Chapter 14 – Beat the Drum and Appeal for Justice    

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“Open the coffin for autopsy?” The surrounding people were astonished.

For the Lu family, carrying out an autopsy was not something strange. After all, Lu Feng’s grandfather was once an executioner, and he had also served as a post-mortem examiner before. Whenever there were cases in the Yamen, he would be involved. Later on, Lu Feng’s uncle continued with this career, while his father went on to be a pig killer. Therefore, people from the Lu family knew more or less about autopsies and did not think there was anything taboo about it.

In the early years of DaYou, post-mortem examiners were not highly regarded, and there were no jobs that were solely responsible for corpse examination in many areas. Most of them were like Lu Feng’s grandfather, where the task was held as a concurrent role with another job. Their responsibilities involved simply taking a look at the injuries, the cause of death, etc. It was simple and crude, and most of them ended up only scratching the surface with no in-depth study. Crucially, there was no one like Song Ci who summarized and passed down knowledge to the later generations, so the overall skill level of the post-mortem examiners was very low.

It was only in recent years that DaYou gradually realized the importance of post-mortem examiners in criminal cases. Compared to the past, this field has developed, but it still only played a small role in solving criminal cases.

Lu Feng did not understand. “Wang Fu died three years ago, so if we opened his coffin now, there would only be white bones. Besides, he was also not killed by a sword. What could we see?”

Zhuang Zhong replied, “A person will not die for no reason, and the autopsy is an important part of finding out the cause of death, as sometimes, the body will be more truthful than what the living person said. The living will lie, while the dead will conceal or mislead, but as long as the method is right, it is possible for one to find out the truth. With only white bones, it will make it difficult to determine the cause of death, but it is not something impossible. Since no other evidence could be found, the only way to know the truth is to open the coffin and examine the corpse.”

Everyone was silent, as opening a coffin to examine the corpse was not something that could be done easily. It was widely believed that after a dead person has already been laid to rest, one should not disturb their peace. Without a sufficient persuasive reason, the people from the Wang family would never agree.

Besides, Madam Wu’s guess was nothing but speculation, as she personally did not know whether Wang Fu died of illness or something sinister. If nothing could be found, it would make things difficult for her in the future. Even if Lu Feng had sufficient authority, he could not force others with such power, or else he would be impeached and unable to bear such a burden.

Lu Feng slightly frowned and asked, “Speaking like this, do you know how to perform an autopsy?”

Zhuang Zhong had never thought of concealing his skills in performing autopsies, as he even went as far as to think of reasons to explain such skills. Importantly, he liked his past job, as it gave him a sense of accomplishment being able to identify the dead’s past histories and what they did not manage to say when alive. In the future, he also planned to rely on this skill, so, without any intention to conceal, he confidently said, “I know, and I should be better than most of them.”

Lu Feng was slightly astonished. Zhuang Zhong had always given him a feeling of someone unassuming, so he had not expected him to be so arrogant. “How sure are you at finding out what happened?”

“Sixty percent.”

Lu Feng choked, and the expressions on other people’s faces were also not good. How could Zhuang Zhong dare to say that he was more brilliant than most of the people in this field if he was only 60% certain? This was a bit ridiculous.

According to the knowledge Zhuang Zhong had in this field, he definitely knew more than the post-mortem examiners in DaYou. However, it was partially due to the science, technology, and modern medicine of the future. He had used many auxiliary instruments in the past, so his certainty rate would inevitably reduce without such accuracy. The situation was also more complicated due to the fact that the death happened three years ago. Fortunately, when he transmigrated, he had managed to bring his forensic investigation case along, so at least the tools needed for an autopsy were already prepared. Looking at his situation and what he had on hand, the circumstance was not too unfavorable.

Currently, Zhuang Zhong was unaware of the state of the corpse, and there were many tests that could not be conducted. He was also uncertain of how much people could accept when handling the body for an autopsy, so if he gave a certainty rate that was too high or low, it would affect their judgment. Referencing the customs of DaYou, it would take great courage and fight to allow the coffin to be opened for autopsy. After all, some were still unable to accept and understand this even in modern times, let alone here.

