Chapter 13 – I’ve Never Met a Fox Demon Like You

Fake Demon Lord
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Chapter 1 - The Unreliable Lightning Tribulation Chapter 2 - There's a Demon Lord called He Huan in the Jianghu Chapter 3 - Tonight, I see clearly of love in this world. The one who comes alone is me. Chapter 4 - He's not the Palace Master Chapter 5 - The Air-headed Youth, Yun Ce Chapter 6 - The Real He Huan Chapter 7 - The Birth of the Big Yuan Ying, He Ku Chapter 8 - When I was young, I too was impatient to see the vastness of the world Chapter 9 - The Way We Demonic Cultivators Do Things is Just This Unreasonable Chapter 10 - It's Impossible for us Demonic Cultivators to have a Conscience! Chapter 11 - It's Only Natural for Demonic Sect Enforcers to Become the Four Heavenly Kings! Chapter 12 - Our Target is the Holy Land of Bliss Chapter 13 - I've Never Met a Fox Demon Like You Chapter 14 - Xuanmen Righteous Sect's Da Shixiong Chapter 15 - He Said, I'm Not Afraid Chapter 16 - And So, They Just Arbitrarily Became the Mingmen Righteous Sect Chapter 17 - You can’t have both brains and face, that’s why he chose to forgo face. Chapter 18 - Then came a Mingmen Righteous Sect to Sky Veil Town Chapter 19 - The Water Moon Manor and the Myriad Treasures Hall Chapter 20 - The One Holding a Sword on the Roof Chapter 21 - It’s always difficult to keep control under the moon Chapter 22 - Idly Sitting in My Home, a Pot Comes Falling from the Sky Chapter 23.1 - Nowadays, No One Believes the Truth Chapter 23.2 - Nowadays, No One Believes the Truth Chapter 24 - The White Fox and His Large Dog Chapter 25 - This Generation of Cut Sleeves Just Wont Do Chapter 26 - I Can’t Understand Anything You Foxes Say Chapter 27 - My Top Keeps Shipping Me With Someone Else Chapter 28 - This Is The World's Best Path Chapter 29 - A Promising Demonic Cultivator Chapter 30 - What I See in the Mirror Has Always Been You Chapter 31 - I Want You To Live In My Heart Chapter 32 - Who Is The White Moonlight In Your Heart Chapter 33 - So You Are My Disciple Bu QingYun Chapter 34 - What Is Pleasure(Huan)? What Is Pain(Ku)? Chapter 35 - The Strongest Cultivator In the World

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Each line of this technique just got harder and harder to decipher. Fortunately, he had He Huan acting as translator, who was also extremely familiar with this body, He Ku discovered that he only needed to manipulate the qi in his body the way He Huan said and it would be fine.

Who knew how many wandering cultivators would envy such a heaven-blessed idiot if they saw this. Although He Ku wasn’t that familiar with cultivation norms, just from his experience in reading web novels, never had he seen a protagonist have it as easy as he did. Immediately, he felt a wave of gratitude towards He Huan, his earnestness to cultivate growing.

He Huan’s body was already at the strength of Calamity Crossing, it was only because the two techniques were incompatible with each other that He Ku had to cultivate his own spiritual energy filled meridians. As for the lightning tribulation, because it was targeted at the physical body, it was exempted.

Long ago, there was someone who suggested that the quickest way to reach the Calamity Crossing stage was to find a Calamity Crossing stage cultivator and steal their body to use. However, Calamity Crossing cultivators had an extremely strong divine consciousness; such that, even within the same realm, no one could be guaranteed to succeed. Those on the Jianghu ridiculed him for thinking of such a farfetched method at the time, but no one could have predicted that today, He Huan would verify that this was indeed a feasible course of action by splitting his divine consciousness in two.

He Huan intimately knew that his heart demon would prevent him from ascending, so creating He Ku was him taking a risk from the start, but after taking that ill-informed step, there were actually some unexpected rewards.

Looking at He Ku, who had just learned his flying skill, practically glowing as he jumped from roof to roof, even his Technique of Bliss, which had long lain dormant, stirred to life at his Yuan Ying’s pleasure. It seems that in the end, a technique was just a technique, even He Ku’s happiness could be correspondingly recognized as his own and from there, improve his cultivation.

He had lived for a long time; towards worldly affairs, his interest had waned compared to the past. It was hard to reignite the same kind of passion and love. He Ku was different, though. He was still young, any little, random thing could grab his attention and make him happy. Moreover, he had tested it yesterday, as long as they were separated by a certain amount of distance, He Ku’s mood wouldn’t be able to affect him. So he didn’t have to worry about his cultivation suddenly regressing because He Ku became distraught. This situation really couldn’t be more suitable for cultivating.

