Chapter 22.2 – Soaking in a hot spring

Some of the spilled water splashed on Astra’s hand protecting Wen, and it was still hot. Astra frowned, looked fixedly at Sophia, and spoke with his tone of voice without any worry, “Miss, be careful.”

Sophia apologized. “I’m really sorry.”

She took the tissues handed over by the others, and nimbly wiped the water droplets on the sofa and the surrounding area, her movements neither awkward nor clumsy.

Astra’s eyes narrowed.

Wen, who was shackled in his arm, didn’t pay attention to Sophia. He didn’t see him let go even after coughing several times, so he had to say embarrassingly, “Astra, thanks.”

Astra turned to look at him and snorted. “Can you pay attention to the occasion?”

Wen was puzzled. “What?”

He jokingly glanced at Sophia, and suggestively asked, “The occasion right now is work, not chatting. Isn’t that right, Edmund?”

Sophia’s charming face blushed slightly, adding a more flirtatious feeling. After wiping off the drops of water, she returned behind Edmund in a well-behaved manner. With her burning palms overlapping with each other, she occasionally glanced across her.

Edmund smiled a little. “You’re right.”

Sophia smiled and said nothing.

Edmund wanted to know, “In addition to giving flowers, what else did he do to you?”

The others cast sidelong glances one after another.

They calmly pricked their ears.

Astra’s expression changed. His face appeared uncomfortable as if he was recalling something unspeakable, and his face turned red with shame and anger.

Wen was originally unruffled amidst the chaos while watching his jokes unfold, but after seeing this redness, his being also started to feel something wrong. He tried his best to be like usual, but as if sitting on pins and needles, he ultimately looked down at the ground in embarrassment, eyes evasive.

How could his expression look like Roux did something unforgivable…

He was obviously merely played with.

The others: “…???”

What exactly did Roux do to Astra?!

Was it suppression and a violent beating or did he carry out brutal and inhumane verbal abuse?

Based on the other children’s appearance, just how much humiliation did it bring? The worst consequence they could think of was that Roux, with his formidable strength, dealt a double blow to the children, both physically and psychologically.

Letting a genius know that he was far inferior was the most painful torture for a genius who has just grown up.

Edmund’s subordinates who have become acquainted with Astra couldn’t help but say, “He’s too much.”

Astra pursed his lips, causing the uncomfortable expression on his face to make the others feel sympathetic.

Wen coughed a few times and changed the subject. “Can you trace the route where Roux left?”

Several people became serious. “It can’t be tracked, but in the vicinity of the pirate ship accident, the troops stationed on a remote planet provided information about Roux driving a spaceship past them.”

“I really don’t know what he wants to do,” said Wen, “I just hope we don’t meet him again.”

Astra was noncommittal.

When the inquiry was over, Edmund signaled his subordinates to go out first. He sat on the sofa alone, his figure as strict and meticulous as before. He slowly said, “I think you need personal protection.”

“Sophia is very suitable to be your combat teacher in the military academy.”

Astra looked at the time. “It should be time for lunch, shall we?”

Several people stood up. Simon suggested, “I heard that there are many popular places in the school restaurant. I miss the taste of Big Dipper. The delicacies of our mother planet are not inferior in the empire. Does Sir want to go together?”

Edmund was silent for a while. “I understand.”

He stood up, walked out with them, and urged, “I hope all of you can test for your spiritual energy again.”

“We will apply for it,” Jiyu was a little sorry, “thank you for your concern.”

Although it was disappointing, a combat teacher who was not near them couldn’t do much.

“No at all,” Edmund said calmly, “it wasn’t some brilliant idea.”

It’s just one of the methods Sophia proactively proposed.

While the military personnel was leaving, Astra did not miss Sophia’s determined gaze toward Wen.

He narrowed his eyes. Compared to such ambitious women, he still preferred those pure and lovely little girls.


Solaris Military Academy covers a huge area. After they have completed sharing information with the school, they were to arrange the time for testing their spiritual energy capacity in the afternoon of the next day. That time happened to be the physical fitness test for the freshmen so they ought to go there in advance to take the spiritual energy capacity test.

“You came just in time,” Bouvide, the dean in charge of the combat department, kindly said to them. “I heard from Marten. Since the establishment of the school, I haven’t seen any freshmen that were more plagued with misfortunes than you.”

