Chapter 21.2 – Do□□ flower

Marten also hadn’t expected it!

Two hours ago, he finished a call with the Dream Team, who had met difficulties and traveled two more planets, after ensuring their safety and knowing that they were about to return.

Two hours later, he received a communication request from the captain of the security team. Before the call, he had repeatedly confirmed that he did not overlook any safety risks.

Afterwards, he withered.

Who could have imagined that in two hours— just the span of two hours, but how come those brats were, once again, in the hands of space pirates!

Marten made a request with mixed feelings, “Please allow me to go to the rescue with you.”

Solaris Military Academy would never ignore any student’s safety, that’s why Marten wanted to see what happened this time; why that damn space pirate organization dared to intercept a spacecraft bearing the Solaris Military Academy’s logo. Fortunately, they didn’t hurt their Solaris’ students or else Solaris Military Academy would’ve definitely pursued it to the end and mobilized all efforts to completely annihilate the Red Skull space pirate crew.

The school’s security team didn’t tarry and quickly started their spaceship. After leaving Topia star, they launched a space leap, and a huge, fully equipped spaceship arrived beside Red Skull in a flash.

The captain of the security team ordered, “Send them a communication request.”

If they could, they hope to use oppression and persuasion to solve things peacefully because their students were still in the hands of the space pirates. Space pirates have always been notorious, without morality and no bottom line.

But who could have imagined that after just sending the request, the hatch of Red Skull space pirate crew would open to them!

The security team’s captain displayed a rare frown as he motioned to his subordinates, “Continue requesting.”

Then he walked to the window and stared at the wide-open hatch.

Marten stood beside him with a solemn expression. “This is suspicious.”

Why would the enemy open their doors wide to greet them before they even hit the door?

“It is suspicious indeed.” The captain hurriedly walked to the control console. “Contact the student who is in touch with us.”

“You mean Linus?” Marten’s expression was unenthusiastic, but in fact, he was secretly showing off.

“He is very good.” The security team’s captain told the truth. “If he is not interested in the army, Solaris can have him stay on the campus.”

Marten smiled. “Then you’ll be disappointed.”

The captain was regretful. “His heart’s set on the army?”

“He and his teammates are adventurers with risk-taking spirits. They are warriors who are born unwilling to enjoy an ordinary life.” Marten patted him on the shoulder. “You should really properly understand this year’s Dream Team.”

The subordinate was in contact with Linus’ signal, but it was Astra who spoke. “Come inside, Teacher.”

He added, “We opened that hatch for all of you.”

…What did you say? Say it again?!

The security team’s captain and Marten were stunned.

Astra didn’t get a reply, so he repeated, “Please come in, no need to worry.”

His tone was natural and genuinely appeared to not have been forced by the space pirates. The subordinate who contacted Linus also reported, “Entrance is possible, Captain, there is no danger.”

The captain’s surprise could be seen by anyone. If it weren’t the present, then the others would’ve been extremely shocked at this rarely exposed emotion of his. However, everyone was stupefied and even very much curious about the current outrageous situation, so the reaction of the captain wasn’t so surprising.

The captain turned to face Marten with a serious expression as he agreed with Marten’s words. “You’re right, I should deepen my understanding of the Dream Team.”

Marten concealed his surprise, pretending to be accustomed to it, but the wrinkles around his eyes could not hide his pervading smile.

The school’s rescue team took a spacecraft into the spaceship and hurried to the control room after getting off.

Astra and his party stood waiting for them in the middle of the control room. Simon had moved Alf and Percy to the corner. They haven’t come to their senses yet. They managed to live this time and had ‘dumbfounded’ across their faces; they felt like they were dreaming.

“Are you all okay?” A rescuer hurriedly scanned them up and down. “Did those damn space pirates hurt you?”

“We’re fine,” they were quite embarrassed, not daring to look at Marten in guilt, “not a single hair fell.”

The captain standing behind Marten heaved a sigh of relief. The subordinates behind him exclaimed, pointed to the corner, and questioned, “Who are those two?!”

He turned his head to look and then uttered the name of the leader of the Red Skull space pirates with shock, “Alf!”

