Chapter 8 – Qi Huaiyu

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Growing up, Yu Kaize had always been regarded as an excellent student in the eyes of his teachers and peers for more than 20 years. He was praised by fans and held in the palm of their hands for the next five years. Never in all the years of his life had the situation been as bad as it was right now.

It was as if the proud son of heaven fell into the abyss in an instant. His white clothes could no longer be washed once they were stained with dust and mud.

Xie Qing, Xie Qing, Xie Qing.

This was all thanks to Xie Qing.

Repeating the name in his mouth, Yu Kaize’s bloodshot eyes looked feral, as if he was about to swallow Xie Qing alive. However after leaving the ward, he ran wildly for five floors. He stood at the exit of the safety exit but didn’t know where to go next. The rage he felt ignited and burnt all his reason, making the name Xie Qing something akin to a devil’s whisper that lured him to move forward.

The door of the safety exit was opened by another person and the wind that came in blew across Yu Kaize’s face, finally calming him down.

He stood where he was and took a deep breath

A few minutes later, he bowed his head and sent a message to Xiao Xu. He then pushed open the door of the emergency exit and walked out.

Yu Kaize didn’t want to stay outside for a long time, so he directly hailed a taxi and went home. The community he lived in was a high-end courtyard and the taxi couldn’t enter. When Yu Kaize bowed his head to pay, the driver stretched out his neck and looked out. He then whispered, “It’s quite lively here.”

Yu Kaize didn’t hear the driver’s words at all. When he closed the door, the taxi whizzed away, blowing exhaust all over the place. Suddenly there was an angry shout coming from behind Yu Kaize, “Look, it’s Yu Kaize!”

Although Yu Kaize didn’t know what was going on at the moment, he subconsciously moved his long legs and ran towards the way that he came from. But his reaction was still a bit too late. In the blink of an eye, he was blocked by multiple reporters rushing up to him.

At the same time, multiple microphones were aimed towards Yu Kaize’s face.

“Film Emperor Yu, we heard that you pushed your assistant down the stairs. Are you someone with violent tendencies?”

“Someone broke the news that you were brought away by the police last night, is it true?”

“Recently there have been a lot of scandals about you, do you have anything to say?”

Different voices resounded in his ears non-stop making Yu Kaize feel as if there were a bunch of ducks quacking. It made his head spin and made him feel irritable.

He stretched out his hand to push away a reporter that was about to stick to him and said with a cold face, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

The reporter who was pushed away by him had an innocent look on his face, but his words were particularly annoying, “Why don’t you understand what we are talking about? We heard that you were also a student in the top three in your grade before you were admitted to film school, weren’t you? Do you really don’t intend to explain why you pushed your assistant down the stairs?”

The reporters didn’t stop chattering, asking Yu Kaize repeatedly why he entered the police station and why he pushed his assistant down last night.

A reporter that wasn’t crowding around him put away his mobile phone and yelled, “Just now, a netizen said that you entered the police station yesterday due to sexual harassment and threatening others? Did you push your assistant down the stairs because you were too angry in the police station?”

Yu Kaize’s brain was already buzzing at this time and his temples throbbed in pain. When he heard the words ‘sexual harassment’ he abruptly raised his head and fixed his eyes on the speaker.

The reporter obviously didn’t expect Yu Kaize’s eyes to be so terrifying. The look Yu Kaize gave him seemed to show that he wanted to swallow him alive. However, after thinking about it, this expression obviously proves that the netizen’s revelations were certainly true.

Between catching a hot topic and safety, the reporter chose the former.

In this kind of atmosphere, the reporter continued to ask loudly, “So, is it true?”

The other reporters echoed the question loudly.

A shadow suddenly flew and hit the top of the reporter’s head. The reporter didn’t react for a while and a mobile phone smashed onto his forehead. He fell back, feeling pain coming from his head. He sat on the ground blankly, completely unaware of what had just happened. The other reporters around him were already going crazy at the moment——

They witnessed such big news with their own eyes. The film emperor Yu Kaize was so angry that he attacked and injured a reporter!

Wasn’t this news as shocking as his sexual harassment scandal which caused him to go to the police station and subsequently pushing his assistant down the stairs in anger.

For a while, everyone had no thoughts of blocking Yu Kaize’s way.

Why should they do such a thing anyways? They now had a lot of materials in their hands.

