variations. Generally, the story tells of the romance between the weaver girl (“织女”) and the cowherd (“牛郎”). As their love was not allowed, they were banished to opposite sides of the heavenly river (symbolizing the Milky Way) by the Goddess of Heaven. However, once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, a flock of magpies would form a bridge to reunite the lovers for a single day (in modern times, it is celebrated as the QiXi Festival or the Chinese Valentine’s Day).
  • 4
    Here, being seven feet in modern times is known as being 213cm in height. However, across the different Chinese dynasties, ft as a unit is not always the same. As this was based in the Song dynasty, being 7ft means having a height of around 193.76cm.


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