With an inner assessment, and seeing that He Ku still looked like he hadn’t found out about this fact, He Huan couldn’t help but sigh. Largely speaking, this was what any relationship in this word was reduced to, inextricably linked to one’s own selfish interests. The seniors and peers he had surrounded himself with when he was young had probably only praised him and flattered him because of the potential benefits they thought he could provide. Back then, he didn’t understand; instead, he really thought that everyone genuinely loved and respected him. This was probably the reason that, the moment he encountered a major crisis, he had fallen to a state where he was so utterly alone, he could only turn to demonic cultivation.

He Ku was a soul fragment that he had separated from himself, his memories were handled very cleanly. Compared to the him of the past, He Ku was much easier to control. It was just that, as much as possible, he still hoped that his Yuan Ying could wholeheartedly be dependent on him, docile and obedient. Afterall, they were originally the same person; unless it was a last resort, he didn’t want to use demonic techniques on him.

He Ku naturally wasn’t able to know He Huan’s thoughts. He only noticed that ever since he started to cultivate, He Huan’s words lessened by a lot, always sitting in his mirror while revealing a deep-in-thought expression.

He Huan had said to He Ku that this was his way of cultivating. At the time, He Ku had thought, What do you mean, constantly staring at me as you cultivate? However, after thinking about it for a while, the reason probably stemmed from the amusement the bastard found in watching him practice his sword forms, so he refrained from saying anything.

Afterall, even he didn’t know why it was so easy for him to train his spiritual energy, but the moment he tried sword techniques, it became like those broadcast workout programs, one chant and one movement. It was abnormally difficult to string them together and looked extremely comical.

Just remembering that sword technique which he hadn’t even been able to learn a single form of, He Ku deflated. Immediately plopping down in front of the mirror, he complained dejectedly, “Say, how wonderful would it be if it were also this easy when learning sword techniques?”

With his sudden arrival, He Huan felt the spiritual energy in his body scatter. Knowing that this young man’s temperament still hadn’t settled, one moment sunny, the next moment raining, his face still wore a calm smile. “Practicing for so many days in a row, you must be bored, right? Perhaps you’ll be able to gain some kind of inspiration by taking a walk outside.”

“That’s true, I still haven’t explored your Palace of Bliss despite having already been here for so long.”

Not knowing that he only said this so he wouldn’t be bothered, He Ku was very touched by this suggestion. The next moment, he flew out of the window, before turning his head back, only to see that He Huan was actually still in the mirror. He leaned on the window board and asked, “You aren’t coming?”

He hadn’t expected that He Ku had already grown accustomed to being constantly around him. Seeing him like this, He Huan’s heart softened a bit. Temporarily sealing his internal calculating, he gently replied, “I have a few matters that I need to meditate on.”

Seeing He Ku didn’t question him, leaving by himself, he lowered his head to look at the white robes he hadn’t worn in several decades. The cloud patterns on the cuffs were the same as they had been back then. The fact was, when He Ku had wanted to wear these robes, he could have stopped him but he hadn’t.

As for how to proceed after this, it was better to wait until He Ku came back before deciding.

My Yuan Ying, I hope you won’t make a choice that would disappoint me.

After finding He Huan’s white robes again, He Ku had insisted that it was much easier to practice with his sword, so these few days, he hadn’t taken it off even once. He also faintly sensed that his appreciation for this robe in particular wasn’t as simple as being affected by this wuxia setting, but rather, as long as he wore it, he would feel especially at ease.

However, towards the side-effect of making everyone who came across him flee until not a trace was left of their ‘encounter’, it was unavoidably too peaceful. 

Speechlessly watching yet another Palace of Bliss disciple dash out of his field of vision as if they’d encountered the Devil, He Ku started to doubt whether he really was suited to wearing white clothes. It looked fine when he’d seen it in the mirror though, upright and handsome. Compared to He Huan’s pile of robes, this one seemed much more proper. Could it be that his sense of aesthetics was different from the norm?

He walked around the garden helplessly, just as he was about to go back to change into a different set of clothes, Yun Ce’s familiar voice sounded from the side. He Ku turned his head to look and found that he was actually obeying his orders, helplessly chewing seeds while watching the two righteous sect disciples sweep the floors. It was just… looking at his expression, it really was incredibly bitter.

After all, this was still the first person he’d seen when he woke up, and with this blockhead’s temperament, he didn’t seem like the type to hold ulterior motives. He Ku’s mood instantly improved the moment he saw him and he immediately made his way over.

Sure enough, this idiot wasn’t scared of him. In fact, seeing him approach, he continued to look miserable. “Palace Master, you’ve finally come out. When can I return to the ranks of being a male pet?”

Having finally found someone who was willing to talk to him, He Ku became noticeably more cheerful. Swiping a hand full of seeds, he also started to chew on them. “I see that you make a pretty good enforcer, continue your great efforts.”