The crowd around Yu Kaize gradually dispersed and the feeling of suffocation he felt gradually dissipated. However, the eyes which contained disgust and sarcasm from the surrounding reporters, poured onto Yu Kaize from head to toe as if he was being drenched in cold water, cooling down his body.

His heart suddenly sank.

What did he just do?


Yu Kaize looked at the reporter who had just got up from the ground. His mobile phone was next to the reporter, broken in two halves. The reporter was being supported by the people next to him and the expression on his face was somewhat ferocious.

“So, being a Film Emperor lets you hit others indiscriminately? Just wait for me! Laozi will let the whole world see your virtues!”

In a daze, Yu Kaize seemed to remember what he had said to Xie Qing back then.

—— Just wait for me.

How did Xie Qing answer him?

—— That reputation, family background and dignity all of which you are so proud of, I’ll crush it under my feet step by step.

He was finished.

Yu Kaize opened his mouth silently.

These three words that popped up in his mind made him unable to do anything else.

Firstly, entering the police station due to sexual harassment, then pushing the assistant down the stairs when he went to pay for bail. Finally beating a reporter in front of the camera.

Three consecutive hot search topics with the word ‘explosive’ shocked almost all the netizens online.

The staff of Yu Kaize’s studio looked at each other silently. After a long while, someone looked at Meng Jie and said in a low voice, “Among these few things, it seems that only the incident of Xiao Xu being pushed down the stairs could be explained a little.”

As long as the assistant Xiao Xu came forward to say that Yu Kaize was being careless or that he fell down the stairs by accident, then there would be no problem with this matter.

But the situation was obviously not that simple.

To say that the sexual harassment case was not true, Liang Hong’s studio had already taken a picture of Yu Kaize pressing a person against the wall with his arm stuck on the other person’s neck. Because it was taken from a crack from the door, Liang Hong was able to cheap out1gain something for a small price or free and magnify the fierce expression on Yu Kaize’s face that was completely different from Yu Kaize’s usual appearance in front of the camera.

In addition to that, throwing his mobile phone at a reporter under the watchful eyes of the public had established the fact that ‘Yu Kaize has violent tendencies’.

Targeting an innocent person for love, sexual harassment and violent tendencies. If this matter could still be saved, the PR team of Yu Kaize’s studio should just ascend to be gods.

In the end, if they were to prosper, they would prosper together and if someone gets attacked, they would all be attacked. So the staff were still unremittingly pressing down the scandal. But obviously their actions were simply futile. In the wake of these hot topics, there was definitely someone pushing behind-the-scenes who wanted to put Yu Kaize to death.

Meng Jie immediately thought of the young man who smiled gently at him and couldn’t help but shiver.


How good looking he was, was a clear contrast to how poisonous his heart was.

He waved his hands at the other staff and said bluntly, “Yu-ge went to find someone to help and solve it. Let’s just wait and see.”

As the night fell and lights came on.

In the most upscale club in Beijing, Qingtian was very lively at the moment. Li Youbai laid on the sofa in the lounge, crossing his legs and looking at the mobile phone in front of his eyes. He watched his phone light up from a call for a minute and then black out again. After this repeated a dozen times, the calls finally stopped coming in.

But within ten minutes, another call came in.

It was Xie Ling.

The young man sitting next to Li Youbai noticed his vibrating cell phone. He glanced at him while holding a bottle in his hand and laughed, “Li-shao, your sweetheart is looking for you. Why aren’t you answering your phone?”

Most of the rich second generation in Beijing knew that Li Youbai fell in love with the big star Xie Ling at first sight. When Li Youbai had accompanied his little boyfriend to a party, he noticed Xie Ling performing on the stage at a glance and then even ignored his little boyfriend, sending flowers to Xie Ling the very next day.

It stands to reason that Li Youbai was the heir to Hengliu Entertainment and Jinhong group. If he wanted any resources, he had them. If he needed money, he had it. He was a very good and thick thigh for a star. But Xie Ling was a little different. He wanted to maintain a good friendly relationship with Li Youbai, even though Li Youbai’s intentions were very clear.

The phone that kept ringing was still not answered. The ringtone stopped after 30 seconds and it rang again after two seconds. The young man laughed even harder, “Li-shao, your sweetheart is very anxious right now and just wanted to call you.”

Li Youbai smiled at him, but the meaning behind that smile was unclear.