Them: ( ̄^ ̄)

The dean laughed. “Class hasn’t started yet. I dare not let you go out now, at least temporarily. ”

They nodded silently. Fortunately, there was a virtual training room in the rooftop garden where the degree of the difficulty of simulation could at least allow them to train.

However, the eradication of the space pirates was still a great achievement. Although they couldn’t make a big fanfare out of it, the dean still gave them privileges. Among them were the reformed hot springs that could only be accessed by five-star students in the school.

Solaris Military Academy doesn’t pay particular attention to course credits. Everything was calculated by star value. Four stars would suffice for graduation and five stars was extremely excellent. However, five-star students would have been recruited by the military already and would rarely enjoy the five-star facilities and clothes provided by the school.

Astra and the others had only been promoted to three stars at this time, which was indeed an exception.

They took their passes and happily prepared to take a bath at night.

The school rooms mimicked the appearance of the sea. The blue sky and blue sea outside the window, combined with the sound of the ocean’s crashing waves were very beautiful.

“Did the little mermaid give a conch?” They remembered this matter when they saw the sea.

“Here.” Jiyu brought out a sculpted-ice-like conch. The conch reflected light under the sun and only then did he discover that the surface of the conch had detailed and complicated patterns. He sighed and said, “It’s very beautiful.”

“Put it on the window sill,” Astra glanced at the sea outside the window and smiled, “it matches.”

Little cutie, pretend you have heard all of the witch-gege’s story. After all, fate may limit our meeting.

Night arrived, and they walked to the hot springs while hugging their clothes. Because it wasn’t class time, they dressed casually with their good figures exposed. Astra inwardly clicked his tongue, sighing that the genes of the Interstellar age were powerful, with each one being better than the last.

Simon was stirred up and was flexing the muscles of his arms. “I’m not ashamed to say, I have the best body!”

“Hah.” Linus sneered.

“Stupid idiot,” Jiyu was fully dressed in white, a bright target in the dark night, “just how big or small is it?”

Astra was shocked, not expecting him to suddenly drag race1As some may know, driving a car or driving can mean anything sex-related. Astra took it a step higher and said 飙车 instead of just 车, which literally means street racing or drag racing, to highlight the abruptness of the topic.. “What big or small?”

“Of course, it’s whether his head is big or small,” Jiyu said, baffled. “The bigger the head, the smarter the person. Simon’s head circumference is definitely the smallest. Are you interested?”

“…” The others rolled their eyes. They really overestimated him.

The place where the hot spring was built was quite far from the school building, and it took them over 20 minutes to reach their destination at a leisurely pace.

The five teenagers shed their clothes in the changing room, taking only a piece of cloth, and then carefreely walked out.

These few people were all visibly thin with clothes on, yet sinewy when naked. In the interstellar age, there were not many people with bad figures.

But the skin was just a way to show charm. At least Astra thinks that the scene of his teammates chatting and laughing with their bare bodies was very charming.

—Especially Gu Wencheng.

The male protagonist at the focus of “The Journey” had his appearance and figure padded out with countless words by the author. That dormant robust form was definitely at the size that men admire and women prefer.

As his slender hands took away the bath towel on his waist and put it on his arm, his every move was both elegant and casual. From his back to his wide shoulders, long waist and long legs, Astra’s poor vocabulary could not specifically describe him. He could only say that he liked it very much.

Especially those dimples of Venus that seemed like they could hold water.

He wondered if it could hold a few drops of rolling sweat.







The author has something to say:

Jiyu: Is it big or small? (doge2


Update on dropped status Vivi told me that xfaustus is back, so this will be the last chapter I’ll be translating. I really enjoyed translating this although it’s too hard for me TT. I just, prefer campus or modern romance. (Found that out after translating this and hamster. Certainly don’t want any interstellar anymore unless…. i really like it, maybe.) Thank you for putting up with the chatty me. Comment or dm me if you have any questions or suggestions for translation~ Goodluck to xfaustus with Faking Straight!!! And lastly, catch up with me on Bite Your Fingertips! Byebye
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    As some may know, driving a car or driving can mean anything sex-related. Astra took it a step higher and said 飙车 instead of just 车, which literally means street racing or drag racing, to highlight the abruptness of the topic.
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