He abruptly turned his head to look at the five teenagers, gaze burning.

“What did you do?”

Marten excitedly asked, “You got rid of the entire space pirate ship crew?”

And even caught Alf and his partner Percy!

This was fucking done by their school’s freshmen!

Marten simply wanted to hug and twirl them in circles right now!

“You misunderstood,” Wen glanced at Astra, and Astra desperately blinked and hinted at him. A smile flashed in his eyes and he deliberately said, “Actually, among the five of us, only Astra knows what happened. Who made the four of us be locked up.”

He was very meaningful. Astra, who left them in the room to take the risks alone, coughed several times.

As a result, the people in the control room turned their sights to Astra, the heat brought along seemed as if he were a unique creature never been discovered before.

However, it was not Astra who subdued the entire spaceship, but the masked man Roux.

The man had come and gone freely on the huge spaceship. After he told Linus that Roux was also on this spaceship, Linus had begun to scour every nook and cranny of the spaceship, but apart from the corpses filling the ground, there was no shadow of Roux at all.

He suspected that Roux had left via spacecraft.

This was the truth, so Astra told it as it is. “It was Roux, he killed all the pirates on the ship, leaving only Alf and Percy.”

“Roux?!” Marten exclaimed, his face becoming awful afterwards.

He obviously knew about Edmund’s findings—Roux had already left planet Topia. But now, that arrogant pirate had unexpectedly appeared on the same space pirate ship with his students.

“You saw him again?”

Astra eyebrows wrinkled. “Mm, I saw him.”

“What did he do to you?” Wen looked very curious as he asked with a smile. “Astra, you don’t look very happy.”

Much had been done.

Astra, tall in stature, pure male.

As a result, he was slammed onto the door by Roux. The man’s palms were propped beside his ears, he was very close, and his voice even closer. If he was not afraid of being too childish, Astra would have given him a reverse kabedon on the spot.

No, it should be said that Roux had become even more vile.

Astra doubted whether his golden finger had an effect on Roux, otherwise, no matter how good he looked, the other party shouldn’t have been so exaggerated in behavior.

His eyebrows pressed down even further. “He became viler.”

Even some deliberate acts could be clearly felt.

Wen’s brows creased as well, looking very worried. Astra smiled when he saw him like this. “It’s okay, don’t worry. if I meet him next time, I’ll have the means to pay him back.”

Who doesn’t know how to play a rogue?

Wen put on an act. “We should look forward to never seeing him again next time.”

Marten interrupted, “That’s right. Don’t worry, the school will never let Roux be so arrogant.”

He snorted, and the captain beside him added, “Even if he can’t be caught, Solaris becoming a place where he can come and leave if he wanted will never happen.”

They looked very convincing, but both of them were actually quite guilty.

This was big talk. The powerful Red Skull crew could be destroyed by Roux, let alone enter their school. Nevertheless, it was still necessary to appease the students so as not to cause panic.

The exceedingly kindhearted Astra cooperated in safeguarding the teachers’ dignity. “It would be great if that’s the case.”

“Yeah,” Wen’s eyes curved into a smile, “it would be great if that’s the case.”

The others stayed behind to operate the pirates’ spaceship while they were led by the captain of the security team to the small spacecrafts situated by the hatch. Astra’s group found a spacecraft for themselves and Marten along with the security team escorted them to board the small spacecraft.

However, as soon as the spacecraft’s door opened, huge silver-white flowers blossomed in the air.

The flowers forged with spiritual energy were luxuriant. The spiritual energy on the petals continued to circulate, sprinkling bits of brilliance. These flowers that were suddenly released in the air shocked everyone, their eyes revealing awe.

Astra’s expression changed.

The numerous flowers composed of spiritual energy were scattered, forming silver-white letters underneath.

【You are a Dov.ny flower.】

After everyone recognized this line of words, the spiritual energy completely dissipated.

With such precise manipulation of spiritual energy which mimicked every detail of the flower so vividly… Except for Roux, they couldn’t think of anyone else.

Everyone’s expressions turned subtle.

There was also a delicate transparent-blue flower on the seat of the spacecraft.