Through He Huan’s explanation of the world, He Ku learned that this world was also originally one where cultivators were considered as noble as immortals. It was only until a few hundred years ago, when a real ascended immortal came back down to the world and scattered billions upon billions of cultivation texts, that it broke the monopoly on cultivation the large sects had over the world and the Jianghu entered into a time where everyone cultivated.

Those years had really been a time where even just randomly plowing your field would result in digging up a precious cultivation manual. When everyone had the opportunity to become an immortal, who wouldn’t want to extend their life span?

And so now, in the Jianghu, even just a regular pig slaughterer could be a cultivator. It had gotten to the point where anyone below the Golden Core stage really wasn’t precious at all. Of course, once you reached Golden Core, you still counted as an extremely rare expert.

The levels of cultivation were divided into five stages: Body Enhancing, Foundation Building, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, and Calamity Crossing. The Body Enhancing and Foundation Building stages were both capable of being forcefully broken through by sheer effort or precious treasures. Only at Golden Core did it assess the cultivator’s natural talent. That was why a cultivator could only be considered a genius once they reached Golden Core. Anyone above that was still as rare as before.

Yun Ce was able to reach late-stage Golden Core at such a young age, the distance from breaking through to the Nascent Soul stage was only one step away. It could really be said that he was a boy genius, even if his head wasn’t that smart.

Thinking of this, He Ku also became curious as to how Yun Ce was able to cultivate a golden core and couldn’t help but ask, “Yun Ce, how were you able to reach Golden Core stage?”

But unexpectedly, this idiot just blinked incomprehensibly as he honestly answered, “All I did on the Snowy Mountains was eat and sleep; then once I reached 80, I automatically formed a core. So it turns out that you guys actually need to cultivate?”

Never having thought that a person could reach Golden Core stage so easily, He Ku was instantly speechless before finally reacting to the main point. “You’re already 80?”

It was true that He Huan had told him that he couldn’t judge a cultivator’s age by their appearance, even He Huan himself was a hundred years old and yet didn’t look out of his twenties. Xiu Niang just seemed like a mature older sister, but in actuality, she was even older than He Huan by a few years. He Ku already had quite a bit of mental preparation towards these people’s abilities to feign youthfulness, but Yun Ce! His IQ wasn’t enough for him to be able to survive until 80, okay?!

Seeing his undisguised surprise, Yun Ce was disdainful, as if looking at some hick from the countryside. “Our line on the Snowy Mountains has always been fox immortals, what’s strange with living several centuries?”

Hearing this, He Ku was even more surprised. “Although you’re like this, you’re actually a fox demon?”

He’d read a lot of stories regarding fox demons, weren’t they supposed to be incredibly bewitching? If not, then at least extremely crafty. Just based on Yun Ce’s personality, his IQ, and his appearance… could this be the legendary gene mutation?

“Of course, just look at my tail.”

Seeing the other doubting his identity, Yun Ce unhesitantly pulled his tail out and waved it a couple times in He Ku’s face.

With the physical proof in front of him, He Ku reluctantly believed the other man. This was the first time he had seen a demon; needless to say, he was curious, so he went over to pet the tail a few times. The feeling was actually quite good. He couldn’t help but ask, “Is everyone on the Snowy Mountains like you?”

With this reaction, Yun Ce couldn’t help but wonder how the 18-year-old Palace Master was even more ignorant than the bear children guarding his family’s doors. However, even if the Palace Master became stupid, he was still the Palace Master. If he didn’t give him any face, how would he be able to become a male pet in the future?

Thinking this way, he spat out a seed shell and replied, “Of course, we Snowy Mountain foxes are all extremely beautiful, especially my Xiao Shishu. You know, that time when you went to us, our ancestor actually thought that you were there to steal him away; who knew the one you took would actually be me. Everyone said that on your way up the mountain, your brain was probably frozen stupid.”

Ignoring the beauty and instead luring away this idiot, He Huan was clearly using these fox cultivators to stir up something. It was only Yun Ce, with this brain of his, who actually thought that he was here to be a male pet.

Then, for him to have appointed Yun Ce as an enforcer, could he have accidentally messed up He Huan’s plans? So for these few days, when He Huan had always stayed to the side, seemingly in deep thought… was it because he was racking his brain trying to think of a way to clean up after him?

Guiltily looking in the direction of where the QingYun Hall was located, He Ku sighed before hardening his determination. “I have decided that from here on out, I need to study more.”

“What’s the point in studying? It’s not like you can eat it.” A certain fox demon that had never studied before chewed his melon seeds as he judged him.

He Ku looked at him in pity as he swore to himself, “At the very least, don’t let my IQ be on the same level as you.”

End of Chapter 13

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