Almost all of the people who arrived in this private room today were all his cronies. All of them hung out in the same circle. There was no real friendship among them at all. At most, they would bring each other when they went out drinking, that’s all.

He snatched the wine bottle from the other man’s hand and took a sip, “You don’t understand.”

Xie Ling must have called him regarding Yu Kaize’s matters.

After all, when did Xie Ling take the initiative to call him to ask for something?

He laid on the sofa with his long legs draped over the sofa’s pillow. He gave out a drunk-sounding voice when the phone connected. There was a pause from the other end of the phone and then a man’s helpless and comforting voice fell into Li Youbai’s ears, “Ah-You, are you drinking again? I’ve told you to drink less, right? It’s not good for your health.”

A smile appeared on Li Youbai’s face, “Why should I listen to you? You don’t belong to me.”

Xie Ling was silent for a long time. He could hear the background behind Li Youbai through the phone. It was noisy and tumultuous. One could guess that Li Youbai was at a clubhouse at the moment.

He lowered his eyes and seemed to mutter, as if he was talking to himself, “I don’t like you acting like this.”

Li Youbai said casually, “I can’t change it. I’ve been like this all my life. So, are you calling me at this time for something?”

“If you’re busy right now, I can wait.”

Li Youbai snorted silently.

It sounds nice to hear, but that idiot Yu Kaize shouldn’t be able to wait, right?

He casually waved to a boy in the crowd and the boy’s eyes lit up. He quickly threw himself into Li Youbai’s arms and called out ‘Li-shao’ sweetly. His voice wasn’t too loud, but it was just enough for the person on the other end of the phone to hear. Seeing this, the other people in the private room also became interested to see what would happen next.

This picture was really interesting.

He had been in a call with his sweetheart, but he turned around and exposed his little lover on purpose.

But if that sweetheart has a little interest in Li Youbai, he should throw away his phone and rush over to their location at this moment.

Unfortunately, Xie Ling pretended not to hear the call and just said, “Ah-Ze said that he called you several times but you didn’t answer.”

“I probably didn’t hear it. What does Yu Kaize want from me? From what I can see, he’s been diligent in staying on the hot searches recently. Film Emperor Yu has almost become a household name.”

The boy in Li Youbai’s arms laughed loudly at this.

It might sound nice, but it really was just insinuating that Yu Kaize had become notorious for what he had done recently.

The expression on Xie Ling’s face froze for a moment.

Sometimes, he actually was very unwilling to get along with Li Youbai. This was the reason. This person was very flirtatious. You probably think that he’d be doing nothing all day long and was just drinking with friends. But in fact, he was very smart. He seemed to know everything.

This was also the case at the moment.

Xie Ling could most definitely guarantee that Li Youbai had been waiting for his call since Yu Kaize made the first call.

Waiting for him to call instead of Yu Kaize.

“Ah-You…” Xie Ling sighed and was about to saw something more. But Li Youbai changed his attitude and tone, saying softly with a smile, “Give Yu Kaize the phone. I’ll talk to him.”

There was a rustling sound on the other side.

“Li-shao.” Yu Kaize uttered hoarsely, it could be heard from his tone that he was obviously tired. He sounded miserable. Li Youbai just wanted to laugh at this, so he didn’t hold back. He just sneered and asked unceremoniously, “Did you really get played by Xie Qing? Yu Kaize, only you would let even a fool step on your head.”

Upon hearing Xie Qing’s name, Yu Kaize reflexively felt disgusted.

He took a deep breath and said word for word, “He has become smarter. Otherwise, how could I have gotten to such a point?”

Li Youbai clicked his tongue, “Why do you think I will help you?”

“Just help me suppress the news. I’m going to join a filming crew in a while. As long as I don’t appear in the public eye during this period, things can pass by quickly.”

What do most stars fear?

One is that their black material explodes, the other is that their black material was brought out often.

Yu Kaize had no way to change the former, so he could only reduce the possibility of the latter breaking out.

Yu Kaize glanced at Xie Ling who was standing by the window with his back turned to him. He hesitated for a moment then turned and walked towards the door. As soon as he closed the door behind him with a click, he said to Li Youbai on the other side of the phone, “You must help me. You know that Xie Ling hates Xie Qing the most. If he knew that you’ve been in contact with Xie Qing, he’ll definitely not agree with your pursuit.”

Li Youbai sneered at this.

He said it as if Xie Ling would agree to be with him if he hadn’t gone to Xie Qing.