Madam Wu said firmly, “Even if there was only a ten percent chance, I would still try. If there is nothing sinister behind his death, it is fine. However, if your uncle Wang was killed, I would be unable to face him when I die if I cannot find the real murderer!”

Fifth Aunt was worried. “However, this is not something you can make a decision for. Currently, the Wang family members have made things difficult for you because of the issue of a successor. If you mention this to them, it will only lead to further bloodshed.”

Madam Wu was dauntless as she remained insistent despite her originally haggard and gentle disposition. “If I am afraid due to those reasons, how can I have the face to call myself Wang Fu’s wife? Regarding this issue, I will take care of it and only ask Zhuang Zhong to be responsible for the rest.”

Madam Wu bowed deeply to Zhuang Zhong, who quickly turned aside and helped her up, not daring to accept such a bow.

“I do not deserve this.”

“An autopsy is not a glorious matter, and it will certainly damage your reputation. All of this is only my speculation, and I should not have dragged you in. However, there is no other way, and I can only blame it on my capriciousness despite my age.” Madam Wu felt guilty in her heart, but with Wang Fu’s cause of death unclear, she could only trouble Zhuang Zhong.

Zhuang Zhong laughed. “If I was not willing, why would I give you such hope? Besides, you are my elder, and respecting the elders is the most praiseworthy virtue in DaYou. So, no matter what the result is, others will not say anything about me. However, the trust that you were willing to place on me and the sacrifice you were willing to make are both something extraordinary.”

Unlike him, Lu Feng understood the message hidden in Madam Wu’s words. “With such a certain expression, are you planning to report to the court? If we are unable to find anything, you will not be able to escape punishment.”

When Lu balang heard this, he became panicked. “Mother, you cannot! We could just go and dig up the grave secretly to have a look. If there is something fishy, then we can go to court again. Otherwise, if Zhuang Zhong cannot find anything, your reputation would be ruined even if you do not fear the punishment.”

Madam Wu remained unmoved. “Zhuang Zhong is not afraid of the damage to his reputation, so what do I have to fear? If we act in secret, it will also implicate Zhuang Zhong if something is really found. We should do it according to official principles. No matter what the result is, at least I will feel at ease. Even if everyone scolds me as being a ‘crazy woman’, I will accept it. I would also be able to explain it to your uncle Wang after I die. So enough, there is no need for you all to persuade me. How could someone from the Lu family be a good-for-nothing that always hides?! We are all bold in nature.”

When everyone else heard Madam Wu’s words, they stopped persuading her, as anyone would find it hard to let go if their closest person died without any rhyme or reason. She just had to have such a dream, and it was also such a coincidence there was someone around her who could conduct an autopsy. Such coincidences really made them feel that the heavens were implying something. Hence, for Zhuang Zhong to possess such skills despite his young age, along with his confidence in it, none of them found it strange anymore.

With this matter placed aside, the Lu family returned to their original cheerful atmosphere. They were a group of simple people who hate when they should hate, play when they should play, not letting any of it affect each other and allowing them to have a good time.

Dinner was even more lively. Although it was a large family, both men and women were sitting at the same table, and there were no rules. Naturally, with so many people, they were divided into two tables with the same dishes that were enough for everyone. However, since the first dish was served, the two sides begin to fight. No matter whether they were men, women, young or old, they started snatching food as if they had not had a single meal in their lifetime. Even Zhuang Zhong was not spared, and he felt proud for managing to snatch some successfully. Whether it was something he enjoyed eating or not, he just swallowed them first. Like spoils obtained from a fight, the food became extremely delicious, and it only finally ended when everything was completely gone.

Lu Feng propped his leg on the chair and picked his teeth. “It is no doubt that you are part of the Lu family. I am relieved to see you being like this.”

Without care for pride or shame, the people from the Lu family were brutal in whatever they did and would never be bullied.

Zhuang Zhong paused, and his tea-drinking slowed.