Astra stooped and picked up the flower without any expression. Its tender and beautiful petals were still embellished with dew.

He searched for the interpretation of Dov.ny flower on his photonic computer1光脑 or light brain is an alternative word for 光子计算机 or photonic computer. I don’t really like translating it into light brain, I’ve made it quantum brain in hamster bc there’s a branch in photonic computer called linear optical quantum computing and it suits the easygoing aura (?). Meanwhile, I think photonic computer suits the cool, sci-fi vibes of this novel..

The first sentence that came out was:

“Your sincerity fascinates me.”

Astra sneered.

Now, he could be certain that Roux was doing it on purpose.

It was obvious that these flowers left behind were mostly Roux’s revenge on him.

Revenge for his unwelcoming treatment of him.

Thus, in want of switching to watching him be a joke.

He played him.








The author has something to say:

Roux was very straightforward, he was just taking revenge for the “vile” word which Astra said.

You say I’m vile? Then I’ll show you what vile is—this sort of thinking hhh

So Roux will do a lot of “vile” things later (don’t look2

The next chapter is v, issuing a great amount of words_(:з」∠)_ The update tomorrow afternoon will be moved to 24 o’clock tomorrow night, everyone can wake up and read it again! Three days before entering v, unlimited red envelopes will be sent every day. I implore all baobaos to actively subscribe. Please do not fatten me during these three days, it is important for me to fry chicken.3Author saying not to support her before going v/vip/paid so she can create hype instead/so that readers can spend all they want on that v chapter Thank you for your genuine support!

Next is a novel recommendation, “Hypocritical Male God”:

Qi Cheng, carefree and unrestrained, outstanding and suave, was named XX high school’s number one pretender by his roommate.

One day, many inexplicable options suddenly appeared in his peaceful life.

In the dark corner, a handsome guy lay covered in wounds.

【High school bully XX detected 10 meters ahead, will you come forward to help?】

【A. Rescue and flirt】

【B. Help take off the dirty clothes (≧▽≦)/】

Qi Cheng snuffed out the cigarette and happily chose B first then A.

In the school’s auditorium. While excellent and indifferent student representatives hastened to the auditorium, a speech manuscript fell on the ground.

【Detected 2 meters ahead is top student XX who had dropped an important document, will you offer help?】

【A. Help him when his eyes are red and he’s about to cry】

【B. I’d rather want to see top student’s crying appearance in public ne】

Qi Cheng picked up the speech manuscript on the floor. “How is it that your way of thinking is the same as mine.”

The principal invited a popular boy group to boost morale for the school’s 100th anniversary celebration. The male team leader’s eyes were arrogant to a fault, the corners of his mouth had a provocative and self-restrained arc, and his abdominal muscles were faintly discernible.

【In front, a handsome superstar is about to be splashed with a bottle of water by the students in the first row, will you offer help?】

【A. Don’t help oh, dancing like that is more good-looking】

【B. How can a bottle of water be enough?】

Qi ‘Hypocritical’ Cheng narrowed his eyes. “What really shameless options.”

What to choose?

Of course B.


Btw, the novel summary above and the one in novelupdates is different4of course aside from the way I translated it, the title’s different bc of that because if you’ll look at the novel’s summary in the novel’s page in jjxwc and the novel’s summary in the Faking Straight novel page, they are both different as well. Maybe Faking Straight’s author was advertising for a friend and copied the novel summary a bit early, then the summary went through changes as the novel progressed so it became a bit different from the original.

If anyone wants to read the novel recommended by author, here’s the novelupdates link:

jjxwc/raws link:






  • 1
    光脑 or light brain is an alternative word for 光子计算机 or photonic computer. I don’t really like translating it into light brain, I’ve made it quantum brain in hamster bc there’s a branch in photonic computer called linear optical quantum computing and it suits the easygoing aura (?). Meanwhile, I think photonic computer suits the cool, sci-fi vibes of this novel.
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  • 3
    Author saying not to support her before going v/vip/paid so she can create hype instead/so that readers can spend all they want on that v chapter
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    of course aside from the way I translated it, the title’s different bc of that


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