However, he still nodded his head, “Got it, it’s just suppressing a trending search.”

Money might not be able to solve this matter, but others would definitely give Yu Kaize a little bit of face for him, the prince of Hengliu Entertainment.

After hanging up the phone, Li Youbai was in no mood to continue drinking in the clubhouse. He pushed the boy on him away and was about to leave when a voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Was the person who you were talking on the phone with the Film Emperor, Yu Kaize?”

This somewhat unfamiliar voice made Li Youbai look back subconsciously.

The young man that spoke caught his eyes. He was only in his twenties, with a beautiful face and a pair of peach blossom eyes that made anyone look at him feel as if they were flooded with spring. Just standing like that was also like a beautifully painted picture. It’s just… which family was this guy from?

Li Youbai hummed lightly and then laughed, “Does Qi-shao also know Film Emperor Yu?”

The young man’s eyes hooked up as he revealed a harmless smile. He then shrugged, “Of course I do. I’ve seen several of his movies. Is he in trouble? I think I can do something for him.”

Li Youbai was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect Qi Huaiyu to be a fan of Yu Kaize.

Qi Huaiyu was quite a notorious person in their circle. He came from the famous and noble Qi family. He had a face prettier than a woman’s. Hearing the boys in the compound call him ‘meimei2little sister’ Qi Huaiyu would respond to them sweetly. Then he would turn around and put worms in their school bags. After this repeated a few times, no one dared to play with him.

Qi Huaiyu didn’t mind him at all.

In the words of the elders, he didn’t need any friends. Friends will only hold him back.

Li Youbai’s family wasn’t comparable to that of the Qi family. He had never hung out with Qi Huaiyu, but what he heard about him through the mouths of others made him realize that they were right. Qi Huaiyu showed signs of being a ‘genius’ as soon as he started school. He skipped grades all the way and finished college at the age of eighteen3so you’re telling me this is genius level? I got my psychology degree at 18 after skipping… does it mean I’m a genius too?. Everyone thought that Qi Huaiyu’s title of ‘genius’ was well deserved, but Qi Huaiyu suddenly suffered from a strange disease.

No one knew what it was, but he disappeared for four full years. It wasn’t until recently that he finally reappeared in Beijing’s circle.

The heir of the Qi family came back and many wealthy families readied themselves to move. They invited Qi Huaiyu to various banquets and gatherings from time to time but Qi Huaiyu never refused.

It was estimated that someone invited him here today.

Although Li Youbai was surprised that Qi Huaiyu turned out to be a fan of Yu Kaize, but the other party had mentioned it so naturally like he wasn’t the one to lose face. He repeated Yu Kaize’s request to him casually and said with a smile, “If he has Qi-shao’s help, Yu Kaize would definitely be happy.”

Qi Huaiyu smiled brightly, “If I can do something for him, I’ll be happy.”

After leaving the private room, Li Youbai sent a message to Yu Kaize: ‘Fortunately for you, Qi Huaiyu is your fan. He said he would fix it for you.’

Yu Kaize was shocked when he received the news.

Qi Huaiyu?

Yu Kaize: ‘Which Qi Huaiyu are you talking about?’

Li Youbai didn’t reply to him anymore, but Yu Kaize had obviously guessed something as his heartbeat sped up.

At the same time, shortly after Li Youbai left, someone came to Qi Huaiyu’s side and chatted nervously with the young man who was obviously a few years younger than they were, “I didn’t expect that Qi-shao was someone to chase stars.”

The corners of Qi Huaiyu’s lips hooked up with a smile. His beautiful porcelain-like fingers brushed the corners of his lips and he said softly, “Yes.”

Leaving the clubhouse, he got into a black luxury car. He casually tore open the collar of his shirt, revealing his delicate and thin collarbone. He leaned back on the back of the seat in a relaxed manner. The driver glanced at him quietly from the rearview mirror and asked in a low voice, “Did you have a good time, Young Master?”

“Happy.” Qi Huaiyu closed his eyes and smiled, “Do you know Yu Kaize?”

Yu Kaize?

The driver froze for a moment and shook his head.

“It’s okay, the people all around the world will know him soon.”

—— His bright red lips hooked up, murmuring in a soft voice. 

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    gain something for a small price or free
  • 2
    little sister
  • 3
    so you’re telling me this is genius level? I got my psychology degree at 18 after skipping… does it mean I’m a genius too?


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