Lu Feng then slapped Zhuang Zhong on the back of his head and almost sent the cup in his hands flying. “Uncle?”

“You are still young, so do not put on such a long face. Since I, Lu Feng, regarded you as family, you will be part of our Lu family no matter what.”

Zhuang Zhong was surprised and searched Lu Feng’s eyes for something, but he got nothing.

Without looking at him, Lu Feng continued to say, “However, I do not like to be tricked by others. Do you take me for a fool? To not tell me because it was for my best interests is not a reason that I would accept.”

It was here that Zhuang Zhong found himself unable to finish drinking the cup of tea in his hands.

“Young Master, the Lu family is really interesting. I have never seen any family eating without conduct; it was so unruly. Young Master?” DongZi was describing with relish what he had seen and heard today, but he found Zhuang Zhong was not paying attention.

Zhuang Zhong then jolted to attention. “Yes, it was very lively. For a long time, I have not eaten so carefreely.”

Were Lu Feng’s words implying something? Privately, he thought that these people were really getting more and more complicated. However, recalling the fact that they managed to climb from being commoners to their position today, they were probably not simple.

News soon came from Madam Wu. She had rushed to the Yamen to beat the drums, appealing for justice. This, coupled with Lu Feng’s subtle push, had approved the opening of the coffin for re-examination.

The people from the Wang family were surprised when they had heard this. They were aware that Madam Wu found Wang Fu’s death strange. However, at that time, the post-mortem examiner did not discover anything, so why was she making a ruckus again three years later? This will only disturb the dead who were already laid to rest.

With the Wu family angry for the delay of appointing a successor and various related reasons, a group of the Wang’s people surrounded the graveyard and did not allow the officers to touch the tomb on the day of the coffin opening.

Although the Wang’s family was not a distinguished family, they were also a large family with many people. Family clans had certain power, and the government would even respect the rules of major families to a certain extent. As long as it did not involve major events such as rebellion, the government would, to a certain extent, yield to negotiate with them or provide support, rather than act with force in times of disagreements. Otherwise, it would just be incurring public resentment.

Madam Wu also did not have sufficient evidence, and it was just a speculation. Even if the government intervened, it was not reasonable enough.

“Damn Madam Wu, we were wondering why you were delaying the appointment of a successor, but it turns out you are just making trouble. Wang Fu is already dead, so why would you not let him rest in peace?” A family elder pointed at Madam Wu while hurling abuse.

Wang Gui was even more distressed. “Sister-in-law, why are you doing this? My elder brother treated you very well when he was alive, so why do you want to insult him like this?”

In the face of the aggressive Wang family, Madam Wu did not shrink back. “My husband went out to check the accounts three years ago, and without reason, died of a sudden illness, causing me to have always harbored doubts. Besides, during this period of time, he came into my dreams, saying that he did not die of an illness but was harmed by others! As his wife, such a message could not be treated lightly. So today, I had invited a judge to redress an injustice and find out the truth!”

An elder rebutted, “You said that Wang Fu was killed by someone, but at that time, we saw nothing strange and let him be buried. Now, three years later, you have come to disturb his rest because of a dream. What if you were unable to find anything?”

Madam Wu’s answer was loud and clear. “If it was my wrongful speculation that disturbed my husband’s peace, I, Wu Hui niang, will admit that I am not of sound mind and unqualified to appoint a successor.”

Such words immediately resulted in animated discussions. Could Wang Fu’s death be a result of sinister intentions, or else why would Madam Wu dare to stake the appointment of a successor on it? After all, the issue of establishing a successor would be the thing that decided whether Madam Wu would be able to obtain part of the family property.

The people from the Wang family wavered, but there were still many who felt that it was not appropriate. Such an act would be a great disrespect to the dead, as one should not touch the graves unless they were intending to move them. In addition, it would damage the ancestral fengshui and bring calamity to the Wangs.

It was at this time, with the two sides in a deadlock, that an impatient voice rang out, “Dawdling around can never solve anything. Open the coffin for autopsy now!”


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