Chapter 9 – Yu Kaize has been arrested

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Ever since he found that the eldest son of the Qi Family, Qi Huaiyu, was actually his fan, Yu Kaize felt as if a breeze had blown on him on a hot summer day, carrying a unique gentle feeling. Even though his team was struggling to save his future, he still didn’t feel any sense of panic at all.

Looking at his expression, Meng Jie felt that things might have turned around for him. When he tried to ask, he was shocked to find out and didn’t know what else to say.

Doesn’t this mean that Yu Kaize was on his way to the pinnacle of his life once more?

After all, the Qi family had its foot in various industries all over the world. Whatever they wanted, they could get.

This was not something that ordinary bigwigs in the circle could compare with.

Meng Jie thought to himself, from what he could see, it seemed that Yu Kaize’s road hadn’t come to an end yet. This meant that the team in their studio wouldn’t lose their jobs yet.

Even Yu Kaize’s team felt the same way. Xie Qing also felt that Yu Kaize was strangely calm.

He had received two messages from Yu Kaize in just one day.

The first one read: ‘Just you wait, Laozi will kill you sooner or later.’

The second one read: ‘Wanting to see Laozi’s jokes, do you deserve it?’

Xie Qing clicked his tongue and had to admit that Yu Kaize was really confident in himself. Then he lowered his head and kept a screenshot of the message he sent.


—— A voice came from beside Xie Qing’s ears. Xie Qing raised his head, only to face Wen Xu’s slightly furrowed brows.

Xie Qing had said that he was interested in Wen Xu’s life experience and when he had heard that Wen Xu had gotten several hills to farm, he went over with Wen Xu to take a look. Not long after he sat down, Wen Xu saw that the young man held his own mobile phone with his thin fingers, donning an unclear expression on his face. That low-pitched tongue clicking fell into Wen Xu’s ears, which made him feel a little worried.

He was worried that someone would upset Xie Qing once more.

“Nothing’s wrong, it’s just that that stupid c*nt Yu Kaize sent me a text message and told me to wait and see,” Xie Qing said as he put his phone aside. He took Wen Xu’s arm and looked around, “Didn’t you say that you wanted to take me here and look at the fruit you planted?”

“Well, Elder Zhou had said that you had a bad appetite these past two days. I’ll take you to pick some red bayberries, they might whet your appetite,” Wen Xu said, while carrying a basket on the side. His mind, though, was still on the name Yu Kaize.

After learning about the actions of Yu Kaize, Li Youbai and the others from Xie Qing, Wen Xu intermittently felt nauseated when he heard these names. At this time, he suddenly felt that it was actually better to live in the ancient times. At the very least, he was quite capable as a prince and it wouldn’t take much effort to get rid of these dregs.

However, it really wasn’t that hard right now either.

But what puzzled Wen Xu was that there seemed to be more than one person that was checking out Yu Kaize.

Wen Xu hesitated for a moment, but then decided not to tell Xie Qing.

Wen Xu’s bayberry garden was huge, occupying a small half of the mountain he was using to grow plants. The not-so-high bayberry tree looked very luxuriant and multiple red to purple bayberry hung under green leaves and branches. From a distance, the purple and green were well-matched with each other, making it look very beautiful.

Xie Qing picked one casually and was about to stuff it into his mouth, but Wen Xu took it away in a second.

“Wash it first before eating.”

Wen Xu’s voice sounded stern, like an old father and Xie Qing couldn’t help but laugh, “Ge, this is your garden. Normally, shouldn’t you say ‘why don’t you eat more?’?”

Wen Xu rolled his eyes and his temperament of a gentleman disappeared completely, “As long as the person that’s standing here is a healthy person, I won’t stop them from eating.”

Finally, Wen Xu picked around two full boxes, weighing around twenty catties when lifted. Xie Qing’s eyes twitched when he saw this, “I can’t finish eating so much.”

“I’m not asking you to finish everything on your own. Didn’t you say that you were a food blogger? It’s fine to send some benefits to your fans once in a while and stabilize your relationship with them.” Wen Xu squatted on the ground with his eyes closed and picked out some little red bayberries that didn’t look very good or were a little bad and put them aside. 

“Wait a moment, I’ll pick two more boxes of watermelons for you to take away later.”

Xie Qing, “…”

His brother was really enthusiastic.

At around two o’clock in the afternoon, Xie Qing was sent home by Wen Xu. After visiting Gu Mingguo and Zheng Jie with the fruit from Wen Xu, he returned to his small rental house to start cooking and recording videos.

Xie Qing decided to follow Wen Xu’s advice and prepare some gifts for his fans.

What Xie Qing was going to do tonight was to fry some noodles and make a small dessert.

ZhaJiangMian1Noodles with stir fried bean sauce was fairly simple to make. The most important thing was the stir-fried sauce. Xie Qing didn’t like the taste of pork much so he cut up some beef. He then added green onion, ginger and garlic into a pan and stir-fried them with the beef. After he poured the sauce onto the pan and mixed it, he finally poured everything onto the noodles that he had prepared beforehand on a plate.

After making the ZhaJiangMian, he cooked up some sago and made watermelon and bayberry sago2I really hate sago btw… but I like boba.

After he had dinner, he edited the video he recorded and then uploaded it. He added some words at the end of the post, [Today five fans from the comment area will be drawn to be sent some fruits as a gift. Thank you for your continuous support.]

Yue Sisi was an office worker. When she was busy with work and was under great pressure, she would occasionally watch some food-related videos which would make her feel better throughout the day. Today was the same as usual. Taking advantage of it being the end of work, she relaxed on her seat and flicked through the screen of her mobile phone.

A swipe landed her on a post from a food blogger named Fu Feng.

Yue Sisi had an impression of this blogger named Fu Feng. There were not many videos of Fu Feng in the food section of short videos, but Yue Sisi really liked watching his videos. They made her feel very peaceful. This was actually a very attractive trait in today’s rushed era.

Fu Feng also didn’t like to talk in his videos. The background of the video was just the slight clashing between pots and pans which could calm people down. Yue Sisi quietly finished watching the video and drooled over the fruits in the video. She thought about whether she should order takeaway later, but out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the writing in the post——

‘Today five fans from the comment area will be drawn to be sent some fruits as a gift. Thank you for your continuous support.’

Just needed to comment to win!

Realizing this, Yue Sisi immediately clicked on the comment section. She hurriedly scrolled through ten comments and when she exited contently, she paused.

With a single refresh, hundreds of comments were added in an instant.

But the contents were different from what Yue Sisi had thought. They weren’t just commenting for the lottery, they were just too shocked.

[Wait wait, am I seeing this right? Isn’t this basket of bayberry and watermelon from Wen Xu’s family?]

[@FuFeng @FuFeng are you saying you’re sending fruits from Wen Xu?]

[Damn!! Is it true? I’ll rush first! It’s not too much for one person like me to comment 100 comments alone right?]

[Is it true? Isn’t the purchase of Wen Xu’s fruits limited? Why can this blogger have two big baskets?! I’m not convinced. Wen Xu, come out and explain!]

[Could it be fake? After watching the blogger’s previous videos, I just feel that they’re shot very well. The blogger will be red in no time, there’s no need for the blogger to take a narrow-minded shortcut.]

[It can’t be from Wen Xu’s family. The bayberries were all fully reserved when they first came out a few days ago. It’s not yet on sale. The blogger was either deceived or the blogger is deliberately deceiving to attract traffic.]

Ever since Wen Xu sold the fruits and vegetables he grew online, his store had become famous instantly. The fruits and vegetables were fresh and delicious. Even children who didn’t like eating vegetables could finish two bowls of rice in a row which was enough to show its popularity. This also caused a sensation when the link of the online store was posted and snatched empty within seconds.

In the past, there were many people who took advantage of Wen Xu’s name and took the name of his store label, but there was no doubt that they all failed.

It was freshly picked today and the gift he was sending was from Wen Xu…

Admittedly this was a traffic that attracted a lot of fans, but it must also be known that this kind of behaviour could easily cause a backlash.

The regular customers of Wen Xu turned around and took screenshots of Xie Qing’s post to find the customer service of Wen Xu’s store. Even at this moment, they were going to show Xie Qing, this liar, the consequences of deceit. A lot of people who were eating melons were interested and all of them held their mobile phones to wait for the much-anticipated face-slap of a small blogger.

As a result, after two minutes passed, the melon eaters refreshed the comments, only to find that the aggressive comments had disappeared.

At the same time, the netizen who threatened to slap Fu Feng’s face sent several emojis that went hahaha. Then they added, ‘Isn’t this just trying to flood the temple of the Dragon King3meaning useless. Since Chinese dragons live underwater?’

People who didn’t understand clicked on his avatar and entered his homepage. They then found a screenshot that was posted half a minute ago.

User0056: ‘Hello, I’m a fan of Wen Xu, did you really sell him so many bayberries and watermelons? I remember that the pre-ordered ones haven’t been shipped out yet.’

Customer Service: ‘Dear, good evening. Our boss didn’t sell so much red bayberries to anyone.’

User0056: ‘I knew that this person is a liar!’

The reply from the customer service came again the next second: ‘Rest assured, dear. I just asked the boss. The boss said that if the blogger you meant was Fu Feng, then these bayberries and watermelons were indeed grown on our mountain. These were picked off by the boss himself and sent out.’

User0056: ‘…?’

Customer Service: ‘Sent out to his little brother.’

User0056: ‘…’

The melon eating crowd: ‘…’

[Hahaha I’m about to laugh to death! How embarrassing.]

[It really made me laugh out loud when the Customer Service said that it was sent to his little brother.]

[Those two ellipses are quite spiritual.]

[Wen Xu: I heard that you’re questioning my little brother? *Add to blacklist* Don’t think about buying things from my family in the future.]

[So the fruit from Fu Feng is really from Wen Xu’s mountain? F*ck, I’ll go and rush first. You guys can continue here hahaha.]

[Fellow brothers, are you still here to watch a joke? If we miss the lottery because of this, we’ll really be a joke.]

So when Xie Qing got up the next day to prepare for the lottery and opened the comment section of the short video post, he was shocked to find that he had received nearly 50,000 comments and the likes he received for this video had reached 900,000.

Xie Qing: ??

For the first time in Xie Qing’s life, he finally knew how good the effect of the lucky draw was.

Wen Xu prepared a lot of red bayberries for him and each person could be sent two catties. He found a random number generator software and rolled five random numbers. He then used the numbers generated to find the comment number and reply to the other party, asking the other party to privately send him their shipping address and contact information.

As a result, the first ID drawn was called ‘You’re my little sweetheart’. The other party left a comment on his short video post, [How shameless, how can you be popular?]

Xie Qing: ?

He didn’t bother to find out what that message meant, so he turned to the second winner.

As a coincidence, it was still the same little sweetheart.

Comment: [Little brother, I’m sorry, I’m wrong. Forgive me! I was wrong! I apologize!!]

Xie Qing: ?

This comment really aroused Xie Qing’s curiosity. He roughly flipped through the comment section and finally understood what had happened. He smiled helplessly. Compared to these comments from fans, he cared more about Wen Xu’s actions.

He had initially thought that Wen Xu had really just asked him to have a lottery so that he could have an excuse to give him some fruits. But the other party had already considered it. He clearly wanted to use himself4Wen Xu to help him5Xie Qing increase his popularity.

Xie Qing found Wen Xu’s WeChat account and sent him an emoticon of a cat.

The two of them used to raise a black cat in that small mountain village. It was so black that only its teeth were white. The villagers in that small village had a low level of education and had always been insensitive to black cats, even thinking that it was a curse. But Wen Xu and Xie Qing were fearless and often brought the cat with them.

Later, when Xie Qing left, the little black cat also left two years later.

Wen Xu buried them together.

Wen Xu seemed to be busy and didn’t reply to Xie Qing’s message immediately. Xie Qing wasn’t in a hurry for him to reply. He just went to prepare his breakfast for the day.

Wen Xu didn’t reply to his WeChat message until it was near noon. There was only a link in the message he sent.

Xie Qing took a look at it.

[Shocking news! Film Emperor Yu Kaize is arrested by the police on suspicion of suicide instigation!]

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  • 1
    Noodles with stir fried bean sauce
  • 2
    I really hate sago btw… but I like boba
  • 3
    meaning useless. Since Chinese dragons live underwater
  • 4
    Wen Xu
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    Xie